Thursday, June 18, 2009


As you all know I cleared out Rob's office. I stuffed all his books in about 10 billion white plastic garbage bags and booted them into the garage. Why? Because it was too painful to have them in clear view. I was doing laundry the other day and one fell out with a wee thud. I turned to look and said outloud, "Jimmy, what the hell are you doing here?" Then laughed my ass off. Now I know Jim Thompson's dead, but apparently the publishing company used Jimmy Bastard as a model.

Rob took all his books last week, but I hid this one for Leah!!! Yes, it really is amazing how those bastards look alike! And it's also amazing how criminal appellate lawyers and almost everyone involved in law enforcement read crime fiction. Don't even get me started!!!

Oh, I should add, it's an amazing book. I'll let Leah critique it for you.



Leah said...

Aha! Jimmy is a famous crime fiction writer from the 1950s! It all makes sense now. We have to overlook certain details, though, like the fact that Thompson was American and is dead... ; )

So to whom does that penetrating Jimmy-like gaze on the cover belong to? Is it supposed to be the author?

Actually, I've heard of this, he was all noir-y and stuff, and it's supposed to be great, and I cannot cannot cannot wait to read it! I'm amazed I never have before!

You're right, Suzy, everyone in the criminal justice "industry" likes to take a busman's holiday and read crime fiction, true crime, watch cops and Law and Order etc etc. It's a total phenom.

If you send it, I totally pledge to present a book report.

Suzanne said...


I was just out adjusting the sprinkler system. Need I say more. I had to leave my sweat pants in the garage and walk into the house naked. They were literally 5 inches longer than they were when I went out. Yes, it is true, I looked like a wet rat. And I was really pissed when the sprinkler went right across my face. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I don't think working with sprinklers is fair. I don't.

Now about Jimmy. Is that funny or what? Well, he can't be Jimmy T, cuz well, he's dead, but I think your Jimmy is the Scottish reincarnation! Imagine doing laundry and seeing that fall out of the plastic bag!!! Hummmmmmmmm. Whatdayado? Yup, just stand there and laugh. Ya gotta. I remember saying "Jimmy?"

I'm with ya sista, who is the Jimmy-like gaze on the cover? I thought about that a lot. I know JT is dead and don't think it's supposed to be him. I think it's supposed to be the protagonist. Unfortunately he looks just like "your" Jimmy!!! What? Of course I'm laughing!!!

Yes, it's a great book. Rob only reads great authors! He's a HUGE fan of Elmore Leonard. HUGE I TELL YOU! Has every first edition hardback. I though I could grab one for you, but he sucked the bags up like a Hoover! I should have thought before I kicked all the junk into the trunk.

This is a great book and it's coming your way. Critique the hell out of it for all of us beause I still don't understand everthing. Enlighten me wise one. Oh, and by the way, I still have two more shelves of his books to go. I'll send what I can!!! Do you like plays?


Cece said...

Do you not realize how fun it is to run through a sprinkler. I enjoy doing it with the kids. We have so much fun. I bet T-bone would have a blast running through the sprinkler with you, it is also pretty romatic, so perhaps Rob could take time to relax and breath a bit and have a foray under the sprinkler with you.

Love you.

Karen ^..^ said...

Isn't Jimmy great??? I discovered him on Leah's blog, and even if I don't always comment, I love to read his posts. Sometimes it's just too moving to leave a comment, it wouldn't do it justice. I'm speechless sometimes. Wordless.

sorry I've been away for a while. I've just not had anything to write about since Kristen left for horse camp, and I'm drowning my sorrows in TV. Countless episodes of The Office (funny as hell) and Weeds (equally funny, but in a darker way) have kept me entertained, my mind off my youngest offspring.

Hope all is well with you. Love you, sis.

Suzanne said...

*Picks Cece up by the shoulders and smacks her good.* "Snap out of it woman!!!*

I didn't go out to play, I went out to manipulate the sprinkler system. I didn't expect to return all wet and humiliated because I'm smarter than the irrigation system. But I will admit, it was hilarious because it went something like this:

Across the face.
Across the boobs.
Across the knees.
Across the shins.
Across the ass.
Across the belly.

With every hit I laughed harder. As hot as it was outside, it was cold. Water is cold.

Cece, T-Bone's a sissy. You don't know that by now!? He can barely stand a bath in warm water.

And Rob. Nice try honey. You are such a good woman and friend to us!

Love you!

Suzanne said...


I don't know if Jimmy's great because I don't read his blog. I should. I know. What I do know about him is through you and Leah and he sounds like a terrific guy. That's why when the book fell out I laughed because it looked like his photo a few months ago. I was like, "Dude!" It was just a funny moment in the laundry room.

About Kristen and horse camp. You sound so much like my sister Laura. She's a single mom and raised 3 beautiful kids and when they grew up and flew the nest she was devastated. I'm not kidding. She still suffers. It's hard to transition. Kristen is going to leave you one day honey and you have to get ready. I don't have kids, but you bet I understand.

You watch all the TV you want. Laugh as often as possible. We're all here and we all love you very much. It doesn't matter how often you show up, it matters that you're around. Hang in there baby.

I love you,

Suzanne said...


Wanna hear something funny. Rob just read my post and your comment. I said "Is it okay if I send it to her?" He replied, "Which one?" Duh! I picked up "the Killer Inside me." He looked devasted. Dude, you already read it. Trust me, it's coming. I want the book report. Rob has too many books anyway.

Megan said...

I have that exact same edition and I never noticed the resemblance until now. Creepy!

Suzanne said...

That's not creepy, that's funny Blottie. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (Sorry, that was Maestro). Apparently he needs to sleep!

Isn't it interesting though. I know. When the book fell out of the bag in the laundry room I thought "Ya gotta be kiddin' me." Hummmmmmmmmmmm. I knew immediately. I went to the computer to match him up. Yup.


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