Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is a tiny photo. Why? I don't know. I lifted it from my nieces facebook and then I told her. She said it was okay. I should have asked why she made it so tiny. Is she punishing me or something?! So now you've met Alan, Monica (yes, she swears A LOT on her FB ~ we're all a bunch of sailors), Amanda, Alison, Mom, Laur and Cailee. Only about 50 more to go! And yes, I buried Alan down below. I couldn't come here and see his face every time I logged on.
Just so you know, Monica is in college and I think 19. She's a sweetie and a bit of a reble!
Monica, love you darling and thanks.
Aunt Suzy XO
My darling Alan has left me. Uncle Rob drove him to the airport a short time ago. His flight leaves around 2pm. I'm doing this and facebooking because I can't seem to function properly. I have to turn the dishwasher on, but I don't want to get off this chair. I need to throw another load in the laundry, but I don't want to walk to the machine. He just called. I said "I miss you already." He replied "I haven't even left the state." I said "Good, stay right there, I'll come back and pick you up."
Yes, he has a beard in the photo. He shaved it off a few days ago. It took two of my very expensive razor blades. Why are razor blades so expensive? He lets his hair get long then shaves that off too. God I'm going to miss that guy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yes, I am. I've been navigating various landscapes, but this is where I belong. Why? I don't know. But I exhale and know this is the most comforting place. I know many of you have smiles on your face. I know.

I have a funny Discovery Park story. Why else are we here???!!! Okay, it started yesterday. I went as always, but ran into a whole hell of a lot of fences. A HUGE concert over the weekend. Nothing new. I've been through them. The front gate attendant told me to just swivel every gate and get through. I did. I was up at my first station when I noticed a guy on a golf cart eyeing me. I waved. He didn't wave back. He asked what I was doing. I said "feeding the ferals." He was a young kid and I don't think I gave him much respect. Then I thought I heard him say "I'm going to lock you in." I shook the cobwebs out of my brain and though, "You kidding dude?" I finished what I was doing, then drove the car up the trail and finished there too. I drove back, only to find the f****** gate locked with zippie ties. You know me. I stood there a few minutes then I went to the car, found the scissors and cut every fucking one (4). I was so pissed. He came flying up and asked what I was doing. I told him to get out of my fucking face. How rude. He called me rude for cutting through his ties. I nearly strangled him. I looked him in the eye (really) and said "Look at me, you will remember this day all the days of your life. You fucked with the wrong woman. I have more power than you ever will and support from every person at this park." He wouldn't move out of my way and I said, "You fucked with the wrong woman, now get out of my fucking way." You all know me in blogger land. I have never been that pissed. Never. He held the gate open and I drove through while his partner was up in arms. The hell with both of them. I seriously have never been that angry. I could have plowed them down with Black Beauty and not given it a second thought. Yes, that's how pissed. He actually had the nerve to say to me, "I won't be seeing you tomorrow, will I." Hummmmmmmmmm. I replied, "Oh honey, you have no idea." This morning I was escorted in by the head park ranger. Pricks will always be pricks. Always. And I will always be in like flin. Amen.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Brother Lee ~ Citizen Cope

Enjoy. XO

P.S. I'll be back soon. I'm navigating facebook and having fun, but I won't give up blogging!