Saturday, August 29, 2009

Frame It Out...

I have three amazing younger brothers. One is a master carpenter. Whenever I have construction questions I call him and he always says the same thing, "Suzy, you know what to do." He thinks just because I studied architecture for so long I have all the answers. I don't. That's why I rely on him!!! I had a grate problem a few years ago. I needed to replace it, but the grate available at Home Depot was too small. I called Wayne. "Honey, what do I do?" His reply, "Frame it out." Hummmmmmmm. I hadn't thought of that!!!
He was absolutely right. I purchased all my supplies and T-Bone and I got ready to roll.

I actually loved the new look. It went with the door frame. See how I made everything match perfectly!!! Oh, that's just primer. I still have to paint.
No kitty was lost.

Who you talkin' to!?

Shabby Chic slip covers when they still actually functioned as slip covers. Now they look like a piece of crap!

Wayne, I love you my darling brother. Look how pretty. God I love primer!

I know. Lovely. Yes, I did that!!!