Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Year of Gardening and Roses...

April 2nd
Maybe I'll see you soon.
About a week ago Leah was feeling a bit low, so I went out and took photos of Spring to share with her. Unfortunately I have so many photos on the computer I couldn't find them to load. Then I got sick!

Yesterday the first roses bloomed and I can't help but share.

I photographed lots of yellow flowers to give Leah hope. Forsythia outside the kitchen window.

Herchera. Herchera has a wee flower right around now, but is never appreciated for her flower, but her form. She loves the shade.

My darling Forget-Me-Nots. These weren't here last year. The wind blows the seeds and the following spring you have hundreds and hundreds more. It's one of the joys of life.

Daffodils kill me. I'm a huge fan. Leah, I hope you're smiling because I am. I have so many varieties that my blooming season is usually over two months. These little beauties just unfolded a few days ago. My season began in February.
A lime green variety of Heuchera. LOVE IT!!
Clouds for Cece. She loves them you know.

T-Bone and I took a walk around the block to show off our neighborhood to all of you, but 3 houses up he went limp on me. I said "Baby, what's wrong? I looked at his paw. It was raw. He had mowed the lawn with his father the previous day (his favorite thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD), but must have stepped on a thorn or something and had licked his pad raw. So we turned around and went home. I doctored it and taped a sock to his foot! He's still mending. He get's infections easily, so I have to be careful. Sadly, we haven't walked since, so you only get to see 3 houses!!!
I love the first so much. They relandscaped the entire house and it really is special. Lots of classical features, lots of water-wise Mediterraean plants. It's simple stunning, and it looks like that around the entire house. It's my favorite landscape for miles around. Be sure to enlarge the photo. I'll try to take better photos soon. T-Bone kept yanking my arm as I was trying to photograph. He's often unkind and impatient. Men.
Another view.
The house next door. Recently bought by a contractor. It's a lovely home. I didn't do it justice.Cinammon, I think it's Jasmine. I'm going back for a better look. I love that the homeower built this between the lots. Brilliant!
The house to the left. Yes, that's my finger.
Newman a few years ago watching as I brushed my teeth. I miss him very, very much.
I love watching the view change. The White Birch have leafed out in March and I've gathered Forget-Me-Nots.
Another view of the kitchen window early in the morning. Late March. The Forsythia is still in bloom and Newman's dish still holds a place of honor. Everything on the sink ledge is iron stone except the crystal. Newman's dish included. Newman is still a part of our daily life and will be forever missed.
Phatty Foo-Foo Gone Wild. She's not fat, she's simply all hair.
Leah wrote a post about her grandparent's fruit bowl. I started some of my own. I now eat so much fruit. I never ate it when it was in the frig. I suggest you all start a fruit bowl. It'll change your life! These are beautiful Galla apples. More!
Close up.
Phatty Foo-Foo and Picasso (both feral rescues).
I lost all the skunks in the Discovery Park fire, but one. She's like a pet! I walk into the woods and call for Emma and the skunk comes running!
Nash and Skunkie...(trust me, Nash is going to run away in about a second cuz Skunki's tail is high and she means busniess!)
Emma and Skunkie...
Skunkie loves kittie food...
Bijou (a feral rescue ~ Hillary's son) has a serious love affair with the computer...

A perennial morning glory. It can grow to over 60 ft. I knew that, but bought it anyway. Then bought a second one. I'm almost living to regret it!!!
I promised to post about the roofing, but never got around to it. I will. It was unbelievable. Here's one of the great roofers who installed a sky light in the garage. I wish I could have afforded 3 more. He was very easy on the eye and an absolute riot.
The view from the kitchen window one sunny morning in January.

My darling, darling feral Nash. Watching me leave him. Again.

Camelias in January.

It was raining on the west side of the house and the sun was shining.
I ran to the east side to see it. It didn't disappoint...
With so much love,

Friday, March 13, 2009


I have a friend in the neighborhood. Roger. He lives about a block away in a lovely well kept home. The landscape is so neat and pretty, the house so tidy. I met Roger the year I bought this house. He walks every day and when I garden in the front yard he stops and we chat. We've become dear friends. We talk for over an hour some days. He's interesting, funny, kind, gentle. He's a good man. Salt of the earth. He's a retired engineer and filled with so many stories. Before buying his house he was in the military, like most. He was based in Arizona working on the nuclear bomb. At the time it was top secret (couldn't even tell his wife), but decades later he was free to tell me, and he did. I learned so much. Not just about the war, but about engineering, life, conflict, personal choices, love of country, family, friends. He shares with me that his wife has grown to dislike him, and that hurts him. He walks to clear his mind.

Roger met Rob one day and Rob left to go back inside to work after about 10 minutes. It seemed rude and talking to Rob later was told "He's just too chatty, I don't have the patience." Oh what Rob missed. He missed a gem of a guy. A lovely, lovely man. Roger died a few weeks ago and his house is up for sale this week. T-Bone and I walked past it tonight and I blew Roger a kiss and said "I love you Roger. Goodbye."

Goodbye Roger. I will never forget you.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A bird house I painted

I've been tagged by Leah and stole this directly from her blog. The gist of it: "Mention six things of no real importance about yourself" and then tag six more people--see, it's like a chain letter but more fun." She was tagged by Megan and so it goes.
Okay, let's all agree, I'm not going to tag six more people. Why? No time!!! If you want this, just take it. I have no time to learn how to highlight and post links in the text of my blogs, then alert those tagged,etc. Honestly, I don't, so just wing it and have fun!!!!!!
Here are my six:

1) Like Princess Di, I bite my nails. (I haven't always, but there are periods of nail biting.)

2) I would like to have been a drummer in a famous rock band.

3) As confident as I am, I'm often insecure like everyone else.

4) My dad was a logger, but I'm a tree hugger.

5) I like crayons.

6) I adore and can operate heavy equipment, but love roses.

And so it goes...


*** UPDATE***

I've changed my mind. I will tag! I tag: Cece, Robyn, Bob, Karen, Giggie, Jo, Skeeter, Debbie in CA, Mr. Shife and of course Random Chickie. That's 10. Hummmmmm. I could go on, but will stop at 10 because I can't remember the rules and don't have time to find them.

Okay you guys, this is my rule, you have to drop by Leah's or Megan's blog for the official rules. Just remember, you are under no obligation to take part in this fun tag, but I hope you do. XO :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

HUGS!!!! Inspired by Bob, but initially by Robyn...

Brothers, Sweet Pea and Rusty

Two years ago (has it really been that long?) our darling Robyn wrote a beautiful post for Brian (CSI) and me. It's so precious and I cherish it, and her. Going back to find it today I started to cry as I got closer. I lost my train of throught but think it's on page 11 of her blog!!! Perhaps 12? Honestly, I lost count, but do know it's the February 10, 2007 post. Just keep clickin' past all her wonderful stories and you'll find it. If you have time, read the post, if not, just click on the video. I've watched it probably a hundred times, if not more, and it never gets old. It's a lesson. A beautiful lesson. I have the link here, but please visit Robyn's to get the full effect (you can find her on my blog roll).


And Bob, hugs do matter. We all love you so much and hope that even a virtual one makes a wee bit of difference. Yes, I agree, it's different, but no less heart felt. I love you to bits and when I send a hug, it's real. Just use your imagination honey! :)
And Robyn, you still kill me. Paging through your blog brought back so many beautiful memories. So much has changed, yet so much remains the same. I like that. And you my dear, I adore. Thanks for February 9th and 10th. Too beautiful. Oh, and just so you know, I'm looking forward to your birthday!!! Road trip!!!
P.S. To all my dear friends, I'll respond to the comments below over the next few days. Trust me! And thanks for always stopping by. XO
I wish everyone would write a post and link to this video. Imagine the joy you would bring to someone's life?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Meyer Lemon Tree Day...

I have a Meyer Lemon tree tucked between my house and the fence that protects me from my neighbor. Somehow the location protects it from the heavy frost that settles on Carmichael in late winter/early spring. It's a beauty year round and produces year round. Meyer Lemon are special. They are a cross between a lemon and an orange. They're kind and gentle, very thin skinned, beautiful, sweet...perfection. That's why you'll never find them at the market. They don't travel well. I'm so fortunate to have a gorgeous tree filled with them. A few years ago I did a drawing (unfinished) of my Meyer Lemon Tree and the oil I dreamed would just drip from them!!!