Sunday, June 27, 2010


My amazing sister Tammy on the far left. Her gorgeous daughter Monica then my new about to be niece in law Kayla. The rest I don't know. But I know the three I love. Tam, if you ever see this, I love you so. Tammy, you know. And Monica, if you read this, listening to Citizen Cope, Sideways. I love you both so much. Aunt Suzy XOXOXO

Friday, June 25, 2010

Some of the girls!

Amanda (my sister Laura's daugher), Des (my sister Janet's daughter) about to give birth to my family's first great grandchild, my darling mom, Alison (Laura's other daughter), Cailee (my sister Charlene's daughter), my beautiful niece Monica (Tammy's daughter), my wonderful future niece in law, Kayla, my amazing niece Valerie (Jan's other daughter). Just some of the crew!

I haven't been around. Why? Because I feel as if I've lost my voice. Writing here was so effortless, but after months on face book, using the least words possible, I feel as if I've lost me. It used to be so easy and now it's not. I miss all of you. I miss this place. The way it always felt so gentle. Like landing in a down pillow. I'll try to write more often if you start showing up again.