Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Dogs Devotion To Teddy Bears...

After finding the first gorgeous bear, I realized I couldn't give it to him. Then I tried with the second. Nope still couldn't. Then the third. Nope. I tried, trust me. Don't look at me like that! I knew how much T-Bone loved his previous teddy, so I tried. And yes, I felt very guilty because he would just sit at the bookcase and look up every day hoping and praying for a miracle. Well, I don't know how it happened, but I suspect a kitty was involved because one day I arrived home from the park and there he was with Molasses. Apparently miracles do happen at Rose Cottage!!!
Best friends. Whoops looks like Molasses is already missing some vital parts. What happened to your eye pumpkin?!" "Oh, and your nose looks like you might need surgery."

"I wub you so, so much Mawassus."

"Are you sweepy Mawassus?" "Me too."

I walked into the living room to find her relaxing. Alone. A girl needs alone time. You know I'm not a fan of cheap ribbon, but I'll tell you something, that's some damn fine cheap ribbon!!! I keep tying a bow and T-Bone keeps picking poor Molasses up by it and shaking his head violently. Before you know it she's bouncing off boths sides of his head and her bow's untied again, but look at it, it still looks like new.

Walked down the hall to find this on the rug. "Girl, you just take some more me time! "

Then, this was the best. I woke one night and went to the kitchen for water, only to find her. I LMAO!!!!! I told her, "Don't worry honey, you'll be fine by morning."
Next post, kittens!

P.S. I'll respond to the comments below in the next few days. I had to post something new because that one was making me cry too much! Thanks for all the beautiful comments. XO ;)


otin said...

Awww, I hate it when you are sad. :( I wish we could go dig some dirt! It is very therapeutic!

Suzanne said...

T-Bone and his teddy make me laugh, so I'm not sad any longer. And you know what's funny? As much as I love heavy equipment and working with it, I always worry about worms and other little creatures I might hurt. I'm serious. No Otin, I have no idea why I was born this way!!!

Always glad to see you here. Always.


the walking man said...

The dog that killed the bear lets us stay in the house as long as we leave room for her fifty babies and her play balls.

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzanne- Here's a 'wish-you-were-here' postcard fom Brittany. I am so happy for you that you doggies lift your spirits with their playfulness. I am spending time with family and Zippy (my dog), but Zip is going to continue to live here where he has space and company all day long- which I cannot give him at home. It will break my heart to leave him again :(

otin said...

That was amazing about your family war vets. It is kind of scary how they could have been the inspiration for my story, even though I did not know of them!

Suzanne said...

Otin, I just wrote back on your blog. I really am interested in knowing how you come up with your stories. I wonder if the writer's thought process is the same as the artist's. Hummmmmmmmm. Interesting.

Love you darling, and thanks.


Suzanne said...


Are you being a wise ass?


Suzanne said...

And TWM...I don't have 50.

Suzanne said...

Or are you talking about all his toys & babies?

Yes, I can be really slow!!!!!!

Suzanne said...


You're going to laugh, but I forget I can click on your hair and visit your blog. I know. Shut up.

I was just in France via your blog. Thank you. Yes, that is an exhale. Baby, I could live there. Maybe we should all invest in a lovely villa with a vinyard and retire to our little commune!!! We're all good at something and I think we could make that establishment work!!! And we'd all be happy. Maybe not the offspring, but the adults, the dogs and kitties!!!

You know what, I don't know if either home belongs to your parents, but I'll tell you, if T-Bone lived in either, he'd be SO, SO, SO happy. You're doing the right thing, so just exhale and let Zippy enjoy what you've given. You're a good woman to know when you can't provide what's needed. That is truly selflessness. I absolutely honor you.

And all the words. Honey, I'm and artist, not a writer. I wouldn't even dare express my opinion around all those great writers!!!! HA!!! But just know, I do understand. And darling, I do love your writing so.

With love,

Leah said...

Oh my god, this is AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS. SO wonderful. Best post. Love it, love love love it. You made my day.

and p.s. the previous post was beautiful--I didn't comment, but I came, I read, I got a little teary too.

and p.p.s. can you send me your address so I can send you the hat (possibly plural)? Send it to

love xo

Suzanne said...


Your post is glorious. I actually wrote it for you in memory of your wee one. I was waiting and you didn't disappoint. They're amazing little beings, aren't they. He loves that dear bear so I've had to hide it in a bookcase for it to survive. Wee one has probably one more good go around and that's it. After the last wash, her ass pack fell out!!! You know know how bears have a heavy bottom so they can sit in a child's or baby's bed? Well T-Bone riped a wee hole in Molasses' butt and when she was washed her ass pack fell out!!! Seriously. She'll never sit properly again. What can I do? I do the best I can.

I love you so much and thank you for your brilliant comment about this post and the previous. You always make me smile.

I will send my email. You already have it, but I'll send it again. *Suze rolls eyes in head.*


the walking man said...

The dog that killed a bear is a Jack Russel we came upon in Virginia just after she had been, mauled by a black bear. Her pelvis was fractured and a bone was pushed about three inches up her spine. We took her to VA Tech (best school of Veterinary Medicine East of the Mississippi)where they repaired her...While she was in recovery a black bear wandered into the emergency room of Rocky Mount VA hospital seeking medical treatment...

That dog may have been mauled but she sent the bear to the hospital, my kinda dog, the sheriff shot the bear in the ER. he would have let the dog do it but she lacked opposing thumbs so she let him do it for her...and she has been with us ever since. that was summer of 2004.

Now she has 50 "babies" from a super chicken that crows when she shakes the shit out of it to little fuzzy bears and rabbits that depending on the day is her baby of the day.

Her pelvis was ruined and ergo she could not be bred so she has transference issues about us touching her brood.

Now that's my story and I am sticking to it...You decide the veracity of it Suzanne...just remember though my dog killed a bear so be vewy vewy careful if you cross her little 15 pounds of mean as hell and now Detroit living.

as for your question my old man only ever gave me one piece of advice...

"it's better to be a smart ass than a dumb ass"

Gig said...

Hi Suze!! Great Post as usual, love T-Bone and his teddy bear!!

I finally put up a new stop you lots!!

Giggie, xoxo

Megan said...

Love the one of Molasses sitting there in the kitchen! Ha! Just waiting for you!

Fun post, darlin'. You made me smile!

Suzanne said...


HA! You'll laugh. My dad is hilarious and when my mom would say "No one likes a smart ass Suzanne" because I did have a mouth on me, Dad would say "It's better to be a smart ass than a dumb ass." That is just too damn funny. Ahhhhhhhhhh, memories!

And now about your dog. I do actually believe you have a dog, but I'll need a photo to prove it to the jury when I question the dead black bear. Hummmmmmmmm. And TWM, I'm a FREAKIN' PACIFIST!!! I would never shoot a black bear and it hurts my heart that someone would. My brother did and I lit into him like there was no tomorrow. I think he's still trying to find his ass. Mom informed me he's recovering just fine. I don't believe it.

The Bear Hugger!

Suzanne said...


Hi Honey! *Suze furiously makes lemon drops for everyone.*


Suzanne said...


Thanks darling. She's very special, isn't she!!!


the walking man said...


















Which is the moonshine capitol of America.




a lot


Besides the bear had no health insurance.

Suzanne said...


Very funny!

People still make moonshine? I didn't know that.


Abi said...

Ohhh that was such a cute post Suze!!!

Poor poor Mowassuss!

Doh I wish I'd been around to help cheer you up when you were sad, never mind better late than never.

Oh you know, I'm an illegal teddy surgeon as it happens - I'm totally unqualified but have at least 40 successful surgery attempts and stuffing transplants under my belt ;) no insurance needed ;)

Anonymous said...


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