Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama in Raleigh, NC!!!

I was unable to find the Obama photo I'd uploaded so gave up.
Here honey.
One for you and one for me!
Alex honey, just amuse yourself because Aunt Suzy doesn't
have another white wicker chair!


I was just about to walk out the door to feed the ferals and noticed Obama is about to speak in Raleigh!!! I know you and the wee one are there baby. I hope you're having the time of your life and I hope Alex remembers. He will honey. You made the right choice. Take lots of photos in the event he doesn't!
I love you so much. Thanks for the wonderful conversation last night. I needed it probably more than you know. This country will move in the right direction on the 4th. I have to believe that. I also have to believe he'll be safe. Thank you for all you do for the Democratic Party and please make sure Mom knows how much I appreciate all she does for the Republican Party. Unfortunately I think she's gonna get burned this time!!! Thank God!!! Sorry Mommy!!! Better luck in 2012!
Love you guys so much,
Aunt Suzy XO


Anonymous said...


Hi Suzanne. That's all I wanted to say. And of course, that I was FIRST!!!!

Suzanne said...

Hey votin'?

You better or I'm coming to SF. And no, it won't be pretty.

XO I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!



*chants as he walks up and down main street holding sign*

Suzanne said...

Where's the bar? Where's the bar? Where's the bar? IV, I think I found one! One block up Main Street, on the left. It has an odd name, The Wild Onion. Meet you there baby! (Oh, nice try!)


Suzanne said...

He's a former Republican dude.

hnter1018 said...

Suzanne good to see you back. Where did you disapear to?? Was worried alittle since you hadn't been around for a week or so. Thought maybe the ferals had carried you off.LOL!! Put up a couple of new things over at my place. Have yo been to Massachusetts. I seem to be missing a few tre stands as of late. What did you need explained?? Deer 30 hnter 0. That would mean I have seen thirty deer and all of them are still roaming the woods. I have passed on a few. One was a doe with a little fawn. He was precious. He was the size of my puppy but on stilts. The other was a doe right at last shooting light and it was raining so I did not want to take any chances of not being able to find her since she was heading into thick stuff. See I do have feelings.

hnter1018 said...

As for Obama....seems a a logical choice. I look at it like this...there is a chance that neither Obama nor McCain will survive the first term. Hate to say it but it;s true. McCain is old and Obama well lets just say there might be people who don't want an african american president. As awful as that is it's the truth. If either vice president were to take over who do you want running the country. Palin or Biden. Biden of course since Palin is no way qualified.

hnter1018 said...

evermind me asking if you were in mass since over on my page I Called whoever stole my stands a bunch of donkeys. I was no way implying that I thought you are a donkey


PSSST... obama is a staunch anti-gun nut! biden voted por-life his entire career!

*scratches head and wonders where all the educated people got their information from*

word veri: liess

Suzanne said...


Hi Rob, yes I've been to MA. What? I'm laughing too hard to type. Honey, I'm from NY and have family in CT and MA. Trust me. I've been to MA!!! I could find you in an instant! On skates!!! Thank you for that laugh. I needed that more than you know. But please be kind to the turkey and anything else you point a gun at. You know me. I worry.

Run baby, Run baby, run...
Sherly Crow

Love you darling,

Suzanne said...

Don't worry about the donkey thing. I know you love me.

Suzanne said...


Obama believes in the 2nd Amendement. Relax.

Word verification is nutty. I love it!!! And I love you. We're going to be fine. I believe that with all my heart.


Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne!

Yep, I'm sending you some red state love. Statistically they are telling me that my one vote here in Oklahoma for Obama will be trumphed by two McCain supporters. Maybe that is the beauty of the system, you know. Everyone gets to have their say about things and at the end of the day ALL of the votes get counted and that's when we see what will really be what.

Happy Halloween & Voting Day.


just bob said...

Welcome back Blottie!


hey suz, he respects the 2nd amendment by trying to ban handguns in Illinois... and approving a bunch of other second amendment infringments. here is a link to where all the candidates stand on the issues:

Suzanne said...

I'm waiting for the laundry to dry so I can leave for the park. DAMN! I'm over an hour late. DAMN!!! You all know how hard I try to do things right, but sometimes I really screw up. This is a fine example, so I'm going to plant my ass right here and pretend I'm perfect. I am, right? Even if you have to lie, just say "You're perfect honey!" Oh, and it's my blog, so I'll swear, damit. I swear too much, don't I? I know. Awful habit damit.

I'm going to address all of you right here, right now:

You go baby!!! Vote like you mean it!!! You'll win in the end even if you live in the land of Republicans. We'll all wake up on the 5th and won't believe our luck!!! Happy H and Happy VD to you too. Oh, of course, take "VD" with a grain of salt, that should do the trick. And no, I'm not coming back to your blog until you stop killing gophers. What? No I'm not kidding. Don't make me come to Oklahoma. Basically because I don't think the Mercedes will survive the trip - engine trouble.

Thanks sweetie!!! It's nice to be missed and needed. Honestly, I didn't think anyone would notice my absence because we're all so busy, but it's wonderful to know I was and I am. You're all the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for. Seriously. Drinks on me at the Wild Onion!!! Oh, right, they're free. Okay, I'll pick a beautiful bouquet for the bar.

I can not think logically in the morning because my brain's still fuzzy. Okay, I'll try. Damn you. My first suggestion is sort of obvious, have you ever considered giving up your handguns? You have way too many guns. Trust me. I've noticed. Between you and Hunter you could defend and entire MA town. Hell, probably the whole state. What?!!!

My laundry's almost done so I gotta run to the park, but I'll view your link when I return. Why are you always trying to educate me? Do I seem deprived of information? Apparently.

Love ya baby and thanks for stopping by.

XO ;)

PS Vote Obama ~ you won't regret it.


sure i'll just give up my guns... "when you pry them from my cold dead hands!!!"


Suzanne said...

Haaaaaaaaaa yourself. And while I'm at it let me kick your ass.

hnter1018 said...


I would not say I have alot of guns. The two handguns were inherited from an uncle and my grandfather. As my rifle. I have a turkey gun a duck gun and a deer gun.

I rarely use guns I am a bowhunter by nature. I hate being in the woods during gun season. I have looked down a shotgun twice by stupid people trying to identify their target through their scope. IDIOTS!!

Bow season whether you get anything or not is very tanquil and serene. You are trying to be as quiet without moving for hours on end. Amazing what you can see in nature when you do this. I recommend it to anyone to go sit in the woods in the same spot to see what you can see.

You will notice red squirrels and chipmunks almost always take the sae route back to their houses.

Suzanne said...

Hunter, I just love you to bits. Really. Why do you have to hunt? You don't seem like a hunter, you seem like me. Just someone who enjoys nature. You and I are so much alike without guns!!! It almost seems impossible that you kill animals, but you do. I don't see it you know. I don't. Maybe because I'm just tired.

Anonymous said...