Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yes. Leave me alone. I know you've all seen this photo something like 3 times!. Cut me some slack. It the easiest photo to find!!! Of course it's MOMMY!!! HI MOMMY!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I love you so much and I know you know.
That's Mom with her dad's arm pit when she was in her early 20's (1950's). After giving birth to me and my older sister. Hey Mom, your HOT!!! Of course I'm laughing Mommy. You know me.
Mom, I'll tell you something funny. When I came home I pulled into the gas station to fill the rental and who was there? Of course, Ginny. She freaked and said "OH MY GOD YOU LOOK JUST LIKE MOMMY." And then she was really pissed because I 'd flown home without informing her. I said "Ginny, it was supposed to be a surprise." She was still pissed!!! She's pissed till this day!! As you know. I just want to shake the crap out of that woman, but I can't shake a baby. You know I love her Mom. Perhaps she'll come around in the next decade!
Mommy, you know what else? As I was preparing to write this post I reflected on our family and our lives. We are so lucky. Nothing horrible has ever happened to any of us. We all love one another although we fight! Terribly disagree. Misunderstand one another. get the drift! But we're a very lucky family.
Thanks Mom for having me. I know I tell you all the time, but I want you to remember, so I'll say it one more. Mom, thanks for having me!!!
A few years ago I interviewed Mom. Yes, I do stuff like that. I want to write a book for my brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. My questions were very specific. They were about the birth process of each and every child. Yup, all 9. Mom has an insane memory. Apparently I weighted 7lb-3oz. Labor took 8 hours and 10 minutes. She had to have stitches. But despite that she said "I was very happy." Is she nutty?
I love you Mommy. I love, love, love you. XO

Now for my other Mommy. My MIL. Mom has been here for me through thick and thin. She's the best. She's smart, thoughtful, kind and she's mine. I love her to death. So many people have MIL's they can't stand, but mine is a gem. She has never abandoned me. Even through the divorce. She loves me and I love her. Mom is a retired math teacher and still has grade school student who love and contact her (she's in her 80's!). Yes, she's that good. I was blessed to find a second family and I am forever grateful.

Mom has a terrific sense of humor. We get on the phone and laugh within minutes. No matter how awful things might be, we find something to laugh about. It's the same with my mom. Life is hard, but you navigate it through laughter. At least in my family. I find true comfort in that.

Mom reads my blog which thrills me! And she loves it and always tells me so. I know she reads things that aren't always kind, but still, she encourages me. That's a lady. And a friend. I realize my mom and my MIL are my dear, dear friends. I'm a very lucky woman.

My "running" sister. I'm going to run a marathon because of her.

Early 90's. Me, Laur and the wee one...Alan. Laura appears taller. What the hell's she wearing? I'm two inches taller than she is!! Yes, all my sisters are blondes. I'm the only brunette. Now the only grey brunette!!! They're still all blonde. I pulled up behind a car the other day with a license plate that read "Blondes do what brunettes only hope to." Ahhhhhhhhh, f*** you. Wanted to run Black Beauty straight up her Honda ass. And yes, it's true, none of us wear makeup. Not even mom. And just so you know. Laur looks exactly like mom. I don't. But I have a better tan.
Oh and did you notice? Alan's has one mean mullet. Giggie. Please take care of that! Well, honestly, you don't have to. He's now a mature 20 something year old and terribly gorgeous. Has very, very short hair.

Our Woodstock home. If only. This is a rental. I called the realtor a year ago and asked if the home owner would sell. She laughed and said "No." It's been in the family for DECADES. Not if I decide to squat. Home sweet home, Woodstock.

Me and Ginny delivering bikes to a niece and nephew. I'm sharing these photos because my mom gave us life and I'm forever grateful. Ginny's a bitch, but she's a great athlete and a great lady, but she's very narrow minded. Snap out of it honey. Baby, I'm not going to live forever!!! What will you say when I'm gone?
Beautiful offspring taken in the late 1990's. Sisters, Laur's and Jan's kids. Left to right...Mandy, architect, Des, landscaper, Alison, teacher, Val, phychologist. My beautiful, beautiful babies.
Mommy, look what you produced! All this. And Mommy, you know, that's the true measure of a life, what you leave behind. Look what Ma left us. Look at our beautiful lives. I can't imagine a luckier family. I just can't. Mommy, I love you. Happy Mother's Day.


Leah said...

I LOVE THIS POST. I just do. It's full of love and pictures and it's funny.


merelyme said...


wv - diltson

just bob said...

I'll be back... gotta wash the dishes. Now you've got three comments so you can't delete!

Suzanne said...


Thanks baby. I have the greatest family in the whole wide world. And it's a funny, funny family. I often think "How'd I get this lucky?" You, more than anyone understands life. This is life and it's really quite beautiful. I got terribly lucky.


Suzanne said...


Hey you!!! Love you darling!


Suzanne said...

You, my dear, are correct!


just bob said...

OK, the dishes are done and the kitchen is clean.

Your mom was a Blottie even before there were blogs. Maybe she was a Dottie (diary+hottie)? Check on that and get back to me will you please?


bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
You have a beautiful family!
thank you for sharing with us..
♥ & ((hugs))

Karen ^..^ said...

Beautiful. Beautifully written.

I wish my ex MIL still talked to me. She immediately severed ties with me when I divorced her son. So it was a double loss, of sorts. It hurt mostly for my kids, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt me too. For years, his family was the only family I had, and when they were gone, I had none.

Cherish the friendship you have with your MIL, and be glad because not everyone is that lucky or blessed.

This was such a feel good post, Suzanne, I'm glad to see it.

And what a gorgeous girl you are. Not a brunette, either. A blonde with a darker shade, that's all.

Megan said...

I'm going to comment even though I'm not sure this post will be here tomorrow.

Because this is a wonderful post and I want my comment to be here to say so, no matter what.

So there.

krystyna said...

Good Morning Suzanne!
What a fantastic post and fantastic family!
I love to read your family story.
You write in your lovely, beautiful and funny way.

Happy Mother's Day to your Great Mom!Love and happiness be always with you and your family!

Leah said...

@Bob--a Dottie! Yes! Brilliant.

Gig said...

Beautiful post Suze!! I love the pics of your Mom and MIL, your words are about your family are so honest and loving...don't ever change. Also, don't delete. Yes, I am laughing!! I hope your Mothers Day was a wonderful one for you and your family of furry ones!!

Love ya!! Giggie

Suzanne said...

Dear Bob,

My mother is going to love you! I can hardly wait to tell her. I wish she blogged or even used the computer because I'd send her a "Dottie" and a "Blottie!" She's very different than my MIL. Mom (MIL) is very willing to learn new technology. Mommy (my mom) is not. However, she does enjoy getting on the computer at my sister's house or with my nephews and nieces. She just doesn't want to waste brain matter learning how to do it herself!!! I'm serious. I think she'd love it, but nope, not interested.

And no, my Mom's not a diary kinda woman either (my sister Laur (Laura) now that's another story!!! She's journaled for over 40 years, every day. What I wouldn't do to get my hands on those things!!!). That's why I have to interview Mom. Nothing's really written down and she's so busy she doesn't have time. We were talking the other day and our converstation turned into the greates interview of my life. She just opened up about so many personal things that will matter to our family long after she's gone. She feels safe talking to me and we have too much fun gabbing and laughing. Someday I'll post about what we talked about, but I'll have to delete! Yup, probably one of those 24 hour numbers. Megan's favorite.

Thanks for noticing sweetie. Really, thanks. I'll pass it along. I know Mommy will get a charge out of your comment. My Mom's so funny. She reads my blog, but not the comments. It kills me. The good stuff is on the comment page. But nope!!!


P.S. cv (I didn't write that, Bella did...she won't leave me alone. Bella, "Git!")

Now I forget what the hell I was going to say in my P.S. Old age, it's commin' down on me like a hammer. I'll remember in a few days.

Suzanne said...


You're more than welcome. I love you darling. I tried to call you yesterday, but couldn't get through. I tried to call Giggie, Cece and Shara too, but nothing. I think the lines were jammed with Mother's Day calls. I tried for hours and nothing. Maybe something was wrong with my phone, but I don't think so because it worked just fine late in the evening. It was way to late to call you. I hope you had a beautiful day darling. Happy Belated Mother's Day.

Oh, you know what I just realized? The storms. I bet that was why I couldn't get through to any of you. That makes more sense.

I love you Bindi. I'll call soon. Not today. I have too much to do once I get off this crazy contraption!

XO to all!

Suzanne said...

Karen, my darling Karen,

Any MIL who would do that is not worth it. That is just unaccetable.

A few posts back Bindi wrote something so profound. She knew I was in agony after cleaning out Rob's office, but she loves us equally and couldn't pick a side. Nor should she ever have to. We love her so much and no one should ever have to pick a side. You can't stop loving someone you love. I've never understood how people can. I still love Rob. Am I angry? Yes, of course, but I still love him. And Bindi, she will always love both of us equally and so will my MIL and my FIL and my SIL, etc. I've been very lucky in life to be surrounded with really remarkable people who give a damn and who see beyond stupid stuff. And my family still loves Rob to death. I can't even imagine the day anyone in my family would stop loving him. A divorce happened, but nothing changed. We're still all who we are, the divorce didn't change a thing. And we still all love one another very, very much.

Baby, I'm sorry your MIL was so rude and unkind. I do know how important a grandmother is to young children and I'm so sorry she just got up and left. That is just nasty. I also understand your personal loss. I'm so sorry for that. There are no words. Some people just suck. But, you know what I realize sweetie, you have such a remarkable blogging family. Yes, I know we're only virtual, but we will all travel to Florida at some point and visit you!!! This family loves you so completely and we won't abandon you. Even though I know I say at times "Okay, I'm going to shut this damn thing down!!!" I won't.

I love you darling. Hang in there. And I love how you moved me into the blonde tones!!! That's just too damn funny. Well, I'm all grey now, so the Blonde theory isn't going to work. God I'm laughing too hard. Oh, and you would LOVE my sister Laur's hair. It's simply gorgeous. Really thick with a bit of a wave. A bit course and oh so beautiful. You'll appreciate this too. She never makes an effort. Just washes and air dried and that's it. Nothing else!!! Yup, we're all pretty low maintence, except my older sister. She wears lots of makeup and has GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS curly hair she has spent a life time making straight. The woman makes me freakin' nutty.

I love you darling. And thanks for all the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy this one. You're a part of my family and when I move back to the east coast I expect a visit. Lots of them. You are always welcome at our home. My family will love you to death. Trust me! You will fit like a missing piece of a puzzle. Trust me.

Happy Belated Mother's Day.


Suzanne said...


SO THERE!! You know what? On the way home from the park this morning I thought. "God, I have to delete that damn thing." Well, cuz I called Ginny a "bitch!" If she ever reads this, she'll never forgive me. No seriously, never. And as you know, I'm already in the shit house! I arrived to all the comments. Okay. I can't delete. Okay, so I'll post about 5 new things!!! Just bury the damn thing as fast as possible!! Yes, that is actually how I think.

I love your comment and you. Both will always be here. Watch out for Ginny (Virgina), she's a champion field hockey player and will kick our asses clear off this planet if she gets wind of this. I'm so glad I posted her ass. Just desserts, or something like that.

Love you baby!
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Hi honey. You always humble me. I know I've been such a horrible friend. Forgive me. The fact you still come here brings me so much joy. Hi honey! You know everyone's Tweetering and Facebooking and everything else and I go around in a little circle, barely able to find enough time to blog!!! Ahhhhhhh, the fact you all still visit amazes me. I love you darling. Thanks. I'll stop by to say "Hi!" And to visit your mom too. Baby, isn't it nice to have Bindi back. So much change, but so much remains the same. Life is beautiful. And now we have Noah too.

I love you my dear, dear friend. I'll try harder to get around. Thanks for your kind words and I'm so glad you enjoyed this one.

Much love,

Suzanne said...


It's too funny. Mom's gonna laugh. You know my family by now. That's just too damn funny.

Bob's so special.


Suzanne said...


Hi baby. Thanks. I won't delete and yes, my family!!! What am I going to do with them? They're who they are. I know you know because you have your own. Mom and I got laughing so hard the other day on the phone talking about one of my sisters. They are who they are, and it's never going to change. That's life. Either embrace it or run away. I'll embrace it. I love my sisters. Warts and all. Would I prefer perfect sisters? Of course. Will I ever see one? Hell no!!!

I will never change darling and thanks for reminding me not to. Will I continue to delete? YOUBETCHA!!!

I love you darling. I tried to call yesterday, but couldn't get through. Happy Belated Mother's Dad.


Suzanne said...

Giggie...apparently trying to cover Mother's and Father's Day!!! Whoops!


Suzanne said...

And yes, I do know how to spell "psychologist." I even have one in my own family. Maybe Mike's right, I'm not smart enough for Stanford!!!

Suzanne said...

Happy "Mother's Dad." I can't stop laughing at myself. That's too funny.

just bob said...

Maybe Mike's right, I'm not smart enough for Stanford!!!Did you ever think Stanford is not cool enough for you?

Suzanne said...


Yes, I did!! You know it's funny. When you attend Berkeley or UCLA you have to deal with Stanford and USC. They're both very unkind. But you develop a very thick skin. I know who got the better education. Trust me.

Thanks honey for noticing. That's why I love you so.

Blottie XO

Suzanne said...

Funny story. Went to the park this morning and walked into the woods with Nash. Now you know Nash is a people eater. This proves it. I was looking down because he's such a little pain in the ass when it comes to trying to navigate the path and the woods without tripping over myself. Walked straight into a tree limb. Bam. I know this tree limb. Every day I duck it. But not this morning. How in the hell I managed to walk into it is beyond me, but I did. Ouch. Really. Ouch. Big old bump with lots of red patches. No broken skin this time, thank GOD!! And no concussion. I feel lucky this time!!! Very sore skull and very unkind to look at, but I'm alive and I feel lucky. Why does this crap keep happening to me? I have no clue. The woods are lonely, dark and deep. Didn't Robert Frost say that or something?

Yes, I'll be fine. I just wish I didn't have to deal with so many damn scars on my forehead. These cats are going to ruin me.


just bob said...

Looks like we are going to need to buy you a helmet.

Suzanne said...

Bob, that is too funny. When I ran into the limb this morning the first thing I said, out loud..."I need a f****** helmet!" I think I really do. This is just ridiculous.

Suzanne said...

When I arrived at the park this morning some homeless people were nearby. I didn't recognize them immediately, but then did. One guy approached me and asked how I was. He's a good guy. He said "We always look out for you. You may not see us, but were're always here. Nothing will ever happen to you here. Nothing." I believe that with all my heart. I do. I feel safe. I know with all my heart that I'm protected. I do.


just bob said...

Then why didn't they protect you from the branch?

Suzanne said...

Oh, because it was laying low and terrible inconspicous. Even to the naked eye!!! MF.

Walker said...

You do look like your mother.
You have a beautiful family but i would have guessed it even withoput the pix

Suzanne said...


Thanks darling, but Laura is the spitting image if mom. I think I'm the softer side of mom. Mom has one of the most beautiful boney faces I've ever seen and so does Laur. Everything is very angular. Mom recently sent a photo and Rob said "Well, I can see where you got your cheek bones." True. Mom gave me great genes. She really did. Unfortunately she didn't give me the greatest brain!!!! Damn her!!! But I just love her to death desite her shortcomings. She's a beautiful woman inside and out.

And you know what Walker, I do have a beautiful family. I do. I just posted a few photos, but I have 9 sisters and brothers and a whole slew of nieces and nephews. And they're all so very lovely. As the years roll by, I'll reveal them. I'm a lucky woman. Thanks for reminding me darling.

I love you,
Moi XO

Anonymous said...