Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A day in the life...

MIL's in Massachusetts, so Fenway's with Rob every day. Oh the photos are horrible, but you try to do better!!! They never slow down. Look at him though. Isn't he just beautiful? Can you believe the difference from homeless and sick and now healthy and beautiful. Life is simply amazing. And yes, T-Bone and Fenway love one another and they also look like one another!!! Just different sizes!!!!
They're exhausted. They've been running around like insaniacks. Yes, Fenways looks beautiful. T-Bone's put on about 20 lbs since Daddy went away. Just stress and depression. He loves his dad very much and misses him. We'll get it off. We've started walking to train for the marathon!

No, I couldn't get a good photo for the life of me. Trust me. I tried. Aren't they adorable together?

I ended the life of the overgrown topiary rose. Cut hundreds and hundreds of blooms off and saved this many. Ohno was depressed I didn't save more.

Look at that boy!

And that blob of pink. I just stuck them in the bowl until I could put them in vases. But frankly, I should have just left the beauties in the bowl.

You know how my roses are out of control this year. This one fell on the ground and came up through the hydrangea. Nature. Ya gotta love it!

Phatty Foo-Foo. Has too much hair. Gets too hot. I'm clipping her hair as often as possible, but until I get it right, she does her best to naturally air condition.
Yes, this is actually my life.


Mike129 said...

Yay for your life!

Fenway and T-Bone are very cute together! They look so happy.

And Ohno is just being a cat. Where did that name come from?

Phatty Foo-Foo is a cutie, too!

Gig said...

Hi Suze,
Thinking of you...hang in there...

love you,
giggie, xoxo

Suzanne said...


Yay for my life!!! You're absolutely right. My ordinary, crazy, freakin' life!!! You made me realize how lucky I am.

Well if you where more familiar with my blog, you'd know Ohno. I was returning from feeding the ferals at the park one morning and stopped at SaveMart in Natomas (I live in Carmichael, but the park in in Natomas). When I walked in the one door, I saw a girl outside the other door with something. Like a moron I exited the "other" door on the way out. Why? I don't know. I just knew I was supposed to. And there she was. The last one left. I told the girl who was giving them away she should "never give them away for free," too many idiots in the world. She said she had "amazing instinct" and knew each one went to a good home. I picked up the wee one and she was shivering because she was so tiny and cold, and black. No one wanted an all black kitty. I said I'd take her, and my darling teenager, who has since become a dear friend allowed me to adopt even though she knew my plate was very full. She trusted the wee one with me. Off we went.

Wee wee was needy and funny and just a little bundle of joy. And so, so tiny at her age. The vet said "some kitties are just tiny. She's healthy and fine." She was handful at only a few pounds. If you read my old post her history is hilarious! Just ask anyone here!!! This was back when Rob was still living here and the kitten was just pure trouble. She'd come into my office/studio and I'd say "OH NO!" and try to pass her off on her dad, or on another kitty, or on another room. The same with Rob. It was just too funny, so only natural her hame would be "Ohno." It's still the delight of the Vet's office to have us arrive and announce her. Everyone in the waiting room cracks up because everyone who's every loved an animal knows what the name means.

And then there was the post when she was on the kitchen table with me and turned around and I said "Oh my God, pom-poms!" Wasn't a girl, was a boy. Was to be spay in a few day, instead was neutered. How'd my vet miss it? We still don't know, but it's hilarious to this day. And at the same time I'd rescued Phatty Foo Foo from the park (a feral kitten) and thought she was a boy because she was so rough and tumble. Turned out she was a girl. Yup, basically the way my life rolls all the time.

So now you know. When you have time, you really have to read my blog. God there are some good stories! Just ask Giggie. That's why she's saying "Hang in there." We've all been through so much and shared so many laughs.

You'll love Giggie. Introduce yourself and when I get my blog roll back up, take the time to click on some wonderful names. You'll have a blast. I've been fortunate to meet some of the most amazing people in Blogger Land. I should have had my blog roll back up a year ago after accidently deleting it, but Gig failed to get the personal assistant I requested because, well, just between you and me...she sucks at management! She's a hairdresser, like Karen, and also a teacher. When she isn't hairdressing she teaches detention so she can have some "me time" to read trash novels. No, I'm not kidding. I'm going to have to scoot because if she reads this she's going to kick my ass. Why? Because she's from Michigan.

XO And Thanks! And you are correct my dear man...Fenway and T-Bone are adorable together. MIL called yesterday and I told her if she dies Fenway's coming to live with T-Bone. She couldn't stop laughing. And so it goes.


Suzanne said...


Hi honey!!! Just thinking of you and hubby because we had some really turbulent weather in the past few hours. Over 600 lightening strikes in an hour or so and a national weather alert. That doesn't happen here, so really strange. But it wasn't the lighten that made me think of you, it was my shoulder. It hurt. For the first time in a long time felt like someone had pull that little sucker out of it's socket. Hummmmmm. So I guess it's still a problem, but only when we have severe lightening and it rains. Hummmmmmmmm.

Oh, and honey, Mike will probably visit you soon. He's a good guy. Welcome him with open arms and some sort of food, basically because I told him you would. Oh, and you and hubby will love him because he races. Porsches. They have Porsches in Michigan, right? *Giggie smacks Suzy for a loop.* That hurt. How rude.

You don't have to read my response to his comment because I know how busy you are, but isn't he adorable with that little kitten? He asked about the story of Ohno. God, please help me!!!

I love you darling. Hope all is well. Hope hubby is getting better and hasn't become addicted to pain killers. I hope you haven't either!

Come here. Let me give you a hug!
XO ;)

Leah said...

This is fantastic, how did I miss it?

I think T-Bone is gorgeous. The 20 lbs make him extra manly! lol

Pippin was, later in life, a bit chunky, but he lived past 15 and swam and frisked right up until the end (well, not the very end, but up until the last summer)...

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Thank you for sharing this with us..
they both look happy :)
love you dear

Suzanne said...


Ahhhhhhhh, because you didn't look!!! Sorry, I had to.

I agree, T-Bone is so gorgeous, and even with the extra 20 lbs., but the vet is freakin' out. You know how they always scold about get older, joint problems, etc., so this is really serious because he does look totally different than he did a year ago and he has had a hip issue. But I think the weight is mostly from steroids he had to take twice. He just puffed up within weeks. Not to worry though, he'll get it off. And trust me, he looks much better (and healthier) without the additional 20 lbs! Don't encourage him.

It's funny, I was thinking about Pippin yesterday and T-Bone was romping around the yard. I wasn't feeling very well and told him to hurry up and do his business so we could go inside. He picked up his tennis ball, threw his head in the air and ran around the property as fast as he could. I yelled "DUDE THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!" He ran up behind me and stopped on a dime. Still with the tennis ball. He wanted me to play, but I couldn't. I thought of Pippin in the water, so happy, and T-Bone, so happy. They don't ask for much, do they?

I pray T-Bone makes it to 15. I see him changing and he's only 9. Smaller dogs live longer. I can barely cope with the loss of Newman. It's already been 5 months and it hurts as much today as it did the day he died. It's hard to love animals, but so easy.

;) Love you darling!

Suzanne said...


It was pure joy. T-Bone is the most generous dog and always welcomes other dogs into the yard. Look at all the kitties and kittens he's welcomed to the house!!! He's a very, very special dog.

Thanks darling. Hugs to you and the kids too.


Anonymous said...