Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Sunday!!!

This has to be one of the most gorgeous days on the planet. Simply stunning here in La-La Land. The windows are all open, the birds are singing their little hearts out, the kitties are nutty as usual, T-Bone keeps smiling and life is beautiful.

Happy Easter


Happy Spring!!!

Much love,

P.S. I'm off to plant tomatoes over Newman and clean the pond. That boy would be so proud of Mama! I probably won't have to fertilize. Yup, I'm going to grow tomatoes right in the middle of the yard and on top of my darling Newman and my fish. As a single woman I realize I can do whatever the hell I want. Of course I'll take photos.

P.P.S. I arrived home to find every single cabinet door open in the kitchen. Yes upper and lower. Every single one. "Baby," has recently learned how to open doors and while I'm feeding ferals at the park, can't help but amuse the peeps. She learned from Newman actually. Newman was the best and strongest "door opener" alive and Baby would sit and watch him. Thanks Newman! Mommy needs this like a freakin' hole in the head.



Leah said...

Happy Spring, Happy Easter!

It is a beautiful day here in Texas as well, actually, but I'm holed up in the bedroom lollygagging online!

Suzy, you've gone through so many changes, ones that I guess I was only half aware of. Enjoy the sunshine today--I'm thinking of you!

xo and xo

MARIA said...

I love your flowers and all your beautiful photos!

Happy Easter and
Happy Spring to you too, dear Suzanne!

Cece said...

I't stormy here, but then again, it's April. I think it is stormy in Arkansas everyday in April. Only Skeeter could appreciate the weather here, because I think it's the same in Oklahoma. I'm at work. Day three almost down and only four more days to go. (Boohooo, wrenting of clothing, I still have four more day, more wrenting of clothing.) I suppose I should stop renting my clothes so that my super doesn't start the think I'm crazy. Anyway, Happy Sunday, oh and Happy Easter too!

Suzanne said...


Yup change is in the air! I'm movin' on. Well, basically because I have to, not because I want to!

You're still in Texas. Wasn't that week up yesterday? Damn. And now you know why I finger pointed the hell out of that MF at the park a few months ago. I probably could have killed him! Rude SOB, I think every cop knew it. So they didn't leave me. Seriously, they stayed and waited for me to feed all the ferals. I walked out of the woods with the biggest smile on my face. One cop said "It's so beautiful to see you smile." I hugged the living hell out of him. It's been a long hard haul. I wouldn't wish divorce on anyone. It's painful. Relentless. And ultimately, inevitable. It literally broke my heart. 30 years. For what?

But I'm still here. There were honestly days, I didn't think I'd survive. But here I am. Here I am.


Suzanne said...


You too darling. Always a pleasure to see your beautiful face.


Suzanne said...


You wacky girl? God I love you so much!

I'm about to call you. No really. What's you're damn number? I have it here. God, life is so complicated.


Gig said...

Happy Easter Suze!!
I love looking at the roses...they are so gorgeous!!

Hang in at a time...

Talk soon, maybe another 3-way with Cece,lol.


just bob said...

Hi Blottie.

Suzanne said...


Hi honey. Thanks.

Yes, a 3-way. Aren't the three of us just brilliant together! I'll never forget holding the two phones together for our "conference call." The things friends do for...friends! Oh God that was funny.

And yes darling. One day at a time. You know it's nice to finally just let it go. I was struggling so much and didn't share. I think I missed out on some amazing support, but you're all aware now, so I feel all warm and fuzzy! Now I just have to get past being bitter and really angry. Is there a pill for that? You know what I think the hardest part has been? Watching some of our animals struggle with depression and loss and telling my parents and Rob's mom. Absolutely heart breaking, but honestly, my parents and Rob's mom have been so terrific. There were days I struggled and the phone would ring and one of them would be on the other end. I can't even begin to explain how much hearing their voice meant. They love us so much and they're sad. They all asked us to get couseling, but it was me. I wouldn't. This was my decision. I made a choice and never looked back. Did I make the right choice? I don't know. I just know it's a very, very painful journey and my life has changed forever. I'm alone at almost 50. I never expected that. I would have made better choices if I'd known this would be the out come. I certainly would have spent more money on a nightie!!! Why? Because there's potential in a nightie!

I love you darling. We'll chat soon. Hope all is well with you and yours and that hubby's shoulder is feeling much better. I do love you so, and thanks.


Suzanne said...

Just Bob,

Hi baby.

Love Blottie

Walker said...

Its cold and clear here but its nice and quiet.
No I didn't kill everyone.

Happy Easter

Suzanne said...


Thank God!!!


Suzanne said...


Your post absolutely killed me. Too funny. God I wish I was a teacher at this very moment! *Scurries around to get treaching certificate and breast implants!*

Love you darling. XO

Kookaburra said...

Happy Sunday!, Happy Easter!, Happy Daze!

Hang in there Suze. Thinkin' of ya.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

My Sweet Friend Suzanne,

I stumbled over to the Onion and discovered what I had surmised . . . I'm so sorry about the divorce. Your broken heart has been spilling and seeping a bit in many of your previous posts. I told my husband quite some time ago what I suspected and began to pray for you.

Our journey goes one step at a time and I find it goes better with prayer and guidance from above. I wish you peace and joy despite the pain, pain, pain. Difficult decisions bring painful growth, but we do grow.

Love you . . . Debbie

Did you know that when you post and then pull an entry it still remains on the blog feed reader? Just thought you might like to know that all your "pulled" posts are still readily accessible on the feeder. (If you figure out how to pull them from there I'd like to know.)

Leah said...

Hi Suzy, just checking in again. I'm glad you told us. We're here for you.



Suzanne said...

Thanks Mark. I think of you so often. Your photo on Jo's blog is an absolute hoot. Oh, and the house looks terrific too. Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do.

Love you. And again, thanks.

XO to all

Suzanne said...


You're the sweetest woman and friend. Thanks for praying for us, but honey, I think God was busy at your house because he/she didn't stop by to fix what was broken at mine! Oh well. Life goes on.

You're right, I have been "spilling and seeping" a bit recently (those are two very funny words!). Grief does that to a lady, but I think sharing this pain is the first step to beginning a new life. I've behaved horribly at times over the past 9 months and I'm ashamed. It's not my typical behavior and I want to find me again. I want the stress to go away and I want my life back. It's so funny that you wrote what you did because when I looked at myself in the mirror this morning I said "Suzanne, I miss you. I want the old you back." Right out loud. I think this is a step in the right direction. I can't change what's happened, but I know who I am. I have to let go of this pain in order to get me back because I'm no good like this. I have to trust that this isn't the end, it's a beginning and that the last 30 years prepared me for what's about to happen.

I'm humbled, you know? You experienced the ultimate loss and yet you find time to comfort me. Without blogging and all of you I don't know how I would have survived this past year. Honestly. Divorce is like death. The death of a dream, so to have friends around matters a great deal. Because even though most of you weren't aware, you made me laugh when I needed to laugh, you made me cry and feel sorrier for myself way too often(!), you made me escape reality, if only briefly. In so many ways, you're all responsible for getting me through the most difficult period of my life and I'm forever grateful. I treasure each and every one of you.

I love you darling. Thank you for every word you've ever written to me. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

The Divorcee!
(What? I can't help myself. I need to laugh after crying through this!)

Thanks for your love and support. And I agree, I'll grow.

Suzanne said...

Leah, I love you. First of all because you're ABSOLUTLEY ADORABLE!!! Look at those flirty little eyes. You know it's funny because Heggie looks so much like you, but then after seeing her with her dad, she looks so much like him. Hummmmmmmm. How's that work? Oh, right, DNA. God is she the perfect combo of the two of you, or what?! And I still can't believe he's blonde. So much for my sixth sense.

Thanks baby. Having you around has been a constant joy. I'm so grateful CSI started a blog and we met one cold, rainy day. Oh, right, the sun was out. Hummmmmmmmm, was it? Who knows, I just remember you were way to smart for me...

Yeah, right!!!

I love you terribly! Thank you so much for this beautiful friendship.

P.S. Welcome home. You're home, right?

Anonymous said...