Monday, August 10, 2009


Rob has a buyer. Someone from the San Francisco Bay Area. So he stopped by today and cleaned Black Beauty up then drove her to a parking lot, stuck some printer paper over the license plate and began the photo shoot.
These are just a few of the photos.

I love her very much because she's seen me through tons of crap and my butt fits perfectly in that seat. She embraced me when the BMW was a gonner after hitting that stupid Mustang. Will this guy buy her? Yes. But I don't want him to. I don't want her to leave me. Yes, I know she's just a car, but she's so much more than just a car and I don't know how to explain it.
Actually, yes I do. I have always, always, always been a woman of independant means, until recently. I've made all the decisions about my life and enjoyed every minute. Now I'm not in control, through no fault of my own, and I'm in agony. Losing Black Beauty is simply a reminder I'm not in control. I'd never sell her. Really, I wouldn't. I mean, look at her, she's adorable!


kylie said...

it's sad to lose a car you have enjoyed but it's just a car, after all. i find that once i "say goodbye" i move on pretty easily. look forward, always forward

hope youre enjoying 50 suzy!

Leah said...

Wait, do you have to sell her? And what will you replace her with? If you want to keep her, you should put your foot down!! I really really feel you on this one.


Leah said...

Look how different Kylie's comment and mine were! lol

e said...

Why do you have to sell her???
I'd put my foot down or at least my two cents in. Is the car in his name or yours???

Megan said...

Money sucks.

kylie said...

thats funny, you know!
not for a second did i think maybe you could keep her, i just thought if it has to be then make it easy on yourself.
and yes, if theres any way to hang on to her i'll back you all the way.

along the same lines, i was watching a doco on air force one last night and my barack was giving instructions for what dinner he would like. it was so detailed. even if i was the president of the US i would probably just eat what i was given, i would never think to say "i want mustard and i want lettuce and i want....."

have fun

Suzanne said...

Something SO, SO, SO amazing happened at the park today and I really must share it with all of you, but before I do, I'll respond to your appreciated comments!!!

Kylie, I know baby. I know it's just a car, but she's a GREAT CAR! Isn't that obvious in the photos!!! Unfortunately she has a few flaws. And they aren't inexpensive flaws. The major flaw in the engine. It needs to be replaced, but costs more than the car's worth. And then there's the whole heating and air conditioning issue. Yup, costs more than the car's worth! Here's and example of cost when dealing with a freakin' German car...I had the car for less than a month and both clips that hold the sun visors fell off. Clunk! Like a fool I threw them away. To replace them cost $30 each, plus tax. Yup, that was me in the middle of your street trying to kick my own ass.

Now Kylie, we're very different. I don't move on easily. I lug all my crap around with me for years, and I wouldn't mind lugging Black Beauty right along with all the rest of the stuff, including the 60 foot Ash we lost in the back yard to that damn storm a few years ago!! Oh, and of course Newman, Hillary, Ireland, oh, and my grandmother! What? I can actually see a cartoon with me pulling 50 connected red wagons... loaded. Ha!!!

Love you XO Happy Tuesday darling.

Otin said...

A car is a personal item, just like clothing or hats, it reflects your personality, it is a place that you seek refuge in from storms or from life even, it is an outlet when you are angry, and a means to feel free! I had a honda crx in the late 80's and I loved that car, I know it was only a Honda, but I would have rather been anywhere on the highway with that car than at home. I hated getting rid of that car and have never loved another vehicle that I have owned again! When we talk about memories of the past, we remember old cars and cars that our parents owned! I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

Suzanne said...


I can't put my foot down because I'd have no leg to stand on. BB is beautiful, but she's a clunker. The engine's gone and parts are hard to find and our Mercedes mechanic told me to get rid of it and fast. He also said after the last $500 fiasco a few weeks ago, "Suzanne, don't speed. Treat her with absolute respect and stay in the slow lane because she can't take much more." You have no idea how often I go 65 now, then creep up to 70, then back to 65, then back to 70, then sometimes back to normal at 80, only to take my foot off the pedal and go back to 65 and the slow lane. The slow lane is hard because all the rigs drive it and make a mess out of the asphault. It makes me worry about my damn tires!!! My question is can I afford to go 65?! Do you know how much high performance tires costs?

And yes my darling, you and I are very similar when it comes to things we cherish. I love that car because even though she's a clunker, she worked so hard to make my life easy and I have wonderful memories. Rob and I also suspect the guy who's going to buy it doesn't care one bit about her. He's going to do what lots of people are doing now. Buy it, trade it in on a new car and make about $2,000 in the deal with the new government program. You know what that means don't you? BB will be stripped of parts, then be crushed like a pancake, then sent to steel hell with the rest of them. A perfectly good car. If I had the money I'd never let that happen. She's a classic. You see the leather seats? Perfect condition. Cows gave up their lives for them! I should rip them out before the car's sold and the new owner can drive her over an hour back to the San Francisco/Bay Area on the floor board. Hope he's tall.

Yes baby, I agonize about stuff like this. I need a pretty hat to sulk under!!

Love you so darling, and yes, I'm fine, it's just good to get stuff out. Thanks for listening. Oh, and my sister and her family were just up in Lake George vacationing, now they're down on the Jersey shore vacationing at a friends house on the beach. Ha! Must be really nice to have money!!!

Love you! XO ;)

Suzanne said...


It's my car, but if you read my reply to Kylie and Leah, you'll understand. She has to go, but I don't want her to go! Rob is only looking out for my best interests because Black Beauty could go belly up at any moment and he doesn't want me stranded somewhere with my damn cell phone that hasn't been charged trying to call Triple A! That's the Gods honest truth. But isn't she beautiful all spit polished!? And yes, I'm forever forgetting to charge my phones. Why? Because Rob used to take care of all the nonsense. I'm learning. There are only 24 hours in my freakin' day and I've gotta think about phones too? Ladies, I think that's completely unfair. *Suze is seen picketing outside own home for more hours in the day and more generous wages.*

What? Someone has to think of the girls. E, look at me when I'm talking to you. No honey, not those girls.

XO Love you so!

Suzanne said...


Money doesn't suck if it flows freely from my bank account after years of hard work!!! It only sucks when it dries up. Amen.

XO beautiful!

Suzanne said...


You kill me. I can't keep her, so I think this is my period of morning that little cutie pie! She isn't going to last much longer with her engine problem, so it's time, but it's hard to let her go? Why? Because I know what will happen to her. Scrap metal.

Next car? Back to a BMW. Why? Because we understand BMW's. We drove one for almost 20 years and they just run like crazy. A Mercedes is needy! Very different and we don't have the energy or money to maintain a princess. What's that mean for me? Well back to a stick shift and a seat that's not so generous with my ass!

XO Love you honey!

Suzanne said...


Hi darling. Parent's car: A lime green Pontiac station wagon and a Bronco. As a family we were never in step with the rest of the crowd in the 70's, but you try having 9 kids and keep two damn vehicles on the road! A Toyota would have been a blessing because they run forever and rarely need repair. However, 7 kids would have been left out of ever trip! We'd have some really angry brothers and sisters right now.

A car. It's funny how you attach yourself like velcro to something. Losing the BMW nearly killed me. Getting the Mercedes healed a part of me and opened up a whole new area of comfort I'd never known!!! I can honestly say that German designers are the best. How did they know my ass would fit so perfectly in that seat? How? That seat is Heaven. It should be a shrine in my living room.

Honey, you love your old Honda to bits. I understand. I was traveling back from the park two days ago and came upon a truck towing an insanely gorgeous vintage Camero painted BEAUTIFULLY!!! Black with white stripes from front to back. My oldest brother sold his orange Camero to help with the down payment on his home and I know it nearly broke his heart, but it was so beautiful he got nearly $15,000. I was preparing to take photos for him, then stopped because I knew. And I couldn't do it to him. Then I pulled up along side and saw a beautiful engine in the back of the truck. All the chrome was really shiny!!! I come from an amazing family of master mechanics and know what that usually means. PERFECTION!!! The engine was going to be put in the car. And it was perfection. No, I couldn't take the photo. I couldn't do that to my brother.

Hey honey, you have no photo. Why? I loved that photo.


My kitten just walked on the key board and typed that. That's damn funny!!!

otin said...

I don't know why I have no photo, is it here now!?

Megan said...

I think you should get a Lexus next. You know, just to check it out.

Big hugs, gorgeous girl.

Suzanne said...


The photo is back. Thank you!


Suzanne said...



I just wrote a really long comment to you, walked out of the room without posting and the kittens walked across the keyboard. I returned to find the above and no trace of my comment. I don't think that's fair. I can't rewrite it now because I'm tired and it's too much work. *Suze walks aways muttering "blasted kittens."* I'll be back!


Suzanne said...

Yes Megan, it's true, I always walk "aways" because I'm training for a marathon!!!

Anonymous said...