Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh screw the last post and Brian. I just watched Hillary Clinton's speech. It was remarkable. Thank God for really smart women. All the little crap doesn't matter. This does. Go Girl!!!


Just Bob said...

I was impressed with her speech this morning. She ran a proud campaign I do believe she was heartfelt and sincere about her desire to help the Democratic Party regain the Presidency. I was a critic of hers, but today she made me proud.

She was great... even if she was 1/2 late!

PS: Hi Suzanne

Just Bob said...

oops... 1/2 an hour late. Looks like I forgot 1/2 my thought!

Suzanne said...

Just Bob, You're killin' me!!! She was terrific. I know we're on the road to recovery. It's funny, but I thought you were a Republican!!! No, I'm not joking. You're a tough MF, so in that I assumed! Well, you know what they say about people who assume! I'm a moron! I'm so glad we're on the same page. God, let's hope for the best because it can't get worse.

Much love,

Just Bob said...

LOL... I'm about as far away from being a Republican as you get. Just another lefty liberal who believes in such crazy things as individual freedom, independent thinking, and the role of government to be a protector of all and a helper to those who need it.

Even funnier, that's got to be the first time in my life I've ever been called tough (although I am frequently referred to as tough to look at and tough to stomach!)

Suzanne said...

Oh my God that's too funny!!! How did I assume something so far off the wall?!!! Bob, that's too fucking funny! Oh my God. I'm so grateful you're just like me! Well, kindof! Too funny. At our family reunion in a few years, I'll spot you. You'll be wearing the blue and white number. Hey, when did you become a cartoon? Oh, and where should we have the reunion? We're all trying to figure that out.

Love you and thanks,
Suze Xo

Gig said...

I missed the speech, but am watchng late night new shows to try and see it.

I am sorry that she had to give this speech, but I am very proud of what she has accomplished!!

Take care,
love you,

p.s. I left you a comment on your last post.

Suzanne said...


The speech was amazing. I felt so proud as a woman. You have to hear it. I'm sure it's on youtube of somewhere. Trust me, it's worth the listen. We've all been through so much as women, so to hear her words mattered because in a nutshell, she spoke so elequently of every women's plight. I was in awe. I wish she could have been our president, but perhaps VP. It's funny how we all come from various backgrounds, but all share a similar experience as women. Life is often very simple and uncomplicated.

I love you sweetie,

Just Bob said...

Hmm... can't quite say I can share an experience as a woman except for those rare bad hair days.

But seriously, it was a great speech.

Peter said...


Being in Moscow, and being British, I don't know very much about the presidency race - ok, I do read the news and there are people called Obama, Clinton, McCain (?) - your presidency races confuse the hell out of me. Not simple, like the Brit version! But then, look who we're stuck with - Gordon Brown! Useless lump!

Impressed by your rant down below. Go you! Interesting that no-one who attacked you has posted a reply.....yet.

luv ya!


Suzanne said...

Bob, yes it was a great speech. The more I listened the more I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. My jaw dropped. I had stuff to do, but instead just stood and listened. I was amazed. It just got better and better. Do you ever feel lucky just to be alive? I did today and yesterday (well without the drama on Brian's blog). So many historical events. I feel fortunate to be a witness. What an amazing time to be alive.

And you'll laugh. Ohno had a bad hair day like you a few posts back. He looked just like Don King too! I'll find it for you and point it out. Too funny. It's so wonderful having you here. Stick around and make me laugh! God I need it!!!


Suzanne said...

Hey Peter! US politics. Confusing for all. Simple rule...just know that Republican's suck! Now you know my dear friend in Utah is going to kick my ass for that one. I'll distract her long enough to get away and run for the hills! If I'm unsuccessful, vote for the Democrat! If you have any questions, ask Bob or Gig. They know what the hell they're doing. I'll see you when I get off the moutain. If I get off the mountain.

And yup, no balls swinging around here today. Looks like they were all used up yesterday over on Brian's blog. Cowards.

Love you for your honesty. Thanks for pointing out the bleeping obvious. I was just thinking the same thing, but too much of a sissy to say it. Thanks for being my mouth piece. I look forward to what you have to say for me tomorrow!


Suzanne said...

Hey, look. It's just the three of us and we managed 12 comments! Not too bad. Let's make it 20.

Suzanne said...

Whoops, 4 of us! Forgot Giggie!

kylie said...

hi suze, hi pedro, hi bob, hi gig

now theres five of us :)

suze i was real impressed with your unreserved apology to brian.that takes guts.
apart from that i found the whole drama quite entertaining

Peter said...

Hurrah! There are 5 of us around.....wonder if anyone else is going to make an appearance?

Suze, I'm quite good at stating the obvious :-) Sometimes it gets me into trouble, but sometimes it goes unnoticed :-)

Hi to Bob, Gig and of course Special K.

One more thing - Hi Suze!!! :-)

Peter said...

don't leave

bindhiya said...

am a bit late but am here..
Indira Gandhi was the Prime minister of India for a long time and she did a lot of good things...She was a iron that a right word i don't know...but just want to say she was a strong women and rule a big nation for a long time..
am not really into politics not in here not in India..but I did work for democratic campaign funny no?
now am waiting for that papers then sure i will go work for them again :))
I don't watch TV at all..

and csi... you should check Dawn's blog for a brand new, awesome rule..
I am sure you going to love it..

Hi Kylie, Hi Peter, Hi Debbie, Hi bob...
(is it a new style to say is good... :)) )
again Hi everyone..
love and ((hugs)) to all

kylie said...

pj whats the comment "dont leave"?? have i missed something?
look, really i'm just helping suze get to her goal of 20 selfless of me when i should be in bed, eh?

hi bindi. the hi thing started when i said hi to suzanne on every blog in the world. then i had to say hi to bob and well, it just got out of control. there dont seem to be anyrules, just say hi to someone :)

love you guys

Leah said...

Hello Miss S--I agree with Kylie that that apology took major guts. Also, I like drama too but I'm really in the end too weak for it--call me a total wuss, but I hate confrontation. Well, at least the excitement woke me from my heat wave stupor...

I went to your blog and thought you'd deleted the entire thing!!!! I was SHOCKED! Then I realized I'd put a typo in when I typed the address. Phew.

p.s. as a girl, I'm devastated by HIllary's loss, and I'm a'prayin' she becomes at least his running mate...

Peter said...


the reason for my comment - have a look at The Cafe.....

Peej x

Kookaburra said...

Hey Suze,
I am not leaving you a comment. 'Cause you won't be reading this :)

Take care dear.

Gig said...

Well I was #20, but I took too long typing and Peter beat me,LOL
Now, Mark beat me!! I need to type faster and quit previewing!!
So, I am #22!!!
It is a great day in the Neighborhood!!

Leah, I am not one for drama or confrontation either, I just try to keep the peace. I do not always succeed though.

Hi Suze, Bob, Peter, Kylie, Bindi and Leah!!

Love you guys, Gig

Gig said...

Hi Mark!

Kookaburra said...

Hi Gig!
It's 1am over here and i am hoping to still be awake for the Canadian Grand Prix in an hour from now.

Suze, Bob, Peter, Kylie, Bindi and Leah!!
(don't ya just love copy / paste?)

Suzanne said...

I have to go water some plants, but I'll be back. You guys are too funny! I just finished talking to Cece at the Cafe and now it's time to get down to the real business of life: the garden, the dishwasher, the liter boxes. All the good stuff!

Rob's dad is dying. You know that. He's nearly 90 and won't leave yet. We're all just waiting. Him too. He just finished reading a book on quantum physics called the Quantum Inigma and wants another deeply moving book for Father's day. Hell, I'm stuggling to get through Erma Bombeck's "Family, the ties that bind and gag!"

What? You're doing better?! Please.


Suzanne said...

Hey, with a little help from our friends, we made it to 20 and beyond. All the people the really matter showed up. We have a wonderful group of friends and the support is amazing. Okay, time to take my lazy ass out to hydrate the hydrangeas. I'll be back. This is relax Sunday. Well, not really, but it sounds like a possibilty. Maybe next week.


Just Bob said...

Ahh, the dishwasher. I hope you had better luck than I did yesterday :)

Suzanne said...

Bob, your dishwasher story was too funny! We have a great one and it works every day! I think of you when I close the door and hear the motor purr.


Suzanne said...

Do you notice I don't have a blog roll? Damn. I need an assistant.

Gig said...

Ok, Suze,
I heard that...yes, I am laughing!!
I will get right on that assistant for ya...real quick, ok?

Talking about dishwashers, for the last 5 years I have not had one, unless you count Mr. Big, ha, ha,
Sometimes I don't mind, but when everyone is here, I really miss the convenience.

Well now that dishes have been mentioned I must go to the kitchen and wash by hand a big pile of them.

See all later,

Suzanne said...


Dishwasher...I didn't have one for a few years, but had Rob, the best dishwasher on the planet. He's an equal opportunity employer! I have no idea what I'd do now without one. Holy crapper! I close the door, turn the knob, hear the purr and say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank God for simple stuff. My doctor told me to appreciate the simple stuff. She said in fact "appreciate the simple stuff." I do. I bitch about so much crap it makes me nauseous. It's time to knock it off. This whole thing with Inner Voices and Brian made me realize how stupid life can be and how much time is wasted. I have a dishwasher. It works. Dishes get done. Life is really good! You know what I mean?

Love you,

Suzanne said...

I swear to God this "Hi" stuff is killin' me. Kylie, what did you start. It's insane. Do you realize what you've done? Everywhere I do it's there. Oh my God I'm laughing too hard. It's funny. And it's so simple.

Hi Kylie. Hi Bob. Hi Giggie. Hi Mark. Hi Peter. Am I done? Oh my God. Too funny.


Suzanne said...

Peter...I'm not leaving. How could I. I feel glued to this place! Hi Peter.

Suzanne said...

Mark, I've tried to copy/paste, but no luck. Apparently I'm doing something wrong. Are you awake yet. The race is on. I'm not watching, but hope you and Gig are. Otherwise, why exist! Hi Gig. Hi Mark. That's going to kill me, you know that!


Peter said...

HI TO EVERYONE! (there, that should do it!

I'm glad you made the decision to stay. Blogland would be a little less brighter without you here.


Robyn said...


How I have missed you dear friend! I have been trying to catch up on your illness. I think I read somewhere that they think this is anxiety...possible heart connection?! Are they still testing dear one?! God, I hope so. What is up with the they know that yet?

Life has been whizzing by over here in Elk Grove. Jim is home every week now...thank GOD! BUT, work is trying to kill me with working me 4 12hr shifts back to back...aagghhh! The overtime is nice and I have been squirreling it way for a fab trip for the 2 of us.

Congrats! On your new Benz...did you know that I LOVE BENZ's! One day dear Suze, I too, will be owning a Benz. I adore them...I want a 2 seater, convertiable, silver or white with yummy leather seats! Show us a pic of your new baby!

Talking about babies...are those furfaces of yours. I loved the pic of OhNo in the bookshelf...I just want to run my hand over that cute little belly of his! And the 'Secert Garden', how does it grow?

How is Rob? Mom? and finally you? I have missed you! I am trying very hard to blog more, but I am so bloody exhausted from working those 4 day 12hr shifts back to back! It takes me a WHOLE day to recoup!
Well dear heart I want to hear more about your furfaces and new car. (which by the way I am so very sorry that you were in an accident...)
Many long,hard hugs dear friend!
Love you!

Suzanne said...

Kylie, I love you. You always manage to make me laugh even when you're serious. How do you do that?

Thanks for the compliment baby, but he deleted my apology. Jezzzzzzzzz. Honestly, I didn't think it was worthy of a delete. It was nice. Sometimes a girl just can't win. And I can't remember who I told, but I learned to apologize a lot growing up in a big family. For some reason we used to say stupid stuff to one another and then have to say "Sorry." Apparently I'm still having that problem. But I'm almost 50 and think I'm improving. I should be close to perfect by the time I die!

Thanks for your support honey. And thanks for the laughs. And by the way, did you notice that you and Leah are amused by the same sort of crap?

Love you. XO

Suzanne said...

Leah, Hi honey. Thanks for stopping by. I was so afraid I'd lose you because I know you love Brian. But apparently you love me too! Yippie!

Your confontation comment surprised me. You don't seem like a wuss and I don't think you are. You could argue your way out of anything because you know so many good words!

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. As Maxwell Smart would say, "We were this close!" Maybe VP. That would be one powerful ticket come election day. They seem to have a great deal of respect for one another, so I'm hopeful. We have to win. I'm so scared for this country if we don't. I respect McCain, but I can't imagine him as our president. I don't think we can take 4 more years of stupid. I just don't. Can you believe ANYONE would want to inherit Shrub's mess? I often wonder what motivates someone to become president? Perhaps problem solving is a fun challenge.

I love you my dear friend. Thanks for sticking around and thanks for your support.


Suzanne said...


Hi baby. I'd check Dawn's blog for a new rule, but I accidently erased my blog roll and can't find her easily. I'll have to go back to earlier posts or go to your blog. Don't you love her Bindi. And how can she write so much?! I get 3 post up a month and feel lucky.

I agree with your wonderful term for Indira Ghandi. "Iron Woman." I'm confident she'd love that title! Hillary Clinton too. Some women are simply remarkable and serve as wonderful roll models. Can you believe a woman could have been president and a black man probably will be? It's amazing Bindi how far we've come. I'm very proud of us. But I'm also worried something horrible might happen because there are still many people in America living in the Stone Age. Let's cross our fingers honey.

I'm rewriting my email to you. For some reason I'm unable to send it. I can't even copy it into a new email. I have no idea what's wrong with it, but it's a gonner! Give me a day or two and I'll send it.

I love you my dear and hope you and Serene are happy and safe.

With much love,

Suzanne said...


You're the best. Thanks for you comments, but guess what? Now I have to go. I promised my doctor! Too funny. She has my blogger address, so if she's reading this she's knows I've been a bad, bad girl. I'm afraid to walk into her office next week. Good Lord! We should hold a contest and ask for "Suzanne's best Dr. P. excuse." The only leverage I have is I'm older than she is by a few years so she respects me. Well maybe not after this 48 hour fiasco.

Hi everyone. I love that Peter.

We'll chat soon. I love you too you know. Thanks for you support. You're simply the best.

XO Moi

Suzanne said...


Also, that you for "your" support. That "r" is always a problem for me.

Oh, also, "thank you." Apparently "n and k" is too.

Hey, it's late, cute me some slack. I have a medical appointment at 7:30 am and I have to cancel at 6 am. I'm afraid if I fall asleep I'll never manage it. So I'm forcing myself to stay awake.

Oh, also "cut" me some slack. I'm making myself laugh. This is rediculous. I'm going to say goodnight before I screw up even more.


Suzanne said...


God have I missed you. Don't let them kill you at that place. Honey, can you get a new job? Please. How else will your tree survive? If you don't have time to fix her, she's a gonner and I won't be able to refer to you as my favorite tree hugger. Speaking of which, how are the trunks honey? Still logging over there?

My health dramma. How do you spell drama? Dramma or drama? I'm so sick of looking up words. It's drama, right? Okay, I'll look. Yes, it's drama. I was tested till the cows came home last week. I had to postpone my CAT Scan because Sweet Pea had to go to the emergency room (a whole notha drama!), and everything looks pretty good. Actually, just seeing all the good results boosted my spirit. I'm in good shape, the right weight, my cholesterol is excellent, my BMI excellent, etc., etc. My red blood cell count is a bit high, but Mom (MIL) just arrived home from Massachusetts this afternoon and said that's usually an indication of low Iron. That sounds right. I'm a bit run down. I'll learn more when I see Dr. P. and she gives me the official yey or ney.

And yes, Dr. P. feels my numbness and tingling on the whole right side of my body could definately be a component of anxiety. I'm under an amazing amount of stress and she said, and I know, the brain does insane things to protect the body. If all the test come back positive and the brain scan doesn't show a tumor, it's most likely anxiety. I'm supposed to be relaxing like you would not believe. And I haven't been. I have no idea how I'm going to explain the past two weeks to her after she gave me very clear instructions about what to do. I may have to cancel the appointment for a week just to make some sort of amends. Yes, I do stuff like that. It's like a deal with the devil. Don't we all baby!

And yes, the doctors are very worried about my heart. That surprised me. I guess because of the stress. Stroke no, heart attack yes. Why? Because I'm burning my candle at both ends, so no matter how healthy I am, stress is a killer. My heart is healthy, but I have to start being more careful about how I live my life. And the past 48 hours didn't benefit my life in any way as you're probably aware and is the perfect example of what not to do! No more confontation, just absolute peace and tranquility. Sounds like me, right? You'll see...I'm going to turn a new page.

Oh, the Mercedes. People who live in other parts of the country and other parts of the worlds don't realize how fortunate we are in CA with so many Beemers and Mercedes! We wanted a new Beemer, but in the past two weeks have not been able to find one that meets all of our requirements and we can't keeping paying for this damn rental! It's costing us a ton and not worth it. Rob decided to look outside the box. We've never even considered a Mercedes, but for some reason he started looking at them. He saw lots of lemons and wasted valuable time, but then he saw our car. The husband and wife are like us. Honest, no nonsense. The husband told Rob "When you get here, the car is exactly as I've described." And it was. The owner had taken it to Oakland last week and didn't park in the nicest area and the hood ornament was stolen. No big deal. $10 to replace. That's it. It's a 1988 and absolute perfection. Paint, perfect, leather seats, perfect. It's a gem. Guess how much we paid? No one reading this is going to believe it. It was listed for $2,400 which was way too fair, but we got it for $1,750 because something minor has to be addressed. I know, absolutely insane. And it's gorgeous! Only in CA. That's an insane price. So Robyn, if you want that Mercedes, consult with Rob. He can find a diamond in a hay stack. I drove it around yesterday and it's like sitting in Heaven. The seat just embraces the hell out of you. It's a 4 cylinder and our Beemer was a 6, so not as powerful, but you'd never never know. It's also an automatic and not a 5-speed. Life changes. But sometimes for he better. I's a wonderful car and we're lucky to have it. And for the price, it's insane!

I love you baby. Stop by again soon and I'll visit your blog. n the next day or so.
XO Suze

Suzanne said...

I responded to every comment!!! I'm done!!!


Suzanne said...

Please excuse typos. I'm human and not a very good speller.

Just Bob said...

Eye thinque u speel fyne.

somebody said...