Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Kylie's birthday roses. Yup, the basket's completely full. Most are being mushed at the bottom. I feel trouble approaching! (Music to Jaws.)
There he is!
He started stealing them...
Then he started mauling them...
Then while trying to cut and arrange the vase, he was less than an inch away watching every single stem enter the water with absolute awe.
Yup, still here! But getting tired.

Lazy, tired eyes...
Heeeeeeeeeeeee's out!
A card with "purple" Veronica for the birthday girl.
The inside.
The bouquet with card.
Bouquet without card! :)
Other side of bouquet.
Close up.
Happy Birthday dear friend. We all love you so much. But you know that. See you same time next year!?
Love you,
"The Gang"
P.S. Those of you who have been reading this blog know the white on the walls is primer, not paint. Those of you who haven't, don't. They've yet to be painted a soft buttery yellow with pure white trim!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

You Are A Dear Friend...

Remember when I had the flu? Yup, me too. Man that was ugly. But somehow I managed to design and award during that period. Why? Because I was inspired by all of my dear friends, who never let me down, and got me through a very difficult time. In fact I designed about 10 of them, but this is the lucky one. I'm not going to name names because I want all my dear friends to take this if they want and then I want you to share it with people who matter to you as well. It's funny you know, I realized we don't have to wait to recieve an award, we can simply make them up!!! Brilliant! I'm going to design another one and give it out in the next few months! I know, I'm probably going to be forever known as the "Award Queen." Ahhhh, life is too much fun.

I hope to see this award on all the blogs I visit and then some. So don't hesitate. Just grab it and run! My only request is that you leave a comment. And the comment is rather important. I want you to list at least two things about yourself that you love. That's all.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Fence...

No, that's not the new fence. That's T-Bone! Isn't he pretty? We're in our neighbor's yard taking photos. I was on the phone with Cecile this afternoon and she mentioned some posts she's currently read are "boring." I asked if mine ever are. She started to laugh. I said "Is that a yes?" She laughed harder. She never said my posts are boring in actual words, she just kept laughing, which of course means yes. This may bore some of you. Be warned. Don't go beyond this point. DANGER~DANGER~DANGER. As most of you know, our fence was replace a number of weeks ago. Here are some photos. Let the snoring begin. Remember, you can inlarge any photo by simply clicking on it.
Honey, you need some water? And look how those two new pieces of sod perfectly fit his feet!
Looking from Betty Ann's yard into ours.
Looking into our "Southern Neighbor's" yard (Betty Ann's to the North. Jim's to the South). Yes I know, the grass looks like hell. After losing the tree I've been in a funk. I haven't fertilized. When I took this photo the grass was still "greening up," (it's basically green all year, but some parts croak) but if I'd fertilized it would have looked a whole lot better. The back yard without the tree is so odd. I'm not used to it yet. I was way in the back garden the other day and looked at the house without the tree and started to cry. Everything looks so out of sorts. It's been months, as most of you know since losing her, but I haven't adjusted. As I write this I have tears in my eyes. Obviously I don't like change or losing a valued tree. I know, other people move on so easily. I don't.
The trash/recyling area. Planted that garden about a year and a half ago and it's just beautiful. When the fence was taken down the contractor and his assistant pushed the climbing roses over and tried not to cut too much, but they cut. Broke my heart. Anyone who grows climbing roses understand that pain. The purple is Spanish Lavender. I swear to God, it's in bloom year round. I love it. I should be cutting it back about now, but don't have the heart! I planted mostly herbs in this area and they've rewarded me 10 fold. Oh, and we have so many bins because we have two for recycling and two for yard waste (one for trash). Yup, California is pretty progressive and so are we! They're usually more organized, but the contractor pushed them into a little ugly group!
I'm unable to get these two photos apart to write inbetween, so screw it, I'll write about them both here. The first one is of fence panels. I asked our contactor to please save two or three of the best ones for projects. He selected keepers. I was going to make birdhouses with them, but now, realize I want to use them for an arbor. I know, you can't quite see it, but I can. I'll show you what I mean in a later post. They'll be beautiful surrounded by climbing roses.
The second photo is looking into Betty Ann's yard after the fence had been completely removed. It felt lovely. I almost wished the fence didn't have to be replaced. It was such an open feeling and T-Bone loved to run on her new sod! All we needed was the other new fence down and Bobby would have been happily running with T-Bone. Betty Ann an our neighbor Jim have the most beautiful trees. Betty Ann had the Ash nearest our property removed last year and broke our heart. It was enormous and beautiful, but sick. It changed the whole complexion of our yard, and then we lost our Ash. Holy moly. A double wammy.
Another view of Jim's yard with a big old bag of cement tucked in just for fun. Oh and three lilac's still in containers. I bought them about three years ago for almost $50 each and have yet to find a place for them. I know, I'm pathetic.
As the fence was coming down I had to take this photo. The neighbor in back has Wisteria on an arbor that is to die for. This photo doesn't do it justice. Trust me. We've never seen the neighbors behind until Betty Ann had all her shrubs and little trees removed a few months ago. We freaked out! Seriously. Rob was on the phone with her trying to convince her to STOP!!! She didn't. Now we have a clear view of our neighbors to the back. I can't say we like it because we don't, but that Wisteria is stunning!
I love aqua and love the contractor's little helper. Our path used to be wider, but plants have a way of saying "I want to plunge over the edge and move to the next plot." I don't have the heart to say no.
Our dear contractor, James. We love him and so does T-Bone. This was taken in Betty Ann's yard. Yup, that's our house and the roof and gutters that are about to be replaced. Yes, I know, the storage shed is ugly and here when we bought the house. It's going to be replace, but for now it's useful. I plan to put the new one on the other side of the house, so when you walk though the gate you don't see a storage shed.
Supervisor ~ T-Bone. He was in his element on this project.
I realize I didn't take a photo of the new fence! I'll do that! Until next time, love to all.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Have So Many Posts to Post, I Don't Know Where To Start...So Let Me Start With Crystal...

Yup...Ohno's all growed up! And yup, he still trouble.

We have no crystals left on any lamp, chandelier or wall sconce. This was the last bastion of crystalism. This morning it came to an end.

Crystals in a puddle.
A big old puddle. So much for elegance and beauty. He all growed up.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'd Like That...

If only I could be one of my kitties. Life would be wonderful. Stress free. All I'd really have to think about is which bed to sleep on, which lap to sit on, what food to eat (it's everywhere!) and who's desk to covet. Ah, to be one of my kitties. I'd like that.