Monday, March 24, 2008

A Walk Through The Garden With Bobby (a.k.a. T-R-O-U-B-L-E!)...

Bobby, get out of my damn garden! Okay, it's official, Bobby's trouble. He's a puppy, so can't help himself! He lives two houses to the north and spends most of his time in our yard since all the fences came down in the massivie storm that stole our tree a number of months ago. He loves me. I don't know why, but when he sees me he goes sort of nutty. He sees Rob, no big deal, but me...REALLY BIG DEAL! I love him to death. Perhaps that's why. The weather has been so beautiful here the past few days (75 degrees) and I really needed to work in the yard, but couldn't because Bobby was relentless. His fence is being replaced this week, so he's enjoying the last freedom he will probably ever know! And he's aware. So off to Aunt Suzie's!!! Good Lord! I got back from the park today after feeding the ferals, didn't see him and thought "PERFECT, I'll work in the garden!" Within a minute I was down on the ground being licked to death by a 30 lb puppy! Okay, gardening's out. I came inside for a change of clothes and Rob had the audacity to say, "Oh, how perfect, he'll enjoy gardening with you." What? Does anyone notice what the heck takes place in my life?!
Okay, off to take photos for my blog and water the back garden. Whoops, big mistake! I had Bobby wrapped around my legs the entire time or jumping into my face. (He's gotta stop that because I now have a split lip.) And then I turn on the sprinkler. Good God!!! He went crazy. He's an Australian Border Collie, so very smart and very busy! He thought he had to herd the water. The next thing I know he's soaking wet and still as wacky as ever! Then worse, he starts jumping on me. I have to go into the house for the second change of clothes. Okay, THAT'S IT! Knock it off.
I came back out fully dressed and clean and started to take photos, only to find myself saying, like always, "Honey, knock it off." No. The photo shoot didn't go so well because my assistant was a bit of a handful! He might need medication. Or hell, perhaps I do! Is there a doctor in the house? Maithri...? Baby Suzanne? Help!
Well, to make a long story short, I got through the photo shoot, but not without a 3rd change of clothes. My life.

My very first rose of the season. As most of you know, it's on the climber I was going to dig up and send sailing after last years fiasco with black spot. Apparently she's decided to redeem herself. Wow...just desserts. But I'm not holding my breath. I'm confident she'll go belly up in a month or so.
Betty Prior. The second rose to bloom. I haven't pruned anything in the back rose garden, so all the rose bushes are like 6-8 feet high!!! Swear to God! I feel as if I'm walking in the jungle of giants. It's too much fun and everything looks insanely beautiful and healthy. I don't think I'll ever prune again. I'm serious. We're all taught to prune like maniacs, but I didn't have time and the results are amazing. Betty Prior is about 6' x 6'. No joke. And the amount of buds. INSANE!!! Hundreds and hundreds.


is making me wait...(Carly Simon) . Yup, I have aphids, but only a few. This is a very healthy garden and I don't worry about anything. Everyone needs to make a living...even aphids.

When we first bought this home I planted two crabapple trees in honor of my grandparents. They had the most stunningly beautiful home, and as you entered the yard there were two crabapple trees on either side of the pathway. One of my crabapples made it, the other did not and will have to be removed this year. I'm a very symetrical person, so being a-symetrical will take some getting used to.

Beautifully scented Freesia! Yummy!

A gorgeous, shade loving, lime colored Herchera. I love lime colored anything! Seriously.

Blurry. Yes, I know. Annual forget-me-nots. One of the most precious flowers in the world.

And again with Creeping Jenny (love that name).

A perennial variety of Forget-Me-Nots. Very low and compact. Also a different shade of blue. Vibrant. I planted six, but only one comes back every year.

A climbing Jasmine. I planted it 3 years ago and was suppposed to build a trellis. I did not. So it's mauled the Nandina shrub. The poor 7 foot shrub is bent to the ground. No joke. I'd take a photo, but would be too embarrassed to show you. It's rather pathetic. I'm going to wait till the blooms fade, then cut the vine back to the base, hang a trellis and start over. Seems like the only option.

Honey, can you get out of Aunt Suzie's garden?
Two varieties of Azalea with Creeping Jenny and weeds! Perfect combo!

I love you all and thanks for visiting my blog. Talk to you soon.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well...what did you expect. They're a #1 seed, you had to know this was coming.
Update: just saw him on the cover of Sports Illustrated! (Of course I'd get the colors perfect. Please!)

Friday, March 14, 2008


The forsythia from the kitchen window last year. Rob looked out this morning and said "Honey, that thing looks pretty good. I replied "Are you nutty?" It looks like crap and it's coming out. I try not to look because it's simply too painful. Even last year wasn't that great, but the year before, brilliant. I learned a valuable lesson. When something's okay, leave it alone. Which brings me to my hair. For a very short time I was self absorbed. Sorry about that, but your comments mattered and I thank each an every one of you. Just like the forsythia, I'm going to leave well enough alone and move to the next phase of my life. Okay, what do you think about a 50 year old grey haired woman in a mini-skirt and flip flops!? Just kidding (well, not about the flip flops).


P.S. Sorry Little Suzanne. Yes honey, this is what happens in Big Suzanne's real life! ;)

P.P.S. I have to get to the ferals, but was just on Bindi's blog and asked Rob "Honey, how do you spell rarity?" He replied "R-O-B-E-R-T." That is my life in a nutshell. Way, way too funny.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Little Bit~O~This And A Little Bit~O~That...

This is going to be an interesting post. I'm going to try to write less! It's obviously Spring here.

Our dining room/library last year.

I have no idea how Ohno got there. He's in the bookcase in my office, nearly six feet off the floor. He's a gem.

Horribly blurry, but a beautiful camelia non the less.

I would love to say that the big limb kicked my ass, but nope, it was the little one. 5 days of absolute concussion hell. I'm recovering. I think I'm going to make it. No, I don't recommend this to anyone. Be careful.

Our beautiful mock plum...


Our fence is still down, so this is a photo our neighbor's, Betty Anne's, beautiful newly sodded back yard. It cost between $3,000-$4,000. Our yard is 3 times as big. We wanted to do the same, but the insurance company wouldn't cooperate. I'll go over and lay on her lawn. She loves me, she won't mind!

Rob and me in Los Angeles when we lived next to dear friends Charlie and Renee! (Hi Renee!!!)
Phatty~Foo~Foo in the potpourri bowl. That's gotta hurt!

Phatty~Foo~Foo, just being Phatty ~Foo~Foo. You would never believe she was a feral! Never!

Feeding my wonderful ferals at the park. Yes, it is a picnic. I didn't lie! And yes, I'm very organized!
This is the kittie chair. Yes, it is insane. I try to protect it with a cover and towels, but what the hell, it's just a wreck! I was almost embarrassed to show this photos, but who cares. Life is too short. It is what it is! It ain't pretty, but they love it for some reason. Obviously. I'm laughing. Why, because it's funny. It's just such a wreck! But it is what it is. Pico (Picasso) on top, then Rusty on the pillow, then Cloe. It's ugly, but it's happiness!

Hunny Hunk. Finally. Yup, he's pretty.

Hopper at the neighbors! A decorative flag to the left!
Mickey sleeping next to me in my office/studio!

Sweet Pea (aka Frank Sinatra...Old Blue Eyes).
A drawing I did for a client. She didn't want it. I still love it.

Me and Rob's mom...
And finally, photos I took after recovering from the flu. I was finally able to take a shower!!! I couldn't stop smiling. After battling the flu I didn't think I'd ever see water again! I took these photos after returning from the park and feeding the ferals. I was happy just to be alive. Honestly. They're blurry. I love that. You can't see all my wrinkles! Yes, I'm so grey, and finally you get to see it. Grey doesn't always show up in photos, but here it did. I'm grateful. An honest depiction. I like that. I took photos of me in a distant mirror. Holding a camera out in front isn't the most reliable way to photograph, but I love the effect. Blurry. So no matter how much you inlarge, it will still be blurry!

Now, I want to hold a contest. What to do about my hair. I'm almost 50 and a Leo, so hair is important. Should I cut it? Should I color it? What? Should I go back, spring ahead? Lighten up, keep a heavy load? What? When I went home 4 years ago everyone in my family was telling me to change the color. I almost did, but then at the last moment didn't. I've never looked back. Perhaps I should? Grey or not grey...that is the question.
I love you all and hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Five (or was that seven?) Random Things About Myself...

In the forground is the Forsythia
before I killed it and in the background
is the privet in need of a hair cut.
I don't have a clone, gardener, or an assistant (thanks Gig!),
so cut me some slack. Oh, and the pretty
pink number in the background is of course, Oleander.
The photo is taken from the kitchen window.

Okay...Cecile and Inner Voices are protesting outside and the police arrived. Good Lord I think I'm still in Berkeley. I have to write a new post because it's late afternoon and once the sun goes down Cecile is going to freeze in that tank top and to be honest, I don't know what's going to happen to Inner Voices in spandex, but I don't think it's going to be pretty.

I'm exhausted from today, so picked something I could accomplish in 100 words or less! Okay, it's official, you'll all still be reading this tomorrow!!! You know me by now.

I was tagged by Bindi. I've been tagged a lot, but haven't had time to actually honor my taggers (or collect my awards), but will do so today because this is the most recent and easiest to find. Five or seven random things about myself (can't remember which)? Like I said in my last tag, let the snoring begin...

1. I like decorative flags. I used to change them out every day or two, but realized I didn't have the time after a few years of that nonsense, so now I let them stay up a month or more, then "post" a new one (except at Christmas, I have 5, so have to rotate every few days to fit them all in). I have about 15 or so and bought all of them at once and have never felt the need to buy more. I love the ones I have. They're keepers.

2. I laugh at Ohno probably way more than I should. He has to do EVERYTHING in a hurry. There is such an urgency to his life that I don't completely understand. He loves to watch me brush my teeth, so it doesn't matter where he is, he comes running into the bathroom, hits the toilet and is on the vanity is seconds. No joke. About a month ago, before he fell in the fish tank and was still tiny (after he dunked himself in the fish tank he put on about 5 lbs. and grew like wild fire!) he heard me start to brush my teeth and rushed from the family room at such a high rate of speed he overshot the runway (the toilet) and landed head first in the decorative urn that holds our toilet brush and plunger. He couldn't get out, so all I heard was plastic and claws and cries, but my mouth was filled with toothpaste and my toothbrush and I started to laugh so hard I thought I was going to choke. I was so paralyzed with laughter I was unable to pluck him out because I had to bury my head in the towel. I finally composed myself, reached down and saved him by the butt because he was still head first and in absolute desperation. I put him on the toilet and he was at the sink to watch me brush my teeth before I arrived! Like nothing had happened. What?! I was in tears. I love to laugh. If I couldn't laugh I would absolutely die.

3. I'm 5'2".

4. My favorite color is green (which explains my love of pink ~~ complementary colors).

5. I'm a morning person. However, dealing with perimenopause has made me realize I don't know what the h*** I am any more!

6. I love sheep. Not to kill or eat (because those of you who know me, know I'm a strict vegetarian), just to have roaming my beautiful English country side. Oh, that's right, I don't live in England! But I still love sheep (and almost every other animal).

7. I don't appreciate people who are unkind, thoughtless or who cause pain to either humans or animals. And honestly, I don't like rude people either.

8. This is a bonus comment. I love being at the park, walking out of the woods after feeding the ferals and on to the bike path. I love the reaction from cyclists (lots of racers train at the park) and runners. Two choices: I'm homeless or doing something good. I adore the people who smile and give me the thumbs up, or who stop to chat with me, and feel so sorry for those who avert their eyes. There are amazing people, but also people who will never get the meaning of life. I love the amazing people. And I especially love the ones who never see me walk to my BMW, but who stop to chat nontheless, and the surprise of those who do and then react differently. I love the former. Just writing this makes me cry. You never know who someone is. And should never assume. Why am I different suddenly, just because I have a German car? Or a car? Why am I different two minutes later? It breaks my heart because some people judge and that is a terrible way to live a life. It has happened so many times and today it happened again. I walked out of the woods and saw three women cyclists near my car and watched as they eyed me all the way down the bike path as I walked toward them. They were relentless. Rather nasty even. I could tell they thought I was homeless even though I was quite well dressed for someone who feeds ferals!!! But I was carrying that big old plastic bag with the "picnic" stuff in it and apparently that was a dead give-a-way. When I walked to the car the gasp was almost audible. No joke. You all know what I would have liked to say. Instead I held my tongue, as they drove by, smiled and said "Good morning," I did the same, but with the biggest lump in my throat. They looked as if they felt really guilty and I felt that was the lesson. So number 8 is "I'm not a fan of stupid and please remember to have an open mind and heart."

Cecile, is this good enough?

XO to all,

P.S. I saw one of my most favorite homeless guys in the whole world this morning at the park. He loves me and all of us who feed ferals and wishes he could too, but simply doesn't have the means. As he drove away on his bike he said into the wind, "When you go home, remember to tell your family you love them." I thought I would die.