Monday, August 31, 2009

I walked out of Taget one morning and saw this. It had been a really challenging morning at home and at the park and you all know me, I'm not religious, but I think God was aware I was having difficulty. It was a way to remind me to walk with an open heart, no matter what.

This has been another hard day, filled with numerous challenges. I was late to the park and when I tried to start Black Beauty she kept quitting. My worst nightmare. I drove her up the street but turned around before coming to the light. I knew she wouldn't make it. I pulled back in the driveway and started her a few more times. No luck keeping her going. I softly touch the steering wheel as I often do and said to God, "Please help me." And then I said to St. Francis, "Please don't do this to me." I called Rob. He was with a client and headed into court. He couldn't help me but said he come after court. I called my MIL. She was ill and out of it. She couldn't help at all. I sat for what seemed like a long time and just asked for help. I started the car and she ran. The sound was different so I knew I was okay. I made it to the park and back home. Being at the park today was hard. My foot hurt so much and I was struggling to manage, but I saw a dear young homeless friend and found courage. He teaches me wonderful lessons about life and I'm so honored to know him. When days seem hard, my homeless friends remind me that my life is beautiful and so do my darling feral cats

I arrived home and within minutes the doorbell rang. It was my neighbor's son. My neighbor is a very elderly gentleman and his son has come to live with him. His son is probably 55. If he's 50 he looks way the hell older than me!!! He informed me they had reported me to the water department for flooding their lawn. I've learned from Rob to not react. To be a diplomat, so I listened and didn't speak. Hummmmmmmmm. He said "You're watering every day and flooding our lawn." I had no idea what the hell he was talking about because you know I only water the back yard once or twice a week. It seemed like such an odd conversation and I just spoke very little and listened. When I said "I only watered on Saturday and yes, I fell asleep, so your yard probably flooded, but other than that, I have no idea what you're talking about." He said "Maybe you have a leak." I replied "No, I'd notice something like that." I was very nice. I didn't overreact, I didn't get upset. I just felt puzzled. He wasn't terrible kind and kept telling me I had to stop watering every day because my irrigating was flooding his father's yard. I thanked him for stopping by.

I called Rob. He was in court. You can't have a phone on in court, so he walked out. I told him the story and said we'd probably be fined because I wanted him to be prepared, but it didn't make sense. We've had to go over and tell our elderly gentleman to turn off his water on way to many occasions. He would flood our yard all the time. And when I'm up at night his irrigation system is ALWAYS on. Every single night. Even Monday night and no one is supposed to water in Sacramento on Monday. And then it comes on almost every single morning. Even on days he isn't supposed to water. Rob and I realized their flooding their own damn yard and don't even know. His moron son comes over to blame me and I've done nothing wrong. It's them!!! They're flooding their own damn yard. And they've reported me for doing nothing wrong.

There are days that are challenging. Rob said "Don't worry, we'll take care of it." Yes, I'm sitting here shaking my head. It's so stupid it's almost too hard to believe.

Of course I want to go over an tell him, but we're just going to deal with the water department instead. It's so mind bogglingly stupid.



just bob said...

When it rains, it pours, and it floods the neighbor's yard.


Suzanne said...

Bob, I don't know how to get off my damn ankle. Every time I try I fail. Alan hasn't called. I think he's busy and I'm left facing this crap alone.

Please take good care of yourself my darling.


Suzanne said...

Honey, did you see Meg's blog. It's funny.

Kathleen said...

We have neighbors like that, too. I agree that it's best to not react and let things resolve themselves, even if the city has to get into it. But, still, it's a little upsetting.

Suzanne said...


Rob and I were just on the phone talking about this. He's been in court all day and said "You won't believe this but the court cut their staff by one third. I've been in court the whole freakin' day!!! What would have taken me an hour took more more than 8." He's so pissed and so hungry.

After telling me that we discussed the conversation with my neighbor's son. Rob's always very proud of me because I don't take much crap. My neighbor's son and grandson are real tough guys. They have no respect for woman and treat us like crap. I don't go for that. When he showed up at my door and rolled his eyes when I said "I don't water every day" after he told me I did. I knew immediately who I was dealing with and I wasn't going to take any shit. There aren't enough hours in my day. I said exactly what I meant and I didn't hesitate. He looked surprised. He wasn't used to a women speaking to him with intent. I let him know it wasn't my water, but thank you very much for thinking of me and stopping by. You know my life. It's so complicated and I don't have time for stupid crap. And I certainly don't have time for weak men. He's a weak man mascarading as a tough guy. Get out of my face. I appreciate only REAL men. Did I say that? No. I held my tongue but I know he knew just by the look on my face.

It all worked out. Of course it wasn't my water. They were flooding their own yard. My elderly neighbor apologized profusely. He's actually a gentleman. Life is so odd. And I swear to God there are times I just don't get it.

Suzanne said...

Oh in addition, a few years ago, my neighbors grandson was replacing the fence and asked if we would pay half. His price was absolutely insane and my darling brother told me to tell him to go to hell. I did. He called me a "tenant." I informed him I owned the home. He still called me a "renter" despite my protest. I got in his face and said, "I'm going to say this only one more time...don't you ever disrespect me again. This is my home. A home I bought and paid for with more money than you will probably ever have. Don't you ever disrespect me again." The guy doesn't fuck with me. So when his father came here yesterday, I had no mercey. They're cut out of the same mold.

Karen ^..^ said...

Just stay calm. All through life there will be ignorant clueless people who refuse to take responsibility for their OWN actions, and will try to blame others. Imagine, coming over and "informing" you. The one silver lining in this is that you KNOW what you are dealing with, and you won't be blindsided. Simply explain it to the water company, and put in a complaint of your own. A counter complaint.

Be careful, and follow doctors orders, and you will heal soon with less pain. That is why they have doctors orders, and you can injure yourself much more profoundly if you don't do what they say.

Take care, Suzie, and chin up. And good for you for not taking any crap. I know bullies like him, and I've dealt with them all my life too. Ugh.

Suzanne said...


Thanks baby. You're a great friend and always filled with wonderful advice. People can be jerks and they all seem to know my name and address!!! Fortunately everything worked out with this one because Jim, the home owner, was really kind and apologetic when the water company had me walk over and tell him to please check his own irrigatin schedule. He really was lovely because they already had and realized their mistake. See, sometimes things work out!!!

And yes, I agree that there are some men who believe they can steam roll/intimidate a woman. They're surprised when they can't. I always feel sorry for their wife or girlfriend because I can close the door or walk away.

Love you darling. You're always soup for the soul. Speaking of which, have you every read any of the Soup For The Soul books? I've read lots of them. I think you'd enjoy them.

XO :)

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