Saturday, February 7, 2009

This is the photo Kylie wanted. My boo-boo is on the right side of my head. (This is all I'm giving you young lady!!!) This is also it for me. I'm going on vacation. Not a real one, a fake one. I have lots of yard and house work to get done and I can't do it blogging. So, I'm off to do what I do best. Well, that's a complete lie. I'm off to do what's necessary. I do promise to finish my reinstated blog roll and will check in now and then, but probably not comment, much to the joy of many of my non-fans!!!
Just so you know, I'm healing properly and should have a really decent scar in about a week or so. When I return I'll give you the full monty. Oh, sorry about that, I mean a photo of my happy cyst gone bad. Until then take good care of yourselves and the Wild Onion. I love you all.


P.S. I've noticed I stand with my hands on my hips alot and so do many of my nieces and some of my sisters. I Googled that. This is what I learned. It's a sign of confidence. Someone should have told me! All these years of misery for naught!!!
***Many of you really smart bloggers will notice something interesting. The photo of me and Mickey to the right was taken in 1990. In 2009 I'm still wearing the same style shirt, the same earrings and my hair is the same length, just grey. Life is so wacky!!!!


Cece said...

You are so wacky. Keep in touch young lady. Or else!

Karen ^..^ said...

I hope you aren't gone for too long... I'll miss you.

Gig said...

I am still waiting for my call from you...I know you can multitask, so I will hope to here from you soon dear friend...or else!! Cece and I will head west, or we will send R.C. and Megan and JBob.

I will send you an email, hopefully your mailbox is not full.

love ya, gig

Queen Goob said...

I've been MIA myself due to illness - mine - sick as a dog.

Oh, and I "fixed" your picture in PhotoShop so that I could actually see you but I couldn't zone in on the scare. I think we need another pic, don't you guys?


Queen Goob said...

That was supposed to say "SCAR".....sorry!

Anonymous said...