Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Nuts?

Mommy, I want more...


just bob said...


Suzanne said...

Oh trust me, they get bacon too! A treat you know. This is a true story. He was sick for a few days and when he felt better he couldn't stop eating. Yup, all six plates of food. I think he could have taken a seventh, but I put my food down and said "Mickey, enough."

Suzanne said...

Oh, I should also add Mickey's a Maine coon kitty, so has to eat more than most to keep his fur beautiful. And the floor. That's the only tile in the whole house. It's the foyer. I didn't like it when I bought the house, but it's grown on me. It's travertine. Lots and lots of beautiful rocks and minerals and a few fossils thrown in for good measure. It's really lovely. And if you put a flash light on it, it glows. Hard to explain, but beautiful.

Honey have you met Em? She's Peter's sister. (Peter's our friend in England.) Em is now serving in Afganistan and feeling the weight of being seperated from her companion, her dog, her family and friends. She loves getting mail. Real snail mail. Probably because it's something tangible. I'm attempting to get a group together to send letters. You can do it once a month, once a week, whatever you can muster. I think you'd bring joy to her life and I hope you get on board. I think it would help you too. I don't have her link on my blog because you know I'm ridiculously slow at just about everything, but you can find her through Kylie or Peter, or even wacky Leah, I think! Don't tell Leah I called her "wacky," cuz that'll hurt my ass. She so rude when she gets wind of something like that.

Okay babe, gotta go. Give it some thought and get back to me. If you don't want to participate, that's okay too. Easy breezy. That's my new motto.

Love you darling. Hope you're sleeping, like a normal person!!!

XO Blottie :)

Anonymous said...

And look at those lovely china plates they get to eat from. Suzanne you totally spoil your kitties!

I'll be back to hear what Leah has to say about being called 'Wacky'!!

Karen ^..^ said...

Aww, he's such a gorgeous kitty. Reminds me of my darling Kittenface (RIP)

She was part Maine coon, looked the part, but in miniature. I still miss her every day. The floor is gorgeous, and so are the plates. I'm glad Mickey is feeling better and has his appetite back. Nothing like canned cat food to entice the old taste buds, mine love it as a treat every so often. I do give them dry, though, the fat little shits need to be fed all day long. Keeps their teeth healthy too. My daughter came over the other day and was astounded at Robert; he had grown enormous!!!

He went through a stressful time when we moved, and had grown too lean for my comfort, and started losing his beautiful fur. The vet said he was stressed. Then we moved her and he's put back all his weight and then some! He looks great!

Walker said...

Never fall asleep on the floor around that cat.
You may be missing a limb or two when you wake up

Suzanne said...


They are spoiled. They have even more beautiful plates than these. I shop in antique stores for tea cup saucers and buy only the really pretty ones! Thanks for noticing.

I'm glad you'll be here when Leah arrives because I won't!!!

Love ya ;) XO

Suzanne said...

Karen, Karen, Karen,

You kill me. I know Mickey reminds you of Kittenface. Do you have photos? Share if you do. I'd love to see her. RIP.

Now see, I never thought that floor was gorgeous. I thought it was out of place in a sea of hardwood floors, but I've grown to love it. Probably because I'm down there so often cleaning up puke, hairballs, dust balls, dirt, urine and of course, sharks (yes, it's like Saturday Night Live, just worse!). And you know what? If you place a flashlight on it, it glows in the dark. It's so, so beautiful. I never expected to love it so, but I do. And it's almost alive because of all the fossils, minerals and rocks. It's literally a slice of history come to life in my foyer. You generally wouldn't see it feeding Mickey because he has a "Tush pad" and eats on that, but this morning he was so hungry I was just throwing food down!!! He wouldn't wait for anything except paper towels and food. Lots and lots of food! That was a funny morning.

And plates. Don't get me going. I shop in antique shops for them or at the thrift store. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE antique plates. The prettier the better. For the kitties I have a stack of about 30 or 40 and switch them out so they don't get bored. You know me, no, I'm not kidding!!! Oh, and they all have favorites. Yes, they notice the little stuff Mommy does.

Okay, so here's what we do, and trust me, it's insane. Hard food is out 24/7. In addition, morning, soft food and Gerber baby food (turkey). Snack after returning from the park, soft food. Around 6 pm soft food and Gerber baby food (turkey). They used to have a second round of soft food and Gerber baby food around 8 pm, but with the economy so bad and my bank account so low I put an end to that. See, so they aren't spoiled at all.

Speaking of "chubby" kitties, you know Maestro has always been on the chubby side after being neutered. We had a vet in Berkeley who loved Maestro so much. We'd take him in so worried about his wieght and one day Doc said "Stop worrying because I'm pretty keen on fat kitties." He explained that he had seen his share of starving, abused kitties and Maestro was the antidote. Maestro's "hefty," but we've never worried since. And all the Vet's since seem to love him to death. He's a pretty special guy.

Hurray for Robert. People don't often realize animals deal with stress and depression. Why wouldn't they? We're complex, why would they be? I'm so happy Robert has found a safe place and on the road to recovery. Good choice darling. Love that apartment!!!

And I love you. You know that. Hang in there with everything. Especially the new guy. I'll stop by to comment when I gather my thoughts. I haven't commented because I'm still thinking. Oh, and if you emailed, it may be awhile. I accessed my email and was told I had 56. Oh dear God. I got through about 20 and gave up. Email with your phone number. We'll chat instead. Easier!!! My fingers are tired!!!

Hey baby, Leah's coming south with Hedgie. I thought what a wonderful opportunity to visit you and Cece. They have no plan, just drivin' along. They could probably use a haircut by the time they reach the panhandle! I do hope you all take the time to meet. Oh, and if you do, take photos and post them!!! We all need a laugh this summer!

Sis XO

Suzanne said...


Well, well, well...look who's here. Mr. Sexy! Whatchaupto Mister? I'll stop by for a peek! Oh, I could say something, but won't. *Suze rolls eyes in head.*

And just so you know, Mickey loves me. He knows the difference between me and Friskies. He does, right? I'm still here, right?

XO ;)

Leah said...


I caught you calling me wacky!!!!

Now there's gonna be trouble...

just kidding. I'm wacky and proud!

Mickey and his six empty plates are hilarious.

And I love your idea of sending mail to Em--I'm totally in, we just have to get her address somehow. I know Hedgie would love to write to her too. What are the "blueys"? Mailers specifically for writing to military?

Let's totally do it.

Suzanne said...

Oh God, I love you so. I knew you and Hedgie would be in. Honey, did you read her post? It nearly broke my heart. She's struggling, you know. I can only imagine what it feels like to be pulled away from family, animals and friends. It just hurts so much.

I'm waiting to hear from Peter or Kylie. Or even Em. They all know the address!!! You know they'll get back to us, so we'll wait. But I really want to get a post in the mail this week so Em has something. I think I really will write on toilet tissue just for fun the first time!!! She'll have to cobble it together. It'll be hilarious!!! She's such a gem and I know you know. I just think of her there all alone. You know? And how many other thousands are struggling just like her. Her post was a wake-up call. It really was.

Baby, I don't know what the "blueys" are, but I was already planning to call the post office to find out if there's any sort of discount for military, even if foreign. There has to be. And if not, we should start a non-profit. I'm serious. After reading Em's post I realized how soldiers struggle in the military every day, just to cope. How important mail is. How important someone who cares is. I thought about reaching out to school children to foster a soldier. Doesn't it seem like the perfect match? I know. I'm thinking very, very seriously about this. I'm not a public speaker, but I swear to God I'd stand in front of a class of kids and ask for their help. Em's post killed me.

Let's totally do it. I'll get all and any info from the post office and we'll be on our way as soon as we have her address. Thank you my "wacky" darling. God I love you so. Thank you.


Suzanne said...

Oh, and Leah, yes, Mickey and his plates is hilarious! Trust me, I'd know!!! XO

Suzanne said...

Oh, and did any of you catch the toilet tissue in the background? No, the fun never ends here.

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