Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kylie's Happy Belated "GREEN" Birthday!!!

Our darling friend Kylie is celebrating her 55th birthday today. Okay, well that's a lie. She isn't 55 and technically it isn't even her birthday today. She's Australian, so April 30 was yesterday in Aussie Land. Speaking of which, she's probably sleeping and won't read this until May 2nd. *Suze is seen walking away shaking head and mumbling "Life is just too complicated for me."*
I've decided to go green! The two rascals above are from Jo's birthday party. Yup, they're still at it.
This is your gift, a handmade birdhouse (it's a church honey!!!). It was sold 3 years ago, but with your skill I bet you can barter for it. I think that purple bush in your front yard would tip the scale.

I'd send some Meyer Lemons, but you should buy local.

The raspberry swirl cheesecake I made for Cielo's dessert contest last year still looks lovely, so why not enjoy it again.
I stocked the frig with lots of green in honor of this very special day.

Ohno would like to "regift" last years basket of flowers. (And yes, that's still primer on the walls.)
And finally, we're reusing Robyn's card from last year for your bithday this year. Just cross out her name, the date and delete your "half" name at the end. And look, we used to call Cece, Cecile!
Happy Birthday baby. I love you, and so do all the people who signed your lovely card, last year.


Leah said...

This is so funny, Suzy!

And I love the fridge shot--I have many of the same things in my own at this very moment!


Megan said...

Excellent, Suz!

Happy birthday, b-e-a-youuutiful Kylie!

just bob said...

Yay Blottie!

Kylie, can I have that half glass of orange juice?

Suzanne said...


Thanks baby. You always have to think outside the box with Kylie!

I was reluctant to show my frig, but what the hell. I remember Bob's! I couldn't do worse!!! I don't drink lite beer!!!

I love you darling. And Happy Birthday Kylie.

XO ;)

Suzanne said...


Thanks baby. And yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLIE!!! Do you realize without all the sperm and eggs none of us would be here to hug one another today. This is a gift.

I love you,

just bob said...

Hey... quit picking on my refrigerator!

Suzanne said...


No baby, let me pour you a new glass or you can help yourself. That was just set aside while I drove to the park. You can have all you want. My home is yours. I know you know that.

Thank you so much for remembering. Thank you. You know I mean that. I just don't know how we overlooked it. Next year will be different. We'll make it really special. The post was beautiful baby. Really. Thank you. Bob, you know how much I love you.


Suzanne said...

Bob, I love your frig. It very Zen!

Suzanne said...

"It's" also very zen. Dear Lord.

kylie said...

it looks like a damned good fridge to me!!!


thanks so so so so much

i gotta run and get ready for my weekend jaunt with the girls

lots of details when i get back

thanks again

youre a gem


Suzanne said...

No, YOU'RE a gem! Have a great weekend. Take photos!

Happy Birthday Week. :)

merelyme said...

happy belated birthday to kylie!

Suze - your fridge proves that we just don't make them right anymore. I need a shelf for staples and the rest should have compartments for produce! When will "the industry" catch on?

Anonymous said...

Save some Meyer Lemons for me. I love them!

Happy Birthday Kylie!

Suzanne said...


You are right my dear woman! And don't hold your breath because the industry will never catch up. Do you know what I'd love if my floor could support the weight and I could afford it? A gorgeous commercial fridge with glass doors. Just like Martha Stewart! Why? Because I'd get to look at all the pretty produce every time I walked into the kitchen. I think veggies and fruit are so beautiful.

Are you a vegetarian? If you aren't, good for you for eating your veggies.


Suzanne said...


Don't we all baby!


Suzanne said...


Just so you know, I don't recommend Bonne Maman's Wild Blueberry Preserves (Product of France). I've always adored the way the preserves are packaged (very "homemade"), but it's very expensive. It went on HUGE SALE at a local shop recently, so I thought, "Ahhhhhhhh, what the hell." I always read labels, but for some reason I didn't this time. Big mistake. It's basically wild blueberries with about a pound of sugar. It's SO sweet. I put it on toast the other morning, took a bite and had to scrape it off so I could eat the toast!!! Seriously. I don't know what to do with it! I was thinking of making two blueberry pies and just mixing a bit in with fresh or frozen fruit. That jar could probably make about 6 pies!!! I don't know about you, but I don't have a sweet tooth and prefer conserves and preserves made with no sugar or honey, or very, very little. This stuff knocked my sugar socks off. But isn't the jar so pretty sitting in the frig? Makes it look more sophisticated! I guess I could leave it there till the contents mold.

XO ;)

Cece said...

Life is just too hectic to be on time. She has a great day. I know she did. ANd everything everyone did helped make the next day that much better.

Suzanne said...


I realized you were first to comment! And you're right too boot!!!

I love you. Hope all is well.


Karen ^..^ said...

OMG!!! My comment never showed up!!! I put a comment here first thing this morning, and it isn't here!!!

Sometimes, I'm so sleepy that I click out before I post it. Im an idiot, I must have done that.

I'm sorry, Kylie!!! Happy birthday, you sexy thing!

Happy, happy birthday.

And Suzanne, I apologize, too. God, I'm a spaz...

Suzanne said...

Karen, don't ever worry about stupid stuff. We've all done it! I wrote this big long thing to Bob last night and accidently hit ESC because I was so damn tired. My computer completely shut down. What!!!??? Lost everything!

Hey baby, if you have time, visit my current post. I think you'll love the song. Hope all is well. Think of you so often.

XO Sis ;)