Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Gift...

"In the hope of

reaching the moon,

men fail to see flowers

that bloom at their feet."

~ Albert Schweitzer~


Leah said...

Lovely gift.

Megan said...

Virtual hug!

Suzanne said...

Is it August 8th yet?!!

Hugs to you both and thanks. I read the quote early this morning and couldn't resist sharing. Thanks too for always stopping by. It means the world to me.


Anonymous said...

Is that Spanish lavender? I can smell it!

Excellent quote :)

Cece said...

I cried today and then afterwards I felt foolish.

Our lab is located next door to the morgue. Yes, it is creepy. This afternoon I was walking down the hall and some people in suits were wheeling a gurney out of the morgue doors. The body was draped with the American Flag, but you could still see the outline from underneith. Chills shivered up my spine and a huge lump formed in my throat. I paused and let them pass, and afterwards, I cried. Several coworkers asked if I was ok, but I was unable to speak for several moments. I kept thinking about my dad, and my sister and before I knew it I was shaking. Once I finally gained my composure, I felt extremely foolish. I explained to my coworkers why I had cried and they assured me that it wasn't foolish. I am not sure why it effected me so, but this seemed like the perfect place to tell the story. The quote is beautiful, and in a way, I suppose my crying at the sight of the fallen soldier was beautiful as well.

Suzanne said...

Yes honey, it is Spanish Lavender. I'm the biggest fan of ALL lavender and have every variety, but have tons of Spanish because it's so easy and seems to love my climate. It blooms year round. Isn't that insane!!! I should have cut it back a few weeks ago, but I'm so behind with garden chores. I'll get to all the lavender in the next week or so and try to post some photos of my beautiful handy work in August!!!!! Lavender doesn't appreciate being pruned too soon, so I think I'll be forgiven.

Oh, and you'll find this funny. The climbing rose that ate my legs the other night is underplanted with Spanish Lavender and the combo is amazing. You wouldn't think a water loving rose and a water-wise lavender could coexist, but trust me, they do. And beautifully. The lavender around the rose is the biggest on the property. Go figure!

Oh, and something else (you should never get me started on gardening because I'm relentless!), the rose is also underplanted with Thyme, Germander, Lambs Ear and Oregano and I think underplanting anything helps conserve water and also makes for a lovely garden. The garden near the trash bin was created from nothing. When I bought the house it was just pea gravel and I couldn't stand to look at just pea gravel. It's now absolutely gorgeous. I thought of plants that needed good drainage like lavender and herbs, but couldn't resist planting a few roses. Underplanting acts as a mulch and conserves water as you know. It always saddens me to see rose gardens with just roses! Unattractive and a waste of water. I wish most rose gardeners realized the benefit of underplanting and companion planting.

I used to buy all the British home and garden magazines. I still have them. I learned alot. You Brits know how to garden. You know how to underplant and conserve water. I learned so much from all of you about beauty, color and wreckless abandon!!! But also about organization, thoughtful planning, care. I still cherish every magazine.

Wow, this was long winded, hope you don't mind. I would love to write an article for a gardening magazine, but my writing skills aren't up to yours, Leah's or Megan's!!! Perhaps in another life.

Love you dear and thanks for always stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Cece- I just read your comment above- you are not foolsh at all- you have a beautiful heart. If that soldier's family could ever know how you have joined in their mourning, it would bring them some comfort, i think.

Suzanne- I have a perennial geum, 'Mrs Bradshaw' which grows up through my English lavender in the summer- not exactly underplanted because the leaves need light- but the flower stems mix in with the lavender and the red and blue/mauve looks amazing. I totally agree with all that you say on underplanting.

Karen ^..^ said...

Awesome quote, and so true. Thank you!


Suzanne said...

Just so you all know, I read Cece's comment and started to cry and ran for the phone. She's fine. I came home from the park today and saw a funeral. I realized how lucky I am to be alive and Cece does too. I often think you're supposed to be reminded you're lucky as hell.

You know how I'm struggling to end this blog, but when Cece finds comfort in my words it breaks my heart and I know it's here for a reason. If you know her, if you've heard her voice, you know what I mean. She's an amazing woman, she doesn't mess around. She's honest, kind, forgiving. And she came to my blog to write that. I'm absolutely honored that she would pick this place to share such a precious moment.

Why do I blog? This is why.

Beachbum said...

aww that's pretty!

Gig said...

Hi Suze,
Mr. Big is doing fine, he will go home tomorrow. I am spending the night in his room.

Great post, love the quote...don't even think of ending this blog, don't make me travel out there!!

love you,
giggie, xoxo

Suzanne said...

Giggie, I love you. Thank you. My shoulder's good. I'm so sorry Mr. Big's isn't. I know, I know, I know, I'll face this, but right now, I'm good. I'm lucky this month!!! I think you should travel out here to take care of me!!!!! What? Cece had a rough time today, but everthing worked out. She's fine.

I love you baby. I'll tell you a funny story. Phatty Foo Foo has taken over the freakin' REAL Macy's sofa and left me high and dry! Damn! These kitties are going to be the death of me!


Suzanne said...


Hi baby!!! How are you sweetie? Have you had time to visit old friends? I sure hope so. Love you darling and so happy you're back.


Suzanne said...


Thanks darling. Love you very, very much. I had a dream about you last night. Hummmmmmmmmmmmm. Interesting.

Skeeter said...

Hi Suzanne,

Your flowers always are so nice. We are just now starting to warm up enough for things to think about becoming green. Some mornings I think that the birds are frozen to the telephone lines! Way too cold.

Best wishes,


Suzanne said...

Hi Skeeter! The daffs started blooming about 2 weeks ago and every day something new pops open (I have lots of variety). It's so much fun to see them arrive all sunny and pretty. They make even a cold, rainy morning a joy when I feed the birds and squirrels. I'll try to post some photos for you.

Hope your neck of the woods warms up soon. For the sake of the birds of course! I'll drop by soon to see what you're up to.


Walker said...

No but we see all the mushrooms

Anonymous said...