Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My life. What? You think it changed from yesterday?

Ahhhhhhhh, the wee one. Bought him for T-Bone today. I always arrive home with kitty toys, but nothing for T-Bone in the past few years (because he thinks all the kittie toys are his too), so went shopping. Yes, a good eye, is always a good eye. T-Bone has a long history with stuffed animals. Mommy is good! Most stuffed animals make it a few hour before becoming a pinata, but some survive. Take for instance the stuffed teddy bear from FAO Schwartz. Found it in a second hand shop for peanuts! Knew it was good. It's survived 9 years of abuse and probably 30 launderings. Only missing it's nose and a few shoulder hairs! This one too. Knew it instantly. Probably because of the tag still in it's ear. Paid $1.99. Hummmmmm. Tag, still in it's ear. Showed T-Bone, cut off the tag then to his utter dismay, threw it in the wash. Googled. Hummmmmm. Worth over $30 with tag!!! Oh well.
Oh, he's gonna be so loved!
Bijou, for Christ's sakes, it's just a teddy!

I love him too!!! For Christ's sakes, he's just a teddy. Right?
PS Yes...they dragged him about a foot away from where he started!!! I had to rescue him.
PPS He's from TY and his name is Butterbeary! He's cute!


e said...

New Teddy is cute! Shoulda saved the tag, though, maybe...

I'm off to do something wicked...

I thought life would be cool at almost fifty...It doesn't feel that way right now...

Wishing you a good week!

Mike129 said...


Yay, toys!

Suzanne said...


I'm off to the park, and late. Late I tell you! So to make it worse I'm on the computer. I had to research something before leaving and somehow ended up here. God I hate the damn computer.

I did save the tag!!!! The precious wee one is a TY bear and his name is Butterbeary. Is that too adorable, or what?! I love the tag too because it reads "Retain Tag For Reference. For ages 3 and up. Surface wash." Surface wash? Get outta here! I threw him in the wash, washed him once, rinsed twice, never expected the bow to survive. Then threw Butterbeary in the dryer. No joke, he's gorgeous! Survived it all and is now nice and clean too. And the bow? Looks as good as new!

Tell me all about doing "wicked" stuff. I never do that, but Kylie, Karen and Leah do. It sounds like such fun. Spill the details. No, I'm not kidding. I want to hear all about wicked.

No, life isn't cool at 50 unless you're Oprah. It's still as hard as it was at 40! Good luck with that honey. And have a great week too.

Happy Tuesday.

Suzanne said...


Thank for the visit darling. My little family is hilarious. I don't have to work too hard for laughs around this joint. I should start posting this stuff on You Tube. They'd be an overnight sensation. Videos would catapult this crew to stardome. I'm serious. We'd probably get a movie deal!

Have a great day :)

Cece said...

When my MIL died, we had to go clean out her house. We discovered that she had storage boxes upon storages boxes full of those TY dolls. I cannot begin to tell you how many there were. The boys picked through them and kept the ones they wanted and all the rest of them went to the goodwill store for donation. T-Bone would have loved my MIL and she would have loved T-Bone. She was a dog person. Afterall, she owned Apollo.

Mr. Shife said...

Oh your kitties are so well taken care of. They have a good home. I hope they enjoy their new toy. And I did answer your question about Quincy on my blog but I thought I would tell you here in case you miss it but he is neutered. He is a pound rescue so we got him minus his man bags to begin with but he doesn't seem to miss them too much. I can always get him some neuticles. If you don't know what that is go ahead and look it up. They are real.

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Hope you having a good day..
new teddy is cute but how long he going to stay that way? nothing is going to stay same forever...no no am not a philosopher...but you know today is one of my crazy day..
love to you and little ones

Karen ^..^ said...

Some times you just have to squeeze a teddy for things to be all right again. Dogs and cats know this.

I get my girls a teddy bear every Christmas. I never fail to get them one. I love the collector bears. I don't get them the cheesy christmas bears, because I want them to be able to display them all year if they want.

They love those teddies. One year I had forgotten them in my closet, and they asked tearfully if Santa forgot their teddy bears that year. I felt so bad! When they weren't looking, I sneaked them INTO the tree and told them they just didn't look hard enough. Now, of course, they know it was me all along, and remember those teddies above any other gift. It's tradition, you see.

Suzanne said...


Yes, I got the messages and I know I have to call. Sorry. I've been really sick and then I got a migrane. 3 days and counting. It was easing yesterday, so like a fool I spent 5 hours trimming hedges. No joke. Let's all say it together, "I am a moron." Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one! It hurt so much last night I couldn't sleep and it hurts more today. That's why I'm sitting here. I just arrived home from the park and running errands to a house covered, one end to the other, in little bits of toilet tissue. Yup a whole new double roll plastered over the entire house. They didn't miss a room or a surface. How could they with that much paper? So I'm going to sit here until I get the courage to face the house, water the yard(s), load the dishwasher, start laundry, do every day general clean up (Is that hypenated? God I do miss Rob for spelling and grammar questions!!! Remember when I could so easily yell through the wall?!), and cook. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. No extra projects today folks.

Your MIL was a sweetie. And she was smart too! She collected all those Ty stuffed animals! You gave a gold mine to The Goodwill. Are you aware of that? You should have sold them on eBay. Seriously. My little wee one was born in 1999, retired in 2001 and worth over $30 on the secondary market. Of course he has to be in good condition and hopefully still have his ear tag. Okay, so he's in good condition, but doesn't have an ear tag. Why would I want him to live his life with that damn think dangling from his ear? I'm glad it's gone and he's no longer "on the market." He's all ours. Well frankly, he's all mine. I'm not letting T-Bone and the Peep (sounds like a 50's band) have him. Why? Because it's almost as if he's real. No, I'm not crazy. He has such a well developed personality and is very expressive. When I hold him I feel as if I'm holding a baby. It's wierd. I'm not kidding. He's a keeper! So it's back to Goodwill for another round of "Let's find a playmate for T-Bone." I'll go tomorrow when hopefully my head won't be pounding out of my skull.

And yes, T-Bone would have loved your MIL and visa versa. She was a good woman darling and I know how much you miss her.

I love you,
P.S. Give Apollo a hug from all of us.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Butterbeary is so cute. So cute! Enjoy your hugs with him :)

Suzanne said...

Mr. Shife,

Dude, the bear was for T-Bone. The dog!!! Remember? We have a dog too!!! You crack me up. But yes, the kitties are insane about "Butterbeary." So much so I need to buy some used stuffed animals for them too. What a hoot watching Bijou drag poor Butterbeary across the sofa. I really am going to start recording this menagerie and posting on You Tube because keeping this stuff to myself is selfish!

Oh and just so you and Ms. Shife know, some of the best stuffed toys can be found at thrift stores. Very cheap. Most brand new. Just bring them home, throw them in the wash and bingo, the wee one has new toys! Quincy would probably appreciate one every now and then too.

Oh, and about Quincy, thank goodness. And thank you for rescuing too. That always matters to me for some reason. Now about the "neuticles." You think I'm going to google that? You nuts (wow, that's funny)? NO!!! I'm not. I don't want that image stuck in my brain forever. Git.

I'll visit soon to see what's up. How's papa doing as Mr. Mom? That's what I want to know! And honey, your baby is so beautiful. I'm so happy you're getting to share this time of his life. It's precious. Yes, I know there are difficult times, but the precious are better.

XOXOXOXO to all. Love you!

Suzanne said...

Okay, I'll be back. Time to go take care of the house and all the toilet tissue!

Cece said...

Good luck with that Migraine.

Leah said...

Hi Suzy! I do love teddy bears and stuffed animals in general. And Hedgie and I have literally hundreds (alas, I'm not kidding) of Ty Beanie Babies...dozens among them that we got at the Salvation Army upstate, with the tags still on! Isn't that funny? We sometimes like to get our collection out and look through it.

Hope you're feeling good this eve!


Suzanne said...


Hi honey. He's going to stay that way! You know why? Because I've decided not to give him to T-Bone and the kitties. He's so adorable and has such a rich personality I can't quite see him in T-Bone's mouth! For now he's up on the bookshelf looking all cute.

I know this is your rough day. Hang in there darling. Tomorrow's coming! You know how much we all love you here at Rose Cottage, so we're sending a huge group hug across the miles.

Love to all,

Suzanne said...


Do you realize if you'd been in Arkansas a few years ago you could have found a pretty good deal on some Ty bears!!! Damn. Can you believe Cece gave them all to the Goodwill? That woman. Well, you know someone's a pretty happy camper.

I LOVE TEDDY BEARS! I do, I do, I do. And this one in particular. Why? Because he's like a baby. He's made so brilliantly he cuddles, hugs, makes me laugh. I fell asleep with him last night. I know. That makes me sound crazy, but trust me, I'm not. He was just too special to put down. Yes, of course this means T-Bone and the kitties aren't getting him. I have him next to me as I type this and T-Bone has his head on my desk and won't take his eyes off Butterbeary. Too funny. He loves him too. Oh, one thing you should know, boy do Ty bears launder beautifully.

I love your story about the kids and teddy bears. What a wonderful tradition. And no, kids don't let Santa get away with anything. Quick thinking always saves the day!!! Good for you! And yes, T-Bone is still here with his nose about 2 inches away from Butterbeary. You see, T-Bone knows the bear was for him and can't figure out why the bear isn't his!

Love you darling. I stopped by your blog and read your lastest post. It's terrific. I'll be back to comment. Thanks for always stopping by. Love you so.

Me XO ;)

Suzanne said...


He is, isn't he!!! Cinnamon I've fallen in love with a little teddy bear! What's that say about me? He's almost like Winnie The Pooh, just better!

Love and hugs,

Suzanne said...

Thanks Cece, it's improving. I feel much better this evening. If all goes well I'll call you tomorrow.

Babe, Rob's 50th birthday's tomorrow. Give him a call if you can. I know he'd love to hear from you.

Hope all is well on the homefront. You know I think of you every day.

Love you,

Suzanne said...


Too funny. Why doesn't that suprise me?!!! You know, one of the first things I bought for T-Bone as a baby was a Bennie-Baby. A little white sheep (you know how I love sheep!). He popped a seam within hours then ran through the house shaking his head back and forth with that little beauty in his mouth, enjoying the sound of beans being distributed evenly throughout. I nearly killed him!!! I found those little pellets for months!!! My first rule with a dog: NO BEANIE-BABIES!!!!

Honey, do you realize I've fallen in love with a Ty bear? He's SO adorable and has those beautiful eyes. They follow me where ever I go. What's with that? He's perfection from head to toe, except for the bow. The ribbon's cheap. I'm going to buy him a proper ribbon. It's funny how teddy bears tug at your heart. Why? You're smart. You'll know the psychology Dr. Science.

I love the vision of you and Hedgie pulling out all the stuffed animals. What joy. And also shopping for them in second hand shops upstate. WHAT FUN!!! Honey, can you believe what you can find? It's insane. I just told Mr. Shife to shop the local thrift stores for stuffed animals rather than buy them new. It really is amazing what you can find. And anything can be laundered.

Wow, the phone just rang. It was my vet's office. I have a feral who was in a fight and in bad shape. I called the vet to see if he'd allow me to administer an injection of antibiotics. I honestly didn't think he would because of liability and all. I just learned he will. What an honor. It means I've passed a certain point. I've passed the biggest test or something. I'm worthy! Wow. I'm sitting here just sorta blown away. I could cry. I'm not kidding. Not because I've passed the test, but because I've worked so hard to help animals and now even my vet trusts me. It's humbling. Yes, of course of crying now. I need my Teddy! I'm going for instructions tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

Stuffed animals are the best. Rescued stuffed animals even better!!! You and Hedgie rescue until you're all rescued out.

I love you so darling,

Megan said...

You rock. That's all.

Suzanne said...


Get over here you. I'm going to hug you to bits!!!!! You're like a sister, daughter, mother, what? How old are you? Well, let's just say you're very, very special!

Lub you.

Suzanne said...

Oh, and I know I've already said it, but love that new photo. You're HOT!

merelyme said...

My friend from high school came over today to check in on everyone...brings her girls to wear out the pooch. She asked how he liked his toy (like the one in your photo). All I could say, having been more than a day with it was, "What toy?"
Gotta love our animals and they, theirs!
Stay well!

just bob said...

Hi Blottie

Suzanne said...


You make me laugh. I especially love how we have to "wear out a pooch." You know what I mean! We use kids, tennis balls, long walks, threats of a bath, etc.

I bought new teddy bears today for T-Bone and the crew after refusing to give up Butterbeary. Hummmmmmmm. Now all three are on the shelf. They have such little personalities. I think I'm going to have to buy something other than a teddy for a toy. Any suggestions?!!!

Love and hugs to you and the wee ones.


Suzanne said...

BOB!!! I was just thinking about you!!! I was going to stop by your blog and bust you b****. But thought I should behave. Ahhhhhhh, screw it. Behave be damned!!! Hi honey! You married yet?

Miss you. Come home soon. By the way, where the hell are you? Wink wink, nudge nudge.

XO Blottie

just bob said...

I'm right here.

Suzanne said...

BOB!!! I was just thinking about you!!! I was going to stop by your blog and bust you b****. But thought I should behave. Ahhhhhhh, screw it. Behave be damned!!! Hi honey! You married yet?

Miss you. Come home soon. By the way, where the hell are you? Wink wink, nudge nudge.

XO Blottie

Suzanne said...

Bob, I just got back from your blog, didn't think I posted that damn thing, so posted it again. No, I'm not tired. I'm just insane!

You're right here where? You're interviewing in your living room? That doesn't sound very professional.

Walker said...

Hmmm what shape will he be in, in about a month i wonder?
What with you and the pets fighting over him

Suzanne said...

His ass is firmly planted on the bookshelf for safety, but I'll tell you a funny story about the middle sidekick. One of the kitties was able to knock him off and into T-Bone's waiting mouth. They're all in cahoots. Cahoots I tell you! But Mommy's smarter (well, on her good days). I wrestled it out of his mouth and said "T-BONE, YOU KNOW THAT'S A KITTY TOY!!!!" If it's his toy he shreds it to bits, but if he think it's a kitty toy he's very gentle, usually. Yes, I'll let him have the wee one once I'm certain he's certain it's a kitty toy! I'll post photos in a year. I'm confident the wee one will still look good. Why? Because Mommy has a plan!

Love to see you hear darling. Will stop by when I have a few free hours (yes, it takes that long to read everything over there!). Hope all is well.


Anonymous said...