Thursday, July 31, 2008


The container last year. Doesn't look like that this year because I just got the Impatients planted! Oh, and that's the old BMW. Doesn't look like that this year...cuz it's now a black Mercedes. Change is good.

It's almost 1 am and here I sit. I just returned from the corner store. The Indian guy behind the counter laughs every time I arrive now. I'm going through menopause and he knows. I stop by when I can't sleep to pick up a snack. He laughed especially loud tonight. Hey!!! Not funny. I'm stugglin' here! Told me "See you in a few days." Wise ass. But he's right.

I talked to Mom the other day. Asked "Mom, how long did it take you to get through menopause?" She replied "8 years." She's a freakin' comedian.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

For a number of reasons, I seem to have lost my voice on this blog and am seriously considering deleting it or simply stopping here. I'm going to give myself a week to figure it out.
Until then, thank's for all your comments and care. I apologize for not responding. Many kitties made it, other did not. None of the skunks survived. If I ever find the courage, I'll post the photos and tell the story.
Much love,
Suzanne XO
UPDATE: I won't delete. Thanks Kylie, Peter and Debbie.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I can't post right now about the kitties, the fire and all that. I'm still trying to find courage. But I will post about what happened today at the park because it was too insane and funny and must be shared.

Yes I know the photos are unusual for my blog, but I took Random Chick's advice and did a Google Image Search. I found everything I was looking for.

I had just come from feeding the ferals and walked back to my car. Wee Piggy is a neutered male we all love and take wonderful care of and he's near my car. I'd fed him before feeding everyone else, but he was waiting for me when I returned. So I walked back to his space with him, just to check if everything was okay. He doesn't walk back normally, he walks back in between my feet, so it's like a three legged shuffle. We stopped at the bike bath as two cyclist passed by, and it was odd because they turned their head away from us. Unusual because most cyclist, joggers and walkers smile, or stop, or say something. These two pretended we didn't even exist. I finished with Wee Piggy and walked back to the car which is near the bathrooms. They had exited the bike bath and were at the bathrooms. Waiting. I had to wee too, so headed down there. The woman was standing near both bikes and the guy looked as if he was in line for the women's bathroom. When the first one became available he headed toward it in front of me. I said "NO! This is the women's bathroom. Your's is on the other side. How dare you think you can take my bathroom when all you have to do is walk to your side. You're a guy, this is NOT your bathroom." He looked all confused, as if he didn't understand English. I pointed to the sign and said "This. Is. The. Women's. Bathroom. Slowly and carefully.
He pointed to the above icon and said "Men and women." I said "No, that's the international icon for restrooms." He replied "I only made it to the fifth grade and I'm illiterate." I knew at that moment he was as just yankin' my chain. So replied "And you didn't know how to read by then?" I got my bathroom and as the second became available, I saw him use it. I looked at his girlfriend just before I walked into the bathroom and rolled my eyes. I walked back to my
and when I left, passed him as he was waiting with the bikes while his sweetie used the facility. I said "HEY" and waved out the window and said


Life is sometimes so good.
And no, this isn't the usual me, this is just me today.
P.S. I also had the greatest experience today. As I was walking into the woods with my pink baseball cap and pink bag, and calling "kitty, kitty, kitty," bicyclist caught my attention and one shouted, "YOU ARE WAY TOO COOL!!!" I had the biggest smile and in an instant life was good. Random Chick was right. Apparently I'm cool. What a beautiful way to start my day at the park, but then I had to end it with bathroom boy. Good Lord!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Office...

I wanted to look at something pretty, pink and peaceful. I'll bring you up-to-date on the park in my next post.

Good news! My three girls, Hillary, Emma and Natasha have all shown up. Tom's still missing, I don't know if the babies survived and none of my darling skunks have shown up. Time will tell.

Thanks for all your love and support.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

~ Hillary ~

Go there to see what's wrong with me.

I didn't watch the news last night or this morning because I was so busy. I arrived at the park to a whole hell of a lot of fire engines. I woke up this morning to an overcast sky and that old familiar smokey smell. I wondered what was going on. Did the wind shift? Was there a fire nearby? What? When I arrived at the park, the entrance booth was unattended and the the bike trail was closed and fire engines were every where. I felt a degree of panic hard to describe. Initially I told myself, "Oh, they're having a practice drill," but I knew they weren't. I walked immediately to the guy who was heading off runners and those on bikes. I said "Hi, I'm Suzanne, I feed the ferals," and he replied "Hi Suzanne, I'm Tom and I've been waiting for this moment." Tom is the Director of Discovery Park and we've spoken on the phone so many time and he has spoken with Rob as well. It was just one of those magical moments and I'm grateful for it. We shook hand and told one another how much we appreciated the other and then we got down to business. I said "I need to feed my ferals." And as I looked past him I could see there was nothing left of the forest. Nothing. I started to cry and repeated that I needed to see my cats. He said he didn't think that was possible. I told him, in tears that I wasn't going to leave the park without seeing my space and to please help me. Please just help me. And he did. I know I'm one of the only people allowed into the park. We went in and looked and my space was saved. Everything around it was burned, but my spaced was saved. We walked back to the car and I got my food and water and he escorted me back to feed my kitties. I called and Hillary came. She had babies only two days ago. I can't imagine they survived, but she did. I'm crying so hard because you must understand what we've all been though the past year. I still have her. Nothing survived, but she's alive and safe. And Tom honored and help me find her. I don't know what the future will bring, but my heart is just broken because I know, I know, I know, I know many of my dear friends didn't survive. I don't know how to find my way. You have to understand I have struggled to save their lives, and to look at what I did today, I know, so many didn't survive. I feel absolutely broken and sit here in tears.

I didn't have my camera because I posted yesterday and left it near my computer. I wish you could see what I saw. It was absolutely horrible and surreal. Words can never describe what I saw today. Zack and Denim, I love you. I understand completely.

With love,

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happiness from Robyn and All My Dear Friends...

Steps up to microphone and flicks it with finger.

As most of you know, there's been a bit of a mix-up with my birthday. Random Chick went wacky one day and before we knew it my life was forever changed (THANK GOD!!!). My birthday is August 8th (yup, of course I'm a Leo (that hair thing probably gave it away!)) and I wasn't going to celebrate, but Random Chick and all you dear friends made me realize the day is amazing and worthy of attention, so we all started celebrating early. I'm about to turn 49 and although I don't want to, I have to (that's the law apparently). Unfortunately, Robyn didn't get the memo. She logged on to the Wild Onion, read the post and thought it was my birthday...again! And immediately ordered this! I love that woman with all my heart. Even when she realized she'd made a bit of a boo-boo, she didn't relent. The florist still delivered this beautiful bouquet (Robyn...just so you know the upgrade, 24 roses!). And not just from her, but all of you too! That's a dear friend. It was supposed to arrive last Friday, but didn't and she was very upset, but it arrived Monday to welcoming arms and Ohno!
I think I have the most wonderful friends in the world on Blogger. We adore one another and I can't imagine life without one of you.
Yup, she's been in the foyer all week and looking gorgeous!
Arrival. Ohno trying to figure out "Watzup!"
Robyn, Marty apologized beautifully. He's a good guy.
The bouquet smelled wonderful. It had baby's breath, greens and eucalyptus as fillers. Absolutely gorgeous.
Today (Saturday), I realized the blooms were fading and weren't going to open, so I took matters into my own hands and created these! I love um!!! They're so precious and I think the blooms will open with short stems. I also saved the baby's breath and have it hanging in the garage to dry to use on the Christmas tree.
I have amazing friends and I love all of you. Robyn, you mean the world to me and you know it. I love you so much. Thank you for making my early birthday very special, and thank you too for including all our dear friends.
Suze XO
No, he isn't perfect...he tried to eat it!

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Very Special Day...

With love,
Suzanne, Suze, Suz, Sue, Suzie, Suzy, Aunt Suzy, Aunt Suzie, (Whoops, also Calamity and BLOTTIE!!!)
(An independent woman.)
P.S. I will try to respond to all the comments on the previous post. If I'm unable, I'll visit your blog to say "HI!" In the event a miracle happens, I'll do both. Thank you all for your wonderful words and your kindness. You're the best friends a gal could have. Have a beautiful day.
And for those of my dear friends who are not from America, have a beautiful day too.