Monday, February 23, 2009

Part Deux (Closed for Repair)...

I'm still closed for repair, but have to share a funny story that involves a climbing rose bush and garbage (yes, that climbing rose bush and that trash bin). However, first I must tell my dear blogging friend "Cinnamon" she's still #1!!! Thanks for commenting and yes, it WAS there. I just deleted sooner than expected because I woke in absolute panic! I'm 49 and still afraid of my little sister. You and I know he won an Oscar tonight (don't spill the beans).
It's my fault. I planted a garden all around the trash/yard waste/recyling bins to beautify America. It's all my fault. I walked outside to dump the trash in the rain. Yes, it's raining here. (If it's raining on "Just Bob's" or "Random Chick's" blog it's usually raining here, and this storm came from their neck of the woods, so technically, they share the blame.) I didn't turn on the light because I know where the trash bin is. I just walked out into the storm and winged it. The next thing I knew a wind kicked up and damn if one of the climbing rose canes didn't grab hold of my leg. I screamed. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" It wouldn't get off. I had to pull myself away and in doing so ended up with three long, painful, 6 inch gashes on my leg. What did I ever do to that rose bush to deserve this? I feed it. I prune it (well, not lately), I admire it, I pick it, I love it. And what's she do to me? She abuses me. Even if it's raining tomorrow, I'm going to go out there and prune the hell out of her.
Our darling Australian friend, Kylie, has a fun game going on over there. I'd link to her, but you know me by now...I don't have time to learn all the fun stuff you all know, so just wait till she arrives or page down to my blog list and click (I've finally (partially) reinstated my blog list!!!). Here's what I'm going to do. Give you a series of questions. You answer to the best of your ability (yes, "effort" is required), then I'll return and answer them truthfully. It's a hoot.
1. My birthday? I'm a Leo. A very proud Leo. August 8th!!!!
2. Color of my hair? Grey.
3. Real color of my hair? Yup, think that's still grey!
4. How many cats? Way too many, but worth all the effort.
5. How many dogs? (That's a trick question!) Our darling T-Bone.
6. Shoe size? 7 1/2. That's one big foot for a little lady!
7. Bra size? Now this is a funny one. Most of you know, 34B. That's incorrect. I just took the test about 10 times to figure out my current size. Things changed since college!!!!! I'm a 36, but would buy a 38 because you know how I HATE tight stuff. But this is what shocked me. D. I look down and can still see my belly button. I don't believe that for a second. I'm going with C (and to think, I laughed at Cinnamon cuz I still thought I was a B!!!). So I'm going bigger for rib size and smaller for cup size. What's wrong with this picture? Babes pay big bucks for implants, but me, nope, I prefer the smaller cup because I don't have to knock into myself all the time. Seriously. I don't have time for boobs. Don't get me wrong. I love them. Think they're beautiful, but working around them? No, that's just not me. No wonder I'm having so many accidents lately. I'm trying to navigate my new boobs! Yes, I hear you. I'll try on the right size and check out the fit. It may change my life. I'll keep you posted. Wow, it's a good thing I asked this question otherwise I would have never known. Seriously.
8. Favorite food? Tomatoes. I would die without them. My favorite? Cherry. I eat them like candy.
9. What do I do every day around 9:30 am? You all guess it!
10. Favorite sport? Absolutely, tennis.
11. Favorite color? Leah, you're so good. Green, but pink, blue and purple are a close second.
12. Can I cook? YOU BETCHA!!! (Thanks honey!)
13. When I cook where do I usually put the food? (Now that one made me laugh!!!) Where else? On my shirt.
14. What am I reading? (Keep in mind I'm reading 3 books and a whole hell of a lot of magazines.)
1. Stokes Nature Guides "A Guide to Nature in Winter,"
2."A Pennine Journey" The Story of a long Walk in 1938 (I recieved this as a gift from the Chairman of Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley. Those of you who live in England probably walk over him and his dad every day. Dr. Jenkin's manhole covers are everywhere. They're actually in memory of Dr. J's dad. a very, very famous Environmental Engineer in London. Dr. J spoke in England, then in Africa while I worked as an executive assistant for him. He loved me and me him (just like daughter and father, nothing more). I received the book from England and a gorgeous leather wallet from Africa embossed with an elephant on the front. I just disposed of the wallet this year. It was in absolute shreds after over 20 years and I couldn't let it go until my money just started falling out. Literally. You know me an animals, and leather, but that wallet meant the world to me. I loved that man with all my heart. I still do. Those where some of the best years of my life. UC Berkeley is the bomb. Third book, "A Year Along The Gardening Path." And magazines. Oh God, don't even get me started!!!
15. Favorite shoes? You all know me well. FLIP FLOPS!!!
16. Favorite color? Green.
17. Why do I do so much laundry? Too many slip covers.
18. Who's my doctor? My darling Dr. P.
19. If I could travel anywhere in the world, where would I go? Well Leah my dear, I would love to come to NY. That I can afford and I believe where I'll ultimately end up. But in all honesty, I would love to visit England, Ireland, France and Italy. Then a few other places!!!
20. What do I do best? I think listen. I cherish all my friends. I may screw up, say the wrong thing, write the wrong thing, but I alway, always listen. And I always care. I'm not perfect, but I do my best.
With so much love,


Leah said...

1. Your birthday? All of us at the Wild Onion know this, so I won't spill the beans.
2. Color of your hair? Silvery white in quantity, looks golden blonde.
3. Real color of your hair? See above.
4. How many cats? seven?
5. How many dogs? (That's a trick question!) One. And the sweetie you have part-heart-ownership of after you found him a home!
6. Shoe size? 6 and a half.
7. Bra size? Well, not an A cup, not a C cup, so I'll go with B cup. 32 B?
8. Favorite food? Wild greens with goat cheese and Meyer Lemon dressing...
9. What do you do every day around 9:30 am? Head off to feed the ferals!
10. Favorite sport? Tennis? Ice hockey?
11. Favorite color? Pink. And aqua.
12. Can you cook? You betcha.
13. When you cook where do you usually put the food? In your tummy! And secret scraps to the kitties and doggie.
14. What are you reading? Oh goodness, not a clue. Can't wait to hear the answer.
15. Favorite shoes? flip flops.
16. Why do you do so much laundry? The kitties and doggies live a good life, and are festooned over every little bit of your house, and so create a lot of laundry. Also dish cloths you use for constant clean-ups.
17. Who's your doctor? Oops can't remember. But she's a she.
18. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Back to NY State!!!
19. What do you do best? It's a toss-up between painting (as in, art, not walls, although I'm sure you do a meticulous job of that too!) and taking care of animals.

Leah said...

Oh wait, # 4 was a trick question as well--you've got the ferals too!

just bob said...

I won't take responsibility for any weather related injuries.

I'll be back to answer your questions later today.

kylie said...

1. i cant remember
2. silver blonde
3. silver blonde
4. too many
5. one tbone
6. 7
7. 32b
8. not dead animals
9. surreptitiously visit the wild onion while you are supposedly heading to the park
10. tennis
11. green
12. yes
13. in a pan?
14. blogs
15.we call them thongs here
16. tush pads, lots and lots of tush pads
17. dr p
18. the park
19. talk

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks, I was so pleased to be first!

1. No idea!
2. Dark blonde
3. dark blonde
4.Do you even know how many cats you have???
5.Well you did find one dog, i remember, but he'd not living with you..
6. show size 6 (40)
7. 32C
8. vegetarian sushi
9. go to the park?
10. Baseball
11. PINK!
12 yes you love cooking but always mange to spill a little bit on your white t- shirt
13 on your t-shirt!
14. 'Tales from a Californian Rose Garden'
15. Slippers or sneakers
17 . you do so much laundry because you like your closets to look fresh and beautiful
18. idea, sorry
19. you would like to travel to Africa to see some Big Cats
20. love your kitties (and chat!)

fingers crossed i didn't get too many wrong- look forward to your replies :)

Suzanne said...

Kylie, did you just nod off on me?!!!

just bob said...

Hi Blottie

kylie said...


i was rushing to post before work
gimme a break!


Skeeter said...

Hi Suze,

So many questions to answer. Will have to touch base again later for those. Can't answer question 7 though, sorry.

Best wishes,


Suzanne said...

It was very stormy yesterday, so we lost Comcast most of the day and most of the night. No computer, no tv, no phone. This ALL Comcast Cable plan might not be for us.

I'm off to the park and actually running on time so can't stay to chat. I'll answer the questions later, but like you Skeeter, I don't even think I can answer #7!

Kylie, you awake???!!!
Hi Bob!
Hi Cinnamon!
Hi Leah!
Hi Skeeter!


Queen Goob said...

I'm in the process of reviewing policy so I'll have to come back and answer. I do see at least one that has yet to be answered correctly though.....


Suzanne said...

QG, which one.

I just took the bra test to figure out my current size. I took it like 10 times just to be sure I wasn't screwing up after the first try!!! I can't believe what I am. No wonder I won't wear a bra!!! I'm been squeezing the little cuties into something way too small!!! Ouch!

Okay, I'm going to start answering.

Anonymous said...