Friday, April 30, 2010

Photo Challenge As Usual...

Here we roulette. This is what I got. A design for a cat bed. Yup, still love it. This was from, I think, 2005. Inside, a nice soft cushion. Heaven for a kittty. Just so you know I could not only make it, I could paint it. I'd use 1 x 6's. 1 x 4's would do quite nicely as well. The rose needs to be a bit more centered I see. That I can do with a chalk line! Such plans. Such plans... Could be a dog bed too!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hummmmmmmm. Why can I put a photo on my blog, but not on the Wild Onion? Not that I know what photo I'm selecting, but at least I'm getting one. And why am I still unable to see my photos? My computer has become a mystery and I'm not smart enough to figure it out. I guess that's why they invented "The Computer Guy." No, I'm not sexist...I actually have a computer guy.