Tuesday, February 24, 2009

With love...

The answers are below and now I have to go. I'll see you around August 8th.

With much love,



just bob said...

August 8th?

You meant April 8th right?

Suzanne said...

#2 (That doesn't sound so good!)

You little rascal you. Am I supposed to delete that?! I feel as if I've just been asked to join Monty Python's Inner Circle and found the Holy Grail!!! Wow!!! You're just giving that to me? Merelyeme's gonna be SO PISSED! I'll have braggin' right for like a year! Can I share it with you know who? (About 20 other people!!!) I'm gonna give it to Cece you know. No really, I am!

You were born just after my older sister. Are you as bitchy as her?
I'll tell you a funny story! Probably my last. I was rushing around to get out the door yesterday morning and the phone rang:

"Mom? Mom, I have no time to talk, I'm trying to get to the park and I'm literally walking out the door."
"How ya doin'?"
"Oh Mom, life sucks at the moment."
Then I started to laugh really hard. Mom started to laugh.
She said "That's why I called, just to hear you laugh. No one laughs like you and it always cheers me up." She'd just been on the phone with my older sister and apparently my sister was very rude. Mom said "No matter how bad your day, you still laugh." A half hour later I left for the park. Damn that woman!!! I returned from the park and we talked another 2 hours and just laughed our asses off. Then COMCAST decided to end our conversation because of that stupid storm from San Jose. Damn! The best thing about my mom is she's hilarious. The next best thing about my mom is she think I am!!!

Family. Friends. Can't live with um, can't live without um.

I love you baby, and thanks. We share "8." Isn't that one hell of a terrific number? I love it! Gotta go. I'm off to the "banner" store to buy some advertising space on the plane. See you on the 8th!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Rachel made her "famous" pancakes for Mardi Gras dinner . . . and I thought of you. Sorry we ate them all (along with all of the ricotta hotcakes that I simply ADORE), but there's a pic on my blog.

: D Love you!

I'm with Bob . . . APRIL 8th, right?

Leah said...

Wait, I had to read that twice. Bob, is your birthday April 8th? I wouldn't have gotten that except from reading Suzanne's comment. Is it true?

I wish I had the willpower to be as opaque as you are Bob. It's so much more dignified than the way I just blurt it out all over the place!

xo to both of you. Suzy, we'd better see you before August, or I'll be sad.

Leah said...

Or were you just saying the next "A" month that came to mind?

Megan said...

I wouldn't put anything past Bob.

Love you Suz! And August 8 is waaay too far away - that's like, summers-almost-over time! We'll miss out on all the roses!!!

Suzanne said...

Bob...I think you're an Aries! Thanks to Cece for pointing that out!

just bob said...

At this point Suzanne, I'm not really sure what I am or when I was born.

somebody said...