Sunday, August 30, 2009

The side yard.
It was all pea gravel, but I decided to plant it.

Before I leave I have to say a few things. Kylie. Cinnamon and crack me up!!!

Kylie called me tonight. One of the best phone calls ever. If you ever get a phone call from Australia, answer it. It's a gift. Her voice is Heaven. If you've ever spoken to Cece, you know how beautifully words leave her mouth. Kylie's the same, just different. Her Australian accent is to die for. It's just so, so beautiful . I had to stop her some times in mid sentence just to say "You're voice is so beautiful." And it is. I don't really know how to explain it. You have to hear it to understand. Talking to her was so lovely. I recommend it!!!

I'm stuggling with my ankle. It's very painful. I'm thinking of having my nephew fly out to help because I'm basically left to handle everything on my own and it's hard. My sister said he'd get on a plane in an instant. Moms and dads out there, maybe you can offer some advice. Alan is a gorgeous kid. All my nieces and nephews are stunningly beautiful. I'm afraid he'll arrive and get so caught up in the California lifestyle he'll completely ignore me!!! Of course I'm laughing. I can just hear him say "Yup, I'm taking care of my aunt for rent!!!" But not really. Rent free of course, but no taking care of Aunt Suzy!! What should I do? I need help



Anonymous said...

Suze, that sounds like a good idea- to get someone in. You need it. the other thing that occured to me- if you are in so much pain perhaps something is not quite right? Sometimes infection can cause increased pain- don't wanna freak you out or anything- but maybe you should get checked out again?

that's really great that you got to speak to Kylie! hey I get free calls to Oz and USA with my package so if any of yous want to email me your numbers..!!

just bob said...


Sorry you're having to deal with this all on your own. I think a helping hand around the house for a little while might just be what the doctor ordered. It would give you time to actually rest as opposed to what you are doing now.

Whether it is a niece/nephew, Rob, or anyone else, I think it is a tremendous idea. Look... you're finally getting the assistant you have always said you needed!

otin said...

I hate to hear that you are struggling! I must go visit Kylie's blog, she did invite me to participate in the cafe, and I don't even know her site! Take some good painkillers!

Cece said...

If anything else, you would get to spend some time with him. I think it sounds like a great idea.

Megan said...

I think it sounds like a great idea as well. You really, really, really need to stay off your foot as much as possible. I'd take your nephew up on the offer, definitely.

Accepting help is not a sign of weakness!

Suzanne said...

This is how I'm not blogging. I'm officially retired. Can you tell? But for some reason my fingers still just wanna dance!!!

Cinnamon ~ Nice thought, but no. I don't have an infection. Someone would have noticed! I've had my cast replaced 3 times in just 2 weeks. God that makes me laugh. And I'm going to struggle with this one for 5 more days just so I don't look like a complete wimp, then go back and have Dave remove the damn thing because it's making me nuts and it's only been on for less than 24 hours. Dave was out to lunch when I was called yesterday, so another tech created this monster for me. It's awful. It hurts in all the wrong places and it itches. Dave's cast don't itch. They're remarkably custom and made with love, so not only do they look really pretty, they fit like a glove. If you ever need a cast, visit my friend Dave!!! Oh, he's also really easy on the eye!

When I was having my second cast made in pink, I was talking to a guy across the room who was having his made in black. I said "Look, mine stands out. It shouts to be noticed, but black just blends." Dave is black and he said "Excuse me, black is beautiful." I started laughing too hard and said "Of for God sakes, I don't mean you, I mean the color. It recedes against other colors." He looked at me a long time and said "You're digging a deeper hole." He treats me like a sister. I realize everyone sort of treats me like a sister. I don't get any respect. Why?!

I'll email you my number. Getting phone calls from blogging friends is WONDERFUL!!! We have amazing friends here and taking to them is a whole lotta fun. Kylie and I were talking last night about how our true voices come through in our blogging words. Our phone conversation was simply and extention of our blogging conversations. We knew one another the moment I picked up the phone. It was effortless and pure joy. I think we're all very lucky to have one another. I really believe we are such a unique collection of people and our friendships and genuine concern for one another matters.

And honey, you know what? It hurts because it's broken in two. The nurse told me the other day, "It's going to hurt a long time." I nearly cried!!! I don't think she's joking.


Suzanne said...


I know. I'm calling my sister as soon as I finish commenting. Alan offered to fly out over a week ago and I hesitated. You know, he's young and pretty and I'm afraid he'll just get distracted by the California lifestyle or some pretty young thing and leave me stranded at Safeway!!! I'll end up having to take a scooter home! Speaking of which, I no longer try to hobble around the market on my crutches. I use their scooters. True story. My scooter died in the pastry isle at Safeway today. I had to hobble back to the entrance to get a new one!!! WTF!!! And then yesterday I was at SaveMart and used their scooter. It was so slow I could have walked to Alaska faster than I got to the pet food isle. Luck of the Irish. Oh, right, I'm not Irish.

Love you! XO

PS You'd love Alan. He's like his mom, an athlete. I'm wondering if I'll have to find room for his motorcycle when I pick him up at the airport. He races. Hummmmmmmmmmm. I swear to God I think I'm in big trouble if I bring him here, but I also think I'll be the luckiest woman alive. He's a great guy. Smart, funny, and very sensitive. I know he'll take good care of me because he loves me very, very much and I know he would never want to let me down.

Suzanne said...


Oh my God, do participate in the Wild Onion. The place is a hoot. You'd fit right in!!! We're all kinda crazy over there and I can't imagine you not feeling completely welcome. Welcome!!!

Oh baby, a broken ankle sucks. Why does it have to hurt so damn much. I got the shit scared out of my yesterday when I had my cast replaced. I was told if all goes well I'll get a "walking cast in 4 weeks." I though a walking cast was the velcro boot up to my knee. I learned yesterday it is not. It's just a beefed up permanent cast. I couldn't stop blinking, then I almost starting crying. I can hardly stand being in this cast. It's almost claustrophobic. And to think of Thanksgiving in the freakin' thing I nearly want to die. And then Christmas in a boot. That's like four freakin' more months. This is insane.

I don't understand why it hurts so much and why it has to last so long. I'm exhausted and it's only been a little over two weeks. And this is just the beginning.



Oh, you'll appreciate this. I put a quart of oil in the car yesterday, but forgot to replace the cap because I'M IN FREAKIN' PAIN and can't think like a normal person. The oil went everywhere. I had to buy another almost $5 quart of oil today and the guys at the shop all laughed at me. I really don't get any respect. Oh, and a Mercedes is very demanding. It needs the most expensive oil and the most expensive gas. There are days I'm tempted to revolt. What do you think would happen if I did!!!???

kylie said...

the wild onion isnt mine, it's a group thing.

suzy, get your nephew to come help. whats he sound like on the phone?? hmmmm young man + motorbike = yum
take care and have fun

Karen ^..^ said...

Most definitely take him up on it. Lets face it, its a win win all the way. You get to see a beloved member of your family, a rarity, and when he asks if there's anything he can do to help, hand him a list of things, with no pressure, of course. He gets to see California, experience the beauty there, and you might get some of your roses tended. There's no law that says you have to be "strong" and suck it up when you've been so grievously injured. Plus, you can show him all that you do accomplish. He will love to come out and help. Let him in. Let the family in. Let them help, it's apparent they want to. Don't deprive them of that. And I promise you will have a blast with him!

Enjoy this brief time with him. I guarantee your ankle will hurt less, just by him being there.

I love that you got to speak to Kylie. what a wonderful gift!

Suzanne said...


You'd love Alan. He's a great kid. My sister Laur raised three of the most amazing kids. I've always said I wish they were all mine. Laur was and remains a free spirt. Truly Woodstock. And she raised her kids in the same way. They didn't have a lot of rules, so made their own. They are mature beyond their years. They are smart, kind, compassionate, and oh so very, very funny. I often look at them and think, "How the hell'd she pull that off!!" Laur was one of my greatest sisters and I believe one of the greatest moms. Did she do everything right? No. She made horrible mistakes as a woman and as a mother, but she has three of the greatest kids I've ever known. So she did something right.

Coming from a big family, I know you understand.


Suzanne said...

This is to know one and to everyone. Alan is coming out. I just taked to my mom and she cried because she's so worried. I'm in absolute agony and I can't go on like this. I can't. She loves Alan so much and said he'd be such a gift. He is so unselfish and will take good care of me. All my worries are for naught. Mom said just tell him, "Give me two months honey, that's all I'll ask."

Alan, that's all I'll ask, then you're free to discover this beautiful state. I love you so much. Thank you darling.

Suzanne said...


You bet your ass he is. He's just sexy. He's absolutely gorgeous and yes, he races. Don't speak. That's what I'm worried about, but I just talked to Mom and she said, "Honey, he's the most amazing kid in the whole world and would never let you down because he loves you so much. He would never, ever let you down." I'm flying him out tomorrow. I need him so much because I can't do this on my own. It'll be like have the son I never had. There is grace in that. I've always told my sister Laur I would take any of her kids. And now finally, I have one. What an honor. *Aunt Suze bows.*

Suzanne said...


Amen. Rob is already so excited about have Alan here and wants to be his mentor. In one year he'll be a resident and able to go to UC Berkley or UCLA. That's just excites the crap out of us!!! Alan will have oportunities he never would have had in NY. NY is so hard. You have to have a Regent degree to go anywhere. It's just stupid. And then you have to go through hoops to go to a community college and pay through the ass for the privage. I've never seen a more flawed system. How anyone in NY gets a decent college education I don't know. Here in CA you are given a gift. You get to go to a community college and then transfer to UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Crus,etc. The possibilities are endless. You can go to Harvard if you want. It's an amazing system. Rob is actually so excied about Alan coming here. Rob is a former althlete and also a lawyer. He knows Alan is an athlete and very smart. He's knows Alan's potential. He said this afternoon, "My God, that kid could blossom here." And yes, he could. I hope that's what happens. We will do our best to make sure he does.


e said...

Hi Suzanne,

Blogger ate my first comment...

So far, fifty sucks for you, but hang on! With your nephew on the way, things will get better. He'll love helping you and as Bob pointed out, you'll be able to rest.

Nobody gets through this world alone, despite what Americans believe about rugged individualism. It is okay to have help...

For a laugh, try my limo story...

If you'd like a call or card, let me know.



bindhiya said...
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bindhiya said...

Am so happy to hear that Alan is coming and you been able to talk to Kyles.. how sweet is that!
i'll be gone for a week... but will try to check on you whenever i can...
take care dear
this will be a good change and you'll be out of all kind of cast in 2 months....yes, am sure.
♥ & ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Bindi, someone deleted on my blog!!! That's too funny. What's even funnier is all my spelling mistakes. Man, I suck at spelling!!!

I just got off the phone with wacky Cece. It's been such a funny evening. We've called one another like 4 or 5 times. It's just stupid funny. It's midnight in Arkansas and she's tired but she can't shut up!!! I'll tell you a funny story. She woke me up and I was late to feed the kitties. I opened the dishwasher to get the clean plates out and kept saying to her, "They don't feel clean. What the hell's going on? I know I turned this thing on this afternoon." But the more I felt all the plates and the silverware I knew nothing had been washed. I ended up washing all the dishes myself and my kitty broke one. Cece said "Why do you use antique saucers for kitty plates?" I replied "Because they're pretty." That woman gives me such a hard time.

She taught the boys to wash their hair tonight while we were one the phone. They're going to make wonderful husbands one day!! We also discussed your career. We agreed you're far too qualified for any of the jobs she's trying to get you. She told me she recommended you go to the local schools and teach English as a second language. Bindi, honestly, I think that's a great idea. It's the perfect use of your Masters in Public Health!!! What?! I can't help myself. We love you so damn much it's stupid. We really do think getting involved in the public school system would be wonderful. Baby, I think you'd love it. We also discussed teaching classes in Indian food. You're Indian and you know food. How hard can it be?! We think you'd be great!!! Cece said "Yeah, she should charge about $25 per head. My God, you'd get rich!!! I said to Cece "God I'd take her class!" And Cece said "God I'd take her class!" Baby, you know that's just funny! You know what talking to Cece's like. It's just damn funny. She called me back a few minutes ago. We talked about moving to Maine. Hummmmmmmmm. We also talked about me asking that Bob ban her from his blog. We laughed our asses off. Bob would never do that because he's a gentleman. I'd kick her ass clear out of the joint!!! Why? Cuz she's trouble.

Love you Bindi!!! XO

Suzanne said...


Get over here and let me give you a hug. When you show up I feel like drinking Irish Breakfast Tea!!! And also eating a scone. Sorry, English Breakfast Tea. For some reason I think I'm Irish, but my family name is Ingersoll. Of course I'm British!!!

How do you take your tea? I take mine with milk, no sugar. Lovely with a scone or biscut. I know.

I'm still waiting to hear from my darling nephew. God, I thought I'd be picking him up at the airport this morning, but call. He's a busy guy and apparently forgot Aunt Suzy is needy. How rude! Wait till you see pictures. The kid's gorgeous. I'm almost afraid to post photos because the women will swarm and I'll be left with my ankle. Alone. With a huge Visa card bill!!! And if some woman doesn't steal him away, Rob will. Rob is so excited about Alan coming here. They're both athletes and both smart. They're a match made in Heaven. My ankle doesn't stand a chance.

Suzanne said...


One more thing. You would love talking to Kyles. She's absolutely lovely. I hope the two of you eventually get to talk. You'll smile. Trust me. Love you darling.


PS Cece and I were talking tonight about how lucky we are. We have the most beautiful group of bloggers on the planet. And we know it.

Suzanne said...

I was just at the corner market and met a beautiful young woman who reminded me so much of my nieces. She held the door open for me as I wobbled out with my crutches. She was so very lovely. I told her I was blogging tonight. She asked for my blogging address and I told her I didn't know it. NO, I DON'T KNOW IT!!! I said "Honey, just type into Google "My Rose Cottage Studio. I know I'm number one. When you see it, just click on it."" If she arrives, her name is Megan. I asked if she was Irish. I swear to God we couldn't stop laughing. Megan, if she shows up, don't fuck with me. I know you'd probably try. Don't. She's a cutie pie. All of about 18 or 19 and adorable. She made me long for my nieces. As I was exiting I said "HONEY, NICE CAR!!!" She stood up and looked over the top of it and said..."Thanks, it's my Mom's." She was absolutely precious. Life is beautiful.

And my darling, darling friend at the corner store didn't disappoint. He watched me walk in and started to laugh. He's just such a terrific guy. I told him the story and he laughed harder. Ha! Really, I don't get any respect.


Suzanne said...

I've been waitng for Alan to call all day. I'm sure he will tomorrow and then I'll pick him up at the airport. My Mom is extactic. She thinks we're a match made in Heaven. I do too. I know he will calm my life. I do. He will be the voice of reason. As young as he is. I have amazing respect for my nieces and nephews. They're all very smart and very, very wise. They're so far beyond their years. I know I'll be in good hands with Alan. And I think he'll enjoy the hell out of himself!!! Especially when Uncle Rob gets a hold of him!!!!

Cece laughted at this. I need Alan for about 2 months. Rob said "only ask him for two weeks." Really!!!??? That's it?!!

Joyful Jo said...

Hi suze,
My father's name was Alan.
How old is he?

Suzanne said...


My sister's hilarious. She get on little jags. She named all the kids with names starting with A. Amanda, Alison and Alan. Why? I don't know. She just does stuff like that and is forever cracking us up.

I told Cece tonight that Alan is around 25. I don't know which nephew I'm think of, but Alan is NOT 25!!! He's at most 19 or 20. He hasn't called yet, but I'm sure I'll hear from him today. I've decided to do as Rob suggested and tell him I only need him for two weeks then slowly slip in my two month plan!!! He's a great kid...he'll adjust.

Jo, I swear to God, my sister had three of the most amazing kids on the planet. So did my other sisters and brothers. We've been so blessed. Nothing horrible has ever happened in our family and Mom and I always smile about how fortunate we are.

Speaking of which, when Cece and I were talking last night I turned on the TV only to discover every channel taken up with news of the wildfire. Yes, there are horrific wildfires in Southern California, but this one's in Northern California, right near us. Actually, it's closer to Rob and his Mom. And it's nasty. It's still on the news this morning. It's not way out in the wilderness, it's in town. It's already destroyed close to 50 homes and apparently hasn't been contained. And we have a Delta Breeze. A Delta Breeze comes off the ocean and up the Delta. It's something everyone looks forward to, but not now. It's just fueling the flames. It's unbelievable to see entire neighborhoods gone. Just gone. And the news just ran a piece about all the animals displaced and in shelters. Cece and I laughed last night when I said "I'm just thinking about how the hell to fit all these cats and T-Bone in the car if necessary." I watched the news piece and worry about all the animals in shelters. They must be so scared, but at least they're alive and safe. But I can only imagine how scared.

This is a strange fire and it just keeps moving. I looked out back and wondered if my wild blackberry will save me, the house and the kids. Honestly, I don't think anything can get through it.

Cross your fingers for us.

Love you darling. XO

Suzanne said...


You know how much I agonized over the fire at Discovery Park. A whole huge forest of beautiful old trees and undergrowth destroyed and replaced with thistles and weeds. It's hard to choke down the pain. Rob has been coming to the park with me to help and can't believe how beautiful it is. He has no idea how really beautiful it was. We've had so little rain here. It's frightening to think of what might happen. The forest fire is just a few miles away. Freeways are closed and traffic updates are insane. I can't imagine traffic will be busy this morning. Driving to the park should be pretty easy. I wish it wasn't. I look forward to it returning to normal.

I'm up early. The time is changing. At 5 am it was light just weeks ago, now it's dark. It's funny how the planet works. How it has a plan. I wonder when the sun will come up this morning.

My darling kitty Bijou is with me. Humming as always. I rescued him from the park with blood streaming out of his eyes and nose. He's never let me forget how much he loves me for saving his life. It's amazing how animals remember. How they think. How they love. And to think people just abuse and mistreat them as if they're nothing. I have been so blessed with the most amazing cats and dog. You know, when our blogging friend was here from Texas, she made me feel awful about the cats I've rescued. My mom does too. They both think I'm cat crazy, but I'm not, but even if I was, so what? Every cat I've helped needed me. T-Bone was lost and needed me. What the hell was I supposed to do, turn them all away? No. That's not in my heart. I would rather be called the "Crazy Cat Lady" than let an animal suffer. It's funny because Mom and my MIL say "you really have to get rid of some of these cats." Really. Like it's that easy. It would be like saying...ahhhhhhhhhh, we don't need Joan, or Rob, hell we don't need Laur, Tammy of Jan. We can do without Wayne too. Maybe even Roy. That's what it would feel like. If someone asked them to throw away their kids, they wouldn't, so why ask me to throw away mine. I can't imagine anyone even asking, but they always do. My MIL always says "you need to get rid of some of the animals." I always respond with "So mom, when you get tired and run out of money you just throw away Rob and Joan?" That's just brillant.

I'll probably delete this. I'm tired and worn out. I'm just talking, to no one in particular. My foot is killing me. I need my darling Alan to help me. I have no one here in California to help and I wish I could blink and go home. It's hard to believe I'm 3,000 miles away from a family that loves me.

Anonymous said...