Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's our darling Robyn's birthday today. I wasn't able to drive to the house or pick a huge bouquet like last year, so this morning I picked a few of my favorites to display in the kitchen window in honor of our bar maid/waitress/dear friend!!!

From left to right:

1) Ohno! What, you think he'd miss it? Paaaaaaaaaaalease.
2) First pink one: I think this is Perfume Delight. It's smells devine and is a great bloomer and vase rose. I adore it.
3) This is an English rose. A David Austin called "The Pilgrim." It's one of the most perfect shrub roses I've ever known and ideal for you my dear Robyn because it's relentless.
4) The white rose is another David Austin rose. "Winston Churchill." It blooms best in spring and fall, but who cares because it smells like a baby! Yes, it's true, I've been know to bury my nose in the bloom for long periods of time. It's a perfect white rose, but it doesn't last long in a vase. Poof, it's gone, as is a dear, sweet child to the next phase of his/her life.
5) The last is another "The Pilgrim."

Happy Birthday Robyn,
from all of us at the
Wild Onion.
We love you so much
and wish you a long, happy
and healthy life.
Much love,
"The Gang"


just bob said...

Yay Robyn... Happy Birthday!!!

wv: loonne

Suzanne said...

Bob, I was just about to get to you and my computer completely shut down. Is it you or is it me? I was everywhere and about and all of a sudden, nothing. It's taken over an hour and a half to get back on. Good Lord!!!

And it's true. You are a loone! But you're a good loone.

You would be proud of me today. I wore something lovely. I don't usually. I dress down. Way, way, way down, and always have, but I bought a lovely cotton fitted shirt from the GAP. It's just lovely and I look wonderful in it. I don't look like a slob!!! Even my homeless friends noticed. Unlike most women, I don't have to try to hard, so I've always tried less because I hate the attention. Honestly, I do, I HATE IT. But today was different. Although I love pink and look fabulous in it, my color is pale/baby blue. I have no idea why, but someone in color theory could explain. Even my wedding ring is aqua marine. I'm not a huge diamond fan. The next guy will be very lucky because I love my ring and I'm not giving it up!! You think that might pose a problem? It's agua marine in platnum. No, i'm not taking it off. It's mine!!! And it's stunning. He knew just what I wanted. Unfortuantely, he didn't know just what I wanted. And so it goes.

I love you darling. I hope the tests go well. Until I hear from you, you know I'll worry. So hurry, cuz I'm not getting any younger!!

Love you.

Robyn said...

Suze! Oh thank you so very,very much! You know I love you too dear heart! And the blooms are beautiful and seeing the pics mean just as much to me! But what happened on the 5? I totally missed it! I was being pampered like a queen today! Breakfast in bed/yummy sissylala coffee/pedicure/presents! It has been a great day!

Thanks for always making me smile! Lot's of hugs and smiles! Come by and join in my birthday give-away! It it a surprise not just for 1 but 2 people!
Love you bunches!

Leah said...

Happy birthday to our Robyn!

Leah said...

And hello to Suzy.

Karen ^..^ said...

Robyn, you are an amazing woman! Happy, happy birthday, and many more to come!

Suzanne, a gorgeous picture as always. You certainly do have a way with beauty. I always smile when I come to your blog. Smile, relax and say, Ahhhhh.... I always just picture having a lovely cup of Earl Grey and sitting amongst the roses and kitties. Sounds like heaven.

And the VW is Pectin. So appropriate for your blog!

Gig said...

Happy Birthday Robyn!! Hope you had a Great Day!!

Beautiful pics Suze as always. Love your roses, and you.

Love ya,

kylie said...

hey robyn!
have a fantabulous day / day after?

hey suze
how are ya?

you know, all this talk about how you're single now etc makes me sooooo darned curious.
not in a bitchy way, just curious about what happened. it's not my business of course but that shouldnt stop you telling us :)

lots of love

Suzanne said...

It's after midnight and I have so much to do still cuz I fell asleep early, but I'll start from end to beginning.

Kylie (aka Bitchy One),

I don't mind you asking. I didn't share, but I suspected you all knew when I asked question like, "Would you turn back the hands of time?" "What is the definition of love?" You know, simple stuff! I realize now you all would have been a great support, but I navigated this on my own. I was not successful! I feel like damaged goods. And I'm angry. I think that's what concerns me most. I've never been angry. I'm a very happy woman, so this is new and I'm not sure what to do.

And the use of the word "single" is accurate. I'm single. I've been single for months but wouldn't actually admit it. I woke a few days ago and realized this is my life. I'm a single woman at almost 50 navigating this house, this huge yard, all the animals basically alone. It's hard and I struggle every day. I cried. Honestly, I did. I couldn't have imagined this in a million years, but this is my life. So the sooner I can wrap my brain around it, the sooner I'll recover from all this pain. I hate him, you know? But I have to get over that too. Otherwise I can't move forward. There are days I feel absolutely lost. Honestly, I do, but I have a huge family to take care of, so I just push all the pain aside and get on with it. But I know, one day I will have to face all this.

It was quick. Swift. Over. I made a choice. I may regret it all the days of my life, but for the first time in it, I made a freakin' choice. He's a good man. Just not my man.

I love you Kylie. Thanks for asking.


kylie said...

i have to get my butt moving suze, so i'll chat later but just wanted to say thanks for being so gracious to such a bitch!

i'll be back

kylie said...

i'm back!!
i know anger. ever hear the saying " i wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire" ?
it takes time. sometimes it takes a long time but dont be worried about being angry. just channel the anger constructively. no, i have no idea how to do that but it sounds good :)

i once heard of a woman who put prawn heads inside the hollow curtain rods in her ex's house. imagine that! you'd never find them!

i never saw you ask if we would turn back time but i would. well, everything that has happened has made me what i am and all that but if i had my time over?

must go (again)

Megan said...

You are awesome, Suz.

Joyful Jo said...

Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day.
Love Jo, Mark and helen.

Suzanne said...


I'm angry with me. That's all.

I can't even imagine treating another human being like a piece of crap. Nor an animal, or a crustacean! Can you see me stuffing a poor shrimp in a curtain rod??? NO!!! I'm a vegetarian for God sakes!

However! Your advice is devine. Oh, and very, very funny. You know what, I'll make it through this. Talking about it with all of you is helping me let go and I really do think that's the first step. I think the hardest was accepting I'm a single woman. That was really hard. Really, really hard.

I love you so much dear friend. Thanks.


Suzanne said...


You talkin' to me?! You know how sweet that is? My darling Confessions of a Dumb White Guy always utters those words to me and I cherish them. He, his beautiful wife and darling basset just had a precious baby boy, so I haven't heard from him in the past few weeks. (As a parent you can only imagine what's going on in that household!!!) How wonderful to hear those words. I don't think I am you know, but I'm honored others do.

I love you darling and I'm working very hard on the wedding. Bob thinks December's good. What do you think!!!??? Oh God, I'm laughing too hard. I seriously think I should start a new blog: Chronicles of a Wedding Planner.

Why am I awesome? Was it the Steelers car that put me over the top?!! I know. I couldn't believe it. How can someone love the Steelers SO MUCH they turn their vehicle into a monument???!!! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to get a photo. It was just too funny.

Love you darling,
Moi XO

Anonymous said...