Saturday, July 25, 2009


You'd think a master gardener would know better than this. Nope!!! I bought them, put them on the patio and this happened within days. You know I don't kill snails. I've kept this six-pack for over a good 2 months hoping for some sort of recovery. I recently decided I didn't have a prayer in hell. Yes, it's true, even the best of us fail at growing sticks.
XO ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I WON!!!

Yes, he's that handsome and he that's smart. I won because he entered me in a damn public radio contest. Who knew!!!??? I love men, don't get me wrong, but apparent love dead men more!!! Bach and Vivaldi. I couldn't live without either. Rob knows that, so he entered me a public radio contest to win free tickets to the Bach Festival in beautiful Carmel. I won. You bet your ass I did!!!
See that? I won.

I'm so shaken up I can't see straight.

Oh dear lord, I gotta look like the third photo when I attend? Now that's a damn joke, right? I'll have to get my sling backs off the disco ball at The Wild Onion.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm using the same photo because I can't come up with anything better. (God that photo makes my arm look really slim. Trust me, it ain't that slim!)

I'm gonna tell you a funny story. I've had a headache all day, so that explains a whole hell of a lot. I would have called Dad but didn't because my head hurt too damn much. Thank God I didn't!!!

As most of you know BB (the F****** Mercedes) has been in the shop since last Thursday. What's today. Like Tuesday? Well technically Wednesday. Damn. You know, the last time this happened it cost over $500 just for the damn rental car. Pissed? Ha! The car was supposed to be fixed Monday and back in my loving arms by 5 pm. Ha! It was the "fuel relay." The part was ordered Friday and everything fixed Monday. Ha!

You all know by now my family is made up of a bunch of comedians. Dad had me down on the ground holding the damn cell phone to the exhaust as he listened to the car. No, not once. Like 5 freakin' times. He told me what was wrong. WRONG!!!!! My dad is a master mechanic and he was wrong according to the Mercedes shop. Ha! You have no idea how fun it is to prove Dad wrong. It was as if I'd died and gone to Heaven!!! I could hardly wait to tell him it was the fuel relay, but I had such a damn headache I couldn't. Then the shit hit the fan. No Mercedes Monday. No Mercedes Tuesday. Then the big reveal. No fuel relay problem even though they'd ordered the f******* part. Guess what the problem is? Exactly what my father said it is. What? You think I'm going to tell him he's right? NO!!!!!!!! Otin, baby can I please have the backhoe and an umbrella cuz I need to chill.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Avatar!!!

HA!!! Well...almost. I don't know how to change it. Can't remember and can't figure it out (suggestions are welcome). Yes, trust me, I've tired really, really hard, but nope. (Look at my lamp. He's ogling me! I love that little guy. I'll tell you his story some day.)

Okay, so back to me. I had just come in from the garden after doing what I do best...water, and remembered what Cinnamon said (I'm paraphrasing of course) "Wouldn't it be nice to see Suze's ponytail sticking through her pink baseball cap." Well I didn't have my pink baseball cap on, I had on the lovely hat I received from Shara before she left to drive "Pinky half way around the world." As most of you know there's a new thrill going around : Take a photo of the back of your head. Being a single woman now, that's really hard. My first attempt is below. Not too bad, but not too good. At least I caught myself in the mirror. Hell, that was hard enough. My second attempt (above) was much better, but you'll never get a full back of the head photo because I don't know how to capture it. Perhaps if I held the camera above my head, but that would make my arms just look stupid. I'm not going to do that because I'm an artist and have integrity. I'm also a human being and have pride!
Oh, and just so you know, I hadn't showered in two day, so my hair was dirty in this photo. It was also about 105 degrees outside so everything seemed to be clinging to my sweat!!! NO, I'm not kidding. Do you watch the news? But just so you know, I wash hats like stuffed animals. Yup, put her throught the wash, then the dryer. Look at that little cutie!!! You bet she held up. (Just so you know: A wee bit of detergent, warm water, gentle cycle, rinse, rinse, dry. With softener strip.)
XO ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This is absolutely not the post I'd planned, but found this video tonight and fell in love. It reminds me so of Robyn's "Hugs Video!" I don't care what anyone thinks about Michael Jackson, this is about people coming together, laughter, pure joy. I think it's very special and hope you agree. It made me laugh and cry.

My younger sister spent years in Europe. She raised two daughters while there who speak German, French and English. They are all free spirits. This video reminds me of them. Yes, I'm smiling through tears. Why? Because I know they'd do this in a second!!! (And to those who follow my blog, just so you know...Laur, Amanda and Ali.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Looking out the kitchen window...

Happy July 6th!
That's not the flag up at the moment. The American flag is flying, but that's a cutie from a few days ago. Have a nice day.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

She made it. This photo has nothing to do with her arrival. It's just the first one I saw and clicked on. It was taken when we first moved here 5 years ago. I know because the bookcases aren't "finished." The moldings aren't on, and magazines are lining the shelves and not put away which means the books aren't unpacked! Funny.

Yes, it's true, I don't listen to HGTV when it comes to decorating. I firmly believe a dininig room should also be a library. I'm serious. No really, I am. Why? Because why not? I've always believed rooms should have a duel purpose. Will my house sell? Of course. HGTV isn't right about everything. It's a great house and will appeal to so many buyers. Books aren't going to deter a buyer, nor Leah! Yup Leah, you bet your ass every shelf is loaded with books!!! And no, I'm not selling. Not right now at least.

Magazines. Don't even get me started. That subject is just stupid funny. And yes, I built the bookcases while at UCLA. They're actually beautiful once all the molding is slapped on. Obviously it isn't on in this photo. What? I am not perfect.

Shara's here. She's sleeping, but I'm not. You all know it's funny because Newman has been dead 6 months. How do I know? Because of the full moon. He died during a full moom and not one goes by without my heart dragging along side it. Nothing has changed. I miss him every single day. Six months have come and gone and here we sit. How could he just leave me? I do miss him so. It's funny how life goes on. How Shara arrives, how we eat pizza, how we watch Dateline and discuss Michael Jackson, how we move on. And yet, in the pit of my stomach I remember that boy and the day we moved into this house, put up the bookshelves and attempted to make a home. Who knew 5 years ago I'd be without Newman today and without Rob.

Life is so unpredictable.
P.S. Oh, and Bob, just so you know, Shara doesn't eat bacon. That's just too damn funny. After all I went through to get those 8 slabs! Stop by. You can have it. Share 4 with Megan. *Suze rolls eyes in head.*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A visitor from Texas...


I'm exhausted waiting! I was late to the park. Hauled ass to get there behind an idiot doing 60 in the freakin' fast lane. Hauled ass back behind an idiot doing 65. I got around him and pulled in behind another idiot doing 65. What? Bunch a damn fools. Read the signs!!! Right after the sign that reads "Speed Limit 65," the next one say "Slow Traffic Move To The Right." Am I the only one reading the freakin' signs? Apparently.

I bought bacon. Forgot everything else, so Rob has to pick up the slack, but I remembered bacon. I went to the butcher and bought 8 slices of slab bacon. We laughed because she knows I'm a vegetarian. Smart ass said "You know how to cook this, don't you." Is everyone against me?!

I tried to call Shara. You know me and phone numbers. I know. I suck. I thought the most recent incoming was her. But behold...I dialed Cece. Left a lovely message. Clicked the next one. Left a nice message for my Mom. Next. Got my darling friend Veronica up in the mountains. We chatted a bit and she had a good laugh. Finally found the right phone number, but Shara "...isn't accepting calls" at the moment. Where's that little chicken neck? I'm gonna kill her!

I'll post when I have good news. I think we should place bets. Odds are she isn't arriving today. What do you think? I gotta go. I "accidently" left T-Bone outside last night for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! No, not the whole night, just about 2 hours. He's not an outside dog, he went bonkers. He broke through the garage door and popped the screen. A $200 door and he busted it!!! Damn! I have to buy new screen. Life. It's so unpredictable.

Cece just called because I called her. That's too funny. She and the kids are at the lake swimming. It's hot in Arkansas. It's hot here. Hell, it's hot everywhere. No, Shara still isn't here.


She's so close. You know? She thought she was just an hour away, but she's like SIX!!! Too damn funny. Yes, the bathroom's ready and so is the bed. FINALLY!!! Now we wait for the princess. Yes, I know, stupid funny. When she arrives, she'll arrive. I can hardly wait!

I said,
"The house is a mess honey, so be prepared."
She's like family and like family doesn't really care. She said,
"All I want to see are the roses."
I said, "Good luck honey!"
Why? Because when Dr. P instructed me to let the garden go I took her literally. A wild raspberry took over and has never relented. I think it's swallowed the whole back 40 in less than 9 months. Seriously.
Yes, Shara (Queenie!) our blogging buddy has arrived from Texas via L.A.. She called last night from the vicinity of Hearst Castle. Damn! Was I right or what!!!??? I told Bindi Shara should take Hwy 1 and sure enough she was already on it. It's the artist in her. Oh, and DAMN, she's almost here!!! Of course I still have a migraine, but will I turn her away? Of course not. She should arrive tomorrow around noon and will stay the night, or two. It's like a sister rolling in. You know what I mean? ! I have a million things to do to prepare for her visit, but here I sit. Why? Because my head hurts and I don't know where to start!!!
I asked what she wanted to eat. She informed me that the desert was very cruel to her...she stayed with friends in Arizona who were on a fast and vegans. Obviously it can't get worse!!! She should only eat cake!!! I should be baking. Can anyone bake here? Shara needs cake.

The frig is stocked. Trust me.

And the kitties are on their best behavior...

No really, they are.

Well...maybe they will be on Thursday.


This is going to be a running blog, so new photos and text will be added as time permits. Wish me luck and those who know Queenie, stop by and give a hug and a "hey!" This should be a fabulous few days with our darling friend here. Hopefully she'll get on and say "Hi!"


You know what's so fun? She's actually driving her own car and navigating the west on her own. She's such a gem. I'll get her link up so those who don't know her can visit. She's an art teacher in Texas and she's kick ass. She takes gorgeous photos and I've told her she can only take GORGEOUS photos of me. Is that self-centered?! What?!



P.S. I know Bindi won't mind. Shara's the woman who saved Bindi. She drove hours from Texas to rescue a pregnant Bindi and Serene. Shared her house with them, loved them, nurtured them. She's one of the most beautiful women on this planet. She humbles me. I'm sitting here sharing this with you because I know if I did NOTHING to prepare for her visit, it would be okay. But I gotta go because I have so much to do. Having her here is truly an honor.


Yes...of course I'd do this for all of you. *Suze rolls eyes in head.*