Saturday, April 11, 2009

Life is often funny. I was just at the market. I'm sure I gave the cashier a $20, but got change for a $10. What to do? I don't know. The wait was worth it. I met Mrs. Webber, oh and the couple in front of her and a woman behind me. The store was very busy and the lines long. The woman in front of us looked single, but then a guy came along. He looked like a cashier. We were all hopeful "3's a crowd." Nope. Just her husband. I cracked a joke and we all started to laugh, then believe it or not, we were saved by a guy who said "Next person in line." We couldn't believe our luck and and ran to the next stall! Seriously. Laughing all the way. The woman in front of me said "Are you a lucky charm?" Yup, that's me. Our line was a hoot. Our cashier too. The woman in front of me had a beautiful bouquet of lilies. I said "Are those for you?" She replied "Yup, I think I'm special." I replied "When I had money I thought I was too!" We talked about the economy, retirement, etc. We laughed and nearly cried. We're all struggling in some way. It's awful really. She told me she was buying them to remember better times. When her bill rang up, the clerk said "Thank you Mrs. Weber." We'd been talking the whole time and I said "Have a beautiful life Mrs. Weber." We hugged a long, long time. We'll never see one another again, but we'll never forget one another. I'm sure of that. Her perfume still lingers on my shirt. And the couple in front of us? They matter too. And the woman behind me, she matters as well. For some reason we were all meant to meet in line in Safeway. What a beautiful life.


Joyful Jo said...

Suze, I don't know how you do it. You always manage to end up best friends with a total stranger and only after meeting them for a few minutes.
I always find the elderly ladies always take to me at bus stops and start telling me their life stories. As it has turned out I ended up working in a nursing home.
Oh btw thanks for comment on my blog. Mark always look grumpy. Opposites must attract in our personalities.
Happy Easter to you and Rob and the menagerie.

Karen ^..^ said...

Aww. I'd love to meet you in line at the grocery store. What is it about we bloggers that do not know a stranger?

I love being like that. I love that I met other like minded people like me. You are a very special woman.

As for your onion post, I did not know you were going through divorce. I'm sorry. How did I not know that?

I really am sorry, sweetheart.

just bob said...

At least this time you weren't in your nightgown.

Megan said...

Too funny - I just got back from the store a while ago. There were two very intoxicated gentlemen in front of me in line. It took them a looooong time to put all their money together for the beer they were buying, but I didn't mind waiting, it was so funny! The whole line was giggling.

And yes, I checked, and they walked away, they didn't drive...

Suzanne said...


I know. It actually worries me. Am I going to live a short life or something?! I'm not joking. The thought has actually entered my mind.

I think Mrs. Weber is probably my age or a bit younger. I'm sorry I'll never see her again. She really was an absolute joy. We should have exchanged numbers. God did we laugh in that line! And I am almost positive I gave the cashier a $20.

I love when the elderly tell me stories. You're lucky my dear woman. Everyone has a story and it's wonderful when someone listens. You're a good woman Jo.

That photo of Mark is priceless! He is a character, isn't he!!!??? The house looks really nice. Is that pink?! As an "almost architect" what I found fascinating is the way the foundation is framed in.

Love you darling and Happy Easter to you and yours as well. I'll try to stop by more often. I really do have to get out more!

XO Suze

Suzanne said...


I've had some of the funniest conversations in line at the super market. It's a captive audience!

About the divorce. I'll post about it when I get the courage. I've been very silent, so you wouldn't have known. I'm just now starting to find my voice. I was ashamed, you know? But why? I didn't do anything wrong. Blogging and blogging buddies actually helped me realize it's good to let go and percieved failure often isn't. It was swift, but painful. And at almost 50 I move to the next phase of my life. I'm scared to death. Any advice you have I'm receptive honey! Just don't say "Start dating!!!" That's just not me. I spent 30 years with that man and now I'm alone, so I don't have a high regard for men at the moment! Although I do adore Just Bob, Mark, CSI, you know, all the rest of our "Buds!" But finding a new one is very low on my agenda. And who the hell would want an almost 50 year old, grey haired woman in a nightie who has trouble getting the trash bin to the other side of the street?!!!

Love you darling. By the way? What should I do with my hair?

XO Sis

Suzanne said...


I do have some dignity left!


Suzanne said...


Oh the drunks, and grocery store lines. Ya gotta love um! I generally visit the market in the morning so don't see drunks, but I have met "characters!" Funny how we all have to eat.

Nice to see you here darling. I've missed you.


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