Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My friend Rob...

Off to the park!

I have a dear friend in Massachusetts. Rob (aka Hunter). As most of you know we met on the "Meet ~n~ Greet over on IV's blog months ago and just hit it off. I adore the guy. He's a hunter and I'm a vegetarian, but as Obama has so brilliantly pointed out, it's our similarities that unit us.


Rob, his beautiful wife and two children sent us an amazing box of goodies for Christmas. This is my new pink Boston Red Sox cap!!! Isn't it gorgeous?! Don't look at me, just look at the cap. I hadn't taken a shower and was still a whole lot sleepy! Notice the little shadows on my one and only good white tee shirt? Yup, you remember the cupcake batter incident...well it gets better. Stick around.

This is the full content of our gift box. Cat food (salmon and rice), toys for the kitties, a football for T-Bone and two gorgeous hats. Oh, and the kitties got a beautiful little box of catnip that didn't make the photo. It's all beautiful, isn't it?
So, so pretty! Oh, and very, very well made. There's actually a slot for the extra tab at the back. I can adjust the tab to custom fit my gigantic brain and tuck the tab in the slot! Brilliant!!!
I arrived home from the park with my beautiful new pink hat and made soup. Cauliflower/broccoli/potato soup to be exact. The phone rang. It was Mom. She was a hoot. She usually is.
We were laughing along and I said "Mom, I have to turn on the emulsifiying blender." She said "Okay," and kept on talking. I turned it on, we kept chatting. I lifted it out, but forgot to let go of the little green button. "OH MY GOD!!!" "You okay?" "No, I'm covered in hot, boiling soup and so is the kitchen." "Oh good Lord."
My one and only good white shirt is a gonner. That shirt was just a magnet for disaster. You should have seen the kitchen. That soup was like glue. I guess because of the potatoes.
Yes, there's some nipple action. I hate bras and apparently was excited about taking my photo. But Cece will be happy because I'm still in something resembling clothing. Usually I throw this crap off the moment I return from the park and snuggle into my nightie! If I'd been in my nightie I'd have burns. Trust me. Life is always exciting at Rose Cottage. Mom said "You okay sweetie?" I said "Yup." She said you aren't a very good cook are you?" I said "I'm a great cook!!! She said "You aren't a multitasker, are you?" I said "Shut up."
XO to all,
Newman's last day on Earth...
Newman, we all miss you. Every single day we miss you. I finally washed your blankie the other day and everything in this house has gone haywire. I shouldn't have washed it . Ohno and Maestro are having the most difficulty. I wish you could just walk back in. God I miss you so much. Sometimes it seems as if you're here. When the lights are low Ohno and Phatty Foo Foo look like you and for a second I think they're you. Daddy told me he says "good night" to you when he goes to bed and "hello" when he wakes up. You are so, so missed. We love you so much. I'm sorry.


Leah said...

Suzy--several things:

1. You in that t-shirt: woohoo girl!

2. The stains: eh, story of my life.

3. The care package: that man really is sweet, isn't he? I dig him. Rob, you're really really cool.

4. Pink is your color.

and definitely not least,

5. I firmly believe Newman is curled up in sunshine, relaxed and happy, hanging out with his new friends (my dear old dogs and cats of days gone by, and Kylie's little bunny) in the wonderful place where dear animal souls go. It may sound silly, but I believe it.


Suzanne said...

Good morning!!! You up yet?

Leah--several thing:

1. Woohoo girl! Which photo of the t-shirt!!!??? Thanks! That made my day!

2. Stains, stains, stains. I'm the stain queen. I can't eat without feeding my shirts too. Rob laughs so hard when I eat. He often says "What is it with you and food?" Frankly, I just don't know.

3. Rob (Hunter) really is the sweetest guy. I'm so glad we met him. Don't you just want to hug him?! And his wife and kids are precious. I love that family and Rob's stories about them. He's a keeper!

4. Pink is my color. Why do you think? It's a warm color and goes well with my complexion, but interestingly, so does pale blue (the color of faded demim) and that's a cool color. Most people look good in one or the other (cool or warm), and I've often wondered why I'm different. There has to be a good explanation, I just haven't found it. I may have to call the X-Files.

5. No, it doesn't sound silly. Thank you. It's agonizing you know? It often feels as if he's still here, and then there are days that feel so heavy with his absence. I cried the day I washed his blankie. I wish I had just left it alone. I know he's safe, warm and with all our furry friends. I believe, just like you.

I love you darling. Thanks so much for this one. Have a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne!!!

Sorry I've been MIA. Read my blog. I need some tough love! HELP!

Do you go to the park without a bra? No wonder so many people (especially men) stop and talk to you! LOL!!! Should I put that factoid in the article I'm writing: she doesn't wear a bra!!!

I'm gonna send you a Tide To Go stick, I swear. Email me your address and I'll drop it in the mail tomorrow, okay?

What a lovely photo of Newman. I agree with Leah, he's laying around relaxing in the sun with all our beloved pets. My cat, Spooky, is there with him but she won't share her food. She was always mean that way.

Hope you have a wonderful day and I'm gonna get cracking on that article. I will! I will!


Karen ^..^ said...

I laughed so hard when you described your "nipple action". For not wearing a bra, you are damn PERKY, girl!!!

Can't you bleach the shirt? I've had white shirts that got chocolate stains on them (cake batter incident, LOL) and it came clean. I just sprayed it with spray and wash, and bleached the daylights out of it, then washed it again to get the bleach smell out. I'm sure it can be saved! Its such a nice shirt, and your ta-tas look fabulous in it! How do you stay so perky not wearing a bra???
Ok, I have to admit I'm acting a bit obsessed over your boobs just a bit. I'll stop now.

Besides, I'm trying to put off the inevitable tears I'm going to shed with the ending of your post. I know, girl. I know exactly how you feel right now. Great, my nose is prickling. So are my eyes.

Just know you'll see that little guy again. This is by far the suckiest part of pet ownership. Ugh. Ok, now I'm crying.

Thanks a lot, sis.

Just kidding . Love ya.

hnter1018 said...

Suzanne I'm glad you are enjoying everything. Most mornings while waiting for the dogs to go to the bathroom and the coffee to brew I do a cursory check of the forums I go to and the blogs I read. This way when I want to screw off at work I know where to go. Boy what I surprise when I scrolled through and was greeted by a pair of nipples in a white tee. In my opinion always a good way to start the day, but I sure was not going to be the first to comment. I'm sorry your having such a hard time with newmans passing. Take care. I should have a new post up tonight. Figure I'll get myself in a vicodin induced haze and post.


Megan said...

Hi gorgeous!

Suzanne said...


I visited. I gave tough love. Is it working?

NO! I don't go out in public without a bra. Good Lord, are you nutty?! I have enough problems! I actually love bras. They're art, but I've never found the right one for me. Bra shopping for me is like Chinese water torture. Seriously. I hate shopping for them and I hate wearing them because most are uncomfortable and I can never seem to find the one made for my body. I'll need a new bra, try on 30 and come home with nothing. I'm serious. The one I love is made by Hanes. It's all cotton and can be seen under my shirt in the first photo. Unfortunately they're no longer making that exact bra, so I'm struggling to find something comparable. It's hard. The two I still wear are on their last legs. No elastic left, no nothing left, but I can't find a replacement, so I'm hangin' low and waiting for a miracle. In fact I'm actually considering having them custom made. That's how much I love them and how picky I am about bras!

As I said, bras can be art and I do love to look at them, but one thing I detest is having my boobs pushed, pulled or padded. I just don't understand all that crap. Why would anyone want to be that uncomfortable. Kinda like wearing a thong! Why would you want a string up your ass? I don't understand why woman want to be uncomfortable!!! I guess to attract guys, but I just don't care about attracting guys so it's not a priority. In fact it's funny, I've never shown cleavage. Never. I'm laughing because that's kinda funny. I'm actually very, very modest. Oh, I'm also lazy. I don't want to have to work too hard!

I'll go buy a Tide To Go stick. Don't you dare send one. The soup had oil in it from sauteeing onions and garlic, so the stains from the soup are oil and the stains for the cupcakes are, I guess, oil too!!! That poor shirt.

Thanks. Newman IS beautiful. I agree with you and Leah. He's with all our cherished friends. Newman told me Spooky's mellowed in retirement!

Love you darling XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Suzanne said...


You're killing me!!! I do wear a bra, just not around the house the past few years. And they're still perky because I sadly didn't have children. I think that makes a very big difference. I would rather have had children and breast fed and have nipples down to my belly button!!!! But I didn't and don't so I have these. Also, and this is really important, they're small and that helped a great deal. My sisters all used to make fun of me because I had the smallest boobs in the family, but I was so grateful because I couldn't imagine trying to work with all the baggage they were lugging around! I never, ever wanted big boobs. It's just not me. And I was never, ever, ever, ever interested in attracting a guy with my boobs. I found that idea really offensive. I'd never want that sort of guy. Ya know what I mean? Ick. Yuck.

Well honey, thanks for reminding me to feel really good about my boobs. I just looked down my shirt. Nice! I'm grateful for what I have even if no one makes a bra to fit me. Let's lift a glass..."Here's to another good 10 years!"

Baby, I can't get the stains out. They're oil. Bleach doesn't work. I tried. I'm going to try RC's idea. If all fails I'm going to the fabric store and have one of the great seamstresses custom make a few new shirts for me. The shirt you see was custom. I know what looks good on me and I'll pay $10 extra per shirt to get it. And you know me...I hate to shop.

And thanks for the kind words about Newman. You're right, they're all together. I'm glad you read what I wrote. I almost didn't write it, but I just had to. I miss him terribly. There is such a void.

I love you my dear friend and thanks for just being you and gracing this blog. I have the dearest blogging friends.


Suzanne said...


Look at me. No, not at my boobs, look in my eyes damit. Did you notice the beautiful pink hat? Damn, how's you're wife going to read this? I love her and now can't invite her to read this. For God sakes man, you can get your fill of boob over on IV's blog or just type "porn" on Google. Mine aren't special! Especially with soup plastered all over them and as small as they are. I know you're a breast man. Are ya nutty???!!! Oh, and I almost forgot to remind you...they're almost 50 years old. That'll never work for you. *Buries head in lap and laughs self silly!* But thanks for the complement! I'll never let you live it down. No really. Never! Why? Because I love your comment.

And about Newman. Thanks. It's a process. A horrible process. I find I get through every day and then move on to the next. Our household is so out of sorts. I don't know who the next Alpha male is. Everyone is just so out of sorts. I don't think I should have ever washed his blanket. Somehow that blanket kept life in order. Without it, life has gone haywire at Rose Cottage. Any advice?

Love you dear and thanks so much for everything. What a beautiful package to open and enjoy. I need your address. You sent your phone number, but I need the address as well because my Rob put your box in the recycle bin before I could get the return address. Please email because I have a thank you card. Thanks sweetie. I'll stop by for the new post.

Love to all,

Suzanne said...


Hi beautiful!!!!!


just bob said...

That cap makes you an official member of Red Sox Nation.... the nips too.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Bob. I was already a member, but it's good to be an "official member!" And nips. What is it with men and nips? Really. I'd like you to write a post about men's love for nips. Seriously. Oh, and women's love for nips. Did you read the comments from the women?! Jeasus Christ. What is it about nips that generates so much interest? I'm a small woman with small boobs. I didn't even expect anyone would notice. That's just to damn funny.

Love you dear and so happy to see you out and about.

XO Blottie ;)

Suzanne said...

That should be "too."

Leah said...

Yup, women notice!

Suzanne said...

I've gotta stop blogging. I have way too much to do to be here. But really? They do!? Good!!! What did you notice about me? Yes, I'm self absorbed!


kylie said...

jeez suze
we notice nips for the same reason men do, theyre sticking in our face!
and i notice boobs cos i'm looking to see how i compare and just cos i like the shape of a nice set. when theyre good theyre beautiful!

i'm sure zakky is there with newman and theres a lovely chocolate brown lab who went the same day as zakky, my old heidi .....oh yeah, loads of em. all cosy and happy

oh and about boobs: i never wanted big ones either but i LOVED the temporarily huge rack i had from breastfeeding. no good for sleeping with but wonderful to look at!

gotta go

Suzanne said...


Are you saying mine are "good" and they're "beautiful?" Thanks in advance!!! ;)

I've never heard a woman who breast fed say "Oh, I hated my big boobs." On the contrary, they've always said the same thing, "I loved my big boobs!!!" Too funny. I'd probably like to test out a big set for about a month, then go back to my normal size. I'm really practical and with all I have to do I don't like "stuff" getting in my way!!!

I'm going to spell cozy cosy from now on. When I read British magazines I love that spelling. It's soft. And yes sweetie, I agree, they're all there together, cosy and warm. You know how sorry I am about Zakky, but equally so about old Heidi. Why do they have to leave us? I can't get used to not having Newman around. I know I will eventally, but I guess I'm just not ready yet. You know me, I still haven't accepted Hillary's is gone. I don't do death well.

I have to go visit Miathri. Remember that damn fall at the park when Nash tripped me. The wound on my forehead healed, then got infected. It healed beautifully after that. Well guess what? Two days ago the scar started to itch, then it turned red, so I waited and this morning it's huge, red, sore and obviously infected again. Just worse. I must not have gotten all the dirt out or something. I'm going to ask MY3 if I need to see the doctor. It looks kind of serious this time. Wish me luck.

Have a restful sleep (yes I know my day is your night).

Love you and thanks for everything,

Queen Goob said...

Mine USED to look cute and perky like that.....until I breast fed two babies.

And The King likes to remind me to bring extra clothing when we go out to eat because really, when I enjoy my meal I REALLY enjoy my meal. I'm a bargain shopper because I can't keep my clothing stain-free.

Speaking of stain-free, grab a Q-Tip, dip it in bleach and dab only on the stains then immediately throw in the washer. When the wash is done do NOT throw it in the dryer until you're sure the stain is out as heat sets the stains and if you dry your clothing before the stain is removed it's there for ever and ever and ever A-men.

Newman is hangin’ with my Floyd so all is good in Heaven.

p.s. – You’re HOT!

Suzanne said...

Queen Goob,

No, YOU'RE HOT!!! Look at you in that satin number! You look familiar, have I seen you somewhere before?

I'm sitting here waiting for my doctor to call. She wants to talk to me about this huge red lump on my head. She's 4 minutes late, but I'll gift her the time because she's always so generous when I come to the office.

I'd rather have babies than be perky! Wouldn't you?

Well, Dr. P just called, she wanted me to come in "Immediately!!!" I said "I can't." She said "I want you in here tomorrow morning." I'm going to have to haul ass at the park to make that appointment. I'm praying and this is my prayer: "Please God, let traffic be perfect on the freeway tomorrow morning. Amen."

Remember when Nash tripped me at the park and I went down like a ton of bricks. The gash on my head needed medical attention. I didn't get it, nor did I get stitches. It healed, then it got infected. It healed beautifully after that. Then three days ago it started to turn red again and I though "Oh no." Every day it just got a little worse and then last night it swelled up to the size of a half dollar and was nasty and very painful. Infection. I promised myself I wouldn't touch it. I didn't until I arrived home from the park today. The pressure on my brain was just too much!!! Dr. P said "I want you to put hot compresses on, just keep them on constantly until you get here." I said "How am I going to prune roses today?" She replied "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO PRUNE ROSES TODAY, you're going to keep hot compresses on, so knock it off." She also said "Don't touch it, don't pick at it, don't do anything to it." I replied, "Too late, it was so painful I tried to pop it like a pimple." Huge sigh. She asked what came out. I told her. She said "Suzanne this infection in very close to your brain, so stop messing around. Do hundreds of hot compresses if you can. The more the better. We want the infection to come to the surface, and DON'T TOUCH IT!!!" I said "Okay, but honey does this mean you're going to have to cut this thing open, clean it out and then stitch it up?" Huge sigh from Dr. P "Suzanne, I'll make that determination in the morning, just don't touch it." "Okay, I won't, I won't." You have to understand Dr. P is like one of my sisters. We laugh, we joke we have a good time. Our conversation ended with "Suzanne, you're probably my worst patient ever." We started to laugh and I said "Thanks honey!!!" Click. She's so rude.

About my darling t-shirt. I already dried it. It's a gonner. I know the rule about never dry if you still have a stain, but I needed to wear the shirt! My selection is honestly that limited!!! It's really true, I'm not a shopper, but like you I do love to eat and ruin what I have on! ;)

So happy Newman has so many wonderful friends in Heaven. It's a comfort you know. I miss that boy.

Love you darling and thanks for your comment. You crack me up!

XO Suzy


hnter1018 said...

Suze I'll say a prayer for you too.

Dear Lord...Suzanne must get to the park quickly tomorrow...may no cars stop short in front of hear causing her to smash the benz...don't you think the last car was enough, may there be no shitheads on bicylces blocking her entrance to the park and if there is may his death be quick when she mows his ass down so he cannot call the police to slow her down even more, may the cats not trip her again...this is why she is in the mess she is in now, may there be no turkeys blocking the road that will slow her down because she wants to take their picture, may breakfast stay in the bowl and not on her shirt where she will take another picture of her perky breasts and hardened nipples stopping to post them on her blog to distract her followers and may all the rose buds stay closed this morning so she doesn't feel she has to stop and smell them instead of going to the doctors where she belongs and last but not least may the roses be open when she comes home.


kylie said...

hunter that was pure genius!

and yes suze, they're good

Suzanne said...

Hunter, you're killing me. I just got off the horn with IV because he was a little piss ant. But I learned a lesson. That's what life is, right? Lessons? I look at you and look at him. You and I are magic. IV and I are like oil and vinegar. The man can't stand me!!! I love him, but the man can't stand me. Oh well. I have my half dollar boil to contend with so no time for stupid shit!!!

You are a genius. That comment is to die for. Yup, still laughing! Baby, am I that pathetic? Oh God please say no! Even my doctor thinks I am. I'm so screwed. I have an infection the size of an egg on my head and a really piss-poor attitude at this moment. But things are lookin' up!!! Right? Right??? No really, right? God please someone tell me I'm okay. I just looked south. Yup, my boobs are still there and so are my nips. Thank God!!! But my bowl of hot water is cold and I have to get off my ass and make an effort to help myself. *Hangs head and walks toward kitchen.*

You know what's going to happen, don't you? The doctor's going to cut this crap open, clean it all up, then stitch it closed and make a worse scar. I know it with all my heart. I have an appointment with the DMV (FINALLY!!!!) next week. That's going to have to be cancelled. Life is so damn complicated. Ugh.

Looks again at hardened nipples. Hummmmmmmmmmmm. I agree with Kylie and Rob...they're "pretty!" I'm going to look alot just to remind me I'm okay.

Thanks Rob for this one. It's absolutely brilliant! I love it!!!And Kylie, you know what I think. I adore you. Thanks baby.

XOXO to both!

Suzanne said...

Looked again. They're good!

Suzanne said...

I just talked to Cece. She told me "You probably have some vegetative mold growing in your head...do you know how many molds are in soil?" I told her to shut up and leave me alone. That woman tries to scare me all the time with Biology. I will NOT tolerate it! Oh and she said the same thing my doctor said, "Do you realize how close that infection is to your brain?" Hummmmmmmmm, not good. She also indicated she wants photos. I told her to forget it. She insisted. I'll think about it. Who the hell would want to look at this mess other than a doctor or scientist? Really! Yuck. She asked my appointment time. I gave it to her. She said "I'm calling to make sure you're there." I said "OF COURSE I'LL BE THERE." She said "You better." *Eyes roll in back of head.*

I told her, "I can't keep the hot compresses hot." She said to wrap the hot compress in plastic wrap then strap it around my head. I started to laugh. She said she was serious. I laughed harder. She then stated she wanted a photo posted of me wearing my hot compress on my blog to prove I'd done it. I basically told her to go to hell. She was serious. I was laughing. I told her I'd try. Okay, I'll try, but don't wait up. Why? Because how can a woman with perky boobs and good nipples insult the public with a plastic bag filled with a hot compress plastered on her head? I don't know about you, but I just don't see it. I think she f&^#*&% with me.


hnter1018 said...

I suppose if you take the picture in a white t shirt and no bra again people may not ay attention to the hot compress on your head

Gig said...

*looks around for perky nip lady with hot saran wrap wrapped around her head*!! Suze, Suze, what are we going to do with you?!! I think you need to listen to our resident microbiologist...and the Doctor.

Hunter's prayer is awesome, I think you should print it and keep it with you at all times!! "Great job Hunter"!

Not trying to be bossy...welllll, maybe a little, but listen to all the great advice that everyone is sharing.

If you can fit it in your schedule,lol, try and call this weekend...I will put Mr. Big on alert, ha,ha.

love you,
giggie, xoxo

Suzanne said...


What if I came on with a hot compress and no white t-shirt. I'd go down in blogging history. But of course I won't do that! I'll just keep wear my crappy t-shirt.

Well, guess what? The doctor was right and so was Cece. Hot compresses help enormously. My egg was about 2 inches, huge and puffy. It's now back down to the size of my scar, about 1/8th inch and not too puffy. What a difference. Unbelievable. Dr. P said "The goal is to bring the infection to the surface and let it drain." Cece basically said the same thing. The difference is remarkable. And for those of you who ever have to go through this insane process, the best way to keep a hot compress hot is heat a pan of water and keep dunking.

And Rob, just for you and the girls I'll slip in a sexy number every now and then. Hell, I think the girls enjoyed it as much as the guys. Life. It's too damn funny!

Love you darling XO

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne,

This is why we love you dear. Your too funny, even in a soup splattered shirt. Wow, say that three times fast.

Best wishes,


Suzanne said...


Why am I up? Well I guess because I slept for about 4 hours so apparently that's enough. You know, Martha Stewart sleeps about 3 hours/night and she's runs a freakin' empire. If she can do it, I can do it because I just run a household and my life. Right?

HI HONEY!!!! Oh it's so good to see you out and about. I hope your mom is doing better. I thought of Mr. Big about a week ago when my shoulder ached. As you know it's been so good to me lately, but one morning it hurt like hell and I thought about Mr. Big and surgery. His, not mine! Hope he's coping and feeling okay.

I've been advised to listen to my doctor and my microbiologist. Thanks for reminding me. They sound so similar. Are they sisters? Twins? Speaking of my boil...well, it's not really a boil, but it's fun to call it that, it's all puffy again. I need to get my hot compress up and running if I'm going to sit here and type. I will say that Dr. P's plan worked...it's come to a HUGE head. I'm not touching it, trust me. Basically because I'm too damn scared I'll die!!! Now I just have to look forward to what's going to take place tomorrow morning. I said to Rob "I know she's going to cut it open." He said "No, she's probably going to stick a needle in and get the infection out." No, I don't believe that. Something's in there. I think I left behind some soil or perhaps some cat food! Giggie, after the last infection it was looking so good. Almost as if I'd never taken the fall, and now this. I don't think my amazing luck is going to help this time. I have amazing luck...right?!

Hunter's prayer is awesome! I love that man. Visit his blog and laugh your ass off. The poor guy had surgery and lived to tell about it. Trust me, you gotta love a guy who has to wear a pad and be brave enough to write about it!!! I printed his prayer and have it on my bulletin board. I'll print another to carry in my wallet...you know, in the event I'm almost arrested again. I can whip it out and prove I'm a good person with bad Karma.

Baby, I will definately try to call this weekend. Promise. If Mr. Big answers you know I'm going to address him as Mr. Big! I love that name. Perhaps this time he'll recognize himself!

I love you baby. And thanks for just showing up. You made my day! *Adjust green dress, straightens cereal box, looks down crappy t-shirt at perky boobs, tightens Saran wrap.* I'm good to go.

Love you,

Suzanne said...


You're an animal lover so will love this. I woke up a bit ago. I fell asleep on the sofa and when a woke "Baby" was approximately 1" away from my face and looking directly into my eyes. I said "Hey honey, whatcha doin'?" She didn't answer or move. I picked her up and gave her a big hug. She was too precious.

What do they do when I'm asleep? Why was Baby looking at me? Hummmmmmmmmmm. I wish I had a hidden camera. I'd like to know.

Soup spattered shirt, soup spattered shirt, soup spattered shirt. There, I said it. (Well done my dear woman!) Do I get a prize or something? Are you holding a contest?

HI HONEY!!! Thanks for the comment. You made smile. (Wow, caught that before I posted! What a miracle! I think that sentence needs and "I.") Hell, I'm still smiling. I love you too! I have to visit more often though. I'm not getting around much anymore (maybe I need a "scooter!). I'm going to put my blogroll back up just so it's easier to navigate. I have to rely on the kindness of friends to move around and that isn't working too well. I don't have tons of time to do "stuff" so going here, there and everywhere to find friends is making me nutty!!! I have to get more organized.

I was actually thinking about you the other morning while feeding the birds and squirrels. The daffodis are about to bloom and I'm so excited. I'll post a photo as soon as it happens. Spring is almost here!!!! Life is good.

I love you dear and hope all is well. I'll stop by and say "Hey!"


Suzanne said...

Daffodis...yup that's the proper spelling. I'm sure.

Queen Goob said...

Okay, I know you're going to check this before you leave for the doctor's office so I'm here to remind you to take your camera. Yes, we want pictures! And I bet your Doc will GLADLY take some pictures for you so that you can post them on the blog. Heck, I bet she'd even pose with you as you take a self-portrait of the two of you!

She'd giggle, you know she would!


Mr. Shife said...

You are so funny. Great post, and we all are sorry for the pain you are feeling for Newman but he is up there with my first fat basset Higgins and they are having a great time with the all the other beloved pets.

Queen Goob said...

Mr. Shife - Floyd is a basset, too!!! I knew you were cool like me!

hnter1018 said...


Your masses await the outcome...how are the nipp....er...I mean your forehead??

Suzanne said...

Thanks my darling friends for dropping by. Unfortunately Queenie I didn't look at the computer before leaving because I was freakin' late, but what a great idea! When I left the house I knew there was NO WAY to get to the park AND make my 10:40 appointment, so I did it anyway, and I'll tell you why. Because it was raining and my kitties would be hungry and waiting. I couldn't let them down. So I literally hauled ass to the park until I got behind a moron doing 65 in the fast lane. God I hate that!!! With no way to get around him I had no choice but to wait him out. Once I was free and clear I hauled ass again. I'd given myself 10 minutes to get to the park (very unrealistic) and it took 12 (which is also unrealistic) and then I gave myself only 10 minutes to feed everyone, change water, etc. (something that usually takes over a half hour) because I needed the remaining time to get to Dr. P's office on time. It took 23 minutes leaving me with only 11 to make my appointment when in fact I needed about 25. I was in panic mode and flew out of the park and down the road. I saw a street that looked familiar "Arden Way." I thought "Hummmmmmmmm, is that the Arden Way that cuts across Fulton? I bet it is!" I took it because it would cut out about 10 minutes and I felt lucky! Unfortunately after about 8 miles I started to panic because nothing looked familiar, so I cut my losses and did a u-turn while waiting for a red light and hauled ass back and took the long way. I was already one minute late and didn't think I'd arrive until 11:00. I drove determined to make it before 11:00. I passed Arden Way and thought "That WAS the right Arden Way!" Damn. Too late to worry. Kept hauling ass on Fulton where the speed limit is 35mph. I'll admit I did speed and I did weave (it's a very busy 4 lane blvd.) I became the sort of driver I hate! I found parking and ran to the office. After the u-turn I never looked at the clock because I didn't want bad news. When I arrived at the front desk I said "I'm sorry, I'm late, I had a 10:40." The receptionist said "Relax, don't worry, you're only 11 minutes late, that's nothing!" WHAT!!!??? How in the hell did I make it in 10 minutes from the u-turn? I still have no clue.

Then I waited for close to an hour to see Dr. P because she'd had an emergency or something and was running behind, but not to worry, I read the entire January issue of Martha Stewart Living from cover to cover. I found a recipe you all might enjoy, oh, and I finally learned how to wash "whites" properly. I'll have to blog about that!!!

Finally, the princess arrived. You know how much I love Dr. P. She's like a sister and she cracks me up. She walked in and said "I have such a funny story for you," and we laughed our asses off. She laughed so hard at her own story tears were running down here cheeks. No joke!!! I'll tell you about it when I have time to post again. She's a hoot. I know she reads my blog, but she won't comment or admit it. "HEY YOU!!! I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS!!!" Then she said "Okay, let's see it." I removed my hat and she said "Well, it's not as bad as I expected, but it's not as good as I expected." And then she explained what was wrong. She thinks I'm really smart so uses all her medical terms and big words and I told her to "knock it off." I still don't understand half of what she said, but she thinks I do! The only words I really understood were "cyst," and "surgery." Damn! Apparently the cyst formed while my initial wound was healing and can only be removed with surgery. It isn't going to go away, so this infection will return again and again if I'm lucky! "But today, we have to get the infection out, so I'm going to have to make and incision and extract it." Oh joy. "I'm going to use a numbing spray that will make you feel as if your brain is frozen, don't worry, it isn't. Oh, and it's going to go all over your hair, but don't worry. Now the incision may still hurt a bit." Oh joy. True to her word, brain freeze, soaking wet pony tail and pain. The initial pain wasn't good enough, she said "I have to go deeper." Oh joy. Ouch. For a sister she's a real pain in the ass.

All done. "When you remove the bandage you're going to see a blood clot. Leave it. Just wash around it. Let it fall off naturally to minimize the scaring. DON'T PICK, DON'T TOUCH, DON'T DO ANYTHING to it!!!" I arrived home and took off the bandage to take a peek and of course, my luck, the blood clot came off with the gauze. My karma sucks. Now I have to email her and ask what the hell I'm supposed to do.

I refuse to take a photo of this "thing!" It's ugly and I was supposed to have the photo for my expired license taken next week. Now I can't. Too funny!

I'm alive and well...now I just have to go load the dishwasher, do the laundry, clean this joint and do what I always do, but it was certainly nice to sit here, relax and chat!!!

XO The Three-eyed Wonder

Suzanne said...

Please excuse all spelling and grammitical errors/typos. I'm too exhausted to proof this novella!


kylie said...

i want pictures

and the word verification is glyon NIP :)

Suzanne said...

Young woman...there will be no pictures. No pictures I tell you. Oh, trust me, it looks a whole hell of a lot better than it did 10 hours ago, but absolutely NO PICTURES! I'll now have a scar on top of a scar. And when I have surgery I'm gonna have a real keeper. Kylie, I don't think I deserve all this crap. What's the lesson? You're a smart woman. You must know the answer.

Word Verification's perfect!


kylie said...

the lesson is that if you live you will get scars
but ttake care of stuff before it gets out of control

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne,

Wow, the flowers are beginning to bloom again. Nothing but cold weather lately, but a warm snap is on the way for us. A few brave plants might try to bud out but the smart money here says hold off another month and change.

Love you dear. Sorry about your kitty. I just added three new birds to the collection. all females no less. The boys are adjusting nicely ;-) eggs on the way, chicks soon.

Best wishes,


Suzanne said...


Hi baby. Well apparently it's something I had no control over. It's something that happens on a cellular level. Dr. P informed me there was nothing I could have done to prevent it, it's just how some bodies heal. Oh joy. I am so screwed with this scar!!! I've also been told not to use "scar gel" on it, ever. My life is a freakin' joke!!! But honestly, I'm trying to take care of stuff before it get's out of control. So I bought a gun.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm just kidding!!!

;) Love you XO

Suzanne said...

Everyone's moved on, so it's just you and me. I love you Newman. I miss you every single day. I come here to look at your photo and remember. I don't want to forget what you look like. There are days I hate you for leaving all of us, but I love you so much I can't hate you for too long. When I stop by your grave to talk, do you hear me? God we miss you so much. Everyone is so wacky. I think it's Maestro you know? That makes sense, but I don't think everyone's on board. Everyone misses you terribly. I wish you could walk right back in and just fix us. You know, things aren't right yet.

This is where I'll come to talk to you, okay? So please wait up.

I love you Newman. I love you so much. I miss you. Every single day I miss seeing your beautiful face.

Mommy XO

Anonymous said...