Friday, February 6, 2009


The roses are about to start blooming again at Rose Cottage!

So get ready...

for a new season...

of fun and beauty!!
To my European and Australian friends...


just bob said...

A gray rainy day is a good time for this Blottie!!! Thanks... jb

just bob said...


Megan said...


Megan said...

Hey bob you were only first because I was reading Suz's reply to me on the previous post!

Suzanne said...


Too funny. I'm sitting here wasting time in an effort to get everyone in the house to settle down. My kitties and dog are such a bunch of funny wackos! But guess what I'm doing? I'm getting my blog roll back up!!! I'm going old school. I'll figure out later if I want one of the fancy new ones. It would be fun to see who visits my blog without commenting!!!

And Bob, I agree, gray rainy days are perfect for dreaming of a beautiful garden. We had some sun for a few hours this afternoon, but it's leaving and dark clouds are moving back in. Stay warm and dry in your lobster socks!

Megan, I'm so glad Friday has finally found you! You deserve it. Have a great weekend and before I turn this contraption off I'll visit my previous post to confirm you were there! ;)

Love you both. We'll chat soon.

Suzanne said...

I did something so funny. When I dated the photos you see I typed 2007. They're from 2008. I must have been loopy that day.

Joyful Jo said...

I am envious of your lovely roses.
I can smell them from here.
Go to my blog to see pictures of my poor roses. Another 44 degrees day over here!

Joyful Jo said...

Mark says,
I have just shoved Jo off the chair and away from the computer to say,
"g'day and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend".

Cheers and beers,

Suzanne said...

Kooka, you want to hear something SO, SO funny. You're in my house every single day! My little kitten Bella is also called Kooka Actually Kooka Burra if she's in deep doo-doo!!! We just love the name around here and it fits her perfectly! Honey, can you please help Jo off the floor. Thanks.

Sweetie, I miss you. I still read your blog, but it's impossible to comment. I just put Jo in touch with Cinnamon in England and I can't comment on her blog either. You both use Google and for some reason I can't comment. It's so sad. Just know I think of you every day and love you very much. Absolutely nothing has changed. I hope you're okay and when you shower can you please save the water for Jo's roses. Thanks. Just buy a big bucket or something to stand in. And use biodegradable shampoo and soap. smell so clean!!!

I love all of you so much and hope you make it through this fire season safely. We haven't had much rain, so there's real concern here too. Cross your fingers. And my dear friend, please come here to talk to me. I can't come there, so work with me brotha! I love you very much and hope to talk to you soon.

XO Me!

(Love and hugs to all family members!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne!

Just been over to Jo's- she had already introduced herself on my blog, but thank you for thinking of putting us in touch!

So sad about her roses.

I had no idea you couldn't comment on my blog- not even as 'anonymous'? I thought blogger was a google thing- what do you have? Thanks for dropping by. Yes we have a lot of medieval architecture in my town.

Love the idea of a Kitty called Kooka!!!

yes I got totally engrossed by the thursday theme thing- i love all that- different people discussing the same theme. have come across some great blogs so...THANK YOU Megan and co! I didn't 'play' just read the 'players' blogs. I know what you mean about time- luckily I had Thursday off and the weather kept me home!

Your roses are truly beautiful. Like Jo, I am envious. Mine have succumbed to blackspot, rust and mould (though i am hopeful for a resurrection when the season comes)

Blimey, this msut be my longest comment ever xoxox

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Suze,Kylie and Cinnamon,

Thank you all for commenting. We have just got back from our shopping centre to walk out into almost 50 DEGREES (113 DEGREES).
Suze we do use our shower water and any other water we may have. As Kylie said this is really brutal heat. Strong northerly hot winds gusting at up to 50kmh!! today. So the damage is not through lack of water. It is mainly wind and extreme heat.
The cats are indoors thankfully. Polo is the sensible one who stays indoors but simba disappeared during last week's heat wave while i was at work. Simba had gone out in the morning. When i got home i couldn't find him and called and called for him knowing that he goes under the house. Finally he surfaced. As it was so hot i worried he had dehydrated. This time he is inside on his back under the air conditioner.

Thanks all for your concern.

Megan said...

Suz, I cannot figure out what it is that is stopping you from commenting on these blogs. I mean, what the heck? I've never heard of that happening before! Can you give us some screen shots or something that will tell us where the problem lies?

I dunno, I just feel like there has to be a way to fix it!

ShutterSpy said...

Happy Saturday to you too, Suzanne :-D

Walker said...

Your lucky to live where you are, I have to wait until June to see mine bloom and be as beautiful as yours

Karen ^..^ said...

I love your picture posts. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I land here, relax, and just go, "Ahhhhhhh...."


Anonymous said...