Friday, August 21, 2009

Suzy Get's KO'd By A Two Pound Kitten: Part I



I think my last entry on Blogger was to Random Chick and 10:20 pm Friday the 14th. The kittens were racing through the house as I got up to make tea and rather than run down the hallway as they had been, the first one made a sharp right into my office. It all happen so quickly, I barely remember how it happened. I just remember trying to get out of the way so I wouldn't hurt her and then I remember intense pain and the hardwood floor. When I woke up I was laying in something and felt very confused and was in pain. I got up, turned on the overhead light and realized I'd been lying in a pool of blood probably 3ft x 2ft. It looked like a crime scene and I was very scared. I looked at my clothes and I was covered in blood, my hair was matted to my head and could feel blood still running down my face. I started for the bathroom and was in agony. There was something wrong with my foot and the pain was excruciating. I got to the mirror and couldn't believe my eyes. I was covered in blood and I still didn't even know why and I didn't know where the blood was coming from. I cleaned my face enough to discover a huge gash from above my eyeblows, down my nose and across part of my cheek. I held a washcloth to it, but I couldn't get it to stop bleeding. I got to the kitchen to get paper towels to clean up all the blood. I was crying, the animals were all obviously traumatized and I was very confused. Then I remembered the kitten, trying to get out of the way and the floor, but that's all I could remember and that's all I can remember even now. I thought I'd hit the floor and went unconscious. I tried to clean up all the blood but couldn't do it because I was in so much pain and I knew I had to get to the emergency room. I called Rob and asked him to come immediately and help me clean up and get to the hospital. That was just after 11 pm and he had left here at around 9pm. We were scared I'd been unconscious for almost 2 hours because I wasn't aware my last blog entry was at 10:20. The man flew here. I sat against the dishwasher, waited and sobbed surrounded by animals who love me very much.

When Rob arrived and saw the scene I know he was scared. I tried to help him clean up, but my foot hurt too much. He told me to get dressed, we were going to the hopital immediately. I turned on the shower. He said, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" I said "I can't going looking like this. I have to get some of this blood out of my hair." "SUZANNE, IT'S THE EMERGENCY ROOM. THEY DON'T CARE WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE." I got in the shower with blood streaming down my face and standing on one foot. I felt so sick I lasted all of about 1 minute. I got out as much blood as possible and that was it. My hair was still matted with blood, I didn't brush my hair, didn't dry it, put it in a bun, got dressed and we left.

I was rushed right in upon entering the hospital and the doctor came very quickly. Rob said I couldn't have hit the floor with they type of gash I had and the doctor agreed. They agreed I'd hit the corner of the wall and then fallen to the floor and was probably unconscious before I landed. I couldn't remember the wall, just insane pain. The concern was swelling on the brain and being unconscious for so long some of the blood had congealed on the floor and in my hair. Also, my ankle was getting bigger by the minute. Rob was hoping it was a sprain, but I was convinced it was broken. I was given a ct scan within minutes and then had x-rays. The doctor returned to inform us I obviously had a concussion, the ct scan revealed I didn't have any liquid intruding on my brain (THANK GOD) and we were all very relieved, but the x-rays showed a broken ankle. A broken Fibula to be exact. I'd have to wear a soft cast for 3-7 days until the swelling went down, then a hard cast for 6-8 weeks.

Then it was time to stitch my face, but I was still bleeding so badly he wasn't able. I had to hold a compress on it for over a half hour before it stopped. The doctor had planned on conventional stitches, but at the last minute decided to use liquid stitches (sorta like glue) to cause minimal scarring (in hindsight this wasn't the best idea).

Obviously it's been a diffucult, painful week and unfortunately it isn't over yet. It's going to be a long, long haul.
I'll write Part II with photos maybe later this evening if I feel up to it.
XO Suze
P.S. Cece, this is why I didn't call (just for safetly purposes, next time call Rob when you don't hear from me)! And yes, Leah, I'll get my email address to you as soon as possible. And Walking Man, I still have Whitman, and Em, I swear to God I have a package! I try, I really do.


Leah said...


I haven't been around much so I didn't realize you hadn't been around. Look what I come back to. I am so glad you're okay.

love and xs and os

Suzanne said...

Hi honey,

Thanks. The ER doctor said, "You're lucky you're alive." I've thought alot about that this week.

I can't stay and chat because just sitting here is painful and I've stayed too long. I tried to make the rounds and say "Hi!" to everyone, but got to the 5th or 6th person and that's it. I'm done. I'll come back later hopefully.

Love you very much and thanks again.


Karen ^..^ said...

Oh, my GOD!!!

Absolutely horrible! You poor thing!!!!

Thank God for Rob. Seriously. Thank God.

I hope you are feeling better. I don't know what to say. I'd wondered where you'd gone to, but figured you were just busy and overwhelmed.

Poor girl. Have some ice cream. It helps. It really does.

And the kitten is adorable. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

Megan said...

Holy crap, Suzanne! I'm so glad you are all right!!!!

Well, reasonably all right. I wish you weren't in pain.

PLEASE rest and take care of yourself. Stay OFF that foot.


just bob said...

Dammit Suzanne... that's why I bought you the Pink Helmet for your birthday!

Honey, you need to take care of yourself better. Maybe more catnip to slow down the brood would help.

Seriously, take care of yourself Blottie #1.

kylie said...

i dont know when i last looked here, how long has this post been up?? surely not the four days my list says?? i hope not, i would feel like a horrible friend.

that was SOME ACCIDENT!!

i hope you have washed your hair :)

i'm so glad rob was there and there was no brain issue. it looks like you made a fortunate escape

lots and lots of love

bindhiya said...

OMG Suze!!!

Cece was here last week and we were talking about you even today.. Cece told me she left so many messages for you..

get well soon dear... I wish i can come over and take care of you.. but am sure Rob will be there for you as always..Say a humble Thanks to Rob for me.

Suzanne said...

Dear Everyone,

Why's that say August 17th? I started it on the 17th, wrote about three words and that was it (seriously!). I finished it today, so why doesn't Blogger know that. Okay, who knows how to change the date to the 21st?

I'll post this while I'm writing a few responses and hopefully someone will reply before I turn this contraption off.


bindhiya said...

you have to go and edit this post and in the bottom there is post options... change that date and then publish...
Please Go GET SOME REST!!! sorry but i have to say that...
love you dear

Suzanne said...

Karen ~ Hi Sweetie. Yes, she is adorable isn't she? It's amazing how that little fluff ball caused all this. I remind her every day, but I don't think she really cares. In fact I was in the dining room the other day watching her and her sister race back and forth from one end of the house to the other, and then it happened. They came flying down the hallway, through the kitchen and were approaching the family room when Wee~Wee 1 took a sharp left at the dining room to get away. Wee~Wee 2 tried to stop and make the turn but was unable and instead went flying off the step and sailed across the family room floor on her belly. Wee~Wee 1 ran back to watch with what appeared to be glee. Rascals.

I'm in agony right now and shouldn't be here, but I bet if I had ice cream I'd feel a whole lot better! I'm also convinced my face and my foot have suffered enough abuse over the past few years. Things should start looking up after this. Right?

Love you darling and thanks,
XO :)

Suzanne said...


Thanks darling. I'll do it tomorrow. I was actually about to go to sleep when the phone rang and it was Cece. I had to pick up because you know how many times she's called and how worried she's been. I'm in so much pain and to talk on the phone is really hard, but talking to her helped. I cried and then we had some fun laughs. Unfortunately she hadn't read my post, so I had to quickly explain everything. That was exhausting!

I wish you could come stay with me too. I need you. I also need a gardener, a housekeeper, a nurse and someone to put bon-bons on my head to control swelling. Oh, and I could use a "driver" too, but that might be pushing my luck.

I'm glad Cece came for a visit. How wonderful! I hope you're taking good care of yourself.

Hugs and Kisses to you, Serene and Noah :)

I love you Bindi, and yes, of course I'll relay your message to Rob. Thank you.

Joyful Jo said...

Oh NO Suze,
I was just thinking that I haven't seen any comments or new post from suzanne this morning and wondering where you were. Get as much rest you need to recover.
i will be thinking of you!!

otin said...

JESUS! That is scary! I am glad that you are ok to write about it, you could have been hurt even worse, I was wondering where you went? REST!

the walking man said...

Suzanne...Oh hell yes those head wounds bleed like a son of a bitch! 2 hours out? That beats my record by an hour and fifteen minutes...

"Ladies and gentlemen the new Champeen for unconscious in Walking Man world SUUUUZZZANNNE!"
and the crowd roars

Oh yeah the broken ankle...which side? Mine is the right...little incident that happened in a bar fight a couple of decades ago. ha ha ha to tell ya though if it's fixed right I have no arthritis or recurring pain from it, one of the few that never aches during the weather changes.

Personally I would change the story up some being laid out by a two pound kitten..well something just ain't right about that. is the start of a better tale...

Yah yah yah about last post...then,
We were sailing and I was on the rolling deck in forty foot seas as we were racing just ahead of hurricane Bill. I was about the deck battening down the hatches and trimming sail when from behind the spar mast broke loose and SLAM!...

Don't sweat the Whitman...I won't be breaking anything more anytime soon I have met my quota for this decade, so I have no rush and you have a need to heal, which I hope you do well.

And remember pain meds are prescribed for a purpose so take them.

MARIA said...

OMG, what a horrible situation.
When I started read I thought it is ... horrible film.
I'm so sorry Dear Suzanne!
Thanks God you are all right!

Take care, please!

Cece said...

Well, I'm certainly glad that we finally got to talk last night. And yes, when I didn't get you, I did finally text Rob. Maybe you should look for a room mate. Perhaps rent one of the bedrooms out. That would bring in both extra cash, and an actual human body there to keep an eye on you. Of course, you would have to be extremely careful about who you let rent. You would want to then up with a story like The Single White Female movie. Anyway, get some rest. STAY OFF THE FOOT!!!! Screw the dishes. It won't hurt the animals to eat out of a dirty dish a time or two. I mean cats and dogs eat dead things that have been lying around for days and they survive. Don't be such a perfectionist. Try to take a break from the OCD. You don't have to do everything right now. Just do what you must to get by. I mean that Suze. If Rob isn't going to be there to help, then let things you can go, until he is there to help.
I wish I were there. I would come and help everyday, and I would bring reinforcements. Nathan and Forrest can be great helpers now!!

Love you, dear.

merelyme said...

That Chardonnay can be a bitch some days. I should know. Number two right tolerance. ZERO.

WTF?! Hugs to you and a nice big Ace bandage.

e said...

OH NO! I'm glad you were able to get help and get to the hospital!
I hope all heals well and rapidly.

Thinking of you...

How are the animals doing?

Suzanne said...


I'm trying. This isn't a walking cast obviously, but I'm using it like one much of the time. Not good.

Luv U XO

Suzanne said...


Hi darling. You sound like everyone in my family. My mom and MIL are royally ticked at me for never putting myself first, even during this ordeal. I have lots of thinking to. I have X-rays through my cast tomorrow and I suspect they're going to be jaw dropping. I've been in a hard cast for a week and told not to walk on it "AT ALL," but instead I use it like a walking cast most of the time because I have so much to do and the crutches are killing me. I need this cast to be off in 4 more weeks so that I can get my walking cast for the next 4 or 5. This has to heal properly and quickly or I'm in deep trouble and I'm doing nothing to help my cause. I've been thinking about it much of the day, so that's why I'm sitting here with my foot up. I have to behave.

Oh, and Bob, the pink helmet never arrived. That's why I'm in this boat.

"Scar Face"

just bob said...

Damn FedEx

Suzanne said...


Hello my dear. I changed the date to reflect the day I actually posted. You're so smart! And you're also correct, I am fortunate. I've been thinking about that a great deal lately and also about the lessons I'm suppose to learn. I know one lesson for sure, and it goes something like this: "Suze can't keep hurting her poor face!"

Love you darling and thanks for stopping by.


Suzanne said...

P.S. And NO smarty pants, my hair hasn't been properly washed yet. I had to wait for the stitching liquid to fall off. It's off, but I still can't shower because of the cast. Life is so complicated right now!!!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Jo! Hey honey if you aren't busy this week would you mind taking a red eye from Australia to help around the house. Free food, free bed, your own bathroom, all the roses you can pick, all the kitties you can cuddle, oh and a big screen TV. No, not really, I don't have a big screen TV. But I do have about 50 varieties of tea, and I'll make scones, and shortbread too. Annnnnnnnnnnnnny kind of scones you want. Okay, so when will I be picking you up at the Sacramento Airport?

Love you! XO

Suzanne said...



Suzanne said...


Thanks my dear. Battered, bruised and broken, but I'm back and better than ever. Okay, that last part is an absolute lie! I'm trying to be a good girl, slow down, get rest, keep pressure off my ankle, use my crutches all the time, etc. I'm making progress and healing. At least my face no longer feels like it's broken too.

Hope you're well. I'll visit all my friends when I have a bit more energy. Thanks for stopping by!

XO ;)

kylie said...

i'll come look after things, suze. they dont want me at work

Suzanne said...


Hello you! No, not unconscious for two hours after all, THANK GOD! Only about 35-40 minutes, but that's a long time *a hush fall over the roaring crowd.* "Hey, what am I, chopped liver???!!! That's a good solid time and I'm proud of it, especially because I woke up!" *The crowd roars.* And yes, the amount of blood was shocking. I wonder how many pints I lost that night. I probably needed a blood transfusion, but everyone was so busy worrying about my head and ankle they didn't notice!

My right too. Do you think it matters which one you break? With hands and arms, yes, but feet/ankles/legs, I don't think so because I can still function without my right leg, but can't without my right hand.

Let me ask you something. Were you really good about using your crutches all the time? And how long were you on crutches? How long were you in a cast (regular and walking)? I'm glad you healed so well and don't have arthritis. That's my goal as well and my doctor has me taking a ton of calcium and I seem to crave everything red or green. This morning I ate sauteed cherry tomatoes in Meyer Lemon oil, a huge pile of spinach, fried potatoes with green onions and red peppers and yogurt with fresh raspberries. Oh, and a big slice of watermelon. Hummmmmmmmm. Wish me luck!

End Part I

Suzanne said...

Part II

Blogger is on a new kick and allows only 4,000 characters in a comment. I was getting close.

Before I sign off I want you to know I love the story you wrote. Now see, that's why you're a writer and a poet and I'm not. I'll try harder to bend the truth next time! Ha!

I'll stop by soon. Thanks for the kind words and support.


kylie said...

you CANNOT walk around if you are supposed to keep weight off it.
i know it's crazy making, been there many many times but DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD
you wont get the result you hope for if you ignore instructions

the universe keeps telling you to slow down

are you deaf????????

Suzanne said...


Hi honey. Thank you. I'll be fine. And no, it's not a horrible film, just my life!!! But things are looking up and I suspect my luck will be changing soon because I don't have much room left on my face to hurt. After this fiasco I think I've covered it all baby!!!

Thanks for always stopping by and for your love and concern.

XO ;)

Suzanne said...


Oh God I'm so excited. Okay, I can't make the bed, so you'll have to do that when you arrive. I'll have tea and scones prepared and beautiful linens waiting, roses all around your room, the windows flung open (well, slid open) and your favorite classical music playing. It'll be like staying at a quaint B & B, except you'll be working. Ah, forget working, we'll just lazy around and have a grand time.

And yes Kyles, I know the Universe is trying to tell me something. I'm taking the suggestions under consideration because this is a major wake-up call. Thanks for making me think even harder. Now my head really hurts Missy!

I wish you really could fly over Kyles. I do. I know the situation at work isn't much fun right now and getting away would do you a world of good. Hang in there honey. I'll stop by soon.

Love you and thanks. I will do what I'm told. I promise. Look, I'm sitting here with my foot up. See, I'm trying.

:) XO

Suzanne said...

Oh, by the way, I love your new avatar. Very nicely done my dear woman.

kylie said...

liam took that one for me.
he doesnt know what an artist he is

Suzanne said...

What are you holding? A sandwich?

Tell Liam I think he has a great eye. Does his school offer photography classes? He might enjoy taking some if they do.


kylie said...

i'm holding a coffee cup!

the boy has recently been doing some self portraits and manipulating them with photoshop or some such program, getting some good results. i think he has deleted most but i'll see if he has any to send you. i would love for him to have an artistic mentor because he has talent but for some reason he doesnt want to pursue it very much.
i strongly recommended photography when he chose subjects for this year but he wouldnt consider it!
maybe i should have recommendedd against it!
he has asked for a camera for his trip to china. thats a good sign

Suzanne said...


I was so good to talk to you last night. Thanks for never relenting. You're such a dear friend. Bindi called this morning just to check in too.

I can just see a room mate in this household. She'd go insane! Visiting is one thing, living here's a whole notha story sista!!!

I WILL STAY OFF MY FOOT. I'm trying so hard. For instance today I found the energy to plant myself in front of the computer, so I've been here a few hours. That's good! And yes, I'm letting things go because I need to be healed in 4 weeks. I won't last longer than 4 weeks like this. I NEED THAT WALKING CAST at the end of September.

I wish you and the kids were just next door. I do.

Love you darling,

Suzanne said...


Hi honey. You're so funny. I gave it up for my birthday!!! I was fine, so I have no excuse.

And honey, where do you want me to put the ace bandage? On my broken face? I currently have a cast from toes to knee, so I can't put it on my ankle. Well I guess I could, but it would look kinda funny!

How's the baby? I'll stop by soon to check things out. Hope all is well.

Big XO

Suzanne said...


The animals are all fine because I take wonderful care of them. Better care of them than myself apparently! Thanks for asking and thanks too for your get well wishes. You're a dear. I'll stop by soon. Hope you're well.


Suzanne said...


How interesting he wouldn't take photography. In the future definately advise against it. That should do the trick.

I have photoshop, but haven't had time to learn all the functions. Liam's way ahead of me. Have you introduced him to Shutter Spy and Floots yet? Also to my old blogging friend from Ireland. John takes stunning black and whites. I'll get his blogging address for you. And yes, if Liam has any photos available send them to my email. I'd love to see them.

Perhaps the trip to China will really motivate him to take classes. There's so much to learn and it's challenging and fun. I think he'd enjoy learning all the technical stuff.

A coffee cup. Now see, I never even considered that!

I'm going to work on it for a few minutes then I'm going to put up a new post. I need to proof it. I wrote it last night but was too tired to post. If you hurry you can be #1!!! Give me about 8-10 minutes. And also give me your honest response!!! YUCK!

Love you so,
Suze XO

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

OMG! Here I am attempting to play catch up to blogs I've been missing for the last week or so, and find you in a state! I'm SO glad you're OK...I cringed for you reading this and am off to read the other parts... ((HUGZ!!))

Anonymous said...