Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Random Chick ~ with love from "The Crew!!!"


Yes, it's true. I said I would not, but I went out in the spinkler system to retrieve this. Why? Because I love you so and I saw the bouquet. I actually saw it when the Perfect Moment roses came into view (looks like roses in a blue bird's nest!). So I gathered without turning off the sprinkler system. Yup. It's unkind. Gets you on the way in and on the way out.

Then think about staying in it trying to gather a bouquet. Yup. Unkind. Probably 20 hits! But look honey, I'm sopping wet, but look!!! Look what I found for you! And I put it in a lead crystal vase.
Yes, I've taken photos from all sides...
Against my rug. Who knew the hydrangea would match so perfectly. Speaking of hydrangea, I turned with a huge bouquet of roses and saw the hydrangea and just knew. Perfect match!
I hope you enjoy darling. I'm so sorry I'm late. I hope this makes for up for it. You know how much I love you.
With all my "wet" heart, Happy Birthday darling...


Leah said...

That is simply stunning, Suzy. The contrasting colors are extraordinary; it looks like a painting!

xo to you and to RC.

Megan said...

Mmmm, wet Blottie!


That's fantastic, Suz. Let's keep RC's party going, until the last petal falls!

Suzanne said...


Thanks baby and trust me, it's gonna be a painting alright! In the garden I picked the roses first, then soaking wet went to the hydrangea area and surround the roses with them (they're so blue this year). The bouquet is exactly as I arranged it in the garden. I rarely deveate from what I "see" in the garden. Usually just cut the stems again and plunk the bouquet in a vase. But I'm very careful about cutting a second time with the stems under water.

I will admit, walking into the house and catching the bouquet in a mirror, I thought "What a beautiful bouquet for a bride." Is anyone getting married!!! Renewing their vows? Please!!!


P.S. Thanks Leah. Love you! And honey, the bouquet is from all of us. I didn't cut and arrange this bouquet without thinking of all of you. ;)

Suzanne said...

Wet Blottie? Which one? Hey you! You might be a "wet" Blottie, but me? I'm a COLD, WET BLOTTIE!!!

This is what it sounds like:

cha, cha, cha, cha, cha, "Oh shit."

cha, cha, cha, cha, cha, "Oh shit."

cha, cha, cha, cha, cha, "Oh shit."

You try that 20 freakin' times and see if you're still Blottie arranging a bouquet!!! Somehow I think you are!!! Oh shit!

You know I just got laughing. All three Blotties will soon be here. No, trust me, she won't miss this for the world. Why? Because she loves flowers! And, she's Blottie. God, this is going to get very confusing.

Yes, lets keep it going. I'll set the bouqet on the table in the foyer and take photos every day. When the last pedal falls we sleep!!!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SUZANNE! How did you know I LOVE Hydrangeas?? The lead crystal vase is divine!! I LOVE how the roses contrast so beautifully with the hydrangeas...I would have NEVER thought of that!

I'm sorry you got wet! Maybe you should have worn you bathing suit and just made an afternoon of running through the sprinklers!

Don't worry about being late, and forgetting. I almost forgot myself. Thank GOD it's over...


I'm soo frickin busy these days I haven't had time to visit or blog much at all. I thought summer time was a time to lie around sipping lemonade...not in my house!!!

Otin said...

Happy birthday, even though I don't know you! LOL! Thanks for the comments on my poem!

Suzanne said...

You're very, very welcome.

I know you love hydrangeas because you mentioned them ages ago. I also know how much you love flowers in general, so this was a very easy bouquet to design. And you know what, I didn't think the roses would go with the hydrangeas either, but when I place them together, WOW! Delicious!!! I've decided to use this bouquet in a painting. That's how much I love the color combination and flower choice.

I was giving the squirrels & birds more food when I saw the roses, so didn't bother to change, just ran into the sprinkler system thinking I could outsmart it. HA!!! It kicked my ass. I swear to God it was so funny. When I returned to the house with a huge armload of flowers and dripping wet, the kids all looked at me and said collectively "Who the hell is that?" No, it wasn't pretty. I think a bathing suit might have made it worse! Hey, I'm almost 50.

I'm glad your birthday's over if you want it to be over. It wasn't that bad, was it? Once I got in the grove I loved it. The cake cracked me up, oh and by the way, did anyone get to eat it?!

I know life is busy because I'm dealing with it too, so DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER worry about stopping by or commenting. You stop by when you can and that's good enough for me darling.

Hope your birthday was memorable and also hope you have a beautiful year. I love you very much.


Suzanne said...


Trust me, introduce yourself to Random Chick blog. You won't regret a single moment! Just trust me. DO IT!

And about the comment, you're so welcome. I read all the other comments. Fascinating. Even the negative ones, absolutely fascinating because true. I think what most don't realize is how many vets are out there and how many former foster children who when 18 are turned out on their own and have absolutely nowhere to go because they were never adopted and don't have a family. And how many mentally ill are literally just abandoned on the streets. I can't recall who did a piece about the mentally ill who are abandoned by hospitals (LA Times? 60 Minutes?), but it was within the past year and was jaw dropping.

Most people think it's so easy for homeless. Just find a shelter. But if you have pets it's literally impossible. All the homeless I know at the park have pets and nowhere to turn. If you've ever had a companion animal and love it you will never abandon it to find sanctuary in a shelter. Loving a pet doesn't change if you become homeless.

I guess I should be writing this on your blog. I will. You have wonderful friends and it was really moving to read all the comments. I won't post a poem because I can't write poetry for the life of me. Seriously, I can't! Hell, look at this, I can barely write!!!

Where are you headed? Have fun and stop by if you can. If not, I'll see you when you return.

Safe journey,

Anonymous said...