Saturday, June 21, 2008

Garden Party

I've been invited by Cielo, at The House in the Roses, to join her garden party. Please come in and have a look around (I'll be back later to write more ~ I'm late to feed the ferals!). Please visit Cielo and her friends at for a journey through some beautiful spaces.
This is a David Austin, English rose. The name escapes me right now, but it is AMAZING! It's a shrub rose that looks beautiful all the time, it is an insane cut flower (even opens from a bud) and lasts in a vase for well over a week. And no, that little beauty isn't even planted. I plopped it there after buying it and there she sits. Yes, I'm an imperfect gardener. I'm sure there are many of you just like me. She's adjusted and set down roots. We'll have to fix that and give her a bit of respect.

Eureka. I have her in bush and standard form (this is the standard). She never disappoints. Never. I think she's a Jackson Perkins rose. Hardy as hell.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Don't even get me started on hydrangeas. They make me weak at the knees. Why? I don't. I just love them. That's one bush by the way, and I didn't even capture the whole thing! It's the one called "Endless Summer." It's an insane bloomer and every year just gets more and more beautiful. I have a whole bunch of them and can't believe my good fortune. They're expensive. About $15 a pop at Home Depot or Lowe's, but worth every penny. Hydrangeas are so easy to propagate, so if you buy just one, you can have something like a gazillion in 3 years! And a successful business in no less than 4!
Isn't that pretty. I bought it with money my neighbor's gave me for babysitting their gold fish pond and kitty. I got a whopping $50 bucks for enjoying myself. I didn't expect a dime, but while they were away had to buy a whole lot of umbrellas to cover the pond because it was about 115 and the fishies were struggling. So my dear friends felt compelled to compensate me. The back yard looked like an art installation! That was compensation enough!!! Very colorful! This is the climbing rose that commemorates 911. I think it's called Stars and Stripes. It's a Jackson Perkins rose. It cost me almost $30 with tax at the most expensive nursery in town (no, I usually don't shop there) and worth every penny because it wasn't my money. She's a keeper. Always beautiful, great in a vase, and inspiring. Yup, she's still in her container, but has set down roots. I know, I have a lot of work to do!
I have a thing about English Geraniums. A BIG thing. No, they aren't like American geraniums. Big difference. Huge difference. They're a perennial, all lacy and pretty, hardy and easy. That would be the purple glob! Then I have an Eastern Redbud tree I planted over 3 years ago. It's only grown that big. Huge disappointment, but what a looker. This year the cheap climbing rose I bought at Long's Drug Store for around $3 on sale, in an effort to save it's life, decided to climb it. I love the combination.
Lost the tag, but think it's called Bridal Pink. I love this rose. It has so many pedals you couldn't ask for more.
A Jackson Perkins shrub rose called Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is an AMAZING rose bush. AMAZING!!! Best shrub rose. Best cut flower. Easiest bush to navigate. Not a single problem. Hardy, beautiful, amazing. Oh, forgot to mention...I love her!!!
My David Austin rose with I think a rose called "Bridal Pink" in the background. Yes the grass needs to be mowed and the edges trimmed. Did you notice our new fence?!
Looking out the living room window. Clematis climbing over a Nandina.

Looking out the breakfast room window in spring. Forsythia coming into bloom. Nope the three candle holders didn't make it, nor did the blue and white planter. Ohno killed them all. That cat is a menace. Oh, and the crystals? Well, those who know him, know he knocked the crap out of those too! That cat has no respect for anything is this house! Yummy hydrangeas.
Spanish lavender and that really cheap climbing rose I saved from the garbage at Long's Drugs.
A favorite combo...roses and hydrangeas.
A beautiful memory of our lost tree.
Lots of hydrangeas. Most are all Endless Summer.
Heritage and Gertrude Jykell roses (English/David Austin roses). Oh the scent!
Another David Austin rose outside our living room window. Can't think of the name off hand, but if you want it, I can easily come up with it.
The following photos and this one are all of the roses this past May. As most of you know I didn't have time to prune, so everything was about 8-9 feet high. Too funny. When you see photos looking up, that's accurate! I'm almost 5'2", so as you can tell, I was well below the canopy. What an amazing sight! I will never forget this year. It was a lesson in what not to do in the future. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. And yes...I have weeds!
Jackson Perkins shrub rose, Heaven on Earth, and it is. One of the best roses of all time. Best vase rose, bar none.
My dear friend Gertrude!
Heaven on Earth.
Apricot Nector and I think, Perfume Delight.
I can identify two things. The "New" compost pile and weeds. I have a climber in there and a great deep pink rose. I'll get you the names if you need or want them. And in the background, a native California Oak.
Is that Perfume Delight or that other deep pink rose? I don't know?
Lots of roses!
Iceberg (white), Perfume Delight, and my Crab Apple tree!

One of my standards. Baby's Blanket. Can you believe that little stem supports that huge canopy? Nope, me either. But she and I work together.
Azaleas. Oh God, don't even get me started. I love them too.
Thanks for stopping by!!!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous garden! Those roses are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing the photos. And Edward sends greetings to T-Bone!

Just Bob said...

Hi Suzanne!

Cecile said...

Happy Early Birthday Suzanne.

My my how your garden grows.

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Stunning, I want it all. I can tell you spend a lot of time in your garden. Your roses are the best, thanks for the tour. RoseMarie

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Weeds! What weeds? I didn't see nary a weed in the garden. What I did see was the most gorgeous roses ever and I heart your hydrangeas. Mine didn't do squat this year. I don't understand it because we had a very mild winter. Come visit anytime.~ Lynn

Beverly said...

Everything is so green and beautiful. I love your roses.

Thanks for showing me round your beautiful garden.

Judy said...

Beautiful garden. The roses were perfect. Thanks so much for having tour of you beautiful garden.

bindhiya said...

Those roses are beautiful. I loved them made heven on earth there..
hope you had a good day..
♥ & ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Well, I got it done and I don't even feel well today, so this was pretty amazing in my book! Trust me! All of you who have visited. Thank you. All of you about to visit. Thank you. The fact you would honor me with your visit is lovely. I can't believe how beautiful this blogging thing is. Oh, that's right, Dr. P has informed me I'm no longer a blogger. Hummmmmmmm...I feel like a blogger. Cece, do I look like a blogger or am I just eye candy for Bob and fodder for everyone else?

Charm & Grace said...

How I do love all your roses! I am so glad I was directed here from Cielo's garden party because I can tell I will want to visit often. I am really intrigued by the David Austin Roses.. I don't have any but definitely have plans to have some in the future. Hope your weekend is filled with good things!


kylie said...

your six word epitaph

"the woman who loved too much"

did you know maithri is back?


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

OMG!!! You have a beautiful garden. I adore all of those roses!! Thanks for sharing!! If you get a chance come visit my garden. Terrie

Suzanne said...

Hi Pamela, terry and edward. T-Bone's a gem. Thanks Edward. And you are all always welcome. Stop by any time.

Suzanne said...

Hi Bob!

Love Blottie!

Suzanne said...

Hi Cece. You're looking like a hottie too! Thanks baby!

Suzanne said...

RoseMarie...No honey, you are terribly mistaken. This is the result of doing absolutely nothing!!!! It's been a rough year! Ask any of my friends. No lie! Right friends? I had absolutely no time to work with the roses, but somehow they rewarded me 10 fold.


Suzanne said...


So here we meet again. Imagine that!!! Thank you for not noticing weeds. With friends like you who need enemies? Hydrangeas. I know. How can you love them that much? I don't know? I hear ya sista! And roses. Oh Lord. Don't even get me started. Honey I love that sculpture of the women in the white bathing suit. I want that!!! Not yours, cuz I'm not that greedy, but something similar. Too adorable.

It's so nice to chat with you again. I'll try to stay in touch.


Cecile said...

Well, the descriptions are great too. You really out did yourself. I enjoyed our phone call, I have been trying to figure out a way to upload the songs, and I am not having any luck. I'm not very computer savvy. Anyway, I love to laugh with you. I do believe I could talk to you forever on the phone and never run out of things to say. Now I must get to bed. It's almost 2am. It is way past my bed time. Nathan finally gave up and fell asleep. Poor Forrest has been out for hours.
BTW my word verification is xogab. So fitting don't you think?
Happy early
Hi bob.

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. I wrote on your blog too. Talking to you is alway a gift. Always. If only we could live next door and Bindi could be there too. And Gig. And Robyn and RC...etc. If only we could all be within walking distance of one another. Wouldn't that be absoltuely insane? Can you imagine that? Men worry about who their going to screw, woman worry about who they're going to talk to!!! I love that.
I could talk to you forever too. What an absolute pleasure. When we ended our converstation I look at the clock and though "OH MY GOD!!!" I couldn't believe the time. Sorry about that baby. Really. We'll do better next time!!! I love you. Life is a hoot baby an we're all in it together.

Love you with all my heart,

Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday dear meee...eee,
Happy Birthday to me!

Look what you've created!!

Peter said...

Hi Suze,

I want to comment a lovely comment, but I don't have the energy sweetheart - sorry...

but the garden looks beautiful...

Peter xxx

kylie said...

oh poor widdle diddums (thats you,peter) didnt all those gorgeous flowers make you feel better? take care sweetie, it'll get better

now for you, suze....
didnt you like my epitaph? you said i could write yours, dont you remember? did you think i was trying to jinx you?

how 'bout this one:
domestic goddess, champion of animals, blottie

krystyna said...

Soooooo beautiful!!!
Heaven on Earth

Thank you Suzanne for pics and thank you for inform.
I didn't know about differences in geraniums.

I'm sure my mom will stay here for long vacation relax.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Love and happiness be always with you, Suzanne!

Lydia said...

Hello Suzanne, WOW!!!! Your roses are soooooooo beautiful. They are in tip top shape. You must love hanging out in your yard, enjoying all the beauty you've created. You have a lot of roses I've never heard of and they are absolutely stunning! I have to keep my eyes open while at the garden center this summer. I'm looking to purchase 4 or 5 shrub roses to use as a privacy screen. I would like to plant them by fall. Have a wonderful sunday!

Leah said...

Suzanne, thanks so much for putting up these photos. The flowers and the sunlight are so restful and refreshing to look at. I know we ALL need that, right?! Oof.

When I get upstate, I'm going to take some pictures for you of the hydrangeas at my mom's house--they were my grandma's before--I love watching their colors shift through the season, from pale green to white to pale pink, and finally to a dusty rose. Amazing. And they always remind me of my grandma.

Thanks again dear!!!


Suzanne said...

Hi Leah!

I've get ready to feed the ferals, but thought I'd check in quickly. How nice you all stopped by. Cielo always comes up with the most wonderful party ideas. This one is as successful as the dessert party. What's next? I can hardly wait!

Honey, don't get me started on hydrangeas. I'm hopeless. Okay, I'll type really, really fast, so please excuse all mistakes. Please take photos! I can hardly wait. Your Mom/Grandmother have either the shrub hydrangea, 'Annabelle,' and or the tree form 'Pee Gee.' 'Annabelle' is white and looks like a big soup bowl, 'Pee Gee' in cone shaped. You probably have both. Right? You can take cuttings from either and bring them to your city estate! Both would grow beautifully in a container on your patio. If you like that idea, but don't know how to propagate, let me know and I'll teach you. It really is easy.

I gotta go baby. I'm now so late. I'm glad you enjoy the garden. Come whenever you want, just be careful about the hoses. They're everywhere. I tripped over one last year and and nearly broke myself. Seriously.

Have a beautiful day!


Suzanne said...

Okay, I have no time to write this and I'm taking everyone out of order, but Kylie, I have to respond before you throw a hissy.

I love both epitaphs. The second one is very funny. Do you think I'm allowed to use two or more? I can just see my headstone now, I'll be covered with words because I'm so indecisive! I told my niece last year I wanted my epitaph to read as follows:

See a stream,
run down your face,
when you lose something
you can not replace...

She wouldn't talk to me and eventually called to say she couldn't stop crying. She thinks I'm going to live forever. Wait till I email her these new ones (I've selected her as the most responsible family member to arrange my memorial and get the headstone. Oh that lucky girl!). I probably won't hear from her until next year.

Love ya baby ~ I gotta go. I'm so late and I thought I'd get out of the house early this morning. Blogging!!!! I'm so glad I don't do it.



MARIA said...

Hi Suzanne!
You have the most amazing backyard and garden. Love, love and love your place very much.

MARIA said...

Krystyna is right,
I stay here.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Well, if you have any weeds, they are beautiful! I love weeds though :) I am weird, I know. Some of them are actually pretty. Your garden is exquisite, thank you so much for the tour. I really enjoyed it!


Suzanne said...


Thanks for the beautiful complement. Why don't you have a blogs to access? I want to see your garden. Perhaps next year when Cielo has her 2nd Annual Garden Party.

Stop by again!


Suzanne said...


I just stopped by your garden and love it and the kitties. Wonderful and creative use of a small space. Isn't it amazing what you can do on a balcony?!

Please don't hesitate to stop by again. I'm going to read your whole blog as soon as I find a bit of time because it's just great.

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.

XO Suze

Barb said...

Thank you for the lovely tour. Your roses are beyond stunning.

Give your 4 legged family hugs from me.

Suzanne said...


Hi baby. It's so nice to see you here. How are you feeling? Cece and I just talked last night and worried about you. We're all worried. It's funny because I visted your spot first! I love the concept of a building with a courtyard in the middle and I love the one you featured. It's very Italian! Beautiful. I'm so happy you had the energy to take part in the party, and hope you're up and about soon. We miss you terribly honey. I know I speak for every one of us, we love you so much. Hang in there, okay.

With more love than you can imagine,

Suzanne said...


Thank you so much for visiting. I visited your blog before you visited mine, but didn't leave a message. I needed some time to think!

The most amazing thing about David Austin roses is they're a cross between modern roses and old roses. They have the look and scent of old roses, but the reblooming ability of modern roses. I think they are perfection. Google David Austin and you'll get his website in England. You can order a catalog, FREE!!! It's gorgeous and you'll learn a lot about roses and in addition, learn what you like! When I have a few minutes, I'll also forward the website of my friend in the Carolina's who has a gorgeous catalog and sells roses. Lot's of David Austins. There's also the Antique Rose Emporium in Texas, and they sell David Austins as well as the Romantica roses from France. Then there's the other rose place in Seattle! I can't recall the name off hand. The list is endless. In addition, Home Depot and Lowe's sell some bareroot in December/January. If you need any suggestions, please don't hesitate. I have so many and have favorites. Make your selection first, then I'll give you a yey or ney!

Stop by often and I will too. Is this garden party wonderful or what!?

XO Suze

Suzanne said...


I visited! It's beautiful. I'll be back. Is this garden party terrific or what?! Thanks honey. Come back again because you're always welcome. Always.

XO Suze

Suzanne said...

Peter, as an English teacher I have to point out only one thing. You used the word "comment" twice in a sentence. Are ya nutty widdle diddims? (No, you're never going to live that one down. Thanks Kylie!) Don't ever worry about commenting,commenting, I love you no matter what. Hope you're okay. I'll visit as soon as I navigate all the gardens and stop blogging. Hummmmmmmm, right, how am I going to visit without blogging. Okay, I'm a blogger again!

P.S. I smell Paris!

Suzanne said...


Hi honey. Thanks for the visit and kind words. I'll be over as soon as I complete this. Wow, does Cielo throw a party or what?! I hope you're okay. I've worried about you so much, but had so much on my own plate I didn't make it over. Hang in there. And your mom visited. She's too adorable. I love that woman!

I love you dear. I'm so glad you're back.


Suzanne said...


Hi honey! Happy Garden Party! Is this amazing, or what?

You're garden's beautiful, and thank you for commenting on mine. I'll tell you which shrub rose you should select...Our Lady of Quadalupe. Why? Because she's gorgeous, from head to toe. Most would say Simplicity, but that's not true because she's lacking in so many ways, but Our Lady is not. I can't find a single reason not to recommend her. Not one. Yes, this is CA and we're sort of unique and spoiled here, and no, I don't know how she'll do in NY, but you can contact your local Rose Society of Garden Extention and find out. She is without a doubt, my highest recommendation. I was in the garden this morning thinking about you. I stood in front of her. I'm almost 5'2" and her highest cane was about 6" taller and she was covered from the ground up in leaves and blooms. That to me, is a privacy hedge and beautiful to boot. Best vase roses on earth other than Heaven On Earth!

Oh and with shrub rose, you don't prune. Just leave them alone or simply snip the rose hips off for more blooms. They're the easiest roses on the planet. And give them room...usually 3'X 3 or 4' x 4'.

FancyHorse said...

So many roses!!! Just beautiful!! And all the others - hydrangeas, clematis - your garden is a wonder! Thank you so much for sharing.


Janet said...


I am truly overwhelmed by the beauty of all those flowers. I know it sounds corny, but it is true. I bought two David Austin roses this year ( my first foray into roses in many years) Pat Austin and Graham Thomas. Let's just say that they are holding their own, but not flourishing and have some bug activity going on at night. The stems are very thin and will hopefully hold up the new buds when they open.

Hope you are feeling better.


Suzanne said...

Oh Lydia..."My Lady" was highly insulted I was typing too fast and couldn't spell her name for the life of me. The proper spelling is Our Lady of Guadalupe and she's a Jackson & Perkins rose. I bought mine bareroot, but you might be able to find some at Lowe's in containers. Good luck with your hedge and let me know what you decide to plant. I'm always interested in stuff like that.


Peter said...


Paris is definitely calling louder than ever before.

'I'm going insane, GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!'

Luv ya sweetie,
Peter x (aka Diddums)

Suzanne said...


I can't. You have too much luggage. Did you hear that baggage is costing a whole lot more to haul. Like $20 for the first bag and $50 for anything after! It's insane. You're going to have to have a yard sale before leaving Russia, or I don't think you're going to get out. Good luck with that sweetie!!! Oh, and you now have to pay for your peanuts and soda too. Hummmmmmm. Thank God the bathroom's still free. Is it? Has that changed overnight too?


Suzanne said...

Love you Diddums!

Suzanne said...


Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed the gardens. I'll stop by soon. I'm trying to visit everyone featured, but realize I can't fit you all into one day!


Suzanne said...

Hi Janet,

Honey, good luck with that real estate stuff! Of course I'm laughing.

Thanks for the wonderful complement. I'm honored you stopped by. Okay, I wouldn't have picked Graham Thomas and I'll tell you why. I have him and he's a pain in the ass. No, not the easiest rose in the world or the most productive. I would have picked Abraham Darby. Oh...My...GOD! Now that's an amazing rose. Or Gertrude Jekyll, or Heritage. I don't know Pat Austin because I don't have her, but after reading your comment, I'm glad I don't. Gertrude will blow you away. Honestly she's a power house. Unfortunately she has so many brutal thorns my sister won't even prune her! If you have space, welcome her to your garden. She's a big girl.

If a rose isn't doing well in your location or isn't producing at all, sometimes you just have to bite the $20 bullet and say goodbye. I know how hard that is. Trust me.

Wish you lived closer because I have a ton of roses in containers I have no room in the garden for. I'd just give you a few!

Talk to you soon. Always love when you visit. And seriously, I hope business picks up soon. This can't last forever.


Suzanne said...

I'm done!!! I responded to everyone. That is always such a relief because you know I don't always.


CIELO said...

I feel in paradise..... I can never get tire of looking at these pics.... you are so fortunate to have a garden like this... Thank you for participating and for sharing your cozy and beautiful sanctuary with all of us.... What a delightful occasion that was!

Blessings to you and yours.

All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so (Joseph Joubert)


Random Chick said...

Sorry I'm late to the Garden Party. I almost melted in the heat over the weekend...but the kitties are are we.

I am serious when I say I'm gonna come to your garden and just sit there for 6 weeks. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower, I even had them all over the place at our wedding...but they don't like me. Every time I've tried to plant and nuture them, they die. Now, I know they like part-shade and lots of water...and I give it to them but all they do is give me grief. I just want to enjoy their beauty, and maybe share it with others. Why do they taunt me like this??? Tell me, Suzanne!!!!

Instead I'll just stay at your garden for 6 weeks. I'm picking that timeframe because it gives me enough time to enjoy the Hydrangeas and I think that's about all the Hubby can handle by himself with the kids. Unless you tell me the secret to keeping Hydrangeas happy. My dream has always been to have bushes of them surrounding my house...someday but when????

I'll just drool over your Hydrangeas until I can figure it out....


Random Chick said...

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday Dear Suzanne.
Happy birthday to you.


BTW, I think Bob is down in the dumps. We need to cheer him up...

My word verification is scrnecz.

CSI Seattle said...

I currently have a post up in which I am hoping that all my blogging friends will assist me.

I am creating a "50 things I must do before I die" list. So far my list is rather short and I would be interested in your thoughts.

BTW - Happy Birthday

Suzanne said...

I visited your blog and it was gone. At first I thought perhaps it didn't post because I'd never checked, but then realized you'd honored my request. Thank you because it was only for you.

I'm crying. You know I love you. You know that. I would be honored, so I'll start thinking. Thank you for forgiveness. I know all our friends are proud of us. I am too. Thank you sweetie. Perhaps we should be President and VP. I think we could get things done! Rather quickly with the help of Heggie (aka Hedgie!). You don't have to erase this. I'd like to come back and remember this fine moment.

I love you.

Leah said...


Suzanne said...


Yay too!!!

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to meee-eee,
Happy Birthday to me!

Thanks honey for your continued support and love.


Suzanne said...

Everything has come full circle. Now we just need Bindi back with her wee ones.

Cecile said...

I took Java to the vet today. She is going to be fine. He told me that it is allergies from all of the pollen we have in the air. He said that a lot of dogs are having this problem right now, all with the same symptoms. He told me that if I wanted to I could give her children's benedryl or children's claritin. I had the children's claritin, so I gave her a teaspoon. She liked it. She even licked it off my fingers. Silly girl. She is lying on the floor behind me having what sounds like an asthma fit from time to time. I am hoping that this gets better soon. I am worried about her. She is such a wonderful dog. She got out of the house today, but she came right back to us when I called her and jangled my keys. So I fixed her up on a runner leash and let her stay outside with us while I washed the car. She is such a good dog, and don't worry about her because you know I will take care of my girl. I just wanted to let you know what the vet had told me. Now I need to go to bed. Good luck in reading this chapter of the new novel I am writing entitled "The Saga of Java Dog and Her Allergies." Love ya. Cece

Ok it has taken be three damn times to get the word verification tonight. I need to go to bed.

Gig said...

"Hottie Blottie"
Beautiful,just beautiful. I would love to come sit and soak up all the glorious smells of all your awesome roses. Then to be able to see all your happy kitties and T-Bone would be great.
Then we could have a tea party, with all of our wonderful friends...Bindi...Leah...Cece...
R.C...Robyn...Kylie...and don't forget all "the Boys", hopefully I did not forget anyone.

BTW, Happy Early Birthday!!
Love you,

Gig said...

Hi Cece,
Don't read this, go to bed!!

Skeeter said...

Oh Suzanne, they're amazing! Wonderful. I'm speechless.

Best wishes,

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your roses are amazing. I can't grow roses like that in northern Illinois so it is a pleasure to see your garden where they grow so well.

The kitties are charming. You have a wonderful site. I plann to spend lots of time looking at the older posts.

I admire your painting. You obviously are a very talented woman.
Best wishes

Anonymous Boxer said...

I'm peeking in from MJ's.... you said you were long winded.... I'd say by the number of pictures... you're right. HOWEVER, they are lovely and so are the gardens.

**staggers back to MJ's***

Suzanne said...


Hey baby. You know what I found so interesting about your comment? The meds your vet suggested. As you know T-Bone has allergies, but minor compared to what they where after moving to a home with hardwood floors and no carpets, and I was shocked to read that children's benedryl and claritin are helpful. You know, we spent close to $10,000 on all his testing, proceedures, and antogens, only to discover that when we moved, he recovered within weeks. Insane. He was allergic to the carpet in the previous house. He also has ear allergies and we have to give him ear drops, but when we say "Honey, you want a Buddy Biscuit." He's so happy to get the biscuit, you can't help but give him the ear drop too! Like Java, he's an amazing dog and we're lucky to be able to afford good vet care. I often think of all the dogs who struggle or are unloved, and you know I worry. So the fact T is happy, means the world to me. He found us for a reason. And I know there are millions of beautiful stories like ours and yours, and that's what always motivates and inspires me to keep going. People can be so generous, kind and loving.

T-Bone loves to mow the lawn with Rob. He takes his tennis ball and drops it in front of the mower. Rob stops, picks up the ball, throws it, and the game begins all over. One day he was in the front yard having fun with mowing, but a dog walked by and T ran across the road to greet the other dog. Unfortunately in front of a car and he never looked both ways before doing so. He was nearly killed. I have never really seen that sort of absolute panic in our eyes. Never. We learned a valuable lesson that day. T can not be trusted!!! And he isn't the sort of dog that could be tied to something, and we aren't that sort of parent. So he's no longer allowed in the front yard, unless he's there to pee and he thinks he's on a "walkie!" When Rob mows the front lawn, T goes insane. He has wonderful memories and he can't let go. I sometimes have to retreat to my office and laugh. He dug is own grave...what can I say?

I love you baby. I hope the day has been good to you. I wrote to Bindi too. I tried to make her laugh. I emailed her last night as well. I'm a bit worried.


Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to meee-eee,
Happy Birthday to me!

Hi Cece!

P.S. I'm stuck here. Blogger says it's "currently unavailable." At least this message is still here. Okay, so I'll keep talking. This is your lucky day!

This day is wacky. Go to Just Bob's blog to read about it. Forest fires are not like earthquakes and tornadoes. Different. No less frightening, but different. I can't believe he moved from MA to CA to reduce stress. Wait till he experiences his first earthquake. He's going to freak out!!! It's one of the most scary things on the freakin' planet and I've gone through two big ones. So I know. Good luck with that Bob!

Okay, I'm going to try to post this again. Wish me luck.

Suzanne said...

It worked. Love you honey.


Suzanne said...


Hi honey! So happy you stopped by. I knew you would show up. I knew it. How are you doing? Okay I hope. You are welcome here any time. T will probaly love you to death and you'll have kitties on your lap, but that's the joy of our garden. I'll leave some iced tea out for you to enjoy. And honey, cut whatever you want. Make a beautiful bouquet for yourself.

Love you!

Suzanne said...


I visited you blog and started to cry. I'm still crying. We're so much alike you know. I can't write on your blog until I can compose myself and write the words I have in my heart. I promise. What you love and what you do is inspiring. I have the biggest lump in the throat. I know what you do because I do it and it's not always easy, but it's fulfilling and rewardng and it matters. I adore you and I don't even know you. But we know one another, don't we? I know sweetie. I know so well. Thank you for coming here and leaving a message. It mattered. May we always be friends.


Suzanne said...


Thank you for stopping by. Here honey, have something cold to dring. Stay awhile and enjoy yourself. Pick some roses to take home and know that you're always welcome here.


Robyn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND! Keep your eyes peeled...*wicked wink* I can't and won't say dear one! I have missed you and glad to see things 'all back to some type of norm' around here! YAY!
Lovely garden party too! Come by and check out where I went dear friend I think you and hubba hubba hubby should go! Breath the fresh air and let go of your worries and enjoy the end of the earth on the west coast! Talk to you soon! Sending you LOTS AND TONS Of love and warm hugs! This day should be a national holiday!
Much love girly!

Robyn said...

To be even more specfic keep your eyes peeled on Friday...please! Love ya!

Robyn said...

Well it is WAY early I just found out! But it is really good because I will be out of town when it is time to party Suze style! But just know that I didn't know but that just means you get double the treats! You so deserve it! Just let me know what cha think once you get a look at it!
*wicked grin*

Random Chick said...

Hi Suzanne!

Everyone thinks it's your is!!! We're gonna keep celebrating until the BIG DAY!!!

Whooo hooo!!!


Suzanne said...


Hi honey! Wow,you've been busy with girlfriend #1. I enjoyed that road trip to no end. I had a beautiful time. Thank you! I'll be packed and ready to go same time next year?

What's this about my birthday? Oh right! It's my early birthday!!!! And to think, I didn't even want to turn 49, but now it's just too much fun.

So what are you going to do Friday? Technically it's Friday because it's 12:45 am *Crosses arms, taps foot." I'm waiting. You better hurry if you plan to drive up because I won't be home most of the day and I'll miss your beautiful, smiling face (I leave to feed the ferals around 8:45am and should be back briefly around 11 am, then gone the rest of the day. You have a small window of opportunity. Today is so busy and I have such a massive headache from this damn air,I have no idea how I'm going to get everything done. Actually that's why I'm up. I fell asleep earlier and woke with the same damn headache and couldn't go back to sleep. Don't you hate that sort of crap!? Okay, I digress. So if you stop by, don't even ring the doorbell cuz it scares the bejeasus out of some of the kitties. Rob won't be home either, he'll be at the law library, but you can wave to him on your way through downtown. Oh right, down town. Kinda messy with the freeway closed. How ya gonna get here baby? Oh...and you will need my address. Right?! I'm keeping my eyes peeled. Trust me!

Oh, and by the way, 'things aren't back to norm,' I'm just going against doctor's orders. But I have to stop because my mother said it brilliantly yesterday. "KNOCK IT OFF DAMNIT." Hummmmmmmmmm. She's so bossy.

Love ya baby! Can hardly wait for the surprise!


Karen ^..^ said...

Your garden is spectacular. I simply do not have words, I am speechless. Absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

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