Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's Day...

I have always sent my dad serious card. Always. But today I saw her and knew in an instant. It's the only card I saw and the only one I opened. Please God, say it isn't so!!! Those of you who follow this blog and know me well, know. Is that funny, or what?!!!
Oh God please! *Turns backhoe around and starts diggin'!* No, you don't get better than this.
I love you Daddy. And thanks.


Joyful Jo said...

Hi Suze,
I"m fine but go to my blog to see what has been happening.
Love the funny card. I always like those sort of ones but i think to myself will the the recipent think so too. Not unsderstand my weied sense of humour.

Karen ^..^ said...

I think it's adorable!! Too funny, and SO you!!! He'll love it!If anyone understands your weird sense of humor, your dad will! After all, where'd you inherit it from? You come by it honestly, I'm sure.

just bob said...

Even Blotties pick their noses!

Suzanne said...

Joyful Jo, Karen and Bob,

I should be out of here by now and on Hwy 80, but I'm not because I'm waiting for my sweatpants to dry. It's just going to be one of those days.

Jo, I'll stop by later. Hope life hasn't been too awful. Oh, and don't worry about Dad liking the card because he's hoot. He won't like it, HE'LL LOVE IT!!!

Karen, Yes, it's true HE'LL LOVE IT!!! You know my dad, he's so much fun. I actually think Dad contributed to us girls being more of a handful than we were born to be! We're what any respectable parent would call "trouble."

You know what else? I didn't meet Dad until I was 11. He's my stepdad. Mom remarried and had my little sister and two little brothers. But Dad has never been a stepdad, he's Dad. My biological dad wasn't really a part of my life, but Dad, always. Still is. We all love him to death.

And humor. I really don't know where it comes from, but we've always been the funniest family I've ever known! I think because we love and need to laugh.

Bob, Thank God for Blotties and noses!!!

XOXOXO Gotta run to the park. I'm late!

Anonymous said...