Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beautiful Challenges...

It rained yesterday, is still raining today and is supposed to continue three more days. I went to the back yard to feed the squirrels and birds this morning and was met with this. All my standard roses (roses that are very formal, pruned hard and add height to a garden because they're grown on a tall stem) were literally on the ground. I nearly died! I had no time to do anything before leaving for the park, but knew I'd have to help them before the stems snapped. When I arrived home I rushed to find a solution. I've allowed the roses to so overgrow that nothing I use to stabalize them is holding. NOTHING!!! I had an idea. Fabric. So I cut a towel in strips and tried to rescue the Eureka first (yellowish/peach). It was raining so hard and the head of the rose, as I've told you before, is so heavy, and loaded with water, ten times heavier!!! I could barely raised it off the ground. I started laughing and the harder I laughed the worse it got! I was finally able to raise it far enough to quickly secured it but was unable to tie a knot because I didn't have enough towel! I needed more fabic for a good knot, so tried to pull the rose back a bit further. It was so heavy I was unable, so was just standing in the pouring rain trying to hold the rose and figure out what to do. Believe it or not I let go with my right hand, held the towel with my left hand and my TEETH while I used my right hand to pull the rose back in an effort to get more fabric. For some reason the towel wouldn't give me more!!! It was wet and wouldn't budge, so I tied the most difficult little knot I've ever tied. I knew it wouldn't last, so ran to the garage for gardening tape. I knew gardening tape wouldn't hold the behemoth, so I cut a really long piece and tripled it. I made a bit of progress, but will have to do it all again tomorrow. It'll never hold!

Then I went to this dear sweet soul. Look at that poor stem! The head is on the ground. I never staked it, so have nothing to tie it to!!! I tried to tie it to the porch post. No. Didn't work. I looked around and realized if I could get the lawn mower close enough I could put the head on the handle and at least take pressure off the stem. So that's what I did. Is it a perfect solution? Nope. But it'll have to work until I figure something else out!

Here's the Eureka standard with the gardening tape. Yup, that looks secure!

Roses were down all throughout the garden, so I rushed around in the rain cutting roses trying to relieve pressure. This is the kitchen window after a great deal of effort. Keep in mind there are thousands and thousands of blooms in the garden, but I'm confident I made a dent!!! An itty-bitty wee one!!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...the life of a divorcee. You try manipulating a hundred pound rose as a single woman!!!


Karen ^..^ said...

Was the towel maybe caught on the thorns? I can't believe you did all of this in the pouring rain!

I wish I had been there, we could have had a great time out there together, laughing our butts off!

Suzanne said...

Hi Karen!

Yes, in the pouring rain. The life of a gardener. No, it wasn't caught on a thorn. It had it around the pole to secure it and for some reason it just wouldn't budge around the pole.

And oh, how I wish you were here. That would be too much fun. We'd probably still be out there laughing. Sitting in the loungers, with umbrellas, drinking Kahlua & milk, wearing comforters to keep warm and of course, flip flops!!!

If you have time, go to the post below and read my comment to Giggie. Rob cut my hair last night!!! Whadayathink?

Love you darling. Hope you're having a beautiful Saturday evening.


just bob said...

Hi Blottie.

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
What a great day you had!
I love rain...back in home when it is raining i will be outside... here what i can do? am a mother of little ones..i can't be in the rain..just watch through the window...
loved your day :)
love & ((hugs))

Skeeter said...

Oh Suzanne, I'm so sorry about your roses. You've always had such a beautiful rose garden. I liked to come to your website and see them, especially in winter when there was nothing here but dry, brown memories. Hope that the roses will not be permanently damaged by the rain there.

Best wishes,


Gig said...

I hope the weather is better today...and you have been able to secure your Roses. I always find peace here in your garden.

My favorite Vince Gill song is a tear jerker. It is called Go Rest High on the Mountain, it can be found on you tube.

Thanks for the kind words on the previous post...I am tired and "he" is still grumpy, but will never admit it!!

Now about the haircut, where is a new pic woman? *rolls eyes in head and stomps feet, while waiting for pic of the new "do"*

It is time for some sleep...sweet dreams!!

Suzanne said...

Hey Bob,

Hi Blottie yourself. A marriage with us would never work!!! Thank God you found darling Megan. A match made in Heaven!

By the way, I'm trying to narrow down the formal wear. What the hell do you want to wear?


Suzanne said...

Bindi, Bindi, Bindi,

Hi honey. I know how much you love rain. I wish you could have joined me today. It was very funny and you would have had a blast. I had to have my glasses on to tie the knot, but they were covered with rain, so I couldn't see. There were so many times today I started laughing and couldn't stop. Life is often so funny. For instance, trying to run around in the rain collecting roses to ease the burden on certain bushes. What an act in futility!!! There are hundreds of rose bushes and thousands of blooms!!! There was a point I thought "Am I just nutty?!" Yup! But I have beautiful roses at the kitchen window to enjoy.

Honey, you know the Jasmine is still blooming. It's been about a two month blooming period. It's amazing. So every day I think of you. And the Confederate Jasmine hasn't even bloomed yet. There's more to come!!! I walk into the back yard and the scent is amazing. God how I wish you lived with me. I do Bindi.

I'd planned to call you, but the day just got away from me. I ended up dead tired and konked out on the sofa. Rob was here this evening to take care of the household and told me Cece called. I was so sorry I missed her, but sometimes I just gotta sleep! And now I'm up at this insane hour. Bindi, I really believe menopause is going to kill me. It's so hard.

I haven't had a period in 3 months which just scares the crap out of me. Moving into the next phase of life isn't all gentle and kind. Today I've felt so out of sorts and tonight not well at all. Turns out, I have my period. I'm not amused. Is this how it's going to be? Is this what I'm going to deal with the next 8-10 years. Good God! It's like a really, really, really bad joke. Give me triplets. I think that might be easier!

I love you baby. Have a beautiful Sunday.


Suzanne said...

And honey, thanks for the call. Sorry the conversation had to be cut short and also sorry I sounded so out-of-sorts. I WAS out-of-sorts, and it was comforting to be able to cry on your beautiful shoulder. It's difficult being single and running this whole show alone. I love you very much my dear, dear friend and know you understand all too well. Thank you.


Suzanne said...


You're so sweet. How are you and the family after a very difficult week? I've been thinking alot about you guys, especially after phone calls from both my MIL and my mom. They just call to check up on me and say "Hi." I'm so fortunate. And then Mom (my mom) called the other night to inform me our dear, dear, dear family friend's daughter died of a brain aneurysm at age 30. She asked if I could fly home for the funeral (today). I said "No." I have so many responsibilities here. My family, his family, everyone is just devastated. Life is so unpredictable.

Honey, you come to my garden whenever you want. I'll try to share more photos. It isn't perfect, infact, it's an absolute mess, but if you overlook the mess you see the beauty. And there really is so much beauty here. And it's much more beautiful with dear friends stopping by to enjoy it. I really do mean that.

I love you Skeeter. Thank you for always gracing my blog. I see your face and smile. I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Please give my love to all.


Suzanne said...


No boobie, it isn't better today because it's still today. Are you drinking lemon drops?!!!!! IT'S STILL RAINING silly!!! Well actually, technically it was yesterday because I'm up at this insane hour and it's now today. If you're drinking lemon drops or a wee bit tired, you'll never understand this!!! Hell, I barely understand it.

You know, I find it amazing that so many find "peace" in my garden. It always just sort of blows me away. It's so imperfect and yet there are days, even I sit and look at it and think "What a wonderful world." As the years go by and there are fewer left than I've lived I think about what I will miss most when I die. I will miss my gardens and my animals. I know I'll see family and friends again, but I'm so afraid I won't see another flower or another animal. It's funny how I worry about stuff like that. So it's with great joy that I share my life and gardens with all of you. Good and bad and that you embrace them. Thank you.

Now to address your other comments:

I'm going to wait till my hair grows back to share a new photo. Giggie, what the hell was I thinking?

Mr. Big will smile soon. Keep smiling while you're waiting!!!

I'm going to visit the Vince Gill video. As if crying as hard as I am isn't crying enough. Thanks. Appreciate that. *Rolls eyes in head.*

I love you baby. Had hope to call this weekend, but it's gotten away from me. Maybe later in the week. Hang in there. And that Easter Egg party was so lovely. You're the best. And Mr. Big is so adorable even though he looks a bit grumpy!

Love you!

Suzanne said...


You will probably be the only one to every read this, but that's a good thing. Thank you. I listened. My grandmother was cremated and her ashes spread high on a Catskill Mountain. But we missed her so we didn't know what to do. She had a space in the family plot at the Windham Cemetary. My sister, at great expense and after family stupidity and indecision, took it upon herself to have a headstone engraved with "We love you Ma." Ma isn't actually there, but she is. It's a place to sit. To plant pansies. To think. To talk. She was the greatest woman we've ever known. She lives on a mountain, but she's forever in our hearts and lives on a hill, under sod on some of the most beautiful land in all of NY and in our hearts. It's amazing how you can love someone so much and be asked to go on without them.

Thank you darling. I love you.

merelyme said...

To think of all the work that goes into your garden! Your title of this post says it very well.
It was a challenge working in our yard today. The weather was gorgeous, I had worn jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, was too hot but didn't want to waste any time changing as we had a precious few moments while baby slept.
I wish you peace. I can't even begin to imagine what your house smells like with all those incredible roses. You truly have a gift.

Cece said...

I think I need to take pictures of our back yard and show you rain. It has been raining here for a week, and rain is in the forcast for next week. I think we need to start building an arc! I am so sick of rain that I can hardly stand it. The roses in the window are beautiful, but they are not symmetrically placed. You need one more to go beside the bird. I just cannot bear to look at something out of symmetry like that. No, I'm not OCD, I'm CDO, (alphabetical order)and sadly enough, I"m not kidding about the lack of symmetry. Hope you feel better soon. Call me if you feel like it.

Suzanne said...


Thank you darling. And your right. The scent in intoxicating. I covet roses with a scent and pick them religiously!!!!

Gardening and babies. Ahhhhhhhh. Good luck!!! I know panic. Trust me. With so many animals I take chances. There are days I'm out in the hot sun with way too much clothing and not enough water, but keep going because I know I have "THIS ONE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY!!" Oh, of course I suffer, but I get stuff done, and that's what counts!!! Hives and all!!!

I'm going to pick a bouquet for Karen's birthday tomorrow and one for you. I think you're a pretty awesome mom. I'll post them for all to enjoy.

Love you darling. Now get some sleep!!!


Suzanne said...


Knock it off. You know about me and symmetry. Don't even get me started!!! You're such a bitch because you know me!!! Look, the way I justified the layout is this:

1) Two equal vases on either side (yes, I worked really hard to do that).
2) Two smaller vases on the left.
3) One small vase on the right and a bird. The bird counts. When doesn't a bird count Cece? Get over here so I can kick your ass.

Best friends. Ha!


Anonymous said...