Thursday, June 19, 2008


Have a beautiful Thursday dear friends.
I love you.
In 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, the 14th lesson is, "Share with others how important they are to you."

The first paragraph reads "Relationships are built on mutual appreciation, and there is no better way to show that appreciation than to tell someone how much you care."

P.S. PJ, Mark, Kylie and all my friends in India and elsewhere, Happy Friday! Whoops, almost forgot about that time difference.


CIELO said...

Hey sweets... I used the previous pic of T-Bone in your garden for our party... hope you can post those other photos on Saturday... I'm sending lots of visitors your way! :)



Anonymous said...

Dear, Dear Suzanne...

I posted these quotes on The Wild Onion, but I'm also going to post them here for you. They remind me of you:

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."
William James

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
Abraham Lincoln

Have a beautiful day!

OMG! My word verification is "gofrmgr." Gopher Manager? LOL! I just had to laugh at that!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Suze,

Happy Friday to you too! This time difference thing confuses the hell out of me!

Hope you're well and resting yourself, woman!

Peter xxx

Suzanne said...


I love that photo of T-Bone. I'm so happy that's what you chose because you know me, I wouldn't have sent one till the last moment!!! You're a very smart woman! T-Bone loves his garden and we love him. Yes he runs through everything, but the plants seem to enjoy his spirit and recover quickly.

And of course I'm posting Saturday. I've already started. Don't worry. I'll be there/here!

Love you beautiful lady,

Suzanne said...


I love you. You know why? Because you're kind and generous. These quotes are beautiful. I'm familiar with two. I've typed them all up and tacked them on my bulletin board. I have a "thing" about quotes and have often considered writing a book with illustrations about quotes. I think, that for women especially, quotes are very meaningful and inspiring.

I remember being at UCLA and wanting to write a book about the graffiti in the women's bathroom stalls in the Art Department. Seriously. It was ever changing and always amazing, thought provoking, funny, whitty, smart, sad, kind, helpful, and inspiring. I used to spend an hour there just to read all the new stuff! I regret having not published or documented the words. Woman can be so eloquent and find their voice in amazing ways. I loved that bathroom!!! And the women who cleaned it were so respectful. They left stuff up for weeks, then erased to allow the process to begin again. And just talking to you about it brings the biggest smile to my face. No one will probably ever read this, but just writing it makes me happy.


Suzanne said...


Hi honey!!! I'm not well, and I'm not resting myself. What's new!? Oh, and most important...I'm not blogging.

Happy Saturday to you. This time difference confuses the hell out of me too, but I just try to remember that everyone east of the Atlantic is a day ahead. Right?

How's everyone holding up? Okay I hope.

Love you.
Suze XO

kylie said...

hi suze,
i've been watching your posts with interest and this is no exception...we're all glad to share bits of our lives with you. thanks for being you
have a lovely weekend and take care

Suzanne said...


I just left a comment on your blog, but will leave one here too. I suspect you've been reading my deleted posts! Everything's going to be fine. I'll get past this period of my life and move to the next phase. Hopefully my blog will survive!

Have a great weekend.

Love you,
Suze XO

Anonymous said...


That sounds like a hell of a book! YOu need to go back there and read the graffitti and then write that book...LOL! OMG! YOu'd probably be able to sell the movie rights to something like that!

I know you're not supposed to be blogging and stuff...but, You are cordially invited to Random Chick's BitchFest 2008. Please come along and bitch with us!


P.S. I have such a hang over from drinking too much wine last night! Oiy!!!

Leah said...

I've been following your deleted posts too!! I especially liked the last one, with all the info and updates! I typed a comment, but then my computer froze before I posted, so it's lost in the theoretical wilderness of deleted proof I was ever there, or that you ever wrote that...

Sweet post today, and I adore that pic.



p.s. I can't tell you how sweet your comment was...about coffee in the morning, and snacks, and a road trip, and getting Hedgie off to day camp. It really cheered me up.

Queen Goob said...

T-Bone reminds me so much of my Cooper...great pic!

And am I correct in wishing you a Happy Birthday???

We miss seeing you around; I'd tell you to blog more but I guess you're not suppose to. OH WAIT, I'll just go to RC's Bitchfest 2008, 'cause you've been hanging out there this afternoon!


Suzanne said...


You should have a hang over. You deserve it.

I visited. I was a hit! Did ya notice!!! I'm not supposed to be blogging. You know that, so knock it off with your damn enticements.

Unfortunately I can't go back to UCLA and recapture all the words. Isn't that awful? That was before digial cameras and phones. I would have had to write everything by hand and my dear UCLA friend and I would often discuss how to do that. I know it's an amazing book. And there are so many. Colleges. High Schools. State Parks, etc.. The list is endless. Women find their voice and it's always fascinating when they do. I have learned so much while peeing. Gaffiti on bathroom doors is and endless source of inspiration. I still think it's an amazing coffee table book. I may have to visit a major college soon and rethink this. Thanks for your support!

I'm laughing because on men's bathroom stalls you get phone numbers of women easy to screw, etc., but on women's bathroom stalls you get the solution to world problems. I'm waiting for a woman president...someone who will fix all this shit and stop f*&^#%g around.


Suzanne said...

Leah and Heggie,

Hi you two. Heggie, where are you? I'm still at the Hilton. Honey, I'm in Manhattan! MANHATTAN!!!! I think you took a left when you should have taken a right. Darling, Aunt Suzie isn't going to make it at the rate you're going. Honey, can you ask Daddy to find me...please. Tell Daddy I'm at the Hilton right near Macy's. That should help. I'm wearing my black heels and black dress. Oh, and I'm sweating my you know what off! I'm a wet rag and easily identifiable. Daddy will find me easily because my poofy hair is now some sort of grey blob. No honey, don't worry, I'm not crying, that's just sweat.

XO Heggie, love Aunt Suzie

Please tell Mommy I love her and will write again soon, or see her in a matter of minutes. Which ever comes first! XO

Jennifer said...

Hi, Suzanne -- I'm stopping by! Looking forward to reading more, though I am now concerned about your blogging levels! Hope everything is ok.

(Reading about the graffiti made me think of a running "conversation" I had in ninth grade. I would write short notes on the desk I sat in during algebra, and a girl who sat there during another class would write back. It was very comforting at the time, when I felt like a know-nothing freshman.)

Suzanne said...

Queen Goob,

No I'm not blogging. Can you tell?

T-Bone's a looker and anyone who looks like him is a keeper. He also has the best personality on the planet. And might I add, he loves kitties and kitties love him.

An no honey, you aren't correct in wishing me Happy Birthday. It isn't until August 8th. Random Chick made a little boo-boo which turned out to be a blessing. We're celebrating every day until then.

Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to meee-eee,
Happy Birthday to me!

Turning 49 should always be so lovely! And Bitchfesting should too! Wow, what a blast!

Love ya baby,
Me ;)

kylie said...

well, suze.....
i haven't noticed any disappearing posts, i haven't been so obsessive about blogging recently so i probably just completely missed them, but i have noticed a change in emphasis, i think you're showing more of you.....something like that....i dunno

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Suzanne,
Hope you are looking after yourself? Your picture of the cat is just soo cute. The cat looks just like our simba when he is being nice.If you haven't already visited my blog you will see polo has been in the wars. Yesterday we him took back to the vet to have his drainage tube taken out. He was not too happy to be going back as we were having trouble putting him back in the cat box. Thankfully Helen said that she had early finish from school tomorrow and was able to help me put him in. The vet said he is the biggest cat she had seen and that he is not overweight just a big boy.


Cecile said...

Hey, have you missed me?
I love your post about your dad. My dad actually tried to talk to me on the phone on Father's Day. His hearing is so bad that is is very difficult for him to understand my soft voice on the phone. We all love and appreciate you too. You always know just the right things to say to make us feel good about ourselves. I am so glad you couldn't stay away from us. I'm sticking my toung out and Dr. P. and saying nanananabooboo at her/him. Talk to you use.

kiss, kiss, kiss

Suzanne said...

No Jo, I'm not looking after myself. I need some one like you to do that for me. I'm hopeless in that regard. Look. I'm blogging! Am I supposed to be blogging? NO! I'm hopeless.

Polo looks like an absolute wreck. Cat fights are insane. But they never learn, do they? Why? I don't know. You would think that somewhere in that mess is a lesson. But nope and I don't know why.

Love you my dear. Hope everthing's okay.

XO Suze

CIELO said...

Your garden is been featured and the party is going on... hope you're posting and feeling good... :)



Anonymous said...