Sunday, May 24, 2009


Life is short. If you don't share photos, what's the point of taking them? This was taken while I was at UCLA. My painting that now hangs in the foyer is behind me during a critique (yes the vase is actually that big). My hair was very "puffy!!!" This is from the early 90's and when mom saw it said "Honey, you have wrinkles." I replied "Mom, I'm looking into the sun." *Rolled eyes in head.* Mothers. Wow, I was only about 32 or 33 here. How time flies. I would love just those wrinkles and that hair color! Oh, and that tee shirt. I loved that tee shirt. Trust me, you know me an cotton. I remember every tee shirt!!! I could probably pluck a few eyebrow hairs by the way! (You know what's so funny, this photo was taken almost 10 years before the photo with Mickey on the right!) I'll tell you something funnier. I love this photo because I'm not smiling. You hardly ever, ever see me not smiling. A friend captured this at a perfect moment. I wasn't even aware it was taken. Looking up to my professor like he's God! No, he wasn't.
Yes, those who follow my blog know this photo well. Mom saw it and asked "Where's dad?"

Here's dad (Pop, aka "Arm pit"), my darling grandfather (late 1950's). Dude, that cigs gonna kill ya.
I'm going to start sharing photos. I have hundreds and hundreds. If I don't show them, who the hell will see them? So get ready.
Love to all,
Update: No, I can't get the photo out of the frame. It's actually attached to the glass. Oh and also, just so you know, it's a very tiny photo and frame. About 2x3 inches. I stole it from mom when I left for college. She hasn't forgiven me.
And Leah, you know what? I enlarged the photo and looked at Pop a long, long time. He was a beautiful man and in his 40's when this photo was taken. I asked him out loud, "What's your story?" I'll never know. Too often we don't ask. Everyone has a story that should be told because every life matters. I'll never know who my grandfather really was.


Gig said...

Hopefully #1!!

I love this post!! The pic of you is I have always loved the one of your Mom. So get busy woman and start sharing!!

I know it is time for some new pics over at my place...I am working on it. *rolls eyes*

Gotta go...Mom is keeping me hoppin!!

love ya,
Giggie, xoxo

Leah said...

I love to see photos. Can't wait for more!


Suzanne said...

You are always #1.

Okay, so what about my hair?!!! You gotta laugh at that baby!!! No really, what about my hair?

Okay, I'll stop. Thanks for your kindness. Yes, Mom's a keeper. Young or old. She's so lovely. And Pop. So beautiful. He died at around 55. The Ingersoll side, 90's, the Howards, 50's and 60's. I'm weighing my odds.

Love you so very much.


Suzanne said...


I'm working as fast as I can!

Gig said...

I love your hair, what is wrong with "puffy"? It was the 80's right? I know the color is perfect...for you, just like it is now. Hope things are easing up a little bit.

love ya,
giggie, xoxo

bindhiya said...

Dear Suze,
that is a beautiful picture. loved this post..share all the photos... one of that wedding photos too... love to see that...
i have to share something but i'll mourning may be...

Hi Debbie
Hi Leah

love you all

Megan said...

Sweet! Can't wait for more! But actually, I could look at this one for a while. Yowza! :)

Suzanne said...

Gig, thanks honey. No, it was the 90's. Probably 1993? 1992? I don't remember. 1994? Woman, did you even read my post!!!*Rolls eyes in head.* I love "poofy/puffy" too. There's just something about a good head a hair. I think I should have been born in Texas or Florida (on a not so muggy day because you know how hair doesn't do so well in muggy even if sprayed to the max!).

Giggie, I'll tell you something really funny. I don't have it, but there's a photo of me from Kindergarden or first grade with a a dress that looks almost exactly like yours. Every time I see that black and white I start smiling. We're so similar, but my hair was in a ponytail (still is!!!). Mom and ponytails. Oh, and she also tucked plastic flowers in the rubber band (YES A RUBBER BAND USED WITH HAIR and PLASTIC!) It wasn't good enough to be cute, she made sure I was "stupid cute" and then recorded it with the instamatic. Dear Lord, is there no justice? You gotta love doting moms. Oh, and yes, to add insult to injury, there's the official school photo too. I think I was also missing a tooth.

Just so you know, things aren't easing up. Life often hurts like hell, doesn't it? But what am I going to do baby? Shake him back to life? Nope. And so it goes. But there's a valuable lesson to be learned: pay attention and be careful. I'm seeing Dr. P this week just to be sure I'm okay.

I love you darling. Take good care of yourself. Oh, and Ed. Mom. The g-kids. The kids. The dog. *Rolls eyes in head!* What? We need a vacation. Can you believe Leah packed the damn car to the rafters and didn't even tuck us in. Well Giggie, I guess we won't be seeing the Adirondacks this summer.


Suzanne said...


Hi honey! Thanks. Sorry to say, no wedding photos. We never married, just lived in sin for 31 years. However, in California, we're officially husband and wife!!! I'm serious. You know, "Common Law" and all. No Bindi, I'm not kidding.

Love you darling. Hope the kids are feeling a bit better. Oh, and my mother just pointed out it's been 31 years. I thought it was 30. Math.


Suzanne said...


You kill me. Seriously. I haven't heard "Yowza" since high school. My sister, Laura, used it all the time. I like how it just rolls off the tongue.

And thanks baby. You're too kind. Get ready, cuz I think I got better!!! And in color!!! I love all of you so much because not only are you terrific, you're good for my ego. Thanks darling.


Cece said...

Hey Honey!
How is that list of likes and dislikes coming? I love this picture of you too. You are so beautiful on multiple levels. You know that don't you. I have to share with you and everyone else something that your Rob told me the other night about you. He said, "Cece, Suzanne is such a natural beauty. She has never needed makeup. She has aged so beautifully. She has no wrinkles, and georgous complextion." Now tell me this is not a man still in love with you! I thought this would be a great place to let you know just how special you are to not only me, but that man too.

Suzanne said...

Cece! Hi honey yourself!!! By the way, what are you guys eating?! Can you throw some marinated veggies on for me, and probably something for Bob as well (you know he had to give up the grill to continue living at the estate). Oh, and Megan can probably use some nourishment after typing such a great post (she likes meat by the way). Oh dear Lord, here comes Giggie with lemon drops and I think she's dragging the Macy's sofa! The woman's crazy. Here comes Bindi with two sick kids. Just between you and me, I think she's looking for tea. No, Leah can't make it. She's in the Adirondack by now grillin' and chillin'. Without any of us I might add. She didn't even invite us. We should all remember this when her birthday rolls around again, or when she needs more yarn, or a comment. I don't think I'm ever going to comment "over there" again. Okay, that's a lie!!!

OH GOD FATTY FOO FOO JUST KILLED ME. I'm bleeding. Little rat. She tried to jump up to her favorite bed, but didn't make it and fell backward in front of EVERYONE and ran out of the studio in shame. I ran after her to provide comfort and reassurance. I picked her up and she went bonkers on my face and chest/shoulder. Damn woman!!! I have a gash on my chin as well as puncture wounds on my chest (thank God I don't have implants) and shoulder (I may need a CSI). One is bad. I think she hit a vein. I'm doing the dance I've learned so well...

"You put some Bactine here, you put some Bactine there..."

I'll tell you one thing sista...cats ain't for sissies! More scars. Well, one good thing about Bactine, it stops the hemoraging. Looks like I'll live to tell another story. Ouch.

You started your list? I haven't started mine because I've yet to inform Mr. Handsome of Mom's rules. Hell, I've yet to inform him he's going to be playing a little game!!! *No honey, this isn't "Blindfolded and Handcuffed...this is a NEW game!!!* Look what you do to me Cece. You get me started! No, I've never played that stupid game and never will. Probably because I'm a control freak. Who knew?! I see it as a New Yorker comic however. I think I need to submit it. Oh, and just so you know, I'll start my list ONLY when he starts his. Isn't my mom hilarious and brilliant!!! Oh, and this is funny too. I keep saying 30 years and Mom said the other day "Honey, it's 31." I said "Really." She replied, "Yes, I'd know because I fell in love with him the day you brought him home. It's been an amazing 31 years and if you throw this away I'll kill you." And then she revealed her elaborate plan!!!

My mother. The comedian. Cece, I swear to God, you would love my family! They're a bunch of freakin' hoots.

And about Rob's comment. His eyes are going, his hearing's not so good, and lawyers do start to deteriorate around 50. You know what I mean? Wink wink, nudge nudge.

I love you darling. You know that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for this one. It matters. It's been a hard week for both of us and thankfully we have one another to lean on. It's good to lean on someone when stuff hurts. I look all around this comment page and see so much love. We were all meant to find one another. I believe that with all my heart. The only one's missing are RC and Bob.

I realized today was my 2 year anniversary at the park. Milestones. 2 years ago today my life changed forever. And yes honey, I know he loves me and I love him. Maybe something good will come out of all this pain.

Thank you. I love you very much and wish you happiness.

Kisses and hugs all around.

Karen ^..^ said...

I think it's a beautiful picture. I don't see any wrinkles, you look like a model.

I'm looking forward to having more pictures to look at. Good for you.

Suzanne said...


Baby, that photo was from almost 20 years ago. No wrinkles to speak of. Wrinkles now? YUP!!! TONS!!! Rob lies!

Give me the paycheck of a model and I'll pretend I'm a model. You are too kind. And that my darling is why I love you so! I have so much to do over the next few months so not sure how much I'll be able to post, but will as much as possible. I expect rave reviews. No, I'm not kidding. I have an ego to stroke.

I love you so darling. Thanks for always making me feel better than I should.

Hope all is well.

Suzanne said...

Karen, you wanna know something so funny. I look at that photo and see lips. Lips aren't often easy to paint. Upper is always dark, lower always highlighted. You see that. Never changes. Now look at mine. Asymestrical. You see that baby? The upper is thick on one side, but not on the other. Now, the brain is always looking for symmetry. As an artist I have to pretend the world is perfect!!! My lips are great!!! I'd paint them perfectly. The truth? No. I often think art isn't about truth, it's simply about beauty. You think that photo, just like a painting is beautiful. No. It's not. And if you take a moment and really look, you see all the flaws. I'm loaded with them!!!I'm just a human being.

I love you so. You always make me think. I like that about you.


Suzanne said...

Karen, I wrote down below about Leo. Don't ever worry darling. I know you're a good mommy.

just bob said...

Hi Blottie

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. You okay? You know what's so funny? I can't imagine a world without Bob.

Suzanne said...

Oh, and honey, I think your future wife is hot for me! Refer to previous comment. Yes. This could be trouble.

Mike129 said...

I love the pic!

Yep, even the hair. Love that, too!

Suzanne said...


You're lucky I come back and occasionally look at stuff! Seriously, you have no idea how busy I am, so "going back" is difficult, but I try so hard. I still have comments to answer from February!!! No, I'm not joking. And believe it or not, still think I'll get to them.

Thanks for your kind comment because it's so beautiful. You really made me smile. Now you know what you missed when coming to Berkeley for the Big Game with blinders on???!!! Honestly, you would have had trouble getting through Rob AND my hair spray!!!

Thanks darling. You really made a tough day better. I got a $410 ticket a few hours ago for running a red light. I'm here trying to calm down. Laughing produces endorphines. I feel calm already, but I'm fighting the urge to make CNN by night fall.

Hope all is well,
XO UC Berkeley

P.S. Yes, one day you will have to admit to your friends you know and like someone from Berkeley.

Suzanne said...

Mike ~ Funny, but Megan and I are friends. She's at USC and I also attended UCLA. And you know all about that trash!!! See, there is hope! I also suggest you visit Megan's blog. Everyone loves her because she's insanely funny and smart.

Yes, you're welcome.


Mike129 said...

You, m'dear, are welcome.

And I am good with liking someone from Bezerkley. I mean, I won't discriminate against people that can't get into Stanford. ;)

And, only based on your recommendation, I will go look at Megan's blog. Your insane friends are generally entertaining. :)

Suzanne said...


Dude. I didn't even apply to Stanford. Why would I? It wasn't worthy. I took a psychology class and we discussed a study done at Stanford with prisoners. It was so appauling. Never had an interest in Stanford. Never. Good school. great school, just not MY school. You know what I mean? I respect you to death for going there, but me there? No. C. Rice was a professor there. She approved waterboarding. You know me by now. That just makes me sick. I'm happy to be associated with UC Berkeley and UCLA. And no, I may not be the smartest member of the band, but I'm not too bad.

And Megan. Trust me. You won't regret it. I'd never mislead someone from Stanford. Never.

Love you dear.

Anonymous said...