Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Life Changes...

To get this spot, Ohno knocked everything off the shelf over the course of a week. He broke the beautiful blue and white planter that held the plant when it crashed to the floor, pushed the books off, the shells, everything. All to have simplicity, and this space. How could I not grant him his wish?
I have to stop blogging you know. Doctor's orders. I know you've all been waiting for me to confirm it. I've been trying so hard to find a way out the past few days, but I can't. It's only for a few weeks to a month. Longer if Dr. P. orders it. She wants me to simplify my life. Like Ohno, I have to kick everything off my shelf in order to relax and hopefully recover from what ever it is I'm suffering.
My numbness and tingling isn't getting better, it's getting worse. The concern is I'm on the highway to a heart attack. Not a stroke. I'm in good shape, my BMI is way below average, my weight is good, I don't smoke, etc., so a stroke doesn't seem likely, however, I'm completely stressed out and was diagnosed with anxiety, so the concern is a heart attack. I'm on an aspirin a day (probably for the rest of my life) and being tested to death this week. My doctor doesn't think I have a brain tumor, but my CAT Scan is Wednesday, just to take a peek and be safe. I'm also being tested for everything under the sun including my thyroid and a Vit-B deficiency because I'm a vegetarian. I learned a Vit B deficiency can cause what I have and so can my thyroid. Who knew?
I'll tell you a funny story. I had to do my 12 hour fasting blood test this morning at 7 am. Ugh. When my number was called at the lab I was asked "How are you dear?" I replied "Well, I haven't had a cup of coffee, I haven't eaten and I'm exhausted. How would you feel?" We both started to laugh so hard we couldn't stop. It was brilliant. Then I was given a cup for my urinalysis and told to go to the powder room. I did. I collected what I was supposed to collect, had no place to put it so set it in the sink only to discover the faucet was automatic and proceeded to waterate in my urine! "NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! I waited 12 hours with no food or coffee for that urine!!! NO!!!!" I walked back out with my empty urine cup to tell the assistant my urine had been compromised. We started to laugh and couldn't stop. She said "You aren't alone. This happens to so many people. We've complained about it. Do you think you still have a little tinkle? We only need a fraction of an inch." We were still laughing and I told her I didn't. Could I take a new cup with me and drop it off on the way back from the park after feeding the ferals! ? The answer was "Yes, of course." So after having what seemed like gallons of my blood drawn, I was off to the park with my little brown bag and cup. Half way through the hospital I felt a tinkle. I was able to get enough to confirm my urine is yellow and clear!!!! Like I told Random Chick...at least my pee isn't going to kill me!
This is what I've learned. My doctor, who is amazing by the way, and believe me, I know doctors, has asked me to simplify. For everything I keep in my life I have to give up two other things. And she's not kidding. I also have to walk every day, do relaxation exercises or meditation twice a day, and enroll in 3 Kaiser classes (she selected them!). I also have to stop working around the house as much as possible. Rather than work in the gardens, she wants me to sit and look at them. Not weed, worry, etc. Just look and enjoy what I've created for two weeks (I've already cheated, but don't tell her). Trust me, I do understand. I'm doing too much and it's killing me. Mom (MIL) and I have already discussed ways to simplify the gardens. We've also discussed selling lots of plants in the fall. It's time to let go of lots of "stuff." I also have to get my roses down to a reasonable number. 200 isn't reasonable. I've taken the past few days to figure out what's really important and I think I know. This blog is important, but to keep the ferals I have to give up two things (Dr. P told me I had to give up both blogging and the ferals. I told her I wouldn't do that. In retaliation she made up the keep one give up two rule). She informed me I can't keep the ferals and the blog. So I'll give up the blog. I'm crying, so you know it's breaking my heart, but I know that all of you understand that you can survive without me, but I'm not so sure about the kitties. I'll be back. I just hope you won't forget me. I love all of you so much and you've made such a difference in my life, so when I come back, I hope all of you do too. And yes, I will be back.
With so much love,
Suze XO


krystyna said...

Hi Suzanne!
First of all, I'm so sorry that you are in trouble with your health. But I'm sure ...soon you will be well. Take care about your heart. Your heart is invaluable.

I love your garden. Celio is so lovely friend and garden's lover as you are. She showed your beautiful, lovely heaven-paradise.

"Garden is a form of autobiography" as somebody said.
Your autobiography is so pretty.

Janet said...


We will miss you, but certainly your health is of the utmost importance followed by the care and feeding of the ferals. We will be here waiting when you are well enough to return. Best of luck and be good to yourself.

Janet @ Housepeepers

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Oh Suzanne - We will not forget you! I just hope you feel better soon...does your doctor understand that blogging is theraputic? I mean, I'd be MORE stressed out if I couldn't blog. In any case...take a break, regain your strength & I hope you are back blogging soon!

Are you still allowed to read blogs??? (hint-hint....)

Random Chick said...

Dearest Suzanne...

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the honor of knowing you. There is another reason I want to thank you. You see, through you and your current situation you have helped me without even knowing it. I too suffer from the "I-want-to-do-everything-now-including-save-the-world-and-make-lots-of-friends-Oh-and-I-want-it-to-be-perfect" disease. I'm not sure I could give up things like you are doing now...but I think in the end, you will be a more rested and brighter spirit for it. I am giving up one thing that has given me great joy over the past 7 years (being in a band) but it feels like time to focus on what's really important. Thank you for your inspiration.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. When you feel like you're ready, email me sometime. I hope someday (really) that we can meet in person.

Bless you, Suzanne!

Peter said...


Well, I had to read this twice to be able to reply (and there was a space of a couple of hours between the two). Of course it is right to stop the blogging for a while in favour of the ferals - the ferals are FAR more important to take care of. I'm glad you argued your way to keeping one of them.
Before I go any further, I have to berate you for not complying with doctors orders already - tsk tsk, smack hand! You know it's in your best interests to do exactly as the doctor says.
However, saying that, it won't be the same without you here (at least for a while). It will be great when you come back fully refreshed, healthier and with loads more to say!
Meditation is excellent - I have been very slack in my practice of it. I learnt to do it well when I was in Japan, and trust me, it really works. It helped with my stomach problems, and I should start doing meditation again.
Needless to say, there will be a void, but one that you can easily fill when you get back.
Take care, luv ya, hug ya.....and remember -
doctors orders!!!!

Peter xxxx

Leah said...

Dear dear Miss S--simplification is good. I think a healthy dose of just sitting and staring into space, or at your lovely garden, will be wonderful for you. Perhaps eventually you can find some happy medium of blogging where the writing is an outlet for stress--I find myself using it for that--but in the meantime, you have to take care of yourself and you know we're out here for you whenever and whatever!!!!

Might I put in a plug at this point for taking up knitting, even if it's only a simple knit and purl scarf. Just visit your local yarn store once and revel in the colors, and bring home something that "speaks" to you, along with some really nice fancy needles. The ladies in the store will help you choose the size--I can't remember if you know how to knit, but if you don't, it's very easily learned. Knitting is one of the most tactile, relaxing, meditative activities I've ever known, and for someone like you, who loves color, choosing yarn would be too much fun. Then you can find yourself the coziest chair, where you have a good view of your gardens, and knit away...

Well, I know we said simplify, NOT add hobbies, but somehow knitting is the ultimate psychological simplifier--one can both focus and relax with yarn and needles--it's a funny dichotomy--

Okay, I've gone on long enough. Most of all, I want you to take care of yourself, dear lady. That's all--

tons of love,
and hugs,


hrumpfft.... posting a comment here seems to be a bad idea, as it will keep you coming back to the blog portion of your life. its odd that for some folks blogging is a way to relax and handle some issues... for others it has a negative impact. get better, do what your doctors tell you mostly and be your self! its not that you need to change you simply need to adjust... good luck!

Queen Goob said...

I have to agree with the choice you made, the ferals need you.

May He bless you and keep you safe; you're in our prayers. I'll do my best to bring at least one big belly laugh to Random Chick in your honor with the hopes you'll be back soon.

By the way, what are you doing reading this, you're not suppose to be here!

♥ Queen Goob

Lydia said...

Hello Suzanne, Your doctor is right, so follow the advise and take it easy for as long as it takes to get better and more relaxed.
I know what your doctor means by saying that tending to something huge can be stressful, I find I get stressed out with my veggie garden every summer. You have a beautiful yard full of pretty blooms, so sit out there and enjoy it with your favorite cup of herbal tea. Take care and get better!

bindhiya said...

Take good care of you... We all going to miss you but it is important to take care of you and do the right things...on time..
when you come back we all will be here..
am spending my days in library and park with my baby...they have so much fun for kids in the park...
I'll be praying for you and family.
love and ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Okay...I'm already back. You guys are killin' me with your comments! Guess why I'm here? Because I'm so freakin stressed out it was the only place to come to relax! Seriously. I just told the crew "Mommy's taking a break." I came into my office to meditate, but thought "I'll just turn on the computer." When the computer was up and running I thought "I'll just check my blog." I saw 8 comments and thought, "I'll just read um!" When I heard myself exhale I thought, "Oh, I'll just say a few words!" So here I am. And I agree with all of you that blogging reduces stress. I tried to explain that to Dr. P., but she'd have none of it. She simply wants me to eliminate almost everything in my life in an effort to possibly reverse what's happening to me. Frankly, she would like me to do absolutely nothing for the next 2 months and I told her that is impossible because I have a lot of responsibilities. So she came up with the keep one give up two rule. I got laughing this morning thinking about blogging. I realize I was attempting to bargin with myself. I said "Self, I'll give up doing the laundry, cleaning the house and dishes if I can keep blogging." My response was, "Then who's going to do the laundry, clean the house and do the dishes?" Hummmmmmm...a dilemma. God I need and assistant or a housekeeper, but this isn't the Wild Onion where poof, things just magically appear. Dr. P. doesn't even want me to do the house work!!! I told her "You're nutty. Do you realize what the house would look like in a few days if I did nothing?" She replied "Who cares what the house looks like? Who are you trying to impress? Do you want to live or do you want to die? If you die it won't matter how much you love the ferals, or how clean your house is or how many roses you have. You'll be dead. Is that what you want? Your body is telling you that something is terribly, terribly wrong. So you have a choice. Do you want to live or do you want to die?" That's how I start my day, every day. I hear her words and try very hard to do what she's asked me to because I want to live.

I'm sitting here because I just canceled my CAT Scan at 3:30 and feeling a bit stressed. Dr. P. is going to kill me, but it's for a good reason. It's been rescheduled for Monday morning at 7:30 (now that's stress!). Our kitty Sweet Pea ran out of the house last Thurday around midnight and I was unable to find him. He's been missing since. Rob has been beside himself. Rob and Sweet Pea have a relationship I can't even begin to describe. They simply adore one another and he has spent countless hours meeting every neighbor within a two block radius in an attempt to find Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea was seen every day in one area and so Rob focused his efforts there the past few days, to no avail. He actually came back to the house last night with tears in his eyes because he thought he'd heard Sweet Pea, but he was wrong (now I'm not so sure). And our house is empty without Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea is the glue that holds this network together. I never realized it until he was gone. This morning I opened the front door and there he was. He walked in. I was speechless. Everyone came running. Sweet Pea hissed and growled at every kitty and T-Bone. I've never heard him hiss or growl, so that was odd. He was dirty and looked a bit run down. I picked him up to kiss and hug him and he hissed and growled at me. When I set him down I realized why. His flesh is explosed on half his left front leg. I frantically called Rob at his mom's house and we contacted the Vet's. He's seeing the Vet in a few hours (that's why I had to cancel my CAT Scan). Life is never simple here at Rose Cottage! Trust me. Remember when Robyn said "...you're life is so perfect." I laughed and told her "It is not." And it isn't. It's complicated and stressful, just like everyone elses. I don't know anyone who's life is uncomplicated and not stressful. Do you?!! If you do, please give me their address because I'm moving.

Rob said today he would love to hold a huge block party for everyone who helped find Sweet Pea, but he can't afford it. He's probably met close to 100 people and they all stop by to ask if we've found the kitty and what more they can do to help. Everyone has been amazing. Absolutely amazing. They left food and water out and did everything possible to help Sweet Pea on his journey home. How can you repay that sort of generosity. I know Rob is overwhelmed by it and is trying to figure out what to do to say "Thank you!" If you have any suggestions, please comment. He said this morning "I feel as if I have 100 new friends and I have to do something to thank them." I was thinking rather than a block party where he pays for everything, perhaps a BBQ and a pot luck? Wha-da-ya-think? We have amazing neighbors and an amazing neighborhood. We would never have realized the generosity that exist here if Sweet Pea hadn't gone AWOL.

I love you all and will try to respond to your comments in the next few days. You're the best and thanks for your support.

XO Suze :)

Kärt said...


I can't even find the words to say what I want to say.
I hope you'll get better. You really should make your life more simple. I'm sad that by doing that you might have to leave the blog but if I know it will make you better, well then I'm happy. :)
And yes I believe there are good people all around you. As they say "a sure friend is known when in difficulty". I'm glad you found a lot of new friends. :)

Please take care of yourself. All else will follow.
Love you.

Rowan Willow said...

You need to take care of #1...YOU! We will be here for you when you get back. Sending you lots of healing energy and white light!

Take care,
Rowan Willow
aka Tiffany

Suzanne said...


Hello my dear. Thank you for always stopping by and for leaving encouraging words. I promise to take care of my heart. I'm trying to do everything the doctor ordered, but I'm blogging, so I'm cheating. Ugh!

Celio did a wonderful job featuring my garden. I'm amazed because I didn't get all the photos and info to her she requested. She's a remarkable woman and I love her. I've read the comments and they're so beautiful. I'm blessed you know. I've spend more time in my garden this week simply reflecting. Doctor's orders. It's a beautiful place. And when you wrote that it's my autobiography, I cried. It is. Isn't it? I would never have thought of it in those terms, but now I do and look at it completely differently. I appreciate it so much more.

I love you dear friend. I'm so glad you're back, doing what you do best.

Much love,

Suzanne said...


God, I feel as if I'm writing to my older sister! That's too funny. I wrote over on your blog, so will write less here, but just want to thank you again for your encouragement and support. If and when I move to MA, you'll be my realtor! Seriously. You know who I am and what I want, you'll be perfect. And yes, I'm seriously thinking about MA. I thought I wanted to live in Litchfield County, CT, but the more I get to know MA, the more I love it and the less I want to live in CT! My hubby grew up in Boston and Norwell, so knows MA well. His sister and her family currently live in Millbury.

Thank you for your comment and support. You're the best. I'll get through this. Don't worry. I have a terrific doctor who isn't going to let me slip though the cracks.

I'll visit more often. I'm not supposed to, but I exhale when I enter your blog, so that's a good thing!

Much love,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Hi honey! I'm so happy you're here. I've been thinking a lot about you because I wear Fruit of the Loop (no, Loom!) all cotton bras. No not terrible supportive, but comfy. I haven't been able to find them lately and I'm in panic mode because the ones I wear are on their last legs. What's a B Cup to do? I'll have to Google!

I'll be fine and thanks for your support and love. I realize after reading some blogs, everyone is stressed, but I took the easy road, I collapsed! Lucky me! Jeasus. Some girls have all the fun and all the brains! Go figure. I actually considered buying a new bra to cure what ails me! Imagine that! A simple piece of fabric can fix anything. Like a bandaid. Go girl!

Love you,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...

Random Chick,

Well, you know I want to address you by your "real" name, but won't out you. Okay, so Random Chick it is.

Hi honey!!! I'm not supposed to be here! But it brings such joy, so here I am. Don't tell Dr. P. Man can she bring the hammer down! She's one amazing doctor. I think we should all get on her band wagon. As women, she can teach us one hell of a lot! I gave her the biggest hug when I left her office and it wasn't big enough. She's amazing. I don't even have words to describe her. All I could think when I left her office was "How did this angel get into my life?" Seriously. She made me think about absolutely everything. No joke. As women we egnore so much in an effort to do too much. But as Dr. P. said, "If your dead, what does it matter?" So that is what I will leave you with my dear. Take stock. I am.

I love you and you know that. Thank you for your support and love. Everything is going to be fine, I just have to find my way and I will. Learn from me darling. Relax and enjoy your life. I'm learning to do just that. And yes, we will meet one fine day and we will laugh till the cows come home!!!

With much love,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


Can you believe this? I know. It's insane. But I do believe things will work out.

I'll tell you something funny. Sweet Pea is back home and had to go to the vet's today because he's a mess. He smells like Dr. Kapan! We don't use perfume or any thing of the sort in our home, so Sweet Pea smells like heaven! Trust me, Dr. Kapan is God's gift to this earth. So Sweet Pea is Dr. Kapan's gift. He smells really, really pretty! Life is beautiful.

I love you dear friend. With all my heart. Thanks for your support and love.

XO Suze

Janet said...

I know I shouldn't comment again, but I am gonna, so there. We would have so much fun looking at houses and talking about kitties. I have 4 at the moment but have been known to have as many as 7. They are all adopted, I have never "picked out" a cat, but June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month, so you never know what might happen. My son managed the Pizza Hut in Norwell, lovely area and a lot of antique houses. Millbury would be fun too, closer to the country (and Wustah). No need to comment, I was just very happy to hear from you and didn't have an e-mail address.

Take care,

Suzanne said...


Hi honey. Isn't life simple. My doctor told me to look at the simple things in life and here you are!!! Life is so simple!!! Norwell, pizza, MA. Please, cut me some slack!!! Oh, and the Red Sox, Patriots, Buins?! Please!!! Rob's played hockey all his life. I don't belong in CA. I'm an east coast gal, but wondering how the hell to get back. It's hard. You make it look so simple.

Love you dear,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...

And Janet, please don't get me started on kitties. I'm a gonner!

Suzanne said...


I know honey! I have the book Stitchin and Bitchin!!! Really! I know how to knit but have given it up because life is too stressful. But, you know what, life is too stressful because I'm not Stitchin' and Bitchin'! So I'm going to start, again. I have my little lump of coal and will start again. Who knew life could be so beautiful?

Love you to death!

XO Suze

kylie said...

hello suzanne

Just Bob said...

I'm going to miss you and your incredible humor and wit. But as everyone has already stated better than I could, your health is more important than anything else. Take good care of yourself and know that a lot of really weird, wacky people will be thinking about you. Now go on, git, scram, beat it, go get better... that's an order!

PS Hi Suzanne

Suzanne said...

BOB!!! I just wrote to you on your blog! How insane is that?!!! Wow. We're sympatico. Is that spelled correctly? I only have half a dictionary because of Leah and Kylie. It stops at H. I have no idea where the other half is. That's my life is a f*&^$^g nut shell. Seriously. It ends at hydraheaded. Do you know what that means? Me either. The definition is on the next page. I don't have the next page. I have searched my office for the other half. I can't find it. Where in the hell is the rest of my dictionary? Well...Rob's dictionary. Cut me some slack.

I will get better and you too honey. Man has my doctor slammed down the hammer! Too funny.

Much love,

Suzanne said...

Oh...and "Hi!" Kylie's killin' me...you know that.

MARIA said...

I wish you good health Suzanne!

MARIA said...

Kiss to Ohno from Poland and to all your sweetharts.

Suzanne said...

Maria! Hello my dear! Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm just passing through my office at the moment because I have to take the garbage and recycling out to the curb. When I come back later I'll visit your blog and say hello. Sorry I haven't visited lately. As you can tell, life has been a bit crazy here. I just told all my furry friends they got a hug and kiss from Poland!

Love you dear,
Suze XO

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Hello pretty lady! You will be missed by the entire blogging community, but I'll miss you the most..I'm sure of it. Take good care of you, and know that you are always in my heart.


MJ said...

So you lure me over here with your sweet smelling roses and then you flounce off.


Take care of yourself 'til you're ready for your big comeback.

Suzanne said...


I haven't left yet. I can't seem to stop blogging. This is insane. I stopped by, just squeeking under the gun for Filthy Friday and you'd already posted. Damn. I didn't have my eyes covered or anything, so suffered serious brain damage. I probably won't recovered. Those images will probably show up on the CAT Scan. Next time warn a lady when you post early. Damn. I love you, but you're f*&#&g nutty.


Suzanne said...


Hi honey. Thanks for stopping by and wishing me well. I'll be fine, just need time to relax a bit. My life's too crazy. Look, I'm blogging. I'm not supposed to be. What have I learned in the past few weeks? Apparently nothing.

Love you!
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


You are too funny!

Suzanne said...


Hi honey. Thanks for your love and support. I'll be fine. I just need to relax a bit and life will go back to normal. I'll stop by when I have a few minutes. Until then, take care and thanks for your friendship.


Suzanne said...


Dude...I'm not stressed by blogging, I'm stressed by my life! Yes, apparently there is a difference. Unfortunately my doctor has blended everything together in an effort to heal me. No, I'm not supposed to be here. See what you've done? You've corrupted me and so has every other person who commented! What? You think I would just go quietly into the night? Please. I have responsibilities.

I love you you know. Don't get all big headed and God forbid Cheese worry. I love you as a brother. Really, I do. Thanks for your support and love. It matters. Everything's going to be fine. I'm laughing. You know why? Because remember when I wouldn't even link to you!!! That's too funny because now I couldn't live without you!!! Life is funny.

Love you dear friend,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


For some reason I wasn't able to leave a message on your blog last night. Your blog is beautiful. You really amaze me. And I listened the Sarah sing 4 or 5 times. I love her. I'm going to borrow that video for my blog. Who are all the kids? They're adorable.

You know what Maria? You inspire me. You remind me of Rob's mom. She's about your age and just as determined to live a wonderful life. She's returning from a train trip across America in a few days. She's had a grand time. The trip took 5 days each way and she spent two and a half weeks with my sister-in-law and her family in Massachusetts. She's already planning her next train trip! She wants to travel from Mexico to Canada along the train's west coast route. And to think, Rob tried to convince her not to go by train, to fly instead. She told me a few days ago "I wouldn't have missed this experience for the world!"

Love you my dear friend,
Suze XO

Suzanne said...


For some reason I wasn't able to leave a message on your blog last night. Your blog is beautiful. You really amaze me. And I listened the Sarah sing 4 or 5 times. I love her. I'm going to borrow that video for my blog. Who are all the kids? They're adorable.

You know what Maria? You inspire me. You remind me of Rob's mom. She's about your age and just as determined to live a wonderful life. She's returning from a train trip across America in a few days. She's had a grand time. The trip took 5 days each way and she spent two and a half weeks with my sister-in-law and her family in Massachusetts. She's already planning her next train trip! She wants to travel from Mexico to Canada along the train's west coast route. And to think, Rob tried to convince her not to go by train, to fly instead. She told me a few days ago "I wouldn't have missed this experience for the world!"

Love you my dear friend,
Suze XO

Cecile said...

I came here and read this post a day or so ago when there were only 3 comments and decided not to leave one. But seeing as how you are probably still lurking around and reading the comments, I'll just leave you one. I hope that you get better soon. I don't see how blogging is stressful at all. But, then again I'm not a Dr. I'm as smart as a Dr. though. At least a few of them. But anyway, I hope that you are able to blog again soon, and if nothing else, I hope that you are able to still visit our blogs. I have a new one up now in case you are interested.

love ya,

Suzanne said...


How could you not leave a comment for my sorry a$$? What kind of friend are you? Fair weather? I will not forget this.

Oh, and just so you know, I visited your blog last night, read the new post and didn't leave a comment (sound familiar?). Why? Because I was passing out at the computer I was so tired. See, I actually have a valid excuse (what's yours?). I'll stop by now and remedy my faux pas. Oh, and by the way, I love your painting. I would like it even more on my wall!

Love you honey!
SO whoops, XO

Kookaburra said...

My dear Suzanne,
Thank you for your friendship and support. We will miss you greatly - but you know, your health is far more important than this "Trivial Pursuit". You are a real gem and I have laughed and cried with you as you shared your life's experiences with us all.

Please look after yourself and do what your mom and doctors say. I'm sure that when you are well again and ready to return we will be here.
In the meantime take time out to "smell the roses".

May God bless you,

Kookaburra said...


That was a get well message from Simba, our cat :)

Suzanne said...

Thanks Mark. I'm thinking of not stopping blogging!!! It's so damn theraputic! I don't know what to do! Too funny. I'm going to have to argue this one to the doctor!

Honey, we just got our new car. What a relief. It's not a Beemer, it's a Mercedes. Finally this rental can be returned. What a penny we paid for her these past few weeks. Thank God this nightmare is over. I want desperately to put this all behind me. Really, I do. I'm exhausted by it all.

Rob said the towtruck driver was insanely fun! Do we have the best toetruck drivers, or what!? Remember mine when the Beemer was towed?! He said he's going to call the company and thank them. I don't blame him. I know just how he feels. He had the car towed from Elk Grove (Roybn's world) to our house because it isn't in our name yet. It's in front of our house and it's lovely. Absolutely lovely. I never thought I'd drive anything other than a BMW, but this Mercedes is gorgeous. Isn't it funny how life works out?

I love you dear and thanks for all your support. Hope you're doing okay.

Kookaburra said...

Thanks for your reply.
A Mercedes is a great replacement for your BMW. I hope that you and Rob get a lot of enjoyment from it.

I'm doing okay for the moment.

Shara said...

Hello Suzanne,
So happy to hear you are taking steps to protect your health. You're such a giving and loving person, it doesn't seem fair you've had such a bad run of luck. Few problems with computer & school is finally out for us, so I hope to keep up better with everyone blogging.

Suzanne said...

Hi Shara,

So good to hear from you and thanks for your warm words. I'm glad school is finally over for you and you don't have to teach summer school! Relax and enjoy yourself. I hear it's very hot in Texas. Another blogging friend (a cat!) is having a rough time with it. Hope you aren't as miserable as he is. I'll stop by hopefully today and say hello. I haven't been to your blog in ages.

Love you dear friend. And thank you.


somebody said...