Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blob And The Baseboard...

Maestro helping me paint the living/dining room

Yes I did change out the switch plate to white. You guys made the last post such a blast. Thanks. My Moms don't read comments, so I'm going to print them out and send them along.

Does anyone have a suggestion? The wee baseboard is butted right up against the wood floor. So to paint it is insane. Paint gets on the wood floor no matter what I do. Yes I would love to be able to replace the baseboard with something more substantial, but I can't afford to at this point in my life because it's in every room, so have to work with what the Lord gave me. Did I just say that?!!! That's too funny. See how awful it looks? It's still just primed and not even completely. I have miles and miles of it to complete in the next few months and I don't know how. I need help.

Yes, that's Maestro. Aka, "Blob." Aka, "Gandhi." Okay, let's face it, he's simply 21 lbs. of kitty.

Love to all and thanks for embracing my moms, sisters, etc.. You guys rock!!!

XO Suze


Leah said...

That picture is makin' me laugh. It's just the very essence of indolence and comfort!


Suzanne said...


That's Maestro in a nutshell. Trust me!!! Now what the hell am I going to do about the damn baseboard?


kylie said...

hi suze!
wtf are you doing up at such a time as 4.47?
sleep woman

and that goes for you too, leah!!

just bob said...

I thought that said "Bob And The Baseboard"

Anyway, how about a wallpaper treatment?

Karen ^..^ said...

Aww, your kitties are hard at work, helping you so nicely, same as mine do!!!

Have you tried painter's tape? You have to remove it just before the paint dries, so it won't rip the paint off too. I love painters tape. That's when the kitties really buckle down and help... and get it stuck all over them!! It's fun to watch.

My newest baby is adjusting nicely. He's delightfully needy. Just how I like my babies.

I wish I were there to help. I love to paint.

Cece said...

do the base boards come off? You could remove them, paint them and then replace them. Hey, I'm going to call you later tonight when I get home from work. Talk to you soon.


Suzanne said...


Do you know why I was up? Because of "Baby." Baby, Bijou and Bella were all racing through the house like crazy kitties and Baby jumped over the back of the sofa and landed on my belly. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! At least it wasn't my face this time. So I got up at 2:30, did some housework, organized a bit of my art "stuff," then decided to write a new post because I really need the advice.

Where's your advice woman?!!! With everything you do, you've never painted baseboard? *Rolls eyes in head.* No tea for you.

Love you!

P.S. Dr. P told me to use my time wisely. Not to worry about time or watch the clock. Menopause is going to be hard, so why fight it. Just go with the flow. Easy breezy. If I'm awake early in the morning now, I don't worry too much. I try to accomplish something and usually do.

P.P.S. I was worried about Leah too, but she's in NY, so it wasn't 4:47 for her, it was 7:47. She probably woke at 5:00. You know how she's been doing that lately. And did you notice, she didn't answer my question either. Women. ;)

Suzanne said...


Too funny and what's even funnier is you don't know what baseboard is!!! Men.

Okay, this is going to be my Home Depot/Lowe's 101 lesson for the day. Now listen carefully. "Don't you walk away from me Mr., get over here and sit your ass down." (God I would have been a great mom!!!)

baseboard n. a board or molding at the base of a wall.

It's that little white strip. Honey, how in the hell am I'm gonna wall paper the baseboard?!!!! You crack me up. Now get otta here and go play before I kick your ass.


just bob said...

You silly woman... of course I know what a baseboard is. I know what crown molding is too as a matter of fact... (geez, women).

How about bumper stickers to cover up the baseboard? You can probably get a bunch of leftover McCain/Palin stickers at a really cheap price. No fuss, no muss, and the vinyl should last a number of years.

Think about it.

Suzanne said...


Yes honey, I have tried painters tape (I love that stuff too!!!), but no go because the baseboard is right on the floor and no matter how I apply it paint runs under the tape and on the floor. And just think about this. I have to prime, then paint twice. Then I have to scrap all the paint off the floors. I threw my hands up last Spring and gave up. I was exhausted doing stupid stuff. And then of course I'm down on my knees the whole time. It's just too much for one woman. 10 rooms with miles and miles of this crap, 2 major hallways and closets. Yes, the hardwood floors are in every closet and so is the molding!!! I'm laughing so hard because if I don't laugh about it I'll pull my freakin' hair out. I have to get this done in the next few months and I have no idea how to do it without going bonkers.

I wish you were here to help too. You'd fit so beautifully into our lives here at Rose Cottage. Honestly. I'm almost afraid to start painting again with Bella, Baby and Bijou. They're never seen paint. Oh dear Lord!!! Wish me luck!!!

Your gonna laugh. I've been on the phone with Cece while I type this. She likes to call on the ride home from work. Arkansas is Arkansas. They can still talk on the phone and drive. I just learned the motorcycle helmet law was repealed a few years ago and helmets are no longer required. That is one crazy state. Oh, and she got me laughing so damn hard today because I always tease her that "the North won!" She told me "I don't think anyone here heard about that." Cece...the comedian. The woman kills me.

Love you darling. Take good care of the little peep. Needy is often good because it makes you feel needed. It's what makes the world go round.

I love you my dear friend.

Suzanne said...


You little rascal you. So what's your advice? I've gotta get all this baseboard done in the next few months and I'm not kidding. I need advice!!!!! NO!!! I'm not going to use S.P. stickers, and I'm not going to grace this place with the former VP's words of wisdom (bunch of freakin' idiots), I need stone cold solid advice. And I can't scrape paint forever. Who the hell puts a baseboard directly on a hardwood floor? WHO???!!! I posed this question to my darling brother, the master carperter, the contractor and he said "Suzy, relax, you'll get through this." *Rolls eyes in head..."Whatever."* You come and do it.

Why is my life so crazy?


Suzanne said...

Bob, I liked being called "you silly woman." That's just damn funny!!!

Leah said...

I got nothing on the baseboard question (see, I answered, sort of!). Our baseboards are a disaster. Our house was built in the late 19th century, and I can tell you, it looks it! We need a gut renovation but won't afford it in this lifetime...

so your baseboards don't look bad by comparison. Someday I'll reveal mine to the world!

Leah said...

Oh and p.s. I'm incredibly lazy, so that's the other reason my baseboards look like crap. Oh well, at least they're clean-ish...

: p

Suzanne said...

Leah, just answer this, so I know I'm not completely crazy. Are your baseboards on your hardwood floors? Please just tell me there's a damn space between the two.

And honey, please take a photo so I'm not all alone out here. I need to see something worse than mine. I do. Somehow it will inspire me to "move it along lady!"

I love you baby. And thanks!


Suzanne said...


Hi baby. Well, feels as if we just got done talkin'. Oh, that's cuz we did!!! Hi honey!!

Yes, trust me, I thought of removing the molding, but realized I would ruin the paint job on the walls. I don't know what to do. It's pathetic. I'm actually going to try and GENTLY remove one molding from one wall and see what happens. If it works, then that's what I'm going to do. Other than that, I have no clue.

I love you darling. I enjoyed our conversation more than you know. You're so much fun and your kids are a hoot!


Karen ^..^ said...

See Just Bob's blog for a new suggestion. Yes, I'm lazy. I'm also going to be late for work, hence the killing two birds with one comment thing. LOL. Love ya, sis.

VW:: aggicki


just bob said...

I read The Biggest Loser...

Random Chick said...


Leave them be. The baseboards are happy the way they are...and so is Maestro. Take a tip from him and lounge about on the floor. Enjoy yourself!!!


Walker said...

Tape the flor and paint it. Its what I did.
Just don't pain th cat by mistache because whooo hoooo.
Frick ran through a painted floor and the bed and the carpet and the hardwood floors and everywhere but the neighbors place

Suzanne said...


Your advice is excellent my dear woman. I will try a dust plan!!! I will keep you informed because, well, why not?!

Hope you had a great day at work and clients were very generous.

Love you darling.
XO Sis

Suzanne said...


How? It was only up for minutes. Minutes I tell you. Minutes! Bob, I love that show. I do. And now you know why!!! It's so inspiring and you know how much I love people in general. I love there stories. I especially admire people who stuggle then find their way. I am always so inspired by people on the Biggest Loser. Always. I learn so much. And this season was absolutely amazing. They all just blew me away. My challenges aren't as enormous, but life is often difficult and watching them face overwhelming hurdles, head on, gives me hope that mine are surmountable.

They also ran a half marathon and then a full marathon. I was absolutely blown away. I have no excuse for anything. None. When I saw them run the canyons and then end up on the beach in Malibu, I couldn't believe it. I know how hard that run is. I've driven it. I was so proud of each and every one of them.

I deleted because I delete. I don't know why. Probably because I don't think anyone's interested in my banter. But I'm glad you read it. Last night was very special and an amazing woman won, but really, they all won.

Love you,
Blottie XO

just bob said...

I see everything Blottie... LOL

Suzanne said...


You wacky bitch. I can't. The baseboards have to be painted. There all wood and wood doesn't match butter yellow walls, so they have to be painted white to match everything else. RC, don't make me come down there and straighten you out.

But you know what? Lounging around with Maestro sounds really lovely. "Maestro, move over, Mommy needs some room."


Suzanne said...

How the hell'd you see it that fast? And how do you see it? Damn, you're good!!! And yes, I do know the difference between there, they're and their. Despite my comment. God help me! Thanks for overlooking lots of typos. You'd never know I was an excellent executive assistant.


Suzanne said...

Walker, that's too funny. You know the challenges of kitties and paint. Dear God!!! They're just too damn curious and wet paint and kitties is definately not a good combo. Nor is wet cement on the kitchen floor. I had to patch the kitchen floor a few years ago with cement and what did I discover 20 minutes later? Yup, paw prints right through my patch. Nope, still haven't figured out who it was. But I took a photo. I'll post it! Hi honey. I'll stop by. Sorry I haven't been around much. Just too much on my plate. Hope all is well in Canada. You'll laugh. I was at the park a few weeks ago and you'd written a really funny post and I was in the forest looking at kitties, birds, trees, skunks, etc. and saw Canadian geese on the way in and said, ahhhhhhh, the Canadians!!!!" I started to laugh way too hard. You know my dad and his beautiful relationship with Canada, logs and all that. Like Canada doesn't have enough damn trees, they have to import them from NY. What's with that?! And then I also love the BBC. The Canadian shows are insane!!! Laugh my ass off. Don't even get me started.

Love you darling and thanks for always stopping by. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


Skeeter said...

Wow, this kitty is really, really relaxed. Your house is great. Like the idea of making the switchplate white. kicks it up a little, you know?

Best wishes,


Suzanne said...


Well, I kicked it up a couple of notches. Here's why. Switching a plate doesn't switch the other stuff! So I spent extra and bought "Designer Plates" that cover everything because I'm tired and lazy.

Don't even talk to me about Maestro. He was supposed to be helping. I could say something really rude, but won't because I love him.


merelyme said...

Sometimes we can get really bad haircuts but our face is still beautiful.
Your floor is gorgeous. Who is looking at the dang baseboards? Those too, shall grow? ;)

Suzanne said...


You know honey. I'm literally freaking out. Our neigbor's house is worth well over a half million. It went on the market for $274. I nearly died. I swear to God. I'm freaking out.

You know who's looking at the dang baseboards? Realtors. I can't afford to make the kitchen and bath perfect. I can't. My house was worth over a half mil two years ago and now I'm worried it isn't worth what I paid. I'm literally freaking out. Why? Because I had a chance to sell it and I didn't.


somebody said...