Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanks Bob...

Rob played college hockey for the University of Denver (couldn't find a decent photo, so chose the one above ~ hope it's okay hon). Great hockey school. Part of the WCHA. Those of you who know me, know Rob's a lawyer, but first and foremost, I think he's a hockey player. A great hockey player, but he realized with so many talented Canadians, he would never make it to the NHL, so decided to become a doctor or lawyer. Pursued medicine, then law. Did good!!! Bob posted about an epiphany and I didn't think of myself, I thought of Rob. And the day he came home and announce he was giving up his pursuit of a professional hockey career. Why? He was good. Very good. Why give up? And why force me to stop watching great college hockey while freezing my butt off? Rob is still a great hockey player and still handsome as ever. He's smart, funny, witty and wise. Bob's recent post reminded me to appreciate Rob's athletic talent and knowledge. Thank you Bob. I'll bring the trophies out of the garage because that's not where they belong.
The following is an amazing video out of Colorado College. Another great hockey school (Bob worked with them). It's a montage that set to music perfectly captures hockey in all it glory and when Rob viewed it, was in Heaven. That's how Rob plays hockey. And one of the reasons I love him. So when I say he's poetry on ice, that's what I mean. Thanks Bob for not only being a dear friend, but for helping me remember, and for giving us this. What beautiful memories. (God I hope this link works!!!) By the way, Rob was Captian of the team that won the CA state championship in the late 70's. And for God sakes, don't forget to turn on the sound.
Rob was a forward. The guy scoring the goals. He was good. They're quick, smart, skilled, but usually the defense men set the play up. I'd like to add, it's all done on two blades with a stick. And the equipment weighs a ton, especally when wet. I honestly believe hockey players are the best atheletes in the world. And I know atheletes. I come from a family of atheletes, so understand competition and talent. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! I could watch it a gazillion times. In this video you see a slap shot, a wrist shot and a snap shot. A slap shot you see coming, a wrist shot, almost, a snap snot, never! I love this video!!! It's absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of my honey.
Am I a complicated and complex woman? Oh, you bet I am!!! No, it's not all about roses, kitties, BMW's and Mercedes. I have depth. WHAT!!!???


Joyful Jo said...

Hi Suze,
Just got home from work and thought i'll check out everyone's blogs.
Ice Hockey looks so dangerous let alone having to skate as well.
hope you are all well?
Hey my word verification is whipesp.

Leah said...

So neat. Sarge played ice hockey in high school and college, and he's still an awesomely graceful skater. I love watching him take Hedgie around on the ice--they have so much fun!

Suzanne said...


I LOVE YOU!!! I'll tell you why. I thought Bob would be #1 because of sports. Or IV because he's Canadian!!! But you, nope, never suspected you've skid in here at #1. I LOVE IT!!! I agree my dear, hockey is a game of skill. Dangerous? Yes. Lovely to watch? Yes. And all done on two blades. Insane.

About word verification. I think you should stop by the Wild Onion and consult with Leah and Severus. They know about whips!!!! I have no knowledge of whips!!!! What???!!! Too funny.

Love you darling and thanks for stoping by and being #1. That was bold. Give my love and hugs to the big man and the wee one! Oh, and of course the kitties!


Suzanne said...


REALLY???!!! Did Sarge watch the CC video? If not, please alert him. Rob thought it was awesome, so Sarge will too. Trust me! Guys who skate well and play good hockey know. Amen. Yes, you can thank me later! God, are we perfect for one another, or what? I TOLD YOU MONTHS AGO!!!! No, I'm rarely wrong.

I love the image of Sarge on ice with the wee one. Beautiful. I see it.

Love you darling,

Robyn said...

Truly fantastic post about ROB! It's about high time I/we hear about your wonderful love in your life! I think he is incrediable! I am very new to hockey (hence the mystery trip that Adrien took me first hockey game...FAB time) but that video got my heart pounding! I love sports mostly FOOTBALL but HOCKEY is fast becoming a favorite! No favorite teams as of yet...but who knows, it just might have to be Rob's old team!

Suze, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the music video, I had tears streaming down my face. It touched me so much that you think so much of Frannie and I through our ordeals! I hope one day I get to email Frannie as I would very much like to say hello! Does she blog? Any woo! Thank you my friend I love you to the depths of my soul! You are precious!
I have missed you dear friend!

just bob said...

Glad I could bring back some fond memories for both you and Rob.

Tiger Pride... just bob

Skeeter said...

Love that sport! We've finally got a hockey team here at the University of Oklahoma.

Great post Suze.

Best wishes,


Travis Erwin said...

I love hockey.

Cece said...

Speaking of Rob, tell him I miss talking to him the next time you talk to him. I love to hear him laugh and to listen closely as he speeds through his words. He talks faster than an auctioneer on Saturday night. You see us Southern gals have that slow Southern drawl. We take things slow and easy. HB played the bad boy in highschool, and Mr.Dean's List in college. One extreme to the other.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne!

Are you mad at me or just super busy? I'm thinking you are just super busy. If you're mad, tell me what I did because I can be an idiot and I'd like to apologize for being stupid. I just haven't heard or seen you around my blog or the Wild Onion lately. So you're busy...right?

Anyway, is that photo of Rob? If so, whoa! He's a looker. If it is not Rob, who is it? Just wondering.

That is so compassionate of you to urge Rob not to forget his dreams. He's lucky to be married to you. Thank YOU and Bob for reminding me that I can do the same thing for The Hubby. He wants to learn how to play the guitar. I bought him one for Christmas several years ago but with kids, work, life and stuff he's let it go by the wayside. I should conveniently bring it out of the garage too, along with his music notes and maybe he'll pick it up again. Thank you guys for reminding me that we can always help support our loved ones dreams.

I love blogging. It's wonderful things like this that always bring me back.

Suzanne, again let me know if something stupid I did got you miffed or if you're just busy, okay? It doesn't have to take long either. Just a quick note...I treasure your friendship and I don't want to loose it if I did some idiotic thing.


Walker said...

Hoc key is a tough sport to play and not many talented players get to make the pros out of the thousands that come from all over.
I hope he still has all his teeth to.
I got out before i lost mine but did do a couple of hockey camps for the kids who managed to whack the crap out of my shins.

Suzanne said...

As important as it is, I could never move on to my next post without saying something to all of you:

Robyn ~ yes sweetie, I remember the trip to the hockey game. I didn't say much, but was in complete awe. I admire the two of you so much! That's how Rob plays. He's amazing. Yes, it's been years, but when he still gets out on the ice, it's as if the years never passed. College hockey is very much like professional hockey, without the money! You and I know what it feels like to be at a hockey game. Amazing. Aren't they sexy!!!??? You bet baby!!!

Love you so much. Think about you every single day. Frannie is about to have an operation (both tyroids). I would love the two of you to meet. You're so similar. I think that's why I adore both of you. The kindness in your heart. When everything is okay, I'll introduce the two of you! Love you so much.

Hang in there. Not a day goes by I don't think of you. Just know you are so surrounded by love.

XO ;)

That was the best. Rob and I had so much fun looking at DU and CC. Wow. That CC video is amazing. It just captures the essence of hockey in a few minutes. I LOVE IT. Graphically I think it's perfect. I'm obviously not saying that as a hockey player, but as an artist. I swear to God I could watch it a zillion times. It's that perfect. I know hockey and know art and it's perfect. And the music? Well, that's just insane!
Skeeter! I know. Good luck. You'll have so much fun going to the games. Bundle up baby! And thanks honey. I had so much fun. After I was all done, Iasked Rob to read my post. He said "Thanks hon." It was worth it.
Travis! Hey you!!! Me too! Thanks for stopping by. Love that you're still here! Fish and all. XO
Cece. You make me laugh. I talk fast. Rob speaks slowly. What are you? A snail???

Suzanne said...

Yes, I agree, Rob is one gorgeous MF. Stunning in fact!!! Smart too. Really smart. Oh, and good in you know where!!! Yup...I hit the trifecta.!!!

Mad at you? Are you serious!!!???? Yes, in my life time! No, I've just been really, really sick and then really, really stessed. Honey, I'll call when I'm better. Cece's waiting. Leah's waiting. I'm SO imperfect! Trust me, I suck at this! No really, this isn't a joke!

No, I knew you wouldn't miss this for a second!!! Yup still has all his teeth and is very, very pretty!! However, after college played in a non-checking league and had his clock cleaned. A puck came up under his mask and tore into his chin. Not pretty. In bed for days. Hasn't played in a league since. It really was nasty. Rob's a tough guy, but he met his match.

Just so you know, Rob's favorite memories are of hockey camps in Canada. You're doin' a good job baby!!!! You created my baby! Thank you. Oh, and just so you know, they have shin pads in 2008! Good luck with that!
All done!

Suzanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kylie said...

i saw it suze.
and if you wanna insult a guy there are probably better ways , that could be taken as a comliment

love from your resident smart alec

one of em


Suzanne said...

To My Darling Resident Smart Alec...HI KYLIE!!!

You saw that? I left the delete just for fun and to remind you it was actually there!!! Holy crap, I wrote that? You think he saw it? You think anyone other than you saw it? Nope. That's my theory and I'm stickin' to it!!! Oh, and honey, trust me, it was written as a compliment. If you've ever visited his blog...

yup, he's a master!!! Thank God for expertise. (Yes, I'd know, I live with one! Yup, I told you months ago!)

XO to you my dear and thanks for making me laugh so early in the morning. Love you!

Suzanne said...

I may have to delete that too!

Hobie's World said...

Hi Suzanne: Was reading your blog tonight and couldn't believe you wrote about HOCKEY!!! My "grandpa" was a pro hockey player - played in the old Western Hockey League for Seattle, Portland and San Diego. Obviously, I never got to see him play, but now I see the toll the game took on his body. It is a rough, hard game - but it is one of the best! Cool post! Love, Hobie

Anonymous said...

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