Thursday, October 9, 2008


My darling, darling friends Robyn and Frannie are battling cancer. You all know me. I'm not religious, but for some reason, this song matters. So with love, I hope they dance.
I think the link finally works!
And Leah, you scared the crap out of me.
I looked myself over.
Yup, I'm okay!!!
Thanks for the concern and worry.
Thanks especially for the phone number.
I'll abuse it soon!
Robyn just endured her first round of chemo Monday
and Frannie's about to have an operation.
Let's all twirl around a bit and
send good thoughts into the soft breeze for both.
Thanks all, you're the best. The comments are wonderful as always. And Bob, you'll laugh, but YouTube still loves me, however I have to stop trying to get in with and Just so you know, they don't work.


just bob said...


We'll all dance Blottie... to celebrate great victories and dear friends. :)

Suzanne said...

Second!!! Thank you darling. This was posted for a very specific reason. I'll explain in the days to come, but I'm sure those who love and know me, already know.
XO To dear friends and victories.

Suzanne said...

I'm going to have to change the link. Suddenly it isn't working. Ugh.

Suzanne said...

My link has completely failed. If it doesn't shape up, I'm going to delete.

Suzanne said...

But Bob, you know what, even if I delete, you and I can still dance. And I suspect all our dear friends will be near by.

just bob said...

Here you go Blottie :)

Suzanne said...

I know, but utube won't allow me. Apparently they've updated and I haven't. I had the instructions the other day, but egnored them. My bad. I'll try your link, but trust me, I can't access it. Perhaps all of you can. How funny this is!

Suzanne said...

Bad link. No go.

just bob said...


They both work for me, so they probably will for everyone else. My friends are a smart bunch my friend... they'll figure it out.

Megan said...

Um, couldn't figure it out...

Skeeter said...

Sometimes it's the thought that counts dear. We love you even when YouTube doesn't.

Best wishes,


kylie said...

wow suze,
you're posting like a maniac :)

have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Hi Suze,

A wonderful sentiment sweetheart, and I looked for the video on youtube - it's a lovely song.

Love ya hun,
Peter xx

Leah said...

Wait, Suze, are you okay? Is everything okay? I got worried when I read your above comment...I'm one of those who love and know you, but am still not sure if everything's really okay...okay? Okay, how many times can I say okay? This is becoming like Bob's McCain "my friends" post...

anyway, check your email. I'm sending you my special top secret phone, really, okay?


Cecile said...

I think it is massive group hug time. Everyone take your left hand and clasp your right shoulder. Don't let go. Now take you right arm and clasp your left shoulder. Now squeeze both arms in towards your chest. Big group hug. Love ya Suze, and I'm sorry I made you cry. Now stop it, 'cause I've done enough crying to day for the both of us. I cried because I added stop reagent instead of substrate for Christ's sake.

Suzanne said...

Hi Baby!!!!!

Yes, I'm talkin' to you Megan, Skeeter, Kylie, Peter, Leah and of course Cece. What?!!! There are six of you and only one of me. I have to consolidate. You guys are the best! Leah, don't worry, I'm fine, but thanks for the phone number. I can hardly wait to abuse it! Cece, you cry all you want. I posted about our conversation on the Wild Onion then lost it due to too much editing, or just plain bad luck. Honestly it was gone so quickly I didn't think anyone saw it, but apparently Bob inhaled it. That little bastard! I love you honey. Hang in there. And you have to stop crying because you will never solve the upper resp. thingie with a stuffy nose. Really. It's impossible. Yes, even with antibiotics.


Anonymous said...

6 of us and one of you? Does that mean that you're special?


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