Monday, August 31, 2009


My darling nephew Alan is flying out in a few days to take care of old Aunt Suzy. But he can only stay three weeks because he has a big bike race to attend. Somehow I have to get well in three weeks! That's funny because this cast is going to be on for months and months. Hummmmmmmmmmmm. Damn.

I realize the more I write the less friends visit. Oh well. I'm just going to keep writing. I don't really care. I'll get through this crap one way or another. Alone if necessary and writing. I guess you always have to be happy to get comments on Blogger. I'm not happy. I'm in agony. My damn foot is broken and life is very complicated. I guess that's not good enough. Oh well.


Suzanne said...

Thanks Megan. You'll love him. He's a great kid. My sister was in a horrible motorcyle accident last year, broke too many bones to mention, and Alan took wonderful care of her. Laur is confident he'll take good care of me. I know he will. I'm looking forward to his visit and wish it could be longer. I know I'll regret the day he leaves. Maybe he'll change his mind. Rob has grand plans for him at UC Berkeley, UCLA or UC Santa Cruz/Barbara. He thinks this is the perfect place for Alan. Alan races bikes and Rob thinks he'll be in Heaven here because unlike the east coast, racing is year round. I think that's what will keep him here!!! My sister thinks so too!!! That's too funny. My sister Laur is really, really smart and she just wants her kids to be happy and do what they love. She also wants them to have an amazing education. I can just see him graduating from UC Berkeley or UCLA and racing bikes all his life. Wait till you see him. He's gorgeous. My sisters don't mess around when it comes to kids!!! This is going to be a lot of fun.


Full Tilt said...
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e said...

Well, since my comment was deleted, I'll try again...

I'm glad he's coming. Can he return post-race???

Can you get anyone else to come once he leaves???

Are there options for home health or do you need to rely on family or friends???

I'm not one of those who comments only when bloggers write about happy things because life isn't like that, as you know...

If I thought I'd be any help, I'd offer...

I'd be asleep but for night sweats...Damn!

I hope you can rest and stay off your foot!

Joyful Jo said...

Hi suze,
Just dropping by to say Hiya!!
I won't ask how your doing because i can see your not. Your miserable i see.
Thinking of you.

Megan said...


Anonymous said...

less of the 'old' Suze...but I see the pain and frustration are getting you down.

I think you coped very well with your water situation- and good to hear that Rob is supportive.

I hope things improve when Alan arrives. You should not be on your own. e makes a good point- start planning for when Alan can no longer be with you.

the walking man said...

Jaysus...sleep in for a day and come back to not one, not two but three posts. I don't mind that you post without me Suzanne, really I don't because my back was hurting so bad I took a thousand milligrams of Vicodin and guess what? My back doesn't hurt anymore at that particular fusion site.

See I do my drugs when I need them, hmmm I wonder if my injured friends do the same? I hope they do but it really doesn't read like they are following Dr. Durfee's orders.

Have you been following the Doctors orders my little hippie friend?

Maybe you nephew will find you meds for you and go talk to the raggedy ass water waster next door. That would be a fine thing.

Karen ^..^ said...

I know how hard it is to keep a positive outlook when you are in constant pain. I'm sure that things will improve when Alan gets there, and maybe after his bike event he'll come back, or maybe another member of your family?

Keep on blogging, sometimes just knowing a person is out there reading and relating helps.

just bob said...

Hi Blottie
Hi Alan

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Whispering lots of sweet prayers for you, my dear friend.

Life's a-whirl here and I am daily tamping down the flames to find peaceful moments to rest and reflect.

Keep a positive outlook and let your bone heal quickly so you can resume "normal" life (Okay . . . I made myself crack up with that one -- what's normal? I'd love to find out.)

Take care. I can't seem to find the time for regular blogging . . . but when I come around I find a smile along with reasons to keep praying for you. Hope the water thing isn't a bother. So silly! (and yet SO annoying.)

Mr. Shife said...

Glad to hear you have some help on the way. I am sure Alan will take good care of you. I hope you are feeling better. It is never fun to be in pain, and I am sorry I don't visit as often but once a week is all the little munchkin allows me right now. Take care/

Suzanne said...

Dear All,

I have bad news. I'm not going to be able to blog much. The way my office/studio is set up I can't get my foot elevated properly under the desk that holds the computer. I designed it so I could use it to sketch as well as use the computer, so it's a little lower than most desks. What? I never considered I'd have a broken ankle! The whole goal of sitting is to elevate my foot so it will heal properly, and it really is my only hope because I'm walking on my cast all the time and not using my crutches properly. I paid last night. I was in so much pain I didn't know what to do, and I still am, but this is the first time I've sat down all day except for the ride to the park. I should be sitting in front of the TV with my foot properly elevated, but I've stuffed my cast under this desk once again so I can say "HI!!!" "BYE!!!"

It's irrigation day and when I went to the back yard to turn on the system I noticed something odd, so I had to walk all the way across the yard (we have a big lawn as most of your know) and figure out the problem. It was sorta simple, the spinkler head was broken off at the T-joint. I was in so much pain and just yelled, "ROBERT!!!" He'd just mowed a few day ago and I thought he'd plowed into it and left it there. I call and was frustrated because I had to walk all the way back across the lawn, get the manual sprinkler, then walk to the hose, pulled the hose across the lawn, set up the sprinkler, walk back to turn the water on, then walk back to make sure it was pointed in the right direction, then walk all the way back across the lawn. I wanted to commit suicide. I did it all with no crutches, and a plastic Target bag that kept coming off my cast. I reached the upper lawn where the system was still operating properly and had to practially run to reach safety without getting my cast wet while bending over and trying to hold on to my stupid plastic bag. I was in so much pain when I reached the patio I wondered why I hadn't ripped the cane of the lawn chairs out with my teeth and hung myself. You bet I'm serious. And yup, I have to keep going out every 45 minutes and move the sprinkler in the way, way back of the yard to irritate the roses that have been consumed by the wild blackberry. The more I water and try to save the roses the bigger the blackberry and weeds grow. It's just pathetic.

Timer just went off. Gotta go move the sprinkler, then bring the load in from the dryer, put the load for the washer in the dryer then start another load. I've already washed and dried three loads and have about 2 or 3 more to go. This is "sheet" and "kitty blanket" day.

Yup, probably should have had a second paragraph there somewhere. Too tired to bother!


just bob said...

My mother always yelled "ROBERT" when I was in trouble too.

just bob said...

And make Alan blog for you.

Suzanne said...

Okay, I'm back but not for long. Some good news. As most of you know the washing machine konked out a few weeks ago. We had to get a replacement immediately and bought another Maytag. Unfortunately it was a klunker and only lasted a few washes before it went belly up. A tech came out to fix it. I worked twice more then went belly up again. We were upgrated to a Maytag Neptune the next day. A front loader. It's terrific. Uses so little water, less detergent, wrings stuff out like it means business, everything seem cleaner and the dryer works far, far less. It's like a wee miracle. If you get one you have to remember the Neptune is so air tight there's a problem with mold developing. So you simple open the door at night and put a piece of tape over the button that controls the light. Problem solved! I really do love this little gem.

Then more good news. I'm pregnant. No, not really! The garbage disposal was finally fixed two days ago after over a year of being without it. The sink glogged and I told Rob "I've had enough of this stupidity." He hired his Mom's handyman to fix it, and while they were here I realized it was the perfect time to replace the "NEW" faucet because the garbage disposal was off! Yes, remember the replacement was shipped probably 8 months ago and I was so pissed I just threw it in the garage and didn't even check to see if it was actually a faucet!!! Nope, never opened the box! I asked the handyman, "How much will it cost to replace that new piece of crap with the same newer piece of cap?" He said $30. I said, "SOLD!!!" He did a great job. Everythings works brillantly and I'm finally a really happy camper. And yes, there was something clearly defective about the old "NEW" faucet. The new one is performing like a champ. Life is good!

I'll return in about 20 minutes. Timer just went off. I have to trek the back 40 and give my mule a hug in the process.


Suzanne said...

Okay, I'm back. I'm exhausted!!!

Alan is involved with BMX bikes. I thought he was still racing motocross, but apparently not, all BMX. He can't stay past three weeks because he has an event to attend back on the east coast, but Rob's going to try to get him interested in BMX out here. There's an event in Lake Tahoe during his stay and Rob's going to drive him up and have a fun day. I'll probably be left alone to water the yard! What's new!

When I was home last my sister had a huge BBQ for the family and Alan had all of his ramps set up in the gravel driveway. He's very good at what he does, but I was petrified he'd hurt himself and told him so. He replied "Aunt Suzy, no pain no gain." I told him he was nuts. I still think he is, but he has a ton of skill and is an adventurist. It's his passion. I understand that.

I've been thinking about renting him a bike and hauling it to the park each day. I'll have to buy a bike rack. The park is loaded with cyclist he'd enjoy. He could ride the bike back to Carmichael every morning as a reward for helping me do chores in the morning and then feeding the ferals. At least he'd keep in shape for his event. Probably a good 15-17 mile ride every day. I thought of it this morning when I met three young cyclist who stopped to say hi. I guess they see me all the time, but I didn't recognize them. They laughed really loud about the skunks because the skunks come out the greet me every day! They laughed about my pink cast and then they roared about how this stupidity happened. I have 4 new friends from today. The 3 cyclist and 1 homeless guy who watched me walk out of the wood and told me to be careful of the skunks down by the tree. I laughed and said "Honey, they're like dears friends because I feed them." He replied "They'll be dear friends until they get piss and spray you!" We had a good laugh.

As painful as this morning was, it was lovely at the park and I was grateful to meet some new friends. I hope I can introduce Alan to some of them.

E ~ I don't think my health plan covers in-home nursing care. I've thought about it, trust me. My MIL wants to hire a housekeeper for me. I just might let her. And when Alan flies back home I'm not sure what's going to happen after his BMX competition. I hope he'll come back out. I'm not going to be okay in 3 weeks and I know that, so I'll still need help because I've realized I simply can't do this alone. I just don't know if he'll enjoy himself here. He's only 20 and a really active guy. I don't want to put a damper on his lifestyle for too long. I'm just going to take the 3 weeks and do as much with the time as possible.

Love you. XO

Joyful Jo ~ It's hard. Don't ever break anything. Take my word for it!!! XO to all. Love you darling. P.S. By the way, I love your new glasses.

Megan ~ XOXO yourself. Get over here you little cutie-pie you!

Cinnamon ~ You know what it is babe? It's just frustation. It's unending pain and gobs and gobs of frustration. I have to vent somewhere. I'm with good friends who understand life is often difficult. Thank you!!! I'm fortunate to have a busy young nephew here for 3 weeks and I'm going to enjoy him. What happens after that? No clue! Cross your fingers!!!

XO honey!

Gotta go change the sprinkler location. It's almost 6 pm and I'm still doing this crap!!!

Suzanne said...

Bad news. I moved the sprinkler so I could turn the hose off and it flipped back and sprayed the crap of of me. I ran away from it rather than toward it and my cast is soaking wet from below me knee to my heal. Then running away caused me to step on the bag and I ripped a hole in it and my heal stepped in a puddle of water. My cast will be wet all night and I will have it replaced tomorrow. This is absolutely insane. That's offically 4 casts in 2 1/2 weeks. I can hardly wait to see Dave's face tomorrow morning. I'll get purple. Perhaps I'll have better luck. I'm soaking wet. I replaced all my clothing, but my hair looks like I just washed it. I didn't. I still have to do that before seeing my darling Dave! I don't want to stink!!! Maybe I'll see Dr. A in the hallway or something. That'll be worth the trip.

Just before I went out to turn off the sprinkler Rob called. He was on the phone with Alan. Alan's having his bike shipped out UPS. Only about $20 each way because it's very light. I told Rob about my idea to have Alan take the bike path home every day. The guy roared. He said "Suzanne a BMX is about the size of a tricycle because it has to perform so many manuvers. Can you see Alan driving 20 miles in a tricycle?" We laughed very hard. Alan is only interested in having HIS bike and he and Uncle Rob have already discussed 3 BMX competitions to attend. So off they go. Alan's going to be working his ass off for me, so he deserves to have fun as well. Apparently I won't need a bike rack.

I just heard a loud crash and then kitty food spill everywhere in the kitchen. It means the wee one was jumping from the table to the kitchen sink and missed. Yes, she slid off the counter and landed in the bowl, and that means I have a million little round kitty foods to pick up. You see, this is why I'm not getting well. And yes, this is what my fool life is like every day. I'll be back in a minute. I gotta go look.

Karen ^..^ said...

Suzie! Leave the cat food there!!! Eventually they will all eat it all up, ok? Then in the morning you can just pick up the empty dish, wash it, and feed 'em again. Stop with all the craziness!

No more watering with the sprinkler, ok???

No more running around on the cast! (although, I do believe you have an unconscious desire to see your podiatrist, which is perfectly wonderful)

Just take care of yourself before you kill yourself, ok??? Sheesh.

e said...

Enough with the sprinklers and crazy cats, Suzanne! Call someone to check the sprinklers, let the cats eat the kibbles on the floor, and go to bed, foot elevated, please!

Leah said...

Hi Suzy--

I'm just catching up with all the comments--

I'm so sorry you're hurting, but glad Alan will be there.


Leah said...

p.s. miss you--

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's get you all better. We'll prop you up on a fluffy couch with lots of pillows that have roses on them. We'll get you some Lemonade and good magazines. Put your foot up on a nice pillow and you can just relax. Alan will be here to take care of the kitties in the park so don't worry, okay?

I've been gone for a while but now I'm here and ready to listen. So spew it out, sister. Tell me your rants. Yell. Scream. Cry if you need to, K? But one thing you need to shut up about is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! When you're at your lowest, your wacky friends from the Onion are here to give you a veggie burger and a glass of wine and a shoulder to lean on.

We're here and were thinking about you. Alan, go get your Aunt more wine. She'll need it to take care of the pain. You're a good kid and we're glad you are there to take care of her.

Hang in there, Suzanne. You've survived worse than this. And WE ARE HERE!!!!


otin said...

I would come help you if I could! You sound a bit down, I wish that you didn't! I hope that you are feeling somewhat better!

Megan said...

I'm not happy with you right now. I love you, but I'm not happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suze- hopefully, you are not reading this, but sitting with foot elevated on the sofa or in bed. Which is good! But just wanted to stop by and say hi XOX

otin said...

Cast= Take it easy , put your foot up, watch tv or something! You will never heal if you are running around!!!!!

otin said...

I think that comment before this one says" General tso's chicken is very tasty! Add some fried rice and an eggroll, and you have a very nutricious meal! But do not forget to open your fortune cookie, and remember, we harm no cats, that is all a big lie!

otin said...

My chinese food comment seems really silly without the oriental spam comment in front of it! LOL!

Suzanne said...

I'm trying to finish a post I've been working on throughout the day. I'm about 1/3 finish. I just sat down and Ohno decided to help. You all remember how Ohno was so tiny as a 5 month old when I rescued him. Well, not any more. He's HUGE and solid. He decided to take up the space between me and my keyboard and then it happened. I was quickly escorted from my new post's planning page to "YOU'VE SUCCESSFUL PUBLISHED."

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? I hadn't even written captions!!! Okay, so I removed it, but bloggers like Bob can see it. Oh, Megan too. Maybe Karen. Just so you all know, it's a work in progress. And NO, that's not my post.


Suzanne said...

Yes, I'm tired AND I'm trying to type over Ohno.

Two typos:

1) Finish = Finished.
2) Successful = Successfully.

If you can find more, all the power to ya!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments my beautiful friends. You're the best!


Karen ^..^ said...

Glad to see some activity dear Suzie. I was getting worried, hadn't seen hide nor hair of you in a couple of days. How are you feeling?

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Hope you are not running around... resting and having a beautiful sunday!!!
Please be kind to yourself..
I talk to Shara today. She want me to let you know.. she lost her niece for a car accident.... she don't have any internet connection... she is reminding you to wear the 'hat' :)

we celebrated onam last week.. had a great time seeing my family!!
love you dear
listen to Alan and rest as much as you can...

Suzanne said...


Honest to God's truth? I feel like crap, but I'm getting by. I've cleaned almost the entire house for Alan's visit. I have two bathrooms and two bedroom and a kitchen to go. He's arriving around 3pm tomorrow afternoon. There's hope!! Yup, if I buy a gun I can put myself out of my own misery!!! NO SILLY, I'm not buying a gun because I didn't invest in a funeral plan and refuse to impose on my family!!!

I love you. I'm posting eventually. Everything is taking so long. Just so you know, no, I'm not resting. I'm working harder. I know...don't speak!

Baby, did you read Bindi's comment. Wow. I have to call Shara, but what do I say? That's just hard. I feel myself inhaling deeply over and over again. As if everything will be okay if I can just get enough air. But there are tears in my eyes, so I know it's not okay and there's not enough air in the room.

You know what I've found about blogging baby? That somehow we all manage to help one another though the rough patches. I often think that's why we were destined to find one another.

I love you darling. Thanks for sticking around and being your smart, sweet self.

I adore you.

Suzanne said...

Oh Bindi. You know me. You know I'm crying. I'll call Shara tomorrow. That's insane. You know? I can only imagine her pain. Thank you for passing the information along. So many emotions are just running through my head. We discussed her niece in length during her visit, so this matters very much to me. I don't know where you're supposed to tuck stuff like this. I don't baby. I just know I have the biggest lump in my throat and tomorrow I have to dry my tears, call my darling friend and give her support and comfort, but my heart hurts for all of them right now. Like you, we've been so lucky as a family baby and haven't lost anyone. I can only imagine that sort of pain.

Thank you for passing the information along. I love you. And just so you know, I will take better care of myself once Alan arrives. Oh Bindi, you'd love him so. He's a sweet soul.

I love you so much my dear, sweet friend. I'll call once I can get my feet up and rest a bit. Alan has agreed to feed me Bon-Bons!!!! No! Not really!!!

Love to you and the kids,

bindhiya said...

I know how you feel...Shara need all of us now.. like you she is away from her family.... just calling her and talking to her will be a good relief.. just letting her know we are thinking about her, that will make a big difference..
She is thinking about you and i talk to her about all the abuse ..yes, ABUSE.. you are doing to yourself.. she is worried about you, without any family around..
please rest.. everything else can wait..
love you dear
be kind to yourself..

Suzanne said...


It's always so frustrating. You know I can't post a comment on a google comment page for SOME STUPID REASON. I love your current post. I'd love to learn to sail, but would have to learn to swim first. Hummmmmmmmmmmm. A woman's work is never done!


Suzanne said...

Karen, I took the photos for you. You're going to look, close your eyes, shake your head and laugh. Trust me!!! Just trust me.


Stephen Parrish said...

Hi. Been a while. Just wanted to say hi.

kylie said...

hey suze,
i thought of you & your stupid funny life. i have had a terrible sore back which actually crippled me the last few days. needed help with the shower and all.....
anyway, i'm getting better and feeling like i can sort of manage a half normal life and what happens? taffy had his stitches out this afternoon and tonight the wound breaks open!!
i have wrapped it up with a non stick dressing and off to the vets in the morning
if it had happened a day earlier i couldnt have done a thing, certainly couldnt have got him back to the vet!
i hope they dont charge me to re-stitch......

and dont worry about him, he doesnt look the tiniest bit worried. i'll just put the collar on and keep him in for the night. he better not try to sneak a sleep on the couch!

i hope youre doing great babe

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Hope you are doing fine and Alan is with you....and praying that you are getting some rest...
take care dear
♥ & ((hugs))

the walking man said...

so are you in that walking cast now? Or still inhibiting healing by not going with the whole program?

Leah said...

Hi Suzy!

otin said...

I hope that you are doing ok?

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Just checking in to say "Hi" and let you know I was gardening tonight and moving a sprinkler around to those stubborn spots the automatics miss -- yep, the thing turned on me and sprayed me like a typhoon. I just had to laugh! We are kindreds deep down (you know we are). I have no cast, but my dear husband is still limping around from the treehouse mishap (plywood sheet fell on him). He's stubborn so no doc visit. He's fine, it seems. Stubborn has its rewards. Keep TRYING to relax and get better.

Next time get a plain old cast and paint beautiful flowers on it. After you invest time in it you may protect it better. Now go sit down with a glass of wine and a good read -- call it a serendipitous vacation.

Okay, my rounds are through for now. How will I ever keep up with this bloggy thing as Fall approaches and there is so much to do around the hearth? Gotta go check my yogurt.

Think STRONG BONES and heal up quickly. Throwing up oodles of prayers for you.

Love ~~ Debbie : D

Megan said...

Here's hoping you and the 'wee one' (man I bet he doesn't like being called that!) are having fun!

Are you being a good auntie?

Mr. Shife said...

So now you will definitely be blogging less because you have discovered Facebook. You are going to be hooked.

Karen ^..^ said...

You've discovered Facebook, but have yet to accept my friend's request!!! Why???

Just click ACCEPT. Everyone's doin' it...

Suzanne said...

Mr Shife and Karen,

I have, I will. I did click. You didn't notice?!!! Damn. I find Blogger so relaxing. I'm never going to be able to keep up. I've talked to more friends from high school in 24 hours than I have in 30 years. What's wrong with this picture?!!!

Love you both, and thanks. XOXO!

Suzanne said...


I'm a great auntie. The "wee" one is sleeping. The lazy bastard!!! Yes...I'm a great aunt.


merelyme said...

Just Hello and I had to be 50!

I will never Facebook!!! (?)

I have yet to mail your get-well package...hope you are still healing...package will still be matter!

Suzanne said...

Merelyme...honey, you just stay right here! Facebook is making me rather nutty, but I will admit it's wonderful to reconnect with old friends. I just had a great phone conversation today with a friend who's a principal in a Catholic high school. That's just too damn funny!!!

Don't worry about sending me anything honey. I'm the worst "mailer" in history, so I understand. Just ask all our friends! I love you darling. Hope the wee one is healthy and happy and you're getting sleep.

Much love,
P.S. Come visit me on facebook!

Anonymous said...