Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm taking a few months off. With so few comments I realize this isn't what I'm supposed to do or where I'm supposed to be. I'll come back and figure it out, but for now, no. This is simply not where I'm supposed to be. You know how full my plate. Take care. I love you all.


Gig said...

I am here!! Just been sorta lost and too much "stuff" going on in my head to focus.

I put up a new post today, I think you will like it.

I think of you everyday, wish we lived closer...

love you,
giggie, xoxo

Leah said...

Hi Suzy!

First of all, I got the email, and thank you.

Second of all, I hope you are going to take some time to make your wonderful art. Paint, Suzy, paint!

But do please be around a little bit as well. I would miss you way too much.


Suzanne said...

I love you Giggie.

Leah, thanks baby. I will.

Leah, this will interest you. I'm watching and MSNBC show about a murder. Actually two. It's funny how you become jaded after dealing with so many murder cases. You can't be fooled. I never watch these sort of shows, so to do so fascinates me, about me!!! The first one. He was guilty as hell. Mistrial. Retrial. Guilty. LWOP. Good, he deserved it. This show, a teen and her boyriend murdered her mother. Unreal. Now she's all "I didn't take part." She's full of shit. She's just trying to save her ass. Her boyfriend was convicted and sentenced to death. After so many cases, you just know. She's guilty. A jury has to convict. It just has to. A mother is dead and a daughter is responsible.

I never watch stuff like this. I think I should more often!!! Of course I'll tell you what I learn because apparently when the show comes back there's a "surprise verdict." No surprise to me...yup, guilty!!!

Convicted. Just learned she was convicted of 3rd degree murder not first. She'll be up for parole in 20 years. If she behaves she'll have a life.

Why am I writing this? Because I know so many wonderful people at the park and one ranger has a son on trial for murder. Rob's friend is his defense attorney. I could barely find the words to ask her. He was convicted and went through the sentencing phase. I learned today he'll serve 25 years to life. He and the other guys were offered a plea deal. Murder charges dropped, 12 years (3 years served, and perhaps 3 more with good behavior). They didn't take it. What a horrible mistake. As it stand now Rob thinks he'll be offered parole in 10 years. And if he doesn't do anything wrong, he'll get out. He made a horrible mistake. He's just a teenager tried as an adult. I know when they do it, do you know what I mean? He didn't do it. You know in your gut. His mom is in agony. My heart absolutely bleeds for her.


kylie said...

a small number of comments doesnt mean you dont belong!
anyway, do what you need to do and we'll all be here waiting when you get a chance


Suzanne said...


I was just talking to Hillary and then got on your blog and saw the accident. How very sad. Rob always tells me to "slow down" because he deals with brain injury cases alot. Even has a professional lawyers blog about it. You know after that ticket I really have slowed down alot, but not enough. After reading your blog I'll stay in the slow lane because the kitties will always wait for me. I don't have to get to the park in 10 minutes.

And about the comments. It's seem as if I'm writing into the wind. Doesn't make sense to me to make so much effort for so little return when I don't have a moment to spare. I could be doing so many other things rather than blog. But I must say, I stopped at the North Ridge County Club yesterday for Bob and will have to post about that!!! It's pretty!!!

Well baby, the sun's rising. I remember being up this early every day for Newman. Newman's dead and life has changed. We no longer have to get up this early. It's beautiful to see the night sky change into morning. The sun isn't up yet, but the sky is white. It's a precious time of day.

Love you darling, and yes, I'll figure it out. I love the three women who stopped by to help me on my journey!


The Clever Pup said...

Ilike this blog. Don't give it up.

I'm with you on guns by the way. I hate the whole gun society thing that's going on right now.

CIELO said...

Good morning Susan... came to say hello and wish you happiness and sunshine... it was nice seeing you the other day at the house in the roses.... "look up... and take life easy". Love ya!


just bob said...

Blottie 1... Suzy... Suze... The Wedding Planner... Suzanne...

If I quit blogging because of few comments I would have had to shut mine down six months ago. That's not a good enough reason to give it up.

But if you don't have the time to do it, your heart is not in it, or it is getting in the way of life... then put it aside and get back to what brings you enjoyment and happiness.

Suzy, your friends will always be there for you... in person, on the phone, or online. But as Leah wrote, if you decide to take a break from writing I hope you continue to stop by our little pieces of the internet. It's safe to say we would all miss you if you weren't around.

Now get back to planning the wedding.

Leah said...

Hi again! I have to admit that I love those MSNBC crime shows--fascinating. Murder cases--fascinating. It does seem that there's often a significant discrepancy between time sentenced and the time served, doesn't it?

I'm glad to see Hazel (Clever Pup) visiting--she's soulful and smart--with a really lovely blog, always something fascinating there.

Cece said...

How are we suppose to do a proper Birthday Celebration for you if you aren't around? Can you answer me that Missy? What is Blottie #1 not getting enough attention?

What? You're busy? Oh well, I suppose we will still be here when you decide you are not too busy. Have a great couple of days hiatus, because we all know that's the most you are able to stay away!!!!!

Love ya,

otin said...

I go away for a couple of days and check in here and find out that you are leaving. I have not had much interaction with you, but I know that you are my type of person, you can just tell by the way someone expresses themselves, if you don't come back, I hope all is good with you!

Suzanne said...

Will you all stop draggin' me back to this place!!! I'm about to go on holiday in France again. No, not really, that's code for I'm about to start a painting!!! And I am. I've decided to keep you all in the loop as I navigate this one. You'll have fun. It really is an interesting process.

I just got off the phone with my bother. My mom handed him the phone as he arrived and said "wish your brother Happy Father's Day." I said "Wayne, Happy Birthday!!!, sorry I missed it." He replied "Ahhhhh, don't even worry about it. Suzy I gotta go, I just got home and it's starting to pour and I have a shit load of stuff in the back of the truck to unload. I LOVE YOU!" Mom got back on the phone and I said "I'm so glad you taught us not to swear." We laughed really hard because I swear all the time.

I was back on the phone with mom after wearing the cell phone down to nothing and after talking to my dad. I tried to call Dad initially, wasn't able to get him, called mom. Talked for over an hour. Wished her Happy Father's Day. Mom called Dad. Mom called me to let me know dad was waiting for my call. I called Dad. We chatted for probably 30 minutes. Hilarious as always. My cell phone died. I called Dad back on the land phone. I said "Dad, this is the land phone and cost money, so I'm here only for a second." We talked for over 30 minutes. He's a good dad, but he's also a bad dad! He's trouble I tell you. Trouble.

We talked about some seriously funny stuff:

1) If you're racing a Porsche, why would you have your foot on the brake and gas at the same time.

2) How you pop a clutch.

3) Why you pop a clutch?

4) Why he didn't go to Ginny's house for lunch. (He wanted to be alone.) (Ginny freaked out.) Gary showed up. While we were on the phone Gary started the Freightliner. I asked why? The Daddy said, well he has it hooked up to the dumper. I said "Are you kidding? Why would you have a Freightliner hooked up to a dumper? Isn't that a complete waste of fuel and energy." Daddy, "No." Me. "You're kidding, right?" Daddy, "No." We changed subject to Canada! We both love Canada and those who follow my blog know Dad had a sawmill and logs were transported to Canada. Yes, I still ask why Canada needed logs in the 70's!!! No really. Why? Dad gets laughing and won't answer my question. Is there a Canadian out there who will?

Yes, this is actually my life.

The Clever Pup. Thanks honey. I'll try. There are days I swear to God I just struggle. I think "Hell, I'll just journal!" No, I'm not kidding. I'll visit becuase Leah thinks you're pretty special, so that really means you are. Thank you darling. Yes. It mattered. Thank you.


You stop by only when I'm leaving. That's too funny. Hello beautiful. Of course I'm kidding. Inhale, exhale. There are days that are very unkind, but I looked up. Thank you. I love you darling. You're blog is still as beautiful as ever.


Suzanne said...

My darling Just Bob,

I know. I'm in a funk. I finally wrote to Scott's mom yesterday. Death is so unkind and does strange things to you. How do you write to a dear friend's mom about the death of her son? It's just so damn painful. Just writing this paragraph nearly kills me. I told this to my Mom today and she understood. You bury a friend.

Suzanne said...


Thanks baby. When you actually work on them they aren't as kind. They break your heart. I can't tell you the number of young adults who make a wrong choice. It really is awful.

He deserves parole in 10 years. That's where the justice system's fair. You may not think so, but I do. 10 years is a long, long time for a 16 year old. Can you even imagine growing up in prision? I can't. I believe kids should have a second chance. I do Leah. But I worry prison has changed them forever. I do. I'm not so naive, I don't know what happens in prison. I've worked on cases with Rob where 14 years olds were tried as adult and sentenced to LWOP. Mostly gang cases out of LA. No matter how horrible the crime, you just gulp. And entire life just gone. Simply erased. I know you understand crime. I know. I know.

Suzanne said...


Well we just almost practicallty got off the phone. I don't think your voice counts. No really, I'm serious!!! Leave me alone. Of course I'm laughing. Of course your voice counts!!! I love you so much darling. Thank you for everything. Thank you.


Suzanne said...


Hi baby. I just go through rough patches. I really do. Most days are so good, but then, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You have to go back through my whole blog to understand. Some days are simply hard. There are day I want to end this blog. But I don't. Why? I don't know?

Otin, I'm not a writer, I'm an aritst. I often find words such a struggle and I agonize. I'm just going to paint and find my voice again.

You're my type of person too!!! I was talking to Dad today. I love talking to my dad. You know, Father's Day and all. We just cracked up about stupid shit like why you attach a Freightliner to a dump truck? Why? They did!!! Daddy said it's a good thing. What do you think?!!! I think it's insane!!! All that power for a dump truck? Daddy doesn't think it's wasted energy. I'm not so sure. What do you think?

I always like a second opinion. It just sound stupid to me and I told him so.


Karen ^..^ said...

I hope you stay. Like Bob said, if you are shutting down due to too few comments, then I'll have to do the same.

There've been so many times I've had just a few seconds to spare to read this before work, and it always puts a smile on my face before I head out to the traffic. I don't always comment, thinking "I'll come back to it" but the joy of reading it is still there, all day with me. I even have Kristen (my youngest) hooked on it.

It's a beautiful place to stop by for a nice cool glass of refreshment, and a great place to sit and say "Ahhhhhh..."

Stay, baby. We need more like you.

Do it for you first, not the comments. Yeah, they are nice and all, but the writing is all you, sweetheart.

I"ve been incredibly busy these days, and have been terrible about responding to comments left on my blog. I haven't even checked my stat counter in weeks.

I guess you can say I'm taking a small break from online for a while. Focusing on my real life, and my kitties and such. I just hope that when I come back, my friends will still be there. The online world can be a fickle one at times, but I feel I've made such great friends here, that even if they don't comment, I can still count on them all still.

Take care, and come back soon.

Suzanne said...


You know what baby? Your comment matters so much. I'll tell you why. Because I didn't realize that just writing mattered. I've never really thought this blog mattered all that much until I read your words. You know I stuggle with it all the time because it takes time and I'm so short on time. You know my life by now and yes, to reiterate, I'M SO SHORT ON TIME, but you helped me realize people just come to read. Your words were eye opening. I won't close this blog because I have 17 comments!!! Mostly mine!!!! I love you so darling. And Sis, should your daughter be reading this blog? I swear way to much. I don't think I'm a good influence!!! I'll try to be better, dammit, damit. Baby, how do you spell dammit? We're still confused about that one at the Wild Onion. Yes, I'm serious.

Oh, and before I go I should admit I'll be back in 2 days as Cece suggested. She's such a feakin' know it all. I just gotta shake away the cobwebs. Yes, I said "cobwebs" for a reason. Cece is afraid of insects. For a biologists she's such a sissy.

giulia said...

Oh crumb. I just saw your comment to Hazel/Clever Pup, whom I adore, & came right over. I'm off & online due to computer problems (random ones) but I'm sorry now that I've found you, you're taking off. Have shut down comments on the 'human rights-pretty-pictures-edited-by-the-cat' blog due to hate mail/threats.

But on my "blow off steam" writing thingy, I don't receive very many comments. I receive all sorts of email from people though & I sometimes think: "you guys talked me into taking commments & then..." grr. Trying not to take as lack of interest but perhaps I should.:)

Anyway, I was looking for a rose "place" & so I'll poke around when I can. I'm just so sorry I saw this so late. Leave it to Hazel-TCPup to find something most excellent.

Off to look at the NYTimes & then come back here to sniff around these lovely paintings & the rest. I do love the subtitle to the site...I can definitely relate.


Gig said...

Hey Blottie#1!!!
I am so glad I don't have to say anything more about you leaving!! Everybody pretty much covered it for me. We know you, we love you and accept you just like you are woman!!! Just like you do go to France and paint us a beautiful new picture.

I did not post for at least a month...left the Elders up waayyy too long...and you know what? I know everyone still checked in, cuz as soon as I posted bout the dearest blogging friends were there!!

Love you Suze!!
p.s. Cece is right ya know, so listen to her!!

Suzanne said...


Aren't you beautiful!!! You're a very special kitty, aren't you?! I visited your blog and love it, but will have to return when I have more time to read and enjoy it. Excuse me while I talk to your mom for a few minutes! See you soon.


Hold on to your knickers, I'm not leaving yet!! I always threaten to do so, but never do. I used to have too many comments to keep up, now I don't have enough and am grumpy. Is a Leo EVER happy???!!! Everyone just sort of rolls with me at this point. Like Cece said "See you in two days." See, my friends don't even take my threats seriously anymore and neither should you.

WELCOME! I'm so glad you stopped by. I have a friend you will love. Maithri. He's a doctor in Australia and does a lot of volunteer work in Africa. I accidently deleted my blogroll months ago and have been trying to get it back up the past month. I removed some names to add information and haven't found time to get them back up. I know! It's ridiculous! I just, very quickly put Maithri back up so you can visit him and trust me, it's not how I want to present him, but just click on the link and go for it. You will absolutely love him. He's simply an amazing man. And so are all my friends. If you have time, click around. I still have tons of names to get up, and will, so stop by over the next few months. Yes, it will take me months. Just ask anyone here. Hell, it could take years!!! Stop by the Wild Onion. It has terrific links. Be careful with Inner Voices. He's definately our "Wild Card." Oh, and Kylie has her moments. Cece too. Oh, and Random Chic's pullin' up the rear. God, to be honest, I think they're all trouble. Well, except Bindi. Good luck.

And about Clever Pup. SHE'S ADORABLE!!! I'm so glad I threaten to close this blog. I wouldn't have met her otherwise. Nor you. I'm going to do this about once a month in an effort to meet new friends. Speaking of which, I have to go back and find old friends I've let go. I bitch about losing friends, but I'm not a good friend. I don't keep up. So I'm determined this month to be a better person and friend. Watch out, I'm headed your way!

XO And thanks ;)

Suzanne said...


You're funny. You sound like one of my sisters because we'll say something to the other and then end the sentence with "WOMAN!" And apparently everyone here is family because you all know I'm full a crap!!! Did you read what Cece wrote? She's so disrespectful to the elderly. Oh and she was wrong too. It didn't take two days, it took a few hours. Of course I'm laughing! And I refuse to listen to her. Why? Because she calls and ask questions like "Why are you always loading the dishwasher when I call?" My response, "Why do you always call when I'm trying to load the dishwasher?" She's trouble I tell you. T-R-O-U-B-L-E. And her kids are equally bad. Funny bad!!! God they make me laugh way too hard. They eat a lot of chicken as you probably know. That's their problem. Too much protein on the brain. Swear to God we were talking last night. I'd been on the phone with Mom, Dad, Wayne, etc. then Cece. It was late, probably 11 pm her time. I think it was Nathan who came out and asked if he could have chicken. Cece said no. What a mean mommy!!! Here honey, Aunt Suzy will fix you some. And a side dish. You need dessert sweetie?

I would have been such a great mom, but a really bad mom!

Love you darling, and thanks for everything. I'm going to stop acting like a Leo. I need to grow up. I'm almost 50!

And yes, I will paint. I'm going to share the process with all of you. It's sort of grueling. It's work and not always fun although there are wonderful moments of pure joy. You'll see.

I love you so much darling and thank you. I'm so glad you're back. And about living with a Leo. You nutty?!!!


Karen ^..^ said...

Suzanne, don't change a thing about yourself.

Kristen's heard swearing before. And I've just given her formal permission to use the word "crap". LOL, she still can't bring herself to ever say it around me, though.

I swear in front of my kids. I realize that is frowned upon by many, but I don't give a rat's ass. I refuse to be anything other than myself with my girls, and I WILL be real. If that includes having what appears to be Turrette's syndrome from time to time, so be it. I will not change my entire personality in front of my kids. Too exhausting. And I've never told them NOT to swear, but they never have. Ever. Even Kristen will call "Hell's Kitchen" "'Down there's' Kitchen". Its just how they are. It's odd, I know. Plus, when I swear, they know I'm so angry that it's best never to repeat the things I've said, I guess. So, be yourself.

Don't change a thing, sweetheart.

otin said...

A dump truck needs power, but it does not need to have a sleeper cab, but power never hurts!

Anonymous said...