Monday, August 31, 2009

A kitty and his roses...

Remember all the beautiful stuff about life.


Alice McLaren said...

Sorry I haven't been online for a bit!!!
Also had to shut my Blog down due to the Top Bods of my unit. Well, I didn't HAVE to shut it down, but thought it best.
Here's the new one; "Alias" .
Love Em! (Peters' Sister)

Alice McLaren said...

P.S., as you can see, going by a different name, hense the blog title, "Alias"!!!


Suzanne said...

Em, that's too funny. Yeah honey, I know you're Peter's sister. You nutty!!!??? God that made me laugh. So You're name is actually Alice? Well Alice I have a package for you but I'm a bit under the weather. It should arrive by Christmas. Cross your fingers! Hope all is well darling. For some reason I thought about you so much today at the park. I know so many homeless guys and most are all vets. I wonder what it's like to return from war and find your way. I hope your journey is kind. I really do darling.

Are you pointing a gun at me Alice? I am NOT amused!!!

Love you darling. Stay safe please. Love you.


Anonymous said...

A good philosophy, but difficult sometimes.

Hope you get your helper soon :)

Suzanne said...


Hi honey. I was just writing a new post and accidently deleted it. That just sucks. Now I have to start over.

Honey, Em is from England and a dear friend. If you want to write to her please do. She's serving in Afganistan and I know would love to hear from anyone in our group. Probably because we have flowers and green lawn. Look, she's laying in sand!!! That's hell!!! You'll love her. Call her Alice as often as possible. And McLaren. Isn't that Scottish honey? It must be because I hear bagpipes. Gotta go retype my damn post.


Suzanne said...

Em, I can't leave a comment because it's a Google comment page. I don't know why I'm unable, I just am. I'll stop by and read as often as I can, but I'll only comment here. Please stay safe. Love you dear.


otin said...

Ahhh, the simple things.....!!

e said...

Hi Suzanne,

Just popped over to see how you're doing??? Sorry about your neighbor and the water department...I hope all is resolved quickly.

If I had roses like that in my flat, my intrepid felines would try to eat them!

When is Alan arriving?

Suzanne said...




Suzanne said...


I don't think Alan's comming. I haven't heard from him. Which means I'm on this journey alone. Fun? No. But I'll manage. This was a really, really, really hard day, but I made it. It gives me hope. I can do this alone. I really can.

XO Love you darling and thanks for always checking in. It matters a great deal.

The water stuff worked out beautifully. My neighbor's a good guy and realized his mistake almost immediately. Thank God I won't be fined!!! That fines almost as big as my red light violation!


renee said...


I am so so sorry this was such a tough day. I think it's great you were able to listen when your neighbor first came over. That would have been hard. I'm also glad it's off your plate.

Whatever you can do to stay off your leg Suzy - can you hire a couple hours help a day from some teenager for awhile? Maybe someone who needs a little work after school?

Sending you a hug, love Renee

Anonymous said...