Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is for so many, but mostly for Leah and Heggie. It's precious Leah. Please share it with Heggie.

I love you so. You know that.


kylie said...

hey, i missed the dawgs yesterday! they're adorable. i can really see how happy they are
you must have a thing for white and tan puppies :)

have fun

Joyful Jo said...

hi Suze,
It's funny how you guys are sweltering and we are getting foggy and colder. Those hot days we had last summer are a distant memory.
Anyway hang in there and keep your chin up as the saying goes.

Leah said...

It's very nice--they are excellent country singers! I would love to hear Dolly do that song.

I chose the one I did because I liked the way the lyrics came up, very minimalist.

Sarge says he loves their "Sin Wagon"--I'm going to have to go listen to that next.

just bob said...

Hi Blottie.

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Hope you having a good day.
am so just making me busy.. i didn't stay home all day today.. walk to the park and library then come back and went out to fly a kite with Serene..come back to house to cook some lunch for my friend's mom.. (she love my food). again out to walk.. serene had her stroller and doll to walk with me.. so it was a crazy walking day. we are back at 6.30 and tuck my little one's around 8.30. now am going to sit here till my pappa comes online on skype...
tomorrow we have a farmer's market here for the first time.. i love love love farmer's market. am planning to be there by 8.00 then we will be out to shopping. so tomorrow another busy day.
love you m'dear

Gig said...

Hi Suze!!

Love ya,

Suzanne said...


It what comes to me. T-Bone arrived on the lawn and Fenway at the park. Then of course we have "Holly," the pure German Shepherd who ran up to me Christmas Day at the park, and who now, I might add, has a beautiful life with friends. And I didn't tell you about the beautiful puppy (about 3 months old) a few week later who arrived while a group of us gathered in the parking lot at the park. She ran up to me. Not anyone else. Me. We all wondered what to do. I was going to take her of course and try to figure out what to do. She was a pitbull mix, but elegant. Just long, lean, tall, rust colored and stunning. Appeared to be mixed with a Retiever. I was taking her to the car when the homeless guy said "I'm sure I know who she belongs to, she's just run away. I'll find her parents and if I can't I'll find her new parents." I was so overwhelmed with my life at that moment I reluctantly gave her to him, but knew I'd made a mistake the instant I did. Because of the way I saw him put her in his car. It disturbed me, but I didn't have enough time to react. Before I knew it he was pulling away with the puppy and the wee one was looking at me the whole time, not at him. I knew I'd made a terrible mistake. I haven't seen either since. When I look back on my years at the park, that will remain my biggest regret. Yes, I think of her always. Honestly, I do. I made a horrible mistake and feel guilty every single day. I can only hope she's happy.

And yes, our "dawgs" are adorable. And you know what else Kylie? They're lucky. They have a beautiful life. So many don't.

Love you darling and hope you're feeling better,


Suzanne said...


Where do you live? Australia or something?


P.S. Hang in there too! Thanks for always stopping by. My love to the gang!

Suzanne said...


Yes, very minimalistic and lovely. Good choice. I love them too, but like you, would love to hear Dolly sing it. You think we should start a write-in campaign? She loves her fans, I'm sure she'd listen to two.

Sarge is a gentleman. "Sin Wagon's" great!!!! I recommend it. There are different versions of course. Go to You Tube and the first after typing Dixi Chick Sin Wagon Videos is just so much fun. The rest are more refined!!! You might also like "When you were mine." It was about the divorce one of them experienced. I love that a scene is filmed at the Magnolia! Yes, I do know about the Magnolia!!!

Love you so much. Hope you're feeling a bit better. XO

P.S. You know what? Listening to "When you were mine," I realize how all of us are so close and care so much. It's beautiful. Love you.

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. ;)

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. You're and serene's walk sounds lovely. What a beautiful way to spend a day. And the library too!! I'm a HUGE library fan. Oh, and a HUGE farmer's market fan. Wpw, you didn't get a farmer's market till now? Wow! But thank God it's finally arrived. You know what I love about the farmer's market? The diversity. I once was at a stand with all tomatoes. You know me and tomatoes. I LOVE THEM!!! We all started talking about tomatoes and after the conversation was over I walked away with my huge bags of tomatoes. A guy came running after me. He spoke Spanish, me Enlish. I didn't understand and then finally, light bulb. I hadn't paid for my tomatoes. OH. MY. GOD. Of course I returned to their table and paid, but never returned to that farmer's market again. Too ashamed someone would recognize me as "The woman who didn't pay." It was an honest mistake. It really was.


Anonymous said...

Hi Suze, loved your pictures of the dogs, especially the 'mini-me!

And I always love seeing your pictures of your roses- thanks for sharing. Inhale the scents and feel peace :)

Megan said...

Hey gorgeous. I just read your last three posts. I couldn't believe they were actually still here!

Yes, I admit, I haven't been commenting because I figured you'd delete them all, and what kind of an idiot am I, because even if you DID, you would have read the comments first, because that's just what you do!

So, anyways, hello. Hope all is well with you and your menagerie.

Suzanne said...


Hi darling. Thanks. Can you believe Mini-me? It's amazing what happens when anyone is given just a wee bit of love and care. Fenway is such a grateful, happy dog. At the end of my life, when I reflect, I will think of him.

And roses. I have been a horrible parent this year. That huge bowl of pink roses is the result of my absolute neglect. I should have half that next year if all goes well. Cross your fingers!!!

Love you so darling. Thanks for keeping up. I'll stop by.

Suzanne said...


Look at you!!! Look how beautiful you are. Nice choice. Did you notice your maroon dress matches Just Bob's maroon bedroom ensemble? No. Probably not, but the Wedding Planner did! Match made in Heaven.

Okay, I've stopped deleting. Promise. I actually don't delete. I save and keep them in "The Vault." You're always with me!!! Don't worry comment as much as you like! Why? Because I'm certain my neices and nephews will yank your tired old married ass out (to Just Bob) once I've expired. You'll be famous in Blogger Land!

I've missed you. I've been wondering. Now know. I won't delete. Even if the urge is overwhelming. Yes darling, your words are that important.

Love you and hope your world is spinning in the proper direction.

XO ;)

Anonymous said...