Friday, May 15, 2009

A Day In The Life..

My beautiful boy. He's put on 20 lbs since his dad left. Just stress and depression. We have to work on that.He loves his dad so much.
T-Bone. "Honey, if I've told you once, I've told you a million times. Leave the kitty toys alone."
It's going to be very hot here over the weekend, so I cooked lots of stuff yesterday. For those of you who want to become vegetarians here's what to do. Peppers and onions. The best in burritos. With a bit of beans, sour cream, avacado and tomatoes. Oh, and salsa. Rob likes red, I like green. God, almost forgot. Cheddar cheese!!! Not mild, sharp. And yes, cook lots of it ahead of time so you don't have to cry every day!!!
The other dish is zucchini, tomatoes, a whole head of parsley and scallions. I eat it with Meyer's lemon oil and herb goat cheese from Trader Joes. Seriously. But if you aren't a vegetarian, you can put any of this stuff on a burrito with chicken or beef and have a truly wonderful meal.
Yup, also made lasagna. First time ever...broccoli and zucchini lasagna. Wow. The broccoli is insane. Zucchini is good. I remember making spinach lasagna when I went home to NY and my younger brother saying "Sue, I'll give you 50 bucks to make more. That's how good it was. Yes, I'm a good cook.
Also made broccoli, sharp cheddar cheese and onion quiche. Yes, it's excellent!!! I actually made two.


Suzanne said...

If you want recipes, don't hesitate to ask.

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
Hope you having a good day.
Yes, I do want those receipes... looks YUMMY.
♥ & ((hugs))

just bob said...

Oh great, I haven't even had my coffee yet and I'm already hungry.

Leah said...

Those look incredible. Wanna post the lasagna recipe? Pretty please?

Cinnamon said...

Oh wow - you are a good cook! Hope you enjoyed the eating!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Bindi. I'll post them. And thanks too for your kind comment over on "Moaning." Kylie sure picked a great name, didn't she!!!

I met the most wonderful woman in the market today. We were in the produce department and she was going for a plastic bag and so was I. I handed her a bag and she was very grateful, then it turned out we were both buying parsley! It was so funny. We discussed the finer points of parsley!!! She's a young Italian woman (actually from Italy and probably in her early 30's) and loves curly leaf parsley as much as I do! We don't like Italian leaf parsley. It's always promoted on all the Food Network shows, but nope, I like the clean fresh simple taste of curly leaf. Her too!!!! We just stood in the produce section and discussed parsley and various recipies for about 10 minutes! It was so much fun after coming from the park with a heavy heart. She was buying parsley for tabbouleh. I've never made it, so she told me how, and I shared my zucchini, scallion, tomato, parsley, lemon oil and goat cheese recipe. We had00000000000000000000000000036 (sorry Bella just stepped on the keyboard) a blast. She was such a darling. And I'm going to make tabbouleh. Probably not this weekend because it's supposed to reach over 100 degrees. Yuck. When it cools off a bit. If you haven't had it and I make it, I'll write a review and give you the recipe!

And Bindi, I really have to thank you for something. You introduced me to the 99 cent store. I confused it with the Dollar Store initially. They aren't the same. I love the 99 cent store. It's where I buy all my red, yellow and orange peppers, garlic, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, leafy organic greens, organic fruit, etc. It's the most amazing store!!! The other day I picked up 6 cans of organic beans (different varieties) and couldn't believe it. ORGANIC!!! The place really does just blow me away. I love it. Thanks.

Okay honey, I guess I better let you go and talk to the other "folk!"

I'll post the recipies. Actually they're all very simple and if you shop at the 99 cent store, affordable.

I love you darling. Tons.
And big XOXOXO to all.

Suzanne said...

See Bob, that's why we can never marry. I'd kill you with beautiful food photos. "Here honey, how about some healthy broccoli lasagna for you and Megs? You can run it off while you both marathon!"

I didn't get the photo of the GORGEOUS mixed fruit crostata I also made. That wee thing was just too pretty. I was a "cookin' fool" the other day. Seriously. It's amazing how 100 degree temps can scare the hell out of me!

I'll tell you something my darling. Broccoli, when cooked has the sweetest flavor. Rob and I discovered it when we bought eggplant parmigiana from Michaelangelo's gourment meals. We love the eggplant so much we bought the broccoli stuffed shells. We've been hooked since. I decided to try broccoli lasagna and it's such a winner. My brother would pay a $100 for this one and he isn't even a vegetarian. Huge hit. And healthy. You can always add meat if your heart so desires (ground turkey is probably healthy), but truth be told, a bit of broccoli lasagna with a nice salad is perfection. And it's a simple meal. Make it on a lazy Sunday with the new wife and have food for a week! No, I'm not kidding!

Love you,

Suzanne said...

For my dear, sweet Leah, of course I will post the lasagna recipe. Honey, it's so simple and yummy!!! You'll love it. Please read my posts to Bindi and Bob because they're for you too.

Love you darling and hope you're having a great day.


Suzanne said...

Cinnamon! Hi honey! Long time no see. The food around here is always wonderful. Hope all is well. You look lovely in orange!


Suzanne said...


You know I can't comment on your page for some reason, but it doesn't mean I don't read. Love you.

merelyme said...

I was at Whole Foods Tuesday looking for Suzanne's lemon oil...I forgot the herb cheese at Trader Joe's....where do I find these....sound phenom...road trip for me but sounds so worth your darn recipes soon!!! :) Thanks!

Karen ^..^ said...

It all looks AMAZING.

Yes, I'd love the recipes!

You can find my email address on my profile page.

Poor darling doggie. He's so sweet.

I wish I could get from, and give you all a huge hug.

God, that food looks amazing...


Karen ^..^ said...

Is there no end to your talents?

Suzanne said...


No, wrong place sista.

Okay, Meyer's Lemon Oil is at Safeway. It's expensive, but last, and last, and last. Trust me. I know. Herb Goat Cheese is at Trader Joe's. You know, over there in the cheese section. I go through it like it's water, but if you put your foot on the ass peddle, you can make it last. Oh, and if you don't consume it quickly, freeze it. Just cut it into sections and freeze it. Life is just to simple sometimes! I'll post the recipies. Their so simple. You won't belive it.

Suzanne said...

Oh, and Merelyme, my broccoli quiche. HUGE HIT. I knew it would be. And so simple. I'll post my recipes soon. Make it. It's really special.

Hi Mommy!

Suzanne said...


He is a special dog. You know how it goes. He's struggling you know. Everyone struggles in a divorce. Why does it have to be so unkind? Thanks for noticing. I love you so.

I will post the recipes. They're all so simple. I even made a multiberry tart that is so simple. I know you and the kids would love it. Honey, do you have a 99 Cent Store? My online friends introduced me to it and I'm never going back!! Wow, so much produce for 99 cents!!!

Love you darling. Hope all is well.


merelyme said...

We have no Safeway so I will still look at our specialty shops. T.J.'s is two hours away so I have to get the cheese on a road trip.

Recently have been using a fig balsamic vinegar on roasted asparagus. YUM!

Dr Zibbs said...

Mmmmmm. That looks tasty.

Suzanne said...


No see, as a vegetarian, I'm not an asparagus fan!!! But I bought a whole lot of it for hubby and MIL because they do. It's so pretty. How could I not?

Trader Joe's two hours away. Honey, where the hell do you live in LA? That's just pathetic. Let's write a letter of protest.


Suzanne said...

Dr. Zibbs,

Well look who's here!!!! Very funny. Yes, good eats!


Suzanne said...

Oh, and Dr. Zibbs, that one kick ass video.

Suzanne said...

That's also one kick ass...

just bob said...

Suzy... Megarific is in LA, merelyme is in Michigan. Here Blottie, look at this map ;)

Suzanne said...

What map? I don't see a map. Wonder if Merelyme lives near Giggie? Hummmmmmmm. Big state, but they sound like sisters. Hummmmmmmm. You think? YES, AND OF COURSE I KNOW THE BRIDE LIVES IS LA. I'M THE WEDDING PLANNER FOR GOD SAKES!!!

You better read this mister. I'm not wasting words. Am I?

Blottie ;)

just bob said...

Of course I read it.

Suzanne said...

And that in a nutshell is why I love you so.

somebody said...