Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My darling niece Cailee and her purple violin. 16th Birthday.
It passes. You know? For the first time tonight I felt the weight of my life and the loss of a dream. I'm a single woman at almost 50. And I don't know where to put that. I have no idea why it happened tonight, but it did. I honestly loved that man.
I know I promised you photos. These are photos of copies of photos!!! That's almost too funny to write. But true. So you'll understand the poor photo quality. Why? Because my sister's an ass. She got all huffy with me a few years ago. Cailee was supposed to spend the summer with us for her 16th birthday. Things went wacky, my sister and her hubby had a huffy fit and the next thing you know I was deleting all her damn emails. I was so pissed. Unfortunately I accidently deleted all the photos of my niece and nephew while I was on my rant. Damn. So what you're about to see is all I have left. Yes, photos of photos of photos. Don't even get me started.
Yes, she's stunning. And smart. She's now in college. And I miss her terribly.

Leah, I told you she had a purple violin!!! It's the only thing she asked for on her 16th, and she got it. I just think that's so funny. You know, when she first started to play around 14, she was horrible. She'd get on the phone and play for me and OH MY GOD my ears hurt. But she got better, and better and better and before we all knew it she was playing in the orchestra and the quartet. She'd call and I'd play Handel or Vivaldi for her and she'd play Handel or Vivaldi for me. I love that girl so much.

Oh Cailee. I miss you so.

Aunt Suzy and Ali (Alison). This is my other darling, darling niece. Probably the smartest kid I've ever met. That photo, pure joy. My sister was taking photos and captured a perfect moment between me and Ali. Just absolute joy. She's Laur's daughter. If I'd been a mom, I'd want Ali for my daughter. I love her with all my heart and I love this photo so. My sister Laura had three of the most amazing kids in the whole world.
I have a beautiful family and I miss them so very much. I realize I just want to sell this house, pack up my family, and go home.
Love to all,


Joyful Jo said...

Hi Suze,
Your niece looks like you.
Love the big flouncy dress. I know what you mean about when they start learning an instrument. You listen to the first notes sounding harsh untill suddenly they are playing orchestral pieces.
Helen said the other day when she went for her lesson she could hear the year 7's (first year of high school) playing and said it sounded woeful. When her teacher is with her they are able to play together.
btw she has decided she wants to do a double degree in music. So i hope she gets to do wants in the end.
Hope all your kitties are behaving as well as T bone.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne!

Sorry to hear you are missing your family so keenly. Is this really decision time? Time to make life-changing decisions to move?

Beautiful photos- thanks for taking time to post them and share your family. This is something I have not felt bold enough to do on a public forum x

Suzanne said...

Hi darling. Everyone says it, but I didn't realize until I put her photo next to mine. We look so much alike. She's so lovely. I never thought I was that lovely until I honestly saw her.

Yes, the violin was pure hell for months and months. Oh God. But then suddenly things changed. It was as if she just got it. Everything changed. She isn't a music major like Helen. She's studying to become a teacher. Yes, she still plays the violin.

Love you so darling. Thanks for always stopping by. Tonight was so hard for some reason and to have you here matters. Thank you for making the effort.

Hope all is well with you and the family.


Suzanne said...


Hi honey,I'm crying. I can't stop crying. I have so much on my plate. You know what I mean?

Yes darling, it is decision time. I need to go home. I'm divorced and alone and I can't live like this. I'm from a huge family and I need them to help me get through the next phase of my life.

You know darling, it's funny. I buy/collect antique photo in shops and wonder why. I realize I want my photos to be remembered. I don't want them to end up in an antique shop. I want you to know my family and my animals, my garden. I don't want to end up in an antique shop.

I love you so. Thank you.


kylie said...

hi babe,
i just stopped to say hello and was getting my thoughts together to comment on your post but young missy caitlin here wants the computer NOW

i'll be back!

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. Well stop by when you can and give me your toughts. You know how much I respect what you think. You know what sweetie? This has been a really, really difficult evening. This and then Megan's blog. You know what? Life is often difficult. There's a lesson here.

Leah said...

These are wonderful, wonderful photos.

I cannot believe Cailee's gorgeous dress and purple violin!

I know what Cinnamon means about not making huge decisions--but I will say that deciding to move nearer one's family, at least in my opinion, is not the same thing as other decisions. Sometimes people just really really need to be near their family, and yours is so far away right now!!

I'll be back.

I have such a busy day--it's Hedgehog's end-of-year concert and then her Tae Kwon Do belt test.

I'm still sleepy and I ran out of filters for my morning coffee...


just bob said...

Hi Blottie.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

'Tis the season for remembering, isn't it? I think it must be the onset of the heat here in our part of the nation . . . or maybe just the weight of so much that we carry in our hearts. Sometimes it is just TOO MUCH to keep slogging it around in secret, so we simply sit down and take a peek . . . and it still hurts!!!

My prayers are with you sweet friend. Maybe a trip home to see your sis (and maybe your other sis) would help. My sis is coming out in one week. (I'm counting!) It has served to keep me going on those days when it hurts to simply be alive with a memory and a heart.

I love you, dear friend.

Rachel offered to make pancakes for dinner. I immediately think of you whenever we have pancakes. I don't know why . . . but I do. See? You really are in my thoughts and even those silly pancake prayers. ; D

Karen ^..^ said...

Beautiful photos. All the women in your family look similar.

The man... is that a pic of Rob?

I'm so sorry you are going through this hell.

I think you should go wherever your heart leads you.

If family will give you comfort, then go to them. Sell the house, pack up the family, and move. Enjoy your life. Find a way to bring joy to this time we have here.

Life is too short to go through it missing people that terribly. It really is.

Do what you need to do. It's all you can do.

Mr. Shife said...

Thanks for sharing all of your photos, and I hope everything goes as planned so you can get to that beautiful family of yours. And I just want you to know that I appreciate so much your kind words and thoughts every time you comment on my blog. It really makes my day when I hear from you. Take care.

Suzanne said...


One more thing. About being on a public forum. I'm often concerned and you know I delete like a mad woman!!! However, I know the people who visit my blog are genuinely good and I trust each and every one. I delete to protect my family. I should probably delete this post!!! If my sister sees it she'll kill me. Good, maybe she'll say "hi" while she's at it!


Suzanne said...


Running out of coffee filters. PANIC!!!! You'll laugh, but I plan months in advance. Because I've lived with earthquakes for 30 years (not in Sacramento thank God, but I'm still earthquake ready!) I even have cofee made and frozen in the event of a major catastrophe. No, I'm not kidding. I'm not going down without my morning coffee!!! I drink only one cup of Joe a day, but that cup means the world to me. Even if I have to drink it frozen! Yes, I know you're laughing. And no, I'm not kidding.

I told you she had a purple violin! Can you believe my sister found that wish? I had no idea volins came in colors. The real photos are actually gorgeous. My copies don't do them justice. They were taken by a dear family friend who is a very famous photographer. Yes, my sister and her family live on the greatest private road in all of Ulster County!!! With Philippe, the opera star, the artist, the photographer, the composer, but I'm not supposed to say anything about that. I may have to delete this!!! The photographer is the one who wanted Cailee in that dress (she's a woman). I wish I still had the original photos. Stunning. They were all taken at her pool. It's slate or bluestone. Simply a stunning background and garden. And Cailee is so lovely. She'd look beautiful anywhere. And you know what else, she's all legs. They just go on forever. And also arms. And she's tall. And smart. Oh, and I'm sure you noticed, no makeup. Hardly any woman in my family wears makeup, but we do wear lipstick. If you've studied sociology, you know ya gotta attract a mate some how!!!

About moving home. I want to go right now. Mom wants me home right now, but I have to wait. I paid nearly a half million for this house and it's now worth less than I paid. I have to wait because I can't sell it. I invested almost $90,000 cash and I need to be able to get it back. After all that's happened, it's now my retirement money. I need that money. So that's my agony. I want to move forward, but I'm stuck in limbo. I'm petrified I'll never see that money again unless the real estate market makes a dramatic turn. Time. I'm waiting for time to fix this mess.

Happy End-Of-Year Concert to beautiful Heggie and honey, tell her she can just buy a nice belt at WalMart with Mommy's money. Or Daddy's money!

XO I love you! ;)

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. Love you. XO

Suzanne said...


When I said "love you," I didn't mean it that way. As a friend. Huge sigh. Okay, the wedding's still on!

The Wedding Planner!

Suzanne said...

My darling Debbie,

God I love you so. You know, I was at the park this morning feeling horrible and thinking about last night and all I said and thought, and I realized why I let it go. Sometimes it's just too much to lug this stuff around. And here you are saying the same thing. We were destined for one another. You know that, don't you? :) What's the point of carrying it the grave? I don't know how many years I have left on this beautiful planet, so I've decided to just throw caution to the wind and let it go. I'm going to trust that everyone around me will help navigate this phase of my life and not hurt me.

I had my whole life planned. From kids, to relationship, to career. And you know what I learned? Life happens. I feel as if my bubble burst this past year. Just the biggest wake up call of all time. I had choices, but I stayed with the safe bet and I'm now where I am. What's that say about my judgement? That's what I question most. I had choices and I didn't take advantage of a single one.

My MIL just called. She's returning from MA by train. God I love that woman. It should take 4 days. I think she's still in MA headed toward Albany NY and just enjoying the crap out of her trip!!! She just spent a week with the grandkids, daughter and partner. Dropped call.

Okay, she called back. Was going throught he Berkshires and lost me!!! And I couldn't find her. You know, that whole mountain thing. She's about to enter NY state and head to Albany to pick up a dinner train! Yes. Of course we talk about food. I love to hear about food. "Mom, what did you eat?" "What tea are you drinking?" That's just me. My MIL is the best woman alive. I couldn't love her more. She's remarkable. Do you know that in the early 80's she gave me a subscription to MS magazine, and kept it up for years, until I told her "Mom, I'm pretty pissed at this magazine. One article just pissed me off royally. And so it ended. Then she got me a subscription to Health magazine. What? She's the best. The best I tell you!!!

We just got off the phone after laughing so hard. She's a gem of a woman. I will never look back on my life and not be grateful for the fact she graced it. She is so close to perfection. I have two of the greatest mothers who have ever lived. No, I'm not kidding. What ever else is wrong, my mom's are terrific.

Suzanne said...

Oh, and honey. Pancakes. Look at us. We're all sorta small, but man could we slam down pancakes!!!! It's so funny you associate me with pancakes!! Here's why. On a Saturday or Sunday morning, while mom and dad where still in bed, we'd make pancakes. Probably like a hundred!!! No, I'm not kidding. We were a huge family and you know how pancakes are filling. I think each of us could pack in 10-12. No, I'm not kidding. We had HUGE appetites and it was sort of a competition. We were a very active family, so we needed fuel. Pancakes were terrific and we could make them with little to no effort!!! But of course had to have Vermont maple syrup and butter. Lots and lots of butter. I think we actually grew up on butter and peanut butter. Oh and jelly! Oh, and white Wonder bread. *Rolls eyes in head.* No wonder I'm so screwed up.

Suzanne said...

Debbie, just one more thing. And I know this will make you smile. We never had pancake dinners, but we did have "Ice cream suppers!" Dad would go to Stewarts in Woodstock and buy 3 gallons of ice cream and let us at it. Usually in the dead of winter!! We also had "Pizza suppers," and "KFC suppers." Too much fun. I love how families do funny stuff!!!

I will never eat a pancake without thinking of you, the wee one and hubby!!!

Love you darling!

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. Yes, that man is my man. You know, I just got off the phone with my former neighbor. They lived up in the foothills in a GORGEOUS mansion and sold it then bought the house across the street as a temporary residence while they looked for a house in the moutains for Tom. My friend, Veronica never expected to move, thought she'd live in that home all here life, but her husband had different ideas. He wanted to simplify and move to the mountains. They nearly got divorced and seperated for months while Veronica tried to decide what to do. Ultimately she let her gorgeous home go, and with it, her dream life. They're Italian and their home was actually an Italian villa on a hillside landscaped to the hilt. It was stunning and sold for millions. Ending up across the street broke her heart, but we found one another and are forever grateful because out of all that pain came our lasting friendship. It's funny how people end up together. I called to tell her her house is on the wrong plan (it's now a rental). There's no watering on Monday. She's watering on Monday. Her days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, but her timer's set for Tuesday and Saturday. She's so screwed because I just heard on the news that the water district isn't messing around any longer. Hung fines starting in June. HUGE, for people who screw up. I called to tell her. Yes, that's what friends are for.

They found a house in the mountains. It's been an enormous adjustment for her. Happy? I'm not sure. Tom's happy. It what he always wanted. Veronica. No, I don't think so. She had a dream life and now she has a hard life, but they didn't divorce. They stuck it out. That amazes me.

We laughed and cried because Tom found the kittens at the park two years ago yesterday. And my life changed forever. Yes, it's my two year anniversary at the park. You know what's so funny? Their last name is "Feral." Swear to God.

You know baby, I have the most amazing family. You would love my family. And it's HUGE!!! Rob's and my relationship is over after 31 years and I need to be with my family, but I have to wait until the real estate market rebounds so I can get top dollar for this house and recoup my costs. So, I'm here. Waiting. I want to go home, but I can't. I have to wait. Baby, when I return to the east coast you are always welcome to stop by for a few days or weeks. Always. My family is wonderful and you'd fit right in. We're a pretty easy group generally, but I do have a few sisters who press the wacky button!! You have to have sisters like that to remind you you're alive!!!

Baby, I'll be okay. This is just such a rough patch in my life. But, so it goes. I'll be fine and the economy will recover and my house will be worth what I paid for the damn thing!!! I love you so much darling. Thanks for always stopping by and making a difference. It matters so much.

I love you darling. Thanks.


Suzanne said...

Debbie, just one more thing. And I know this will make you smile. We never had pancake dinners, but we did have "Ice cream suppers!" Dad would go to Stewarts in Woodstock and buy 3 gallons of ice cream and let us at it. Usually in the dead of winter!! We also had "Pizza suppers," and "KFC suppers." Too much fun. I love how families do funny stuff!!!

I will never eat a pancake without thinking of you, the wee one and hubby!!!

Love you darling!

Suzanne said...

Mr Shife,

Hi darling. Thanks. Just being around you makes my day. We're even. How ya doin' Dad? Honey, can you believe you're a dad!!! It's too damn brilliant.

Love you so. And thanks for always stopping by. Seeing your face always makes my day more special. Thank you darling.

Love to all of you. XOXOXOXO

Mike129 said...

The photo of Cailee and her purple violin is simply stunning (as is Cailee herself). The picture of a picture thing actually gives it a quality that I love.

I am sorry about the issues with your family. :(

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Thank you for sharing this beautiful pictures..
I am going through the same pain, away from my dear family, so i can understand. but it will pass.
WV is tryingso" yes, am trying so hard to understand the reality :)

♥ & ((hugs))

bindhiya said...

Hi dear,
I forget to tell you...i saw a girl with pink hat today! I was in one of my crazy walks...it started around 10 and ended at 2.30...poor Noah :(


Suzanne said...


Thanks darling. Cailee is a stunner with her purple violin, as are all of my nieces. Believe it or not I have 7 of them! And I have 6 amazingly wonderful, handsome, smart nephews. I'm a lucky, lucky aunt.

Mom and I alway marvel at our family. Nothing horrible has ever happened to any of us. Yes, we fight and annoy the hell out of one another at times, but eventually work stuff out, Mom and Dad are divorced, but still best friends (go to dinner together, take joy rides together, attend every single kid's and grandkid's event together! I'm not kidding.). It's a special family and we're terrible close. I think that's what's so hard about Rob's and my relationship ending after 31 years. Being 3,000 miles away from my family and having to deal with all this pain alone. I'm the only one who left NY and now all I want to do is get back. You know why? Because they'll fix me. They know me best. They make me laugh so hard and they somehow complete me. I don't see ever having a romantic relationship again, so I need them to help all this pain go away and help me navigate the next phase of my life. I know I can't do it without them. I'm confident everything will work out.

About the photo quality. I found the photos I posted fascinating. The color especially. I felt as if I'd walked into an antique shop and plucked Cailee out of the photo bin. The original photos are stunning, these are so different, but equally stunning in their own way. It's funny what you end up with when you have to wing it. Will I ever have the originals again? No. My sister is royally pissed at me!!! I often wonder if she'll attend my funeral. Nope!!! Now see, that's why I love my family. Because they make me ask the tough questions!!!

Hugs to you darling. I'm so glad we met because you always make me smile, oh and because you make me think about how to take a turn!

Tons of love and hugs. And thanks.

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. It's 2:30 in the morning and I'm laughing. Honey, that walk was insane!!!! You did that with Noah? Was his diaper dry? Did he have fluids? *Suze rolls eyes in head.* Bindi, don't make me come to Arkansas because Cece will keep me there forever!!! You know, she'll nail my Keds to the floor or something. Baby, I understand walking off stress, but 4 1/2 hours with Noah? Honey, look at me. No, really. Look at me when I'm talking to you. You have to think of the Wee One, not just you. That's a long time for a baby, and probably in the sun. I know this is a tough time, but, just like me, going through all this crap, you gotta remember you aren't the only one suffering.

That's what I've realized Bindi. I'm not in this alone and yet there are days I pretend I am. It's not fair to my family. We're all struggling together. I know how much you and Cece love Rob, but he broke my heart, and I know yours is broken. Let's just try to figure this out together. Walking isn't changing anything. Running a marathon for me isn't going to change anything. Yes, it helps with frustration, but it isn't changing anything. I think you and I both have to take this challenge head on. The court has given Serene to her dad for periods of time that kill you. Walking isn't going to change that. And subjecting Noah to 4 1/2 walks isn't going to change that. We all make choice and then have to live with them. You came to America for a reason. You married him for a reason. You had two kids for a reason. You can't turn back the hands of time darling. You just can't. You can walk yourself to death, but you can't change your reality. Baby, Serene is probably going to visit her dad for years. You are a religous woman and I know that somewhere in your heart you'll eventually find a place to tuck it. I know it isn't easy. But baby, you can't suffer all your life with something you can't change. We all make choice and we all have to live with them.

You know how much we love you and the kids. Baby, just try to find calm. It's there. Take a deep breath and look at your life. All of it. Not just a snapshot. All of it. That's what I'm trying to do because it begins to make sense. This is just a slice of a very long life and I'll get through it. And so will you.

I love you so much darling. I know. I do know. We're always here. We aren't going anywhere.


bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
hope you having a good day today.

I know it is a crazy walk but i cannot stay in home without my baby girl. I stop by a store and a office in between my walk and change Noah and fed him.
as you know I have no anger towards anyone, i love him the same in my heart...i don't regret any of my choices... I cannot go back to my home and live there anymore..the big penalty i have to pay for marrying a foreigner...
on top of everything this visitation... i can't get into terms with it still now. the house he lives is 1 hour drive away and he live with one of his friend and family. they all smoke. that is the place he taking my baby to. everytime she came back she will be sick.
I don't want to live anymore but i have to, for my little ones..am breathing for them.
I don't know how to cope with this pain...
love you dear.

Mike129 said...

Suze, I am sorry that you long-term relationship with Rob is over and your sister is so pissed. Someday I hope you will tell me what triggered these unfortunate events.

I am sure you will take your turn just fine. Not to mention all of the heads you must turn everyday. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne!

Love all the photos...I'm sorry you're missing your family so much. I'm thinking of you...


Suzanne said...


I can only talk for a few minutes because I have heaps and heaps of stuff to do today, but I'm trying to get the "kids" calmed down and off to nap land, so I can get heaps of stuff done without tripping over them. What a crew I've got. And boy are we all tired today because I stayed up until the wee hours of morn. I don't think Dr. P's new plan is working for any of us!!! I'm going to have to discuss a new strategy with her.

I got laughing at the park this morning thinking about you walking all over town with darling Noah. I thought "The two of them could probably do a marathon (walking it of course) in under 4 hours!!! Yes dear, that's the sort of stuff I think about standing in the woods! I'm serious, you could do it.

I know you take wonderful care of Noah while you're out walking the town. I also understand why you need to walk when Serene isn't home. It's good to clear your mind, get exercise and breath fresh air. Speaking of which, people who smoke around children are so selfish. I'm sorry Serene has to inhale that crap.

You know what honey, you're a better woman than me. When I feel angry or bitter I think of you and try to let it go. I imagine the anger just drifting into the wind, but I'll be honest, some days it doesn't drift fast enough! I think because I'm exhausted and confused. Don't worry. I'll strive to do better.

I love you darling and hope you're having a good day. You know I'm so proud of you. I don't know if I would have had your courage or strength. You're an amazing woman and I admire you so, so much. I hope your parent are able to move here and give you the support you need. You always help me realize I have nothing to complain about because all I have to do is wait for the real estate market to recover, sell this house, gather all my peeps and move back to NY. Your journey is more difficult, and I know I always remind you, but just so you don't forget (!), Rob and I are always here. We're just a phone call away. Rob always asks if you've called and how you are. Cece is so reluctant to call him because he's so busy, but like I told her, he loves the two of you so much and welcomes your calls. If he's in court or driving and can't talk, he'll always get back to you. He isn't like me!!! He actually gets his messages!!! Just remember sweetie, you can call him for anything. And because I'm so horrible with messages, if you call me and I don't respond in a timely manner, just call him.

Love you darling. Take care.

e said...


I am so sorry for your pain and turmoil right now. The photos are beautiful!

I hope you get to move back with family since that is what you want.

Fifty is hitting me square in the eyes too, and nothing is what I planned either...

Take Care!

Suzanne said...


Every time I come here I see "Time" and think of Pink Floyd. Then I start laughing. Yes, it's true, I can actually make myself laugh.

Me and Rob. That's just a heartache. Both families are devestated. Mom called last week with an elaborate plan to "fix" it. It's too sweet and funny. I haven't implemented it yet. And my MIL just called yesterday afternoon on her trip back from Massachusettes to check on us. We have amazing moms. Simply amazing. Neither are willing to let this go. Is that precious, or what?! And my sister Laura just sent a beautiful note reminding us she loves us both very much and hopes we're okay. This has been going on for almost a year and friends and family haven't abandoned either of us. There's so much love and support. Oh, and hope!!! Even my online friends who know Rob just love him to death because he's a genuine good guy. And the end of this marriage has nothing to do with infidelity. Nothing. Just a financial mistake I couldn't overlook. That's all I'll ever say about it. And yes, I made this choice and that's probably why it's so agonizing because I could have made a different choice that would have allowed me and my family to live the life we've lived for decades. I didn't do that. Did I make the right choice? Yes. Will I always regret it? Yes. We still love one another very much, but can this be fixed? No. And that's coming from someone who easily forgives.

I'll tell you the story of my sister at a later date. It's a good one. In addition to having 7 nieces, I have 5 sisters! What a crew. This is the only life I'll ever know so I try really hard to do the right thing. But I'll tell you something, there are times certain sisters tax my patience. And sisters always, always, always know the right button to push. ALWAYS. Why? Because sisters know sisters best. Bar none.

And that curve. You know I'm still working on that. I just never knew you could do all that fancy stuff to get around a curve!!! I thought it was as simple as braking, decelerating and excellerating and shifting from probably 4th to 2nd or 1st, then to 3rd and back to 4th. No? Who knew?!!! Even after Dad explained it, I feel like I'm in a fog. Apparently I'm still on the staightaway in last place! But I look pretty good honey because I fixed my hair and I laundered my white tee shirt. Oh, and I'm wearing my sexy jeans. Oh, and flip flops. Yes, I race with flip flops. *Heads turn trying to figure out Ms. Suzy's strategy.*

Love you!

Suzanne said...


Hi darling. 50 is odd, isn't it? It's truly a turning point. A mile stone. I wish you luck and a painless transition! And I know you wish me the same. Wish you lived closed, we'd go out and have a drink or something. Who knew you'd get through 50 years then suffer!!! Big time!!! It's such an odd time of life because you're dealing with so much change, and then you have to deal with more. I'm not sure I understand it at all. I'm just trying to gently get through it and remain sane. I'm not so sure about the sane part!


Thanks honey. And thanks too for the kind comment about the photos. Makes all the effort worth it. I have a really lovely family I adore. And yes, I'll get back, just have to wait for the real estate market to right itself. Thanks darling.

Suzanne said...


Good lord, almost didn't recognize you. Thought you where some 50's chic.

Hi honey! Thanks. So nice to see you here. Also nice to see you smile. I know the weeks have been rough. I love you so.


Mike129 said...

Suze, I am sure you *always* look good. ;)

merelyme said...


Your photos could be greeting cards. Incredible.

Suzanne said...


Wbere the hell you been the last two years? Everyone here knows I NEVER look good. I just throw myself together most days to get to the park on time!!! But thanks. I'm gonna treasure that one!!! That is just too special. You hear that Leah, Kylie, Cece, Giggie, Bob, Megan, MM, Jo, Karen, Bindi, etc.? Yup, Mike thinks I look good. A new day has dawned. Isn't life beautiful?

Suzanne said...

Apparently where is spelled where.

Suzanne said...


Hugs to you back. You think I should go into the greeting card business? What do you think my sister would do if she saw her daughter plastered all over the place? Hummmmmmmmmmmmm. Yes, it's absolutely true that I wrote a new post to bury the last one, just in case Cher was looking. No, I'm not kidding! Why do you think I delete all the time? I live in fear of my sisters!!!!

Love you!!!

Anonymous said...