Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One of the worst weeks of my life...

It's been a crazy year here at Rose Cottage and the last few weeks have been especially difficult, but the last two days almost take the cake. Oh wait, there's Wednesday! This one may be the best yes. I'm writing nervously waiting for the Vet to call.


After a very long, busy, exhausting Monday, with barely any sleep the night before, I was up by 2:35 am Tuesday because Newman was sick, then Picasso got sick, then all hell seemed to break loose in the house and I still had to get to the park, then get back home, clean the house because it looked like a hurricane struck after more than a week of being ill myself, and I was expecting guests: the heating and air expert and the guy from PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric). Ugh.

Turned out the heating and air guy was terrific. We had a blast. He taught me a lot too. Yes, as you all know I love to learn. Well the loud noise from the heating system was a piece of roofing from the roofiing. Oh God that's too funny. Yup, $90 later the heating guy says, "Your roofing contractor should pay for this." I replied "You bet your ass he will." And he is. No way am I going to pay for a piece of the roof down the freakin' pipe to the heating system. Oh, and the heating expert had to clean up all the crap the roofers left all over the heating system as well. What a mess.

Then the guy from PG&E arrived about 7pm. Good lord, could you arrive any later? But not to worry. He was terrific too. The hot water heater smelled rather gassy. I couldn't detect a leak with soapy water, but could smell it. He had a really pretty intrument that found it! Way under the red knob. What? We discussed what to do. He assumed Rob was the handyman. I told him NO. I'm him. He instructed me what to do. He said "You understand?" I said "Yup." He said "really." I said "Yup." "You sure?" "Yup." I wanted to freakin' strangle him, but he was too cute. He asked if I thought I could replace the part. I said "Yup." He proceeded to tell me how and then asked if I though I could do it. "Yup." Really? "Yup." Then that pretty man said the most amazing thing, "You amaze me, I'll replace the part, free. Just call me. Here's my number. " "You joking?" "Nope." Oh...My...God!!! My new best friend!!!

Seriously, this is so funny. After dealing with the hot water heater he left and I had to deal with reality. Unfortunately he did something that took out the pilot light. I've never lite a pilot light, so when I realized we had no hot water I panicked. I called my dear friend at PG&E. No answer. I called Home Depot! Home Depot told me they couldn't tell me what to do because of liability. God, is everyone a fucking lawyer? But the guy was kind enough to tell me to "look on the front of your hot water heater...the instructions to light the pilot are there." Oh my god, an X-File moment!!!! (See, I do deserve that nerd award.) He was right. Unfortunately there is a caution. Gas leak. Yup. Had one, that's why PG&E was here. What to do?. Proceed or just throw my damn hands into the air and caution to the wind. Yeah, what's new. I winged it! I read the instructions an lite the match. Yes, of course I prayed. What? I'm not stupid.

My darling friend from PG&E called back and you will never believe what he said. It's precious. He apologized for taking out the pilot light, then asked me if I'd lite it. I said yes. He went through ever step. I passed. He then said "God, I just love you. You can install the heating element yourself." I said "NO!!!" He replied "Ahhhhhhhh, just kidding." I have to buy the part and call him when I'm ready. I asked "Can I watch?" He said "Of course. He also said something really, really special. He said "You amaze me. You're one hell of a chic." I said "You blog? You'd love Random Chic!!!" What? I'll pimp for her anytime!

Almost $700 later Maestro is okay. Well, hopefully. Maestro, you okay baby?

Yes, its real. Can you believe that?


Kookaburra said...

Oh my goodness - first. I was just going to post something on my Blog but saw your Post title in my Reader so I just had to see what was what. Suze (or should I say Calamity)I think you handled the home maintenance issues really well. If I change a light globe Jo gets out the Yellow Pages to find someone to undo all the damage I cause! Maestro looks okay to me.

just bob said...

I got tired just reading all that! It has been a hectic week for you.

Karen ^..^ said...

I love, love, love the kitty litter heart. They do have odd ways of showing love, don't they?

I love my fuzzies. And yours, too.

Anonymous said...