Wednesday, June 25, 2008


You all know Sweet Pea. While Mom (Rob's mom) was in Massachusetts, and Rob was staying at her house to care for Fenway, and I totaled the BMW, something awful happened. I opened the door late one night and Sweet Pea ran out. I was tired, I didn't have any shoes on, it was dark and I didn't want to play his stupid game, so I finished what I was doing and said into the night air "I'll see you in the morning honey." Huge mistake. He wasn't anywhere to be found in the morning. I felt absolute panic. I called Rob and he drove so fast I thought the car had wings. You have to understand the relationship between Sweet Pea and Rob, they are connected at the hip. They love one another to death. Rob arrived and immediately went door to door informing all neighbors within a 3 block radius that Sweet Pea was missing while I worked on this flyer,

916-***-**** (HM)
510-***-**** (CELL)
JUNE 3, 2008
Rob would arrive every morning to look for Sweet Pea and talk to neighbors. Then would drive down again at night (25 miles) to check. He said he met everyone in the neighborhood and they were all kind and helpful. Many have become wonderful friends. We received lots of calls informing us Sweet Pea was in the area and so we just waited, and walked, and checked night and day, called for him, looked, kept knocking on doors, posted our flyers. It was awful because Sweet Pea is the center of our household and without him we were all lost. It was horrible. A week past and we were in such a panic we didn't know what to do. We actually made up a new flyer to post the morning I opened the front door and there he was. I just started to cry and told him to please come in. He looked like a wreck. I called Rob and told him Sweet Pea was home and to get to the house immediately to take him to the vet's because I had to go to the park to feed the ferals. Sweet Pea was badly injured, but I didn't realize until the overwhelming welcome was over. All the kitties and T-Bone couldn't get enough of him, and then I picked him up and held him so tight. I saw his leg, his eye, his face and I knew he was in very bad shape. We still don't know what happened the week he wasn't with us, but it wasn't good. Rob rushed down, they went to the vet's, Sweet Pea was shaved, put on antibiotics for horrible bites to his leg, and steroids for a scratch to his eye. He's still recovering. But the best news of all is we have him and he came home to get help.
Life without him would have been awful. He would have left such a void. Yes, animals matter that much.
Welcome home baby.
Love Mom, Dad and The Peeps XO


Just Bob said...

Hi Suzanne...
Hi Sweet Pea...

Suzanne said...

Hi Bob!

Sweet Pea says "Hi" too. He's an amazing kitty. You don't get better than a Sweet Pea. You just don't.

Hope you're okay and that Wednesday has been good to you. I'm always thinking about you honey. Hang in there.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes just reading this! Thank God, it was a happy ending and he's home. I wish little Sweet Pea a speedy recovery and maybe he'll think twice before trying to escape again. Give Sweet Pea a big hug and kiss for me! We have 7 kitties and they all have a special place in our heart!

Janet said...


Thank goodness he is back and on the mend. There is nothing worse than not knowing where they are and if they are OK. I still wonder what happened to Talbot ( large black kitty, 8 years old and blind in one eye). He went out 2 years ago and never came back..I just hope whatever happened was quick and painless. Still makes me sad to think about it.


Anonymous Boxer said...

Ohhh - I'm so glad this story has a happy ending. One of my little dogs escaped through a hole in a new fence once and I was BROKEN - thanks to Craigslist and a wonderful woman who found my Girl callrf me... we were runited. That feeling of having them home? Priceless.

Welcome home SweetPea. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suze,

So glad he came home eventually....
Wishing him a good recovery - he has the best parents, so he'll be fine and dandy in no time :-)

love ya!

Peter x

Robyn said...

OMG! Thank god suze! THANK GOD! My heart was pounding reading this HORRIBLE post. I am so glad that he came home for help, it was probably a damn possuem or raccon.
poor baby, I am glad to hear that he is safe and home with all of you!
Much love,
Auntie Robyn

P.S. Sweet PEA! Never again are you to dart out like that...never ever again *wagging finger toward sweet pea*

Suzanne said...


Thank you SO much. You have no idea what support like yours means. We were lucky to get him back. We know that, and you know that. Thank you for caring for 7 kitties (and a dog!). I think people who genuinely care for animals deserve a special place in Heaven.

I visited your blog and left a message. Your work is absolutely beautiful. Have you met my friend Robyn? I accidently deleted my blog roll, but will get it back soon and you can click on her link. She and her friends do what you do and you're all so talented. You can also click on her name in the comments page. You'll like her! She's a hoot! My friend Gig also lives in Michigan! Small world.

Honey, thank you for taking the time to comment. Please don't be a stranger because it feels as if you're an old friend. We'll keep in touch.

XO Suz

Suzanne said...

Hi Janet!

Please forgive me for not stopping by, but life has been so crazy here. And thank you for writing. I always love to hear from you.

We got lucky with Sweet Pea and he'll be fine. He just looks rather odd and having no hair reminds us he went through a very difficult time. His eye is already better after two weeks, and his leg is improving every day (the swelling finally went down a few days ago). We stopped the anitibiotics and steriods and think he's moving past this phase in his life. Now he just has to get some hair!

Honey, are you selling any homes? I hope at least one so you can afford the gas to drive to the market and buy a TV dinner!

Love you and thanks for always stopping by,

Suze XO

Skeeter said...

Aw Suzanne, I'm so sorry that Sweat Pea was injured, but I'm glad he's returned and doing better.

I hope that you are feeling well yourself and are taking good care of yourself too. Please do.



Suzanne said...


I know. Oh my God. The panic, the absolute worry. You almost think you're going to go insane with it. And then, life is okay and in they come. I know sweetie. Trust me, I know. I'm glad you got your little fella back too. It matters a whole hellofalot, doesn't it?

Sweet Pea will be fine. He just needs time to heal.

Thank you!


Suzanne said...

Hey Peter,

We tell him all the time he has the best parents. Holly crapper, I'm having a hot flash. I think I just peeled everything off my body. Including myself. Holy crapper that is nasty. Men are so lucky. I went through 40 years of menstrual pain, didn't get the babies I wanted and now I'm burning up to boot. Hummmmmmmmmm. Life can't be too bad in Russia. I'm moving!

Love ya,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


I know. Oh my God. The panic, the absolute worry. You almost think you're going to go insane with it. And then, life is okay and in they come. I know sweetie. Trust me, I know. I'm glad you got your little fella back too. It matters a whole hellofalot, doesn't it?

Sweet Pea will be fine. He just needs time to heal.

Thank you!


Susie Harris said...

This post had me sitting on the edge of my seat the intire time. Thank God for happy endings and yes, pets do mean that much. You can ask my daughter that one. Im glad you found me because now I feel as though I have made a new awesome friend. Thank you for leaving such a touching comment. Happy bithday to you too! I cant wait to sit and read all of your past post. Hope they have lots of pictures of swet pea, hehe. We are looking to adopt a new kitty soon. We lost ours about a month ago and it just takes time. I dont know if Im ready to start all over. My daughter begs everyday though. Her birthday is in july and guess what the theme is? Cats... take care and so nice to meet you, Susie H~

MARIA said...

Love your Sweet Pea.

kylie said...

i'm really enjoying your non-blogging!
sweetpea is far too beautiful to be male, you know that?
i'm glad he's back safe and sound(ish)

hnter1018 said...

Suzanne that is great news that you got him back. He may have gotten in the fight the night he got up and was just laid up letting his wounds heal until he felt good enough to limp home.

Take care

Suzanne said...

Thanks Susie! And trust me, it won't be hard to find Sweet Pea, nor a gazillion others when you read my blog. (If all my friends are reading this, they're laughing with me! Hi everybody!)

I hope you decide to adopt another cat soon because there are so many looking for a good home. However, I do understand the need to recover from your loss. I've never had to actually adopt a kitty (or dog), they just found me (yup, all of them)! When we lived in the San Francisco/Bay Area, a neighbor once said "Suzanne, it's almost as if there's a big neon sign on your house that reads "WELCOME ONE AND ALL!"" I still think that's pretty funny. I've actually gone out to look and I don't see it, but apparently I don't have to. ;)

I'm so happy you stopped by and let's keep in touch. I know with so many blogs to check, we sometimes allow too much time to pass between visits, so if that happens, remember I'm thinking about you. And by the way, I already checked in. I'm impressed my dear woman! You're now officially a One Half Inch Scale Model Architect. And you had me in stitches to boot. Good luck getting that done!

I have some friends you might enjoy. Kylie's in Australia and Leah's in NY. They both have daughters, are fabulously funny and can write like I can't! You can find them on my comment page. Oh, and there are so many others, but I'll wait to tell you about them when I get my blog roll back up. I accidently deleted it and haven't had the courage to start again. I need an assistant.

I'm so glad we found one another. What a blast. Have a great weekend. And yes honey, I'm coming to buy my birthday tassel. And thanks for the birthday wish.

XO Suz

Suzanne said...


And we love you. Hello beautiful!!!


Suzanne said...

Kylie (aka Miss Smarty Pants),

You sound like my mother. I know, I'm a big fat liar (and no, I'm not using the word "fat" to insult people who carry a bit of extra weight), but I'm trying to be a better person (reference CSI's blog). Honestly though, I don't think I can stop blogging. It's the one thing that helps with stress. Let me give you an example. I've had the migraine from hell the past 4 days because of smoke from the fires, and today it is beyond a migraine (if that is even possible) because the air quality is so horrendous, but here I sit. I can't do anything, but blogging somehow allows me to feel as if I can do something productive. (No, I'm not saying this comment is productive!!!) I'm really going to have to discuss this with Dr. P because I honestly think I was yanked from something I love prematurely and without warrant. What do you think? God I'm numb and tingly and don't seem to be improving. Do you think blogging has something to do with that?! Or is it just my attitude? I may have to post a pole and make my determination based on the response (May you NEVER have a daughter like me. Hell, I wouldn't want a daughter like me! Too much work.).

Now about Sweet Pea. He's so gorgeous I tell him all the time he's my "sweet little girl." I live in a house of mostly men, so I dream! He isn't convinced. And it's so funny, he's the first kitty who found us and I put my foot down. All of our cats have Seinfeld names. Rob wanted Sweet Peas to be "Puddy." I said "NO!" A day later I announced Sweet Pea's name would be Sweet Pea. Rob looked terribly uncomfortable. I didn't care because I had the momentum, so just rolled with it. It turned out to be the perfect name because he has a very serious bladder issue and pees on everything!!! Intuition is a marvelous thing.

Love you sweetie!
XO Suze

Suzanne said...

Hi Rob!

It's so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your comment. And yes, we actually thought about that. Initially we thought he might be inside a neighbors garage because he loves to be in a garage and we paniced because it was so hot that week. So, I think all our neighbor's complied with our request to leave their garage door open a few hours. If he was in one, he got out. But what was odd when he arrived home is not only was he injured, it looked as if his leg had already been shaved. It was missing so much fur. When the vet shaved it to care for him, and he arrived back home, I told Rob, "Wow, it doesn't look much different." I can't understand how he lost all that hair, unless he pulled it out or licked it off himself. And another thing is, you know the pad about a third of the way up a kittie's front leg, well Sweet Pea's looked as if they'd been burned. As if he'd had to sit on something hot for a very long time. We'll never know what happened, but I think your theory is probably accurate because no one could figure out why he couldn't find his way home, knowing he was so close. He's recovering slowly, but the most wonderful thing of all, is he's Sweet Pea and he's back to normal. He's an amazing cat. I don't even know how to describe how amazing he is. He'll be a legend in our family.

Thank you for your love and concern. You know what I adore about you most my dear, that who would have ever thought you and I would connect? But we put ourselves out there and look what happened. IV's post brought so many people of diverse backgrounds together. I adore MJ!!! Who would have ever thought? That was one of the best posts ever!!! He deserves an award for that brilliant idea! I may just have to come up with one! I was listening to Obama's speech today and he mentioned how effective we can be if we all work together. I believe that with all my heart. Look how different we are, but I would come to you and your family's rescue in a second because look how similar we are.

Love you dear and thanks for the support,

XO Suz

Judy said...

I'm so happy you have your Sweet Pea home again. She is so sweet. My Anna and Bailey send their love too. I don't know what I would do if they got out or hurt. I love them so much.

Suzanne said...


Thanks honey. Just so you know, she is a he. I know the name doesn't fit, but there's a reason! You know it's funny because Sweet Pea is an outdoor cat, but since moving to Carmicheal, an indoor cat. You'd think he'd navigate a night okay. But nope! $250 later, we now know.

P.S. Always love your kitties!

Shara said...

Hello Luv,
Just popped in to check on you using the youngest son's cpu. I'm still in Singapore til July 11th. Sara'a BF let's me use his cpu BUT I can't seem to manage much because of his abuse of system. Yah! Little brother....anyway, so sorry to see Sweet Pea is missing. What an adorable kitty! Please be taking great care of yourself, I miss you all loads, almost ready to go home.
hugs to you,

Cecile said...

Hey you,
I just wanted to pop by and say thanks for yours and Rob's concern about the Lupus thing and my sister. I'm very tired today, but I was bored so, here I am. Go see my comment of Kylies blog to understand why I am tired. Anyway, I"m so glad Sweet Pea is home. I hope he gets well. Tell Rob to give him lots of hugs and kisses and that will mend him faster. We have an extra dog for a week, Apollo. He was my MIL's dog. Last summer when we were dealing with her dying, we went to her house every other day to care for all of her animals. Apollo became very attached to HB. I didn't realize how much so until I saw Apollo's reaction this morning when HB came home from work. You can tell the dog missed him. It was very sweet. I love to see a man melt when animals are present. It really shows a tender side to them. Anyway, I need to shower now in an attempt to wash away the cobwebs of fatigue that plauges me. Then I have to go shopping to prepare for my babysitting job tonight. Of coures, it is a non-paying gig. The boy's best friend and his brother are comeing over this evening while his parents go to some dinner party. I told them the boys could come over and play while they were gone. It is a sort of you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours sort of deal. She offers the same for me, so it works out well.

Cecile said...

P.S. Seeing how sweet Sweet Pea looks, make me miss having a cat. But unfortunately, I'm allergic to them, so we can't very well keep one. Oh well, I guess I will just have to admire yours from afar.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Thank goodness he came home! Hope he heals quickly...

Suzanne said...


WELCOME HOME HONEY! (I'm practicing.)

Thanks for the shout out from the Orient. I'm impressed. You kill me! Fortunately, I don't think you're arriving home to anything horrible in Texas, but that could change. I'll cross my fingers. I'm so glad to have you almost home, but I'm so impressed with your willingness to explore. To embrace your daughter, her boyfriend, his family, a different culture, life. You're daughter will never forget this trip, nor will you. That is a beautiful thing.

Love you dear friend,

Anonymous said...


Hi! What happened to your post 'What a shame' - did you delete it?
Hope things are well and you're looking after Sweet Pea...

Peter xxx

Queen Goob said...

Okay - I just cried a little but don't tell anyone because I'm supposed to be a badass.


Hope he's recovering well, I understand your worry. Many years ago I worked at an animal hospital. When I took a moment one day to look around me, I counted five dogs, twelve cats, three ferrets and was considering bringing home that sweet baby goat that was homeless. I was in an apartment. A very SMALL apartment. Four of the five dogs weighed over 100 pounds.

I quit shortly there after and got a job with the government.

I liked the company better in the kennel.

BIG hugs to Sweet Pea and take him off restrictions, he's sorry.

Gig said...

Hey Suze,
Sorry to be so late stopping by, but thought I had...well, that's what I get for thinking,lol.
Sweet Pea is so beautiful!! I am thankful he is home with you and Rob to heal his wounds.
I am also glad you are still not blogging. I think it is healthy for you,Dr. Gig says!!
I am trying to catch up a little right now.
BTW Mr.Big has really messed up his shoulder that he dislocated...2 tears in the rotator cuff and 2 tears in the bicep. We see the orthopedic on Wed. Does not look good.

Happy Birthday to you!!!
Love ya, Gig

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Well hello! I just passed through the garden gate at The House in the Roses and happened upon your magical spot on the web. I am so glad your Sweet Pea has returned, and what a lovely place to return to! Your gardens are magnificent. So inviting and peaceful. I love a garden that teems with life. Also, I must confess I share a love of pink roses -- you can never have too many; there's always room for one more. Thanks for the lovely tour. : )

krystyna said...

Hi Suzanne,
my heart is full of happiness about Sweet Pea. I can imagine how you are happy.
And please, take care about yourself.
Love and Happiness to you
with many hugss!

bindhiya said...

am glad to hear sweet pea is back..
Hope you having a good weekend.
♥ & ((hugs))

Ps. I'll mail you soon...thank you for your kind words and lovely mail....

Suzanne said...

Peter, I delete a lot! Why? I don't know. I write, then look at it, then think a bit, then hit the button. Why? I DON'T KNOW!!! It felt so personal. Like, why would I share this with the world and who would care? I didn't want to hurt her. You know what I mean? But I'm so grateful so many of you saw and read it. She was a wonderful woman and will be missed. I know you know that. You've made me rethink how I edit. Perhaps I shouldn't at all!!! Put something up and just let it fly without hesitation or reservation. That may be my new motto. She deserved comments. She was an amazing woman and we miss her already. Life is often too short and so unfair.

I love you,

Just Bob said...

I saw that post on my reader too and it was gone that quickly. I figured you thought it was too personal.

Not sure when I'll be able to share with the world again... just don't forget me.

Suzanne said...

Queen Goob - I knew you weren't a bad ass. I just knew. We found one another for a reason and I'm grateful. I look all around me too and I see animals in need. I can't do it all, but do the best I can. I only wish I could do more. Always do the best you can sweetie. That's good enough.

With love,

Suzanne said...


What an interesting summer! You are absolutely my role model. Will I ever do anything you do? Nope! Too many responsibilties at home, but what fun to imagine.

Love you dear friend, and thanks.


Suzanne said...


I want you to adopt Apollo. I think he would be much happier with you. But you already know that because I've emailed you and said it at the Cafe! No, I'm not kidding. He needs someone to really love him. I never screw around about animals. Never. And he needs to be shaved. I can hear him exhale. And I think your husband needs him and he needs your husband. Life is often so simple. So, you have to buy a bit of extra food and pick up a bit of extra crap! I think you might find that what you get is more than what you give. Please consider the possibility.

I love you baby. You know that.


Anonymous said...


I didn't get to read it, so I'm afraid I don't know who you're talking about :-(


Kathy said...

Hi Suzanne, I found your blog through Wisteria and Roses. I am glad your kitty is home, on the road to health and probably most happy again! Your flowers are beautiful. We are in a new place and having fun working with long neglected flowers and trying to identify what we have growing here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne!

I survived Disneyland! And OH. MY. GOD. I'm so glad to hear that Sweet Pea made his way back home! Maybe he'll think twice about jetting out because of his experience that week. I'm just glad he's safe and sound. You know something? You (and Rob probably) have a way with naming your animal children do you know that? Every one of them that I've seen on your blog perfectly fit their name...just like Sweet Pea. He soooooo looks like a Sweet Pea! Ohno looks like a mischief maker so his name is perfect too. And, T-Bone...well, you can't get much more T-bone than him!!! I can't remember the other "kids'" names but I'm sure they are perfectly suited to their names as well!!

How are you doing my dear? Are you taking some time to rest? Since you've been all over blogdom I can see you're not folling the Doc's orders in that area of your life...but what about the others? You gotta take care of yourself because you can't be there for others...or your animal children...if you aren't healthy yourself! Remember that! Or I'll come over there and give you a five-hour lecture that will lull you into a much needed nap!

Hope you have a splendid day!!!

Hi Sweet Pea!
Hi Ohno!
Hi T-Bone!
Hi everyone else!!!

KJ said...


I thought of you often this weekend. Three little kittens found me while I was stepping into a friends apartment down the first we thought they were little feral kitties, as there are a whole flock of campus wilds that peruse around. They are so young and so sweet...and after interacting with them a little bit...I am beginning to think someone dropped them off. We havent seen a momma cat around, dead or alive (thinking maybe she abandoned them or was hit by a car), they are pretty clean in the ears and eyes, sort of skinny but very friendly. I am thinking they were most likely left on the side of the road by some jerk. We captured one, and suspect the other two were picked up by someone else yesterday morning as I have been unable to locate them since.

Every time I picked the one up my heart just broke into a million pieces every time. I can't imagine just leaving those sweet babies on the side of the road! I wish so badly that I could keep her, she looks (and sounds) like a Siamese mix...reminds me of my childhood cats. But the whole situation makes me so angry! They were hanging around so much I am sure they had no where to hidden nest to return to. Luckily through all of this we also located a no-kill shelter, who says that the kittens are always adopted quickly anyway.

But yes, I thought of our heroine, Suzanne...I don't know how you can bear to look at those poor cats every time you feed them, knowing that they have no one to go home to at night. Its easier at least when they are full grown cats...but little kittens...GRRRR! I could just spit it makes me so angry!

Lydia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lydia said...

Hello Suzanne,
I am so happy Sweet Pea came home. I hope he is recovering well.
Do you have cayote in the area? I lost my adorable persian cat Fanny, to cayote in 2002. She was 7 years old. I felt that since we moved to a rural area, I thought it would be nice to let her explore the outdoors, because she had always been an indoor cat.
Big Mistake on my part! Two weeks after we moved in and I started letting her outside she had been eaten my cayote. all I found of her was her tail and ear. It's still very hard to think about. Me and my hubby were both in tears over her loss for quite a while. Have a great day and nurse your little, Sweet Pea back to health.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh sad but uplifting. Glad he came home. We love our pets just as much and the heartache of loosing them is sometimes too much to bear. He must have done his utmost to get back to you all. Speedy recovery.

Suzanne said...


Yes, I'm taking her out of order, but trust me, I'll get back to all of you before the day is through.

That is one of the funniest blogs I've ever been on. Ever. How you found me, I have no idea, but I'm grateful. This is going to be a fun and bumpy ride.

With love,

Leah said...

Hi dear Suzanne, I'm upstate and sort of offline, but I wanted to say hi and see how you're doing--I'll be back--

xxoo Leah

p.s. love to Sweet Pea as well

Sandra Evertson said...

OMG, I am SO happy to hear he came home, there is nothing more awful than that! Glad he is safe and sound again! Can relate to feeding the feral cats, that what we do to! Beautiful garden below!
Sandra Evertson

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Thank the Lord. Yes, you are right, animals DO MATTER THAT MUCH! SORRY FOR THE CAPS!!!

Life without my Bebbers...oh my....would be unimaginable...

So glad Sweet Pea is back from his misadventure!

Suzanne said...

Cece ~ I'm allergic to them too, but look what happened. My allergist nearly died when he learned I had kitties, but what we both learned is they healed me in some way. They made me better.


Suzanne said...

Penny ~ Hey you!!! Happy Anniversary!

Suzanne said...

Queen Goog ~ He'll be okay. Trust me. The vet bill was big enough to ensure he'll recover. Of course I'm laughing.

Working at a vet hospital. That's gotta hurt. I couldn't do it. I would want the goat too, and all the others. I want to start an animal sanctuary. Seriously. I'm trying to figure out how.

I knew you were a softie. I just knew it!


Suzanne said...


I'm so glad I'm not blogging either. Dr. P must be so proud. Me too. I'm going I'm going to be reducing my stress load over the next week or so. I really do have to stop doing this. And I will. I just have to accept that I can't do it.

Shoulder crap. Hubby and I are in the same boat. I've been deal with this injury for the past few weeks, so know what he's going throught, but mine is minor compared to his. I just reinjured it a bit, but God does it hurt. I ice it a lot. My therapist recommended a bag of frozen peas, or frozen corn, etc. I try to last 10 minutes, and some times can go longer, but mostly shorter. A frozen bag of veggies is best because it molds to the shoulder and it's cheap! Wish him good luck for me.

Love you,

Maggie May said...

I like a tale with a happy ending. Such a lovely cat. Glad you got him back!

Queen Goob said...

Just stopping by to see how you're doing. I catch site of you every now and again at other stops along the way but haven't been able to catch up to you. Don't forget you're supposed to rest.

Much love and I hope you have a fabulous Fourth of July!!

p.s. How's Sweat Pea doing?

MARIA said...

Have a beautiful 4th, dear Suzanne!

bindhiya said...

Happy July 4th!
Hope you having a beautiful day!
♥ & ((hugs))

Anonymous said...