Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sheryl Crow & Vince Gill ~ What You GIve Away...

This video stands on it's own. I hope you enjoy.



Cece said...

It' beautiful. And I love Sheryl Crow. Have fun at the Market!!!!

Suzanne said...

Hi darling. I'm back. Quick trip. I was about to email you, but stopped by my blog to see if anyone had listened. They hadn't. I was about to delete it. Yes, I'm that fickle! I had to do something else, returned and here you are. Thank you. You saved it. And yes, it's absolutely beautiful and true. I wish the video was better, but it's the only one I can locate.

I have a new a profound respect for Vince Gill (doesn't he sound like Roy Orbison?) and I love Sheryl Crow to bits. I said in a previous post I want to be a drummer, but really, I see myself as Sheryl Crow, playing the guitar. When I dream, that's what I've always dreamed. We look similar, same size, same weight, just two years apart, she wears my black dress, but not my sling backs (guess she couldn't get them down from the disco ball!!!). Unfortunately there are only two major differences...she can actually sing AND play the guitar!!! Oh, and she dyes her hair!!!

Thanks baby. The conversation tonight was simply a gem. You sure can make me laugh. I'm not going to call again tonight because I shouldn't even be here. I have a crap load of things to attend to! Have a beautiful evening and please don't stay up too late.

I love you darling. And again, thanks.

just bob said...

Hi Blottie!

wv: mingl

Suzanne said...


Hi yourself. I know you just say "Hi" when you don't want to engage. "Mingl my ass." "Mingl this Mister!!!"

Happy almost Saturday!
XO Blottie

just bob said...

Blottie... I'm already engaged remember?

Suzanne said...

How could I possibly forget?


Suzanne said...

Oh my God!!! I have to apologize. I realize I deleted one of the most famous kitty bloggers of all time yesterday because I wasn't aware. I just learned today who you are!!! I love Japan and the Japanese!!! And cats! I am so sorry. Oh my God I'm laughing too hard after watching some of your videos. Your cat is SO, SO funny!!! No wonder you're so famous!!! I happened upon it by pure accident and recognized your words immediately. Please forgive me. I just had no clue. I thought you were spam!!! Thanks for gracing my blog and if you ever decide to return. Thanks!!! I promise not to delete.


Leah said...

I love roads like that where the trees overhang and enclose, how lovely!

Gig said...

Hi Suze!!
Love the video...have always loved Vince Gill. Sheryl Crow too.

Hope the weekend is good for you.

Crazy here as usual. Mr. Big is way to grumpy...

giggie, xoxo

Suzanne said...


It's the bike path at the park. I was walking back to the car after feeding the kitties in the woods. I agree with you completely!


Suzanne said...

Poor, tired Giggie,

A grumpy Mr. Big is NOT a good thing. I wonder what Martha Stewart would do? Probably bake something or knit him a pancho. Just saying. ;)

You know, I've never really listen to Vince Gill. If I've listened to him twice that's probably stretching it, so when I heard this I was really impressed. The lyrics are so special and the voices beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed it too.

Hope you're having a nice weekend. It's raining here, but it's very beautiful. I've had such a hilarious day so far. I'm in the studio to download photos I took to share with all of you. Once that's done I'm back to my favorite thing in the whole wide world...household chores. Will they never end woman?!!!

You'll laugh. Rob stopped by last night to help out and the first thing I did was hand him the scissors and say "Please cut my hair." He replied, "Are you sure?" "Yup." I told him how much to cut off and he said "Suzanne, are you kidding? Your hair is so beautiful, why are you doing this?" The ends looked nasty and dry and the no-slip ponytail bands I've been using recently have really damaged my hair. So I said "Just cut it off straight across so I don't have to look at it any more, then I'll have it styled." He tried to convince me one my time I was making a mistake. "CUT IT!" He did. I looked in the mirror and said "Hell, that's short! Is that where I told you to cut it?!" "Yup." Took off about 9 inches. It's now at my armpits!!! What the hell was I thinking? I do feel 10 lbs. lighter! However, I got on the scale this morning and it doesn't reflect that at all. Bummer.

XO Love you!